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WELCOME to The TVMEGASITE.NET Giveaway Winners

Past Winners of Our Monthly Giveaway Drawing!

Congratulations to all of the winners!


Janette Hindman--July
Angela Harris & Mike Ayers--September
Linda Cover and Carol Woodruff--October
Hannah Beck and Carolyn Metz--November
Mindy Amirault and Cynthia L. Fox--December


Robert Harris and John Chambers--January
Lester Huffmire and Sharon Haas--February
Donald Phillips and Brenda Browning--March
Flavia dos Santos and Julie Hawke--April
Sarah Phillips and Ghislaine Carasco--May
Michael Provost and Travis Montgomery--June
JoAnn Gardner and Lori Eimer--July
Debbie Brown and Ron L. Miller--August
Angela Palmer and Maria Barandica--September
Irene Clater and Ron L. Miller--October
Martha Homrich and Sue Steyert--November
Sara Okuka and Hannah Beck--December


Pete Leahy and Deborah Wellenstein-January
John Sweeney and Debbie Brown--February
Lisa Reyna and Amanda Kilgore--March
Jenny Vrana and Donna Enfinger--April
Carl Todasco and Darija VanHouton--May
Doug Barnett and Sherri L Singleton--June
Lori J Sexton and Bob Keck--July
 Joe Warren & Sandy Umber--August
Jenn Palmer and Shannon Upright--September
Gary Baker and Donald Black--October
Carol Drury and Stephen Albert--November
Theresa DiMaio and Michele Johnson--December


Kris Barrett and Shaymaa Elmiligi--January
A.J. Carano and Belenda Wilkerson--February
Rita Singleton and Lana Turner--March
Toby Stevenson and Stacy Sharrer--April
Karen Lockhart and A.J. Carano--May
Jenny Vrana and Suzanne Moritz--June
Tara Pineiro and Jeffrey Jones--July
Lisa Moore and Dorothy Spackman--August
Craig Hinchey and Juan Rodriguez--September
Elva Roberts and Catherine Rolland--October
Nancy Swecker and David Steyert--November
Marion Burgess and Bruce Vrana--December


Anita Fercho and Jaque Richards--January
Chris Frase and Sharon Jones--February
Robert McGill and Darija Vanhouten--March
Diane Albert and Don O'Neil--April
Kevin Graveline and Anthony Carano--May
Catherine Brown and Shirley Younger--June
Robert F Cobourn and Judith A. Manuel--July
Catherine Brown and Catherine Cole--August
Kelly Burkholder and Bruce Vrana--September
Betty Longtin and Shirley Younger--October
Chris Frase and Debbie Hutchinson--November
Robert Aliff and Shirley Boisvert--December

Anita Fercho and Robert McGill--January
Billie Vidmar and Amy Bond--February
Bonnie Goulding and Ron L Miller--March
Anthony Carano and Doug Barnett--April
Margaret E. Smith and Tammy Grady--May
Don O'Neil and Barbara Carroll--June
Ed Gilman and Adriana Lozjanin--July
Leona A Pullyard and Pat Connors--August
Stacy Fitzgerald and Margaret Smith--September
Chris Salewski and Robert Fleming--October
Carrie Magnuson and Belenda Wilkerson--November
Laura Ethridge and Frank Stock--December

Chrissy Nestor and Margaret Smith--January
Ed Gilman and Patricia Hill--February
Matthew Mcvea and Penny Gilman--March
B. Sue Wilkerson and Lois Stock--April
Lois Stock and Sarah Stern--May
William Causey and Thomas Irving--June
Daniel Morrell and Shiraz Haque--July
Deborah Wellenstein and Julie Dutton--August
Robert Fleming and Theresa Dell--September
Kathleen Gereg and Mark Sutton--October
William R. Causey  and Shiraz Haque--December

Chris Salewski and Mary A. Stovall--January
Stephen Albert and Sue Wilkerson--February
Belenda Wilkerson and Mary Casper--March
Margaret Smith and Robert McGrew--April
Ed Gilman and Daniel Morrell--May
Hannah Beck and Vickie McGrew--June
Stephen Albert and Dina Cox--July
Kathy Geraghty and Patricia McCallops--August
Amanda Imayoshi and Tung Ton--September
William R Causey and Mary Casper--October
Sharon Vanderdonck and Ed Gilman--November
Doug Barnett and Michele Johnson--December

Amanda Imayoshi and David McVea--January
Nina Wright and Nikky DiPietro--February
Penny Gilman and Burt Mcvea--March
Shannon Webb and Kathy Hornick--April
Nina Wright and Ron L. Miller--May
Kathy Geraghty and Catherine L Brown--June
David Hollingsworth and Susan Ward--July
Geraldine Rodriguez and Joe H Warren--August
Daniel Morrell and Angela Palmer--September
David Hollingsworth and Michael Mayhew--October
Christine Bryant and Catherine L Brown--November
David McVea and B. Sue Wilkerson--December

Stacey Archip and Pamela Bice--January
Shannon Webb and Angela Palmer--February
Geraldine Rodriguez and Richard Chew--March
B. Sue Wilkerson and Patricia McCallops--April
Catherine L Brown and Darija Vanhouten--May
Linda Scroggie and Ted Ward--June
Linda Ellis and Sylvia Belle--July
Thomas Irving and Roy Olsen--August
B. Sue Wilkerson and Carrie Conley--September
Elizabeth Mayhew and David Good--October
Cheryl Imayoshi and Ted Ward--November
Sharon Vanderdonck and Donna Enfinger--December

Paul Schatzle and Mary Williams--January
Kat Emerick and Melissa Oppedisano--February
Ed Gilman and Donna Enfinger--March
Joni Chadwell and Claude Pruitt--April
Nanette Olson and Craig Johnson--May
Geraldine Rodriguez and Daniel Morrell--June
Melissa Thomas and Geraldine Rodriguez--July
Darren J Gilman and Buddy Garrett--August
Anthony Cucina and Arthur Willey Jr.--September
Catherine L Brown and Betty Longtin--October
Ted Ward and Don O'Neil--November
Darren Gilman and Geraldine Rodriguez--December

Heidi Kukta and Stephanie Galbraith--January
Carole Osadchuk and Geraldine Rodriguez--February
Kathy Hornick and T. Lee DeProspero--March
 Tung Ton and B. Sue Wilkerson--April
Aretina Trepczyk and Angela R Eppley--May
Don O'Neil and Melissa Thomas--June
Angela Palmer and Ted Ward--July
Mary Tharp and Ron L. Miller--August
Jack A Przybylski and Rosita Eizenshtein--September
Shannon Holmes and Richard Degler--October
William Thim and Vincent Schaefer--November
Stacey Archip and Carole Osadchuk--December

 Ed Gilman and Laura L Micele--January
Andy Holmes and Darija O'Neil--February
Geraldine Rodriguez and Sharon Vanderdonck--March
Matthew Mcvea and Thomas Irving--April
Michele Guinsburg and  Sharon Vanderdonck --May
Ron A Crouch and Geraldine Rodriguez -- June
Susan Ward and Ron L Miller--July
Cynthia Mercado and Richard Deyarmond--August
Ed Gilman and Angela Palmer--September
Melissa Vo and Tyler Webb--October
Shiraz Haque and Melissa Thomas--November
Penny Gilman and Scott Soria--December

Belenda Wilkerson and Stacey Archip--January
Linda Ellis and Cami Takkunen--February
Melissa Thomas and Belenda Wilkerson--March
Cammie Takkunen and Polly Johnson--April
Shannon Holmes and Lawrence Moore--May
Angela Palmer and Melissa Thomas--June

(Some who won never responded to our emails; please make sure that you check your spam folder regularly! Or make sure that this address is in your address book so your spam filter will not put it in the wrong place:   -- just delete the "nospam" part)


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