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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells her mother that she is insane; she would never shoot anyone. Taylor replies that Bill may be a lot of things but he is not lying now. She did shoot him. Steffy wants to know if Bill knew. He says yes now after her lunatic mother showed up again and almost tried to again. Steffy finally grasps the situation and says now that means that Liam did not do it. Hope goes to see Liam and asks what happened with Steffy. He was going to tell her that he shot Bill and wondered if that happened. He keeps repeating that he was outside the door when he looked in and saw his dad by the window and he felt nothing, no sorrow. He remembers picking up the gun and shooting him. No one else was there. Hope tells him he is confused still and does not know those are real memories. He has a concussion. She says again she cannot believe anyone as good and kind as he could shoot anyone, much less his father. Steffy chastises her mother and says when Taylor found out about all of this she should have called Steffy. She would have told her the truth. Bill did not take advantage of her. Their sex was consensual. Taylor tells Bill she is so sorry that she almost took his life but she will not be able to deal with it if he presses charges. She is hoping they can let this go. Steffy even asks him to. He cannot see letting her get away with attempted murder, but Steffy says that is exactly what she is asking of him.

Liam tells Hope do not defend him. He is a monster who left his father like he had let the air out of a tire. He saw his father in the hospital and he did that and Hope does not know what will happen the next time something like this happens. Hope says there were circumstances then and she will not believe he is truly that man. He says he does not deserve her friendship. The smart thing for her is to go. Steffy tells Bill that her mother needs help, not prison. Something is wrong and her mother snapped. He says he is still not well and does not know how long that will be. Yes her mother needs help. But she knows how he fights back when someone hurts him. She begs again to please do not implicate her mom and have the police take her away. And Liam needs to know it was not him that shot his dad. Bill says he agrees; Liam needs to know so it is a matter of who and how they are going to tell him. She thanks him. Taylor says she raised her children in this house. She has so many memories and she never wanted violence here. He gets her a drink and has her sit down as she looks a little shaky. She says she would do anything to protect her children as she knows Bill would too. He says yes he loves his son and he would go to hell and back for him. He says he has questions but he doesn’t think this is the time or place to psychoanalyze each other. She agrees that she over-reacted. Steffy pounds on Liam’s door and says it is a matter of life and death. He bursts out that he did just tell Hope and Steffy says but that is wrong. It wasn’t him. Her mother was there and Bill confirmed it. As he keeps saying he remembers it she says he is wrong. He did not shoot anybody.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe confronted Kate about the job offer Miguel gave her.  Kate said she didnít do it.  Kate told her that she wished she thought of it because she would have done anything to keep her from Lucas.  Eve tried to convince Lucas to let Chloe take the deal.  Brady told Maggie that he and Eve made a bet over the Bella contest.  Paul talked to Will about Kate wanting him to find out about Vivian and Leo.  Claire eavesdropped on Ciara and Trippís competition.  When he said that Claire was going to lose, she went off on them.  Claire was convinced that she was going to beat Ciara.  He told Claire to stop acting like a brat.  Eve overheard Brady talking to Maggie about the bet.  Eve heard Maggie tell Brady that Eve would realize how much he loved her.  Eve walked in on them while they were talking. Eve reminded them that Victor told her that he was using her.  She said he killed all of the feelings she had for him when he lied to her.  He wanted to know why she agreed to the bet if she didnít have feelings for him.  He said it was a way for them to get back together without her having to admit that she wanted to be with him.  Tripp tried to tell Claire that she and Ciara would still be family when the contest was over.  While they were talking, the results of the contest were in.  Kate told Chloe that Lucas has been through too much.  Kate didnít want her to use him.  Chloe said she wasnít using him.  She was going to work on their relationship.  Kate asked why she was going to Mexico. Chloe said he could still visit her.  Kate asked what would happen if she met another man.  She said it wouldnít happen because she was off the market.  Kate said she was off the market when she cheated on him before.  While they were arguing, Vivian came in.  Will told Paul about the assignment that Adrienne wanted him to do. 

Paul was upset that Will would have to work with Clyde to do his assignment.  Will thought Clyde would help him, but Paul didnít think so.  Paul told him to be careful because he didnít want to lose him.  While Sonny and Leo were supposed to be working, Leo tried to make a pass at him.  Tripp told Claire and Ciara that Claire won the competition.  They wanted to know Claire won by.  He said it was one vote.  Brady was happy that Claire won the election.  He reminded her that they had a deal.  She said she planned on honoring the deal.  She tried to imply that he rigged the contest.  Claire went to see them and thanked them for the contest.  Claire noticed that Eve wasnít happy.  Tripp apologized for voting for Claire.  Ciara thought she should have done what Claire did to win.  When he tried to comfort her, she didnít want him to.  He said it was his fault and she agreed with him.  Chloe told Lucas that she confronted Kate about the job offer.  She told him that Kate said she didnít.  She said that Kate thought she was going to hurt him.  He said he was going to hurt her by not letting her pursue her dream.  Kate told Vivian that Vivian tried to make a truce with Victor and Maggie.  Vivian wanted to know how she knew about it.  Kate said she and Maggie spent time together.  Kate left to answer a business call.  Vivian sent Leo a text.  Leo read it and wanted to know what she wanted.  Paul was watching Leo when he read the text.  Tripp tried to make Ciara feel better about the contest, but she was upset that Claire won.  He wanted to make it up to her, but now it was too late.  Lucas told Chloe to take the offer.  Tripp continued to make it right with Ciara, but she didnít want to listen to him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava shows up at Sonny’s house demanding to know what happened to Avery. Chase tries to piece together what happened himself. Michael is frantically trying to get ahold of Dante. Griffin ends up showing up to help keep Ava calm. In their bedroom, Lulu and Dante discuss Lulu’s work and Dante explains he is not very fond of it. Dante admits he would prefer she give it up. Lulu tells him that they need to keep their work and home lives separate. They end up making love to one another. Lulu then goes on her laptop and sees the missing person alert on Avery and looks at Dante’s phone to reveal the texts. At the PCPD, Ava demands that Chase get the FBI involved. Chase reluctantly agrees.

Kim shows up at the pub and has a gift for Julian. It is a pillow for his bedroom. Julian suggests they could use it together sometime. Kim admits she was thinking the exact same thing. Julian wonders if she still likes being around him. Kim tells him that as much as she still has feelings for Drew, they are of a Drew that no longer exists anymore. Lucy ends up showing up and wants Kim to perform at the Nurse’s Ball. She also traps Julian into matching whatever Sonny donates. Kim asks if he wants to be her date. Julian would love to.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

When Mariah heard the APB on JT, she called Nick and asked him to go check on Sharon and the others. Victoria insisted that they couldn't dump JT's body because he was Reed's father. The group decided to bury him in a hole that landscapers had dug for the garden in Chancellor park. Nick almost caught the women moving JT's body. Phyllis lead Nick to believe that JT was in Hawaii the last time Victoria saw him. Victoria told Nick that she broke up with JT because they were moving too fast. Chris let Jack out of his cell after she found out he was innocent. Jack vowed to sue the department. Chris would not allow Jack to leave the station, explaining that he'd have to stay until the morning when a judge officially signed off on his release. Jack was frustrated because he wanted to get out and deal with Kyle.

Hilary felt slighted because Devon decided to go out with Simone instead of discussing work with Hilary. Hilary reminded Devon that she could be carrying his baby. Devon accused Hilary of being jealous of Simone, and she denied it. Devon and Simone agreed to keep seeing each other. Hilary got angry when she overheard Devon mention her name to Simone. Hilary got dizzy and fell. Devon was concerned until Hilary wondered if it was a sign that she was pregnant. Devon accused Hilary of faking it. Devon regretted trying to help Hilary conceive. Devon and Hilary argued until Neil showed up and told them they were out of line. Nick and Mariah discussed the way everyone at Victoria's seemed to be trying to get them to leave. Nick suspected that Victoria wasn't telling him the full story about her breakup with JT. Victoria, Nikki, Sharon and Phyllis took JT to Chancellor park and began to bury him.

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