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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie calls Thorne to set something up with him to make it a special day. She says she is even getting Bill to take Will. It is time for him to step it up as a father. Bill shows up and is surprised that Katie is telling him such especially after obsessing for months after his daughter in-law. She doesn’t understand how such a powerful man can lose his way and be held hostage. And how he could lose his share of the stocks. He said he did not lose them; he gave them to Steffy. She doesn’t understand that either unless he felt so guilty for turning her life so upside down. But she is glad this whole mess is over and the shares are back in Forrester’s hands and Bill can now focus on his son. He says yeah starting tonight while she is on her date. She says careful – he might sound like he is jealous. Will needs his father. He needs to be a better role model to him than he was with Liam or Wyatt. Bill says he tried to mend fences with Liam but he is not ready yet. She says he needs to stop focusing on Steffy and on Will who needs his father. Steffy calls a meeting and says she wants Forrester to set the standard that other companies will want to follow with empowering women. She says she give props to Hope and Thorne for the HFTF line but there is more they can do to step up their game. And they are in great shape as far as getting the company back to family only and Bill is no longer involved. One by one she goes around the table and praises Maya, Hope, Quinn and Brooke calling them strong, accomplished woman. She wants to expand the day care center and bring Kelly here and let her see her work and they all get to nurture her. She tells Hope she knows this is not easy but she really is trying.

Katie tells Bill that she pretty much has had to raise Will all by herself. Bill argues at first but then agrees he should have paid more attention. Don’t let his relationship with his other children interfere with his relationship with Will who is growing up and changing every day. Bill starts to say if she was still his wife…….she says do not go there and that will never happen. Bill is totally shocked when Thorne shows up at the door and he realizes this is who Katie is dating. She leaves them alone just to run up stairs to grab something. Bill wastes no time in telling Thorne that he stretches the boundaries on occasions and Katie is the mother of his son. Thorne snipes back that does not give him the right to say who she can date. And he usually manages to hurt the people that he claims to love and care about. He has been absent in Will’s life and just look how he treats his older sons. Bill says Will and his mother will always be family and this is none of Thorne’s business. He hopes he is not stupid enough to fill Will or Katie’s head with this BS. Thorne assures him he will never put him down to his son but he will always be honest with Katie about Bill. And he does not think he is a good model of a father. Bill counters that they come from two different worlds. Thorne was born with an entitled silver spoon in his mouth so the last thing he wants to do is fly in Bill's airspace.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul confronted Sonny about the note he found in Willís bag. Paul demanded to know what was going on between them. Will talked to Kate about getting money. Will was surprised when he saw Ted. Will thought they were working together. Kate denied working with Ted. Will told her that Ted was blackmailing him and Sonny. Abby saw Chad with Gabi and she was upset. She was surprised that he was with Gabi when he needed space from her. Sonny told Paul that he killed Leo. Sonny explained what happened the day Leo died. Paul wanted to know why he didnít go to the police. Sonny told him why he didnít. They held hands and Gabi walked in on them. Chad explained why Gabi was in his room. Abby wondered if Gabi slept in his bed. He denied it. Abby told him how JJ saw him and Gabi together and thought they looked too chummy. He couldnít believe her when she was carrying another manís child. Eve went to Jenniferís place and they talked about Jennifer not talking to Brady about what she did.

Marlena met with Eric and Brady. She was glad that they were getting along. Jennifer told Eve that she didnít deserve a man like Brady. Eve reminded Jennifer that she would lose Eric if he found out about Nicole. Ted told Kate that Will and Sonny killed Leo. Will explained what happened. Kate wanted Ted to end the blackmail, but he said he couldnít do it. Abby didnít want to fight with Chad. She wanted to get through everything together. Gabi went back upstairs and saw how close Chad and Abby were. Chad ended up leaving the room so Gabi tried to follow him until Abby stopped her. She wanted to know what was going on with Chad. Kate demanded that Ted stop blackmailing Will. He told her again that he couldnít do it. Will told Kate that Ted was torturing him and Sonny. Eve and Jennifer continued to argue about Eric and Brady. After Eric, left Marlena asked Brady how he was doing without Tate. He was glad to have Eve. He wanted her to focus on her wedding though. Eve put Jennifer in her place about how she acts superior to her when sheís just as bad as she is. Will threatened Ted to stay away from him and Sonny or he would kill him. Gabi lied to Abby about why she was with Chad. She lied and said she wanted the best for her. Gabi thought Abby questioned her loyalty. Abby reminded her what she did to her for why she would question it. Gabi said she was mad about it, but she was only mad at Stefan. She said that she understood that Abby was sick. Sonny told Paul that Ted was blackmailing him and wanted millions. Kate told Will that she would take care of everything.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Robert shows up at Valentin’s house to confront him if he kidnapped Anna and Finn. Valentin has no idea what he is talking about. Robert tells him that Cassandra has been stolen from the WSB. Valentin was not aware of this. He is angry that he didn’t kill Cassandra himself. Finn and Anna find out that Cassandra is the one that Finn has to cure. The two are shocked but manage to figure out the person who hired the two men is also a man. Finn thinks that the only way to make sure they don’t get killed is to get them moved to PC.

Kiki’s trial ends and she wins. David is outraged but the judge tells him to calm down. Kiki tells Alexis she plans to donate the money to charity. Griffin and Elizabeth run into each other at GH. Griffin doesn’t know why he slept with Ava and is sorry. Elizabeth doesn’t think he has to be sorry. He did what he did. Franco and Ava talk at her house and Ava is upset and plans to get revenge. She shows up at GH and talks to Monica. She has the picture of the paternity test. Carly goes to comfort Michael and she thinks he is working to hard right now.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nate reintroduced himself to Victoria and asked her to give him a tour of Genoa City. She declined. Victoria learned that Nate was Nikki's new doctor. Nate revealed that he was going to treat Nikki by figuring out what was stressing her out. Victoria was concerned Nate would discover the secret about JT. Victor surprised Nikki with dinner and a couple's massage. Victor questioned Nikki when she said JT wouldn't be back. She said it was a gut feeling. Mariah and Summer argued over whether Sharon would hurt Nick. Kyle and Summer realized that Nick was Phyllis's mystery one night stand. Charlie and Mattie went to visit Devon, but he wasn't home. Charlie hoped they could convince Devon to ask the judge to let Lily go free. Nate warned the twins that Devon might not be receptive to what they had to say right now. Nate urged Victoria to let go of her emotional baggage. Victoria didn't appreciate his unsolicited advice.

Lily was furious with Cane for wanting to skip town. Cane unsuccessfully tried to convince her that this was best for the family. Lily felt it was best for everyone if she faced the consequences of her actions. Lily chatted with Victoria. Cane apologized to Lily. The twins met up with their parents and they all agreed to get through this as a family.

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