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Legends of Tomorrow Episode List Page

Which "Legends" episodes have aired?

Season 1

1/21/16 "Pilot, Part 1"
1/28/16 "Pilot, Part 2"
2/4/16 "Blood Ties"
2/11/16 "White Knights"
2/18/16 "Fail-Safe"
2/25/16 "Star City 2046"
3/3/16 "Marooned"
3/10/16 "Night of the Hawk"
3/31/16 "Left Behind"
4/7/16 "Progeny"
4/14/16 "The Magnificent Eight"
4/21/16 "Last Refuge"
4/28/16 "Leviathan"
5/5/16 "River of Time"
5/12/16 "Destiny"
5/19/16 "Legendary"

Season 2

10/13/16 "Out of Time"
10/20/16 "The Justice Society of America"
10/27/16 "Shogun"
11/3/16 "Abominations"
11/10/16 "Compromised"
11/17/16 "Outlaw Country"
12/1/16 "Invasion!"
12/8/16 "The Chicago Way"
1/24/17 "Raiders of the Lost Art"
1/31/17 "The Legion of Doom"
2/7/17 "Turncoat"
2/21/17 "Camelot/3000"
3/7/17 "Land of the Lost"
3/14/17 "Moonshot"
3/21/17 "Fellowship of the Spear"
3/28/17 "Doomworld"
4/4/17 "Aruba"

Season 3

10/10/17 "Aruba-Con"
10/17/17 "Freakshow"
10/24/27 "Zari"
10/31/17 "Phone Home"
11/7/17 "Return of the Mack"
11/14/17 "Helen Hunt"
11/21/17 "Welcome to the Jungle"
11/28/17 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4"
2/5/18 "Beebo the God of War"
2/12/18 "Daddy Darhkest"
2/19/18 "Here I Go Again"
2/26/18 "The Curse of the Earth Totem"
3/5/18 "No Country for Old Dads"
3/12/18 "Amazing Grace"
3/19/18 "Necromancing the Stone"
3/26 "I, Ava"
4/2/18 "Guest-Starring John Noble"
4/9/18 "The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly"

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Info from http://epguides.com/LegendsofTomorrow/

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Page updated 3/16/18

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