OLTL Update Tuesday 6/21/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/21/05


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Duke and Adriana awake together in their hiding place. They say hi, and then they kiss.

Asa is on the phone demanding to know if they have found Duke and Adriana. He instructs the listener to keep them away from there until Hesser gets away. Renee comes in and reminds him of the man who had kidnapped her and brought her down there. She tells him that she is going shopping to spend some of his money. He tries to hurry her out. She questions him as to why he is trying to get rid of her. Carlo comes in and tells her that Asa wants to keep her away from him.

Nora approaches the D.A.‘s office. Hugh comes up and welcomes her back. He tells her that the sign on the door will be changed later that day. Nora tells him that her office would work just fine. Hugh tells her that the office comes with the new job and says if she needs anything, just let him know. She thanks him. R.J. comes up and speaks to her. Nora wants to know what he is doing there. R.J. informs her that with her starting a new job, he thought she might want to see a friendly face.

Evangeline and her mother meet at the Palace for breakfast. They discuss Evangeline being named “Woman of the Year” and that John must be thrilled. Evangeline says that she guesses he is. Mrs. Williamson notices that something is wrong and questions Evangeline about it. Evangeline tells her that she and John have broken up.

Kelly waits on the veranda of the Palace for Spencer. Kevin approaches her and tells her she looks beautiful this morning. He whispers something in her ear, and she blushes. Spencer joins them and asks if she has been waiting long. Kelly tells him that Kevin has been keeping her company. Spencer thanks him and then invites him to join them for breakfast.

Bo is in his office, on the phone. He orders a report to be on his desk in an hour before his meeting with the mayor. He rubs his eyes, and when he looks up, he sees Paige standing in the doorway. She tells him that she had the day off and asks if they could spend some time together. Bo informs her that he has meetings all day, including a very important one with the new D.A. Paige gets quiet, and Bo asks if that bothers her. Paige tells him no. Paige can sense that Bo is still upset with her. Bo doesn’t understand why Paige kept this secret from him, unless she had something to hide.

Nora and R.J. discuss her taking over Daniel’s office. She is apprehensive about taking over this office after all that has happened. They discuss Daniel, and her taking over his job and his office. R.J. offers her assurance, saying that she needs to give herself a little time. They discuss Daniel and all he had done. Nora wonders what she is doing there, and what she is trying to prove. Nora sits down in his chair and says she feels that this is never going to work.

Evangeline and Mrs. Williamson discuss her break-up with John. Mrs. Williamson wants to know why she hadn’t called her. Evangeline tells her that she didn’t want her to worry. Evangeline assures her that she is fine. She tells her that there is something more there that John can’t share with her, and she is furious about that. Mrs. Williamson assures her that she needs a man who can tell her that he loves her. Evangeline assures her that he is capable of saying it, but not to her. Mrs. Williamson asks if John had cheated on her. Evangeline tells her no, but if he had it would have made it easier for her to hate him and move on.

Spencer invites Kevin to join them for breakfast, and he accepts. Kelly is annoyed that he accepted the invitation.

Paige and Bo discuss Spencer and why she hadn’t told Bo about him. They discuss Paige’s feelings when she had seen Spencer again. She reminds him how good things have been between them. Bo discusses his past relationships. Paige gets a phone call, and it is from David. She asks him if anything is wrong. He tells her something is.

David tells Paige that Spencer paid him a visit, and he is not leaving town any time soon. He tells her to drop what she is doing and get over there. Paige tells him that she will be right there. Paige tells Bo that she has to leave. Paige also tells him that she doesn’t want to be like the other women in his life who had let him down. They kiss. She asks him if they can meet for dinner. He agrees. She kisses him.

R.J. tries to give Nora reassurance about her new job. They discuss Jaime, and how she is. They discuss Lindsay, and her losing Jen. They discuss Daniel and his involvement in Jen's death. R.J. wants to exorcise Daniel’s demons and get rid of them once and for all. Nora says, "Let’s bury them."

Renee wants to know what Carlo Hesser is doing in Argentina. He lies and tells her that he is attending to business, and he had heard that Asa was doing the same. Asa tries to get her to get going to the sale, but Renee informs him that the sale can wait. Renee reminds them both of the differences that they have had in the past. Renee asks them about the 30 million dollars that Carlo had of Asa’s money. Renee demands to know what is going on.

Duke and Adriana are still hiding out. They start kissing, and then they both hear something outside. Duke picks up a ball bat and hurries out of their hiding place. He comes back quickly, and they decide that it was nothing. Duke assures her that he is going to find out what Asa is up to. Duke starts to apologize for earlier, but Adriana stops him. Duke reminds her that Asa had told Carlo to kill her. Duke promises to find out what the plan is today.

Asa and Renee discuss the 30 million that Carlo owes to him. Asa tells her that they have come to a decision. Asa again tries to get Renee to leave, but Renee resists and offers Carlo some coffee. They sit down and discuss old times. Asa again tries to get her to leave. Renee agrees. Renee vows to find out the real reason for Carlo being there. Carlo kisses her hand. Asa threatens to shoot him if he ever touches Renee again. Asa asks what his decision is about the plan.

Evangeline and Mrs. Williamson discuss her break-up with John, and they agree that there is never a right time to break up with the man you love.

Kevin asks Spencer how his eggs are. Kevin reminds him that he and Kelly come here a lot. Kevin asks Spencer if he has spent a lot of time in Texas. They discuss an article that they had worked on together. Spencer gets a call from the hospital and leaves the table. Kevin tries to give her a bite of his spinach and mushrooms. Kelly refuses. Kevin mentions Spencer being Kelly’s boyfriend. Kelly points out that Spencer is only a business associate. Kevin invites her out, but Kelly tells him that she is going out with Spencer. Spencer comes back.

Paige arrives at La Boulee. She questions David as to what Spencer wants. David has no clue as to why Spencer is in Llanview. Paige is annoyed that she had lied to Bo about where she was going. David points out that they have a serious problem. He also tells her that Dorian gets back today, and when Spencer sees her... Paige wants to know what they could do to stop him. David tells her nothing. Paige declares that they are in trouble.

Nora looks at a picture of her and Daniel’s wedding. She throws the picture in a box on the desk. They discuss Daniel and the lies he had told. Bo comes to visit. Nora thanks R.J. for coming by.

Bo wants to apologize to Nora for not believing her about Paige. Bo wants to call a truce between them, covering both their working relationship and their personal lives. Nora tells him that that isn’t possible.

Carlo and Asa discuss their plan for killing Blair. Carlo tells him that he will have to have time to plan it. Asa informs him that he wants it done today, as soon as he can get to Llanview. Asa orders him to take his deal or he will get the local authorities to cart him off to some far-off country.

Duke tries to reassure Adriana that he will take care of her. They kiss. He wants her to be safe. Duke doesn’t trust his own family. Duke and Adriana hear something outside.

Nora refuses to accept Bo’s apology. They discuss Matthew. Nora wants to know what Bo wants. They discuss what had happened between them and her position as D.A. They discuss Daniel, and how Bo had arrested him in front of everyone. There is a knock on the door. Hugh informs her that a man is there to change the name on the door, and he wants to know what name she wants to use. She informs him that she will use her maiden name, Hanen. Bo and Nora discuss her using her maiden name. They laugh. They discuss being Matthew’s parents and their work. Bo leaves.

Paige and David discuss Spencer and how he is torturing them. They want to know how far Spencer will take it.

Spencer and Kelly discuss the Woman of the Year award. Kevin excuses himself.

Evangeline and Mrs. Williamson discuss her going alone to the Woman of the Year ceremony. Kevin wants to be her escort.

Nora gets a phone call from Matthew. They discuss his going away to camp. She makes a call and has difficulty making the listener understand that her maiden name is Hanen. She gets comfortable at her desk.

Bo returns to his office and tries to call Paige, but he gets a recording.

David and Paige discuss whether Spencer knows where she lives. They discuss Dorian. They discuss Bo. David tells her that she can’t tell Bo the whole truth. Paige agrees.

Spencer offers Kelly the option to go with Kevin, but Kelly refuses. They discuss Kevin and their history together. They discuss his ex, and his feelings for her.

Kevin talks to Mrs. Williamson. She gives her ticket to her mother and tells her to wait for her outside. She leaves. Evangeline accepts his invitation. They promise to see each other later.

Kevin watches Kelly and Spencer laughing together.

Two men enter the place where Duke and Adriana are hiding. Duke knocks them unconscious.

Carlo and Asa discuss his plan to kill Blair. Carlo guarantees that he can arrange to get rid of Blair. Asa gives him an ultimatum: he takes the deal, or he loses everything.

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