Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/2/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/2/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Belle, Philip, Shawn and Mimi arrive home. Belle offers to give Mimi her old maternity clothes. They go into Belleís and Philipís apartment which is now an oven from the hot sun. Belle is glad that Claire is with her parents. Shawn apologizes for the night . Mimi hopes that they will have the air conditioning fixed the next day. Philip gives Shawn a check to become a partner in the auto racing team. Mimi and Shawn are impressed by the amount of the check. Belle informs Philip that he is not auto racing.

E.J. gives Sami his handkerchief. She thanks him. She advises him that he had better not hang out with her because she ruins everything. She confides her problems with him. He wonders what she looks like when she is happy. He wants to see more of her. Max sees them talking, and wonders what E.J. is doing in town. Max comes up to join them. Max and E.J. hug. Sami asks them do they know each other. Max lets it be known that E.J. is a well known celebrity on the European racing circuit. E.J. tries to deny it. Sami lets Max know that E.J. moved into an apartment down the hall. Max realizes that he may have some major competition. Sami is impressed.

Bo pours him and Hope a drink. He wonders what he has to do to prove to her that he wonít let her down .Hope looks up and sees Chelsea. Hope immediately stands up as does Bo. Bo wants to know what Chelsea is doing here. Hope tells Bo that he has a decision to make as to whose side he is on.

Hope realizes by the look on Boís face, whose side he is on. She knows that it was a mistake to come here with him.  She knows that nothing will ever change. Hope leaves.

Bo demands to know from Chelsea if she was deliberately trying to cause trouble between him and Hope. Chelsea informs him that Max had brought her out to boost her morale because he knew how down she had been. Bo tells her that she should have left him and Hope alone. Chelsea now knows whose side he is on. Bo leaves.

Max admires E.J. because he knows how to compete and win. Max fills Sami in on E.J. Max is reminded that him and E.J. had raced against each other in Paris.  They both relive the past racing days. Sami is impressed. E.J. and Max shake hands.  Max leaves.

Philip and Belle argue over his racing .She insists that his family needs him. Belle doesnít want Claire to grow up without a father. Mimi mumbles to herself that she wonít. Everyone looks at her. They question Mimi as to her remark. Mimi apologizes for saying anything. Belle apologizes to all of them for arguing with Philip over his racing. Shawn and Mimi decide to go home.

Philip lets Belle know that he didnít know that this would upset her so much. He suggests that they agree to disagree.

Bo tries to stop Hope from leaving, but she will not listen to him. She insists that she will not rest until Chelsea pays for what she has done .

Max join Chelsea. Chelsea lets him know that Hope is out to get her. Max tries to relieve her worries, but Chelsea refuses to listen to her.

Sami questions E.J. about his racing. E.J. lets her know that he doesnít have any more secrets from her. She remembers when she had first met him, and he had dropped his towel. She wonders how fast his car will go. He offers to take her for a ride.

Shawn and Mimi kiss. She tells him that it is so hot in here, and she is so hot. They kiss. He pulls away from her, and tells her that they canít make love. Mimi is puzzled.

Philip brings Belle a cold bottle of water. He sits down on the sofa beside her. He knows that she is still worried about his racing. He also knows that she isnít happy for Mimi and Shawn.

Sami enjoys her ride with E.J. She feels that it is exciting. He begins to question her about Shawn and his turbo engine. He wonders what Shawn is mad at her about. She tries to explain to him that she had done something to him that he would never forgive her for. He blurts out her middle name. She questions him as to how he knows all about her and her whole family.

Hope hurries home with Bo right after her. He tries to talk to her, but she refuses to listen to him. 

Max demands to know what Chelsea had done to keep Hope on the island, and to keep her from returning to Salem. Chelsea remembers the e-mail that she had sent to Hope in Boís e-mail. Chelsea refuses to tell him anything. He insists that he is taking her home.

E.J. lies to Sami about how he knows her middle name. She insists that he should be a psychic. He takes her part, and lets her know that she doesnít deserve this reputation. She asks him if he has a woman in his life. He tells her that he is with that woman now. She misunderstands and thinks that he means her. He sets her set, and tells her that he means his car. She is totally embarrassed. He explains to her that there once was a woman in his life, but she had chosen her career. He takes her home at a high rate of speed. When they arrive home, she finds out that Austin has beaten her home.

Shawn explains to Mimi how they canít make love for two to three weeks. She thinks of a alternate method to fulfill her sexual desires.

Bo accuses Hope of wanting to be with Patrick Lockhart. Hope denies this accusation. Hope insists that he will have to find a way to live without her. Hope goes into the house, and imagines seeing Zach, standing in a chair, asking for her help.      

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