Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/31/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/31/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital

Shawn and Mimi are in an exam room. They are eagerly anticipating on whether or not Mimi can become pregnant. Bonnie surprises them by coming in with an armful of bags where she has been shopping for her new grandchild. She holds up an outfit for a boy or girl. Mimi thinks that she is getting ahead of herself because Mimi doesn’t know whether or not she can become pregnant or not. Lexie comes in, with a file in her arms. She confirms Mimi’s thoughts.

Sami is quite impressed with her new neighbor. For a moment she forgets why she is here. She finally remembers that she is here for a wrench that he had borrowed. She asks him for the wrench. In turning around to retrieve the wrench, he accidentally steps on the corner of his towel, and the towel falls to the floor. Sami is embarassed, but just for a moment. Austin comes out of their apartment, and wonders what is going on. Sami and the Mr. Wells are both embarrassed by what has just happened. Austin lets them know that he had fixed the shower so there was no need for the wrench. Lucas and Carrie get off the elevator, carrying a pie box. Austin introduces them to their new neighbor. Carrie feels as though she has seen him somewhere before.

Bo approaches the house. He remembers his conversation with Hope in which she had told him that she didn’t believe him. He knows deep in his heart that he and Hope belong together, and that she is his family.

Hope comes into the house that she had once shared with Bo. She picks up a picture, and looks at it of her, Bo and Zach. She also remembers her talk with Bo.

Jennifer knocks on the door, and comes in. She questions Hope if she is alright. Hope tells her that she isn’t. Hope admits that she doesn’t know what to do about Bo. Hope also admits that she still loves Bo. Jennifer lets her know that Bo still loves Hope, and he has been miserable since she has been gone.

Billie holds up a black pair of pants and coat for Chelsea to wear for her first day in court. Chelsea refuses to wear this .Billie notices that Chelsea is upset, and wants to know what Frankie had said to her the day before. Chelsea remembers exactly what all was said, but she refuses to tell Billie about their conversation. Billie tries to encourage her to talk to her, but Chelsea refuses, and leaves the room. She runs into Patrick as she leaves the room. Billie sees him, and wonders what he is doing here. He lets her know that he lives here. Billie is surprised.

John brings Marlena home to her condo. She realizes that it is good to be home. John vows to take care of her. She agrees to let him. He asks her can he get her something. She asks him for a cup of tea. He goes to the kitchen to prepare the tea. She looks at the stairs, and she remembers her fall down those stairs. She also remembers that she had lost hers and Roman’s baby. Tears come to her eyes. Roman pokes his head in the door, and asks is she alright. They hug. John comes back into the room, carrying the tray, and sees them hugging. He tries to manage a smile.

Lexie begins to try to explain to Shawn and Mimi about the procedure, and its disadvantages. Mimi begins to realize that she may not be able to become pregnant. Lexie also explains about the drugs that they had given her might not have the very best. Mimi and Shawn are saddened by the news.

Mr. Wells denies knowing Carrie. He also pays her a compliment that he would have remembered such a lovely lady as her. Carrie thanks him for the compliment.

Sami asks Lucas what is up. He lets her know that they had been to Caroline’s, and she had whipped them up one of her apple pies. Austin calls him, “lucky.” Carrie invites Mr. Wells into Sami’s apartment for a piece of the apple pie. He readily accepts after he changes his clothes. They all go into Sami’s apartment except Mr. Wells. Carrie lets them know that she never forgets a face. Lucas notices on the coffee table a file on Shawn’s turbo engine. Lucas wonders what Austin is doing with the file.

John tells Marlena and Roman that he didn’t know that they had company. Marlena smiles. Roman lets them know that he had seen Marlena crying, and wondered what was wrong. Marlena lets Roman know that she had remembered that she had lost Roman’s baby. John tries to manage a smile.

Hope looks at the pix of her and her family. Hope insists that it is time that she moves on. Jennifer questions her as to what had happened between her and Patrick, and if Hope was in love with him.

Billie finds out that Patrick is moving back in. He suggests that they share the house. Billie refuses. She starts to leave. He asks her to stay.

Bo is outside the house. He turns around, and sees Chelsea with her suitcase. She lets him know that she is running away.

Lexie informs Shawn and Mimi that the procedure may not take. Mimi asks can she talk to Shawn alone. Bonnie wonders if she is changing her mind about having the procedure done.

Shawn points out the risk to Mimi. Mimi admits that if she doesn’t get pregnant that she doesn’t think that she can handle the disappointment. Mimi can’t seem to shake this guilty feeling that she has. She feels that God is punishing her. Shawn tells her that he loves her .

Lucas questions Austin about the file. Lucas tells him that he is wasting time by going after the deal. Austin reminds him that the contracts have not been signed yet. The doorbell rings. It is Mr. Marshall. They are surprised when Mr. Wells knows all about the turbo engine deal. They all want to know what Mr. Wells knows about the deal.

Marlena relives losing the baby. She apologizes to Roman for losing the baby. They try to tell her that she can’t blame herself. Marlena admits that she doesn’t know if she can put the past behind her.

Hope admits that she doesn’t love Patrick. She tells Jennifer that Patrick had only helped her get through a very difficult time. Bo loves Hope, and he has been miserable without her. Hope only wants Chelsea behind bars. Jennifer thinks that that sound awfully cold.

Bo tries to talk Chelsea out of running away. Chelsea thinks everyone in Salem hates her. Bo lets her know that everyone will be in the courtroom with her including Zach. Bo insists that he is not going to lose her.

Patrick tells Billie that he doesn’t want her to move out. He admits that he will always love her. Bo and Chelsea come in, and see Patrick there. Bo demands to know what he is doing there.

Lexie does the test. Lexie admits that she wants to discuss some things with Shawn. Bonnie fluffs up Mimi’s pillows, but cannot seem to gain her attention. Bonnie lets her know how proud that she is of her.

Mr. Wells lies to them about how he knows about Shawn’s turbo engine. Sami asks him about his business. He refuses to tell her anything. Sami then asks about him. He fills her in on his life. Carrie serves them a piece of cake. Mr. Wells insists on making the drinks.

Sami pulls Carrie to the side. Sami wishes that she had a friend that she could fix him up with. Carrie notices that she is so into Mr. Wells.

Marlena admits that she cannot move on until she comes to grips with this .Marlena admits that she needs time to recover. John hugs her as she cries.

Jennifer and Hope talk. The doorbell rings. A delivery man brings her a bunch of flowers from Bo. Jennifer wonders what is she going to do. Hope knows exactly what to do.

Bo tells Billie that he wants Patrick out. Billie refuses. Bo admits that he needs to take a walk.

Hope visit’s the cemetery. Bo approaches. They kiss.

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