Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/1/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/1/06


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Sami’s apartment

Sami, Carrie and E.J. get up from the table. E.J. suggests that he wash the dishes, but Lucas insists on doing them. They discuss how fast that E.J. had decided on his apartment in this building. E.J. mentions about some jazz music that he had heard. Sami remarks that she loves jazz music. Lucas somehow doesn’t believe her. Sami lets him know that there are a lot of things about her that he doesn’t know. She suggests to E.J. that she show him their CD colleciton.

Lucas mentions to Carrie that Sami is so hot after E.J. Carrie doesn’t believe him.

Sami suggests that they take E.J. out for a night on the town.

Philip and Belle cuddle together on the sofa. Philip questions her if she is listening for the baby. Philip suggests taking her out for the night. They begin to kiss. Belle sees through his plan, and gets up.

Shawn and Mimi come home from the hospital. He sits her down on the sofa, and puts her feet up. He orders her to rest. She knows how lucky that she is to have him. She asks him a favor.

Max brings Chelsea flowers to bring her luck the next day. Chelsea knows that she will need good luck when Hope testifies against her .Chelsea is worried about the trial. Max suggests that she stay positive.

Hope and Bo kiss. She pulls away from him, and tells him that she cannot do this. He lets her know that he knows how she feels .

Mimi suggests that they go out and eat. Shawn just wants to fix them something there, but Mimi insists that they go out and eat. Shawn finally gives in to her request.

Philip and Belle discuss his car racing, and how that Belle, as well as, Kate is against the idea. She tells him not to bat his blue eyes at her. Philip suggests that he take her out to eat. Belle agrees and decides to go and change. They hear a noise in the hall. It is Mimi and Shawn, and he has Mimi up in his arms. They fill Belle and Philip in on the invitro. Belle and Philip are thrilled.

Chelsea puts the flowers in water. He suggests that they go out . Chelsea knows that Billie wouldn’t approve of them going out. She lets him know about the pictures that was taken on the docks.

Bo tries to convince Hope that she means the world to him. He also admits that he has an empty space inside him. He tells her that he will take all the blame. He asks her to go out, and get a bite to eat. Bo reminds her that Zach loved them, and would want them to be together.

Austin and Sami agree to take E.J. out on the town.

Lucas admits to Carrie that Sami is all hot and bothered. Carrie tells him that Carrie is just being friendly. Lucas doesn’t believe her. E.J. goes to change his clothes.

Maggie shows Mimi, Shawn, Belle and Philip to a table. Mimi shares her good news. Mimi asks for a few moments alone with Belle. Philip and Shawn agree to go to the bar for a drink. Maggie suggests that she send them over a bottle of non-alcoholic drink. Mimi wants advice on being pregnant. Belle offers her help. Mimi thanks her for her help.

Lucas, Carrie, Sami, E.J. and Austin arrive. Introductions are made all around. Carrie congratulates Mimi on the invitro. Mimi congratulates Carrie on being pregnant. E.J. quietly claps his hand.

E.J. offers Sami a drink. She thanks him. She wonders how he likes Salem so far.

Max asks Chelsea if she is alright. She goes outside and looks up at the stars. They hug. She realizes that this might be the last night that they will be together. He wonders what he can do for her. She asks him to get rid of Hope.

Bo and Hope talk. They know that Zach would want them to be together. Hope kneels down and looks at the tulips that she had put on Zach’s grave. She remembers the tulips that she and Zach had planted in the fall, and they were just coming up. Bo suggests that she let him take care of her. She agrees.

E.J. pays Sami a compliment.

Austin and Shawn discuss the turbo engine deal. Austin wants to pitch the idea. Sami join Austin and Shawn. Shawn lets him know that he will sign with the Titans. Shawn refuses to work with Sami.

Hope and Bo come in. Maggie hugs Hope. Maggie promises to send them the perfect dinner. Bo kisses Maggie on the cheek.

Chelsea and Max comes in, and looks around.

Chelsea sees Bo with Hope, and begins to panic that Bo will side with Hope against her.

Maggie brings Hope and Bo some oysters. She remembers how she craved oysters when she was pregnant with Zach.

Philip and lucas discuss how that Philip’s father had wanted him to go into business with him.

Shawn lets Sami know that he will never forgive her. Shawn leaves. Austin hugs Sami.

Shawn sees Bo and Hope together .

Shawn and Mimi tell Hope and Bo about the invitro.

Bo and Hope share some heartfelt memories.

Austin admits to Sami that he needs some time alone to figure out a new game plan. Sami leaves.

Shawn and Mimi decide to go home.

Philip figures out that Belle is jealous of Mimi about her being pregnant. They hug.

Lucas and Carrie decide to go home. Carrie asks for a moment alone with Austin. Carrie offers her sentiments to Austin for losing the turbo engine deal.

Carrie and Lucas leave the restaurant.

Sami stands outside the restaurant, and begins to cry. E.J. comes up, and hands her his handkerchief. Max sees them together.

Hope sees Chelsea standing behind Bo.

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