The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/11/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Liam that she is fine. She almost had a drink last night. Steffy pipes in but she didn’t. Taylor then lights into Liam for telling Hope so now Brooke knows that she shot Bill. That could interfere with her freedom. That is the one thing Brook has been waiting for her entire life and now she can hold it over her. Once again she pleads her case to Liam that she is not an evil person. She slipped once and it won’t happen again. Liam replies that he does not think she is evil but she does have some issues and they could crop up again at any time so he wants to be cautious. She begs him to ask Brooke and Hope to please not say anything. Reese asks Zoe again about Taylor. She realizes he knows more about her than he does about Zoe. He just says she is a very interesting woman. He gets a phone call and seems he owes some money. He tells the person on the phone that he is moving to L.A. and having his funds transferred. He tells Zoe that his payment was lost in the mail. She questions him about the women in his life, especially those that are rich and then suddenly he drifts to another. She accuses him of acquiring these women to maintain his lifestyle. He grins but blows it off. He says he came to L.A. just to be near his daughter. And if he and Taylor should get close then so much the better. With a little girl talk among Hope, Brooke, Katie and Donna, Katie senses something with Brooke in a fog. Brooke confesses that she is worried about Taylor. She is not to be trusted and should not be around her grandchild and she does not want her around Hope’s baby.

Steffy tells Liam that she loves her mother and there is no way she would leave her alone with Kelly if there was even a hint of something wrong. Taylor goes to see a doctor and says she needs to see her sponsor. She was around drinking last night and she wanted one so badly. The doctor gives her credit that she didn’t, While the doctor is out just going down the hall, Reese spies Taylor waiting in the office and steps in. This must be his lucky day. She says she is just speaking generally but sometimes you think you know it all but don’t know a thing. He says he feels like he has known her for longer than twelve hours and he’d consider it an honor if she would let him help her if she is having problems of any kind. Xander admits to Zoe that her dad and Taylor looked pretty friendly. She confides in him that he can be charming but when it comes to relationships he is not very good. Liam tells Steffy that he doesn’t want to say anything bad against her mom as she gave him Steffy and Steffy gave him his daughter, but there was a moment. He is not calling her a serial killer but they cannot say for a fact that something like Bill’s shooting will not happen again. Steffy keeps pleading her case. She says she knows what she her mom is and what she isn’t. He can now keep the secret or end up separating her and her family undermining all of them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Doug talked to JJ about whether he still had feelings for Lani. Eli wanted Lani to go to Jenniferís house to help decorate the tree. Julie was talking to Abby on the phone about their plan. Chloe overheard her and wanted to know what she was talking about. Lucas said goodbye to Will. He was going to miss Lucas. Lucas was glad he was happy. Leo went to Sonny and reminded him about getting married. Eli showed up with Lani at the house. They were kissing when JJ and Doug approached them. Julie put Chloe in her place about listening in on her conversation. Lucas told Kate how he broke up with Chloe. Will overheard Leo and Sonny talking. Will didnít want them getting married. JJ asked Lani about whether she was dating Eli. She admitted they were together. He wanted her to be happy. Chloe told Julie how Lucas broke up with her to be with Allie. Julie tried to make her feel better about what happened. Lucas wanted Kate to keep an eye on Will while heís gone. Will wanted to stop Sonny from marrying Leo. Leo threatened to go to the police. Leo wanted them to say goodbye to each other because they were going to jail.

Lucas wanted to know if something happened between Kate and Will. She didnít answer him. She made it seem like she was upset how her children were leaving. They talked about how much they would miss each other. Leo reminded Sonny and Will how he would tell the police what they did. Will refused to let Leo expose Sonny. Will said he would end up confessing if he went to the police. Lucas went to Jenniferís place to say goodbye to everyone there. Kate showed up at Dougís Place and Chloe thought she was there to gloat. Kate told her how she missed Lucas. Chloe missed him too. Sonny didnít want Will to take the blame for him. Leo reminded him how they would both be implicated in his attempted murder. Sonny offered to pay for Leo to go away, but he didnít want any money. Kate and Chloe talked about Lucas. Eli wondered if Lucas was going to be gone for good, but he assured them he wouldnít be gone too long. JJ wanted Lucas to hang his ornament now. Will didnít want Sonny to marry another man. Sonny wanted to fix things. Sonny agreed to marry him. Leo wanted to get married that day.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Reed returns home determined to find out what happened to JT when Victoria tells him they never foound his body he thinks JT may still be alive. Victoria tells Reed not to get his hopes up but they will find out what happened to his father. Nikki takes a sip of wine then tells Jack about it and he adviuses her to go to a meeting she does go to a meeting and returns with a desire to fight back and expose the person who is tormenting them about JtT's death. Nikki tells Victiria she has a plan to take the blame off Victor and expose the evidence against him as false. Abby decides to put a resturant/nightclub in her new building and asks Nick to help and be her mentor but he tells her know because it is too much hard work so she decides to ask Devon for help and advice. Billy thinks he and Phyllis will get back together soon but Phyllis sees him at the office and tells him she wants their relationship to be busines only before he has a chance to tell her he wnts another chance with her. Jack calls Kerry and they plan a breakfast date at the Athletic club.

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