The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/16/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she loves him and she wants him to tell her this will not ruin their marriage. She did not tell him about seeing Bill because she did not want to fight about it. Steffy is cool toward Hope but when questioned Steffy says no, it is her mother. She says they cannot get involved with their parent’s problems. Brooke keeps saying she and Ridge are destiny but look how many times she has walked away from him. Steffy says they are sick. She walked in on her and Bill and they were kissing. Hope does not believe it. Brooke would not do that. And she knows how much Ridge hates Bill and would never chance that. Brooke says again that she is sorry and she did not turn to Bill; that is not happening. He says if any other man he could look past it, but Spencer! She says she did not let Bill keep kissing her and she stepped away. But she made a mistake of not telling Ridge. She wishes he could see why she did what she did. She does not love Bill and Ridge is the only man she will ever love. She would not do that to him, to herself or their family. They have screwed up before but got past it and they are happier now for it. She said her vows to him and meant them. She begs him please to do not turn away from her now.

Bill is not happy when Wyatt says he is returning to work but….at Forrester. But he quickly says it is Wyatt’s life and his choice and he can accept it. Wyatt is surprised but Bill tells him he has a new look on life and it is all due to Brooke and now he can see his son as Katie is not a barrier anymore. Bill tells Wyatt that they had to keep the secret from Ridge that Brooke supported him and they had been seeing each other to get to Katie. If he knew no telling what he would do. Ridge tells Brooke there is no end to Bill’s madness and he has made mistakes that could destroy them. But she is his light and shining star. It scares him to think that someone could take that away from him as he would never find his way home. Please do not let that happen. They hug. He pulls away and says she understands that can never happen again and she agrees. He cannot come near her. Bill thinks about Brooke in their happier times.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara had a dream about Ben. Claire saw pictures of Ciara and Tripp and she was disgusted by it. She ended up seeing Ben at her job and they started talking about Ciara and Tripp. Hope and Rafe talked about who could have set Ben up for the arson. Abby and JJ talked about the wig that was found in her room. JJ was worried about Gabby putting it in her room. Chad told Gabi that he found the wig in Abby’s room. She was “surprised” by that. Ben told Claire that Ciara wanted him out of the apartment because of Tripp. Abby talked to JJ about Gabi having feelings for Chad and that she never got over him. She was convinced that Gabi was the one who put the wig in her room. Claire tried to convince Ben that Ciara had feelings for her. She reminded him that she hooked up with Tripp when Hope told her that he started the fire. Ciara told Tripp that she kicked him out for them to be together. He was happy that Ben was out of the place and they made love. Rafe and Hope continued to talk about who set Ben up. Rafe thought that JJ might have been the one who planted the print because of what Ben did to Paige. Abby explained how she felt different from the last time she had the altars. JJ wondered if Gabi could be the one who did it. Gabi suggested that Chad get Abby into treatment. Chad was surprised that Gabi wanted her committed.

Ben talked to Claire about how close he and Ciara got when he rescued her. Ben admitted that he was in love with Ciara. Abby told JJ that she never bought anything from Gabi Chic. She thought Gabi could have bought the clothes. Gabi continued to talk Chad into having Abby committed because she was a danger to herself. Chad wanted to help Abby so he didn’t want to consider doing that to her. Chad left to check on Thomas. Gabi was ready for her next plan. Abby wondered what JJ thought about her theories. He didn’t answer her because he got a text from Hope. Later on, JJ was surprised that Hope and Rafe thought he planted the print. JJ denied doing it. JJ thought that the person who planted the evidence made things worse. Claire thought that she and Ben could work together. Ben didn’t want to be involved. Ben was afraid that he would look like a predator if he went after Ciara. Claire thought they could get what they want if they worked together. Gabi called Abby because she wanted to talk to her. Abby was suspicious of the call, but she agreed to meet her. Hope started to think that the suspect was someone on their list. She suddenly realized who framed Ben. Claire tried to justify her plan and thought it would work and they would get Ciara and Tripp. Ben felt like he would regret it, but he decided to work with her. They shook hands, but Ciara and Tripp saw them. Ciara wanted to know why they were shaking hands. Chad ran into JJ and they talked about Gabby possibly being back and that they had to help her. JJ told him that there might be another explanation as to why Abby was going through everything. Gabi drugged the drink she planned on giving Abby. She hurried up and hid the drugs, but she was surprised to see Abby in the mansion. Gabi was shocked that she was there so early and wondered how long she was there.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie and Nina get out of a movie at the film festival and spot Peter and Lulu talking. Maxie is upset because she doesn’t like them spending time together. Nina doesn’t think it is anything to worry about. Nina and Lulu talk for a little bit and Peter talks with Maxie. Nina can kind of see where Maxie is coming from but doesn’t think that Lulu realizes she has a crush or that Peter likes her back. Griffin and Kiki decide to skip the movie and go back to her apartment where they watch an old movie musical. Kiki and him waltz again and end up making hot and passionate love together on her couch.

Drew goes to see Sam and she tries to help comfort him. He goes to check on a crying Scout and brings her back downstairs with him. He realizes that he needs to spend more time with Oscar. Jason goes to visit Monica who is worried about Oscar. She thanks him for showing up and knowing that she needed him. Jason promises that he will get to know Oscar so they both have something to talk about. Spencer shows up at Laura’s house and she is angry that he once again flew back home without telling her. Ryan shows up and says he is happy to see Ryan. Spencer goes and confronts Ava by himself. Ryan wants to withhold making love so it is not traumatic for any of them if Spencer shows up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The ladies night group meets without Phyllis to decide what to do and Nikki comes up with a plan bu Victoria and Sharon are scared it will backfire. Nikki sends the blackmailer one dollar to see what the blackmailer will do next and to prove that they are not running scared from anyone. Billy comes home since now he has been put on outpatient rehab and Jack and Kyle tell him everything Ashley has done. Kyle tells Billy that Ashley had nothing to do with him starting to gamble again that he was the one that set up the temping poker games . Abby and Traci give Ashley an earful about how wrong her actions were but Ashley says she has no regrets and now Jack knows never to underestimate her again. Jack meets with the board at the Atheltic club and then Abby,, Billy,Jack, Kyle and Traci arrive at the Abbott house to tell Ashley that she has been unanimously voted out of her job as CEO.

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