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General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/9/05



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Edward: Somebody mind telling me what is going on around here?

Luke: Depends on who you ask.

Edward: Forget about it. Nobody here would know the truth if it bit them. Alice?

Alice: Yes, Mr. Quartermaine.

Edward: You know everything that's going on in my house. What is this all about?

Alice: Well, I can tell you, but it isn't pretty.

Georgie: Maxie.

Maxie: If you think I'm going to miss out on my high school graduation, you can just forget it.

Michael: I know I promised to come back to Dr. Thomas, but I didn't think it was going to be this soon.

Emily: Yeah, it's pretty scary, isn't it?

Michael: Is it scary for you, too?

Emily: Yeah. But you know what I've discovered? There's no magic fix. You have to try real hard so the doctor can help you. And after each session, I tell myself how proud I am for hanging in. And the next session is almost always easier. You know, you're lucky to have people who love you and can help you.

Michael: I guess.

Sam: You know, maybe Emily could take you to Dr. Thomas' office.

Emily: I'd like that.

Sam: Good.

Michael: I don't want to go.

Jason: We'll be back here, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Sam: Don't take this the wrong way, ok? But I think the last thing Michael needs right now is any negativity at all --

Jason: What?

Sam: About Dr. Thomas. You're easy to read where he's concerned, Jason.

Jason: It just would have, you know, helped a lot if Sonny could have been here.

Reese: Thanks for coming.

Sonny: You wouldn't have called if it wasn't important.

Reese: Well, I wanted to give you space, you know, to be with Michael. That's where your focus should be right now.

Sonny: Yeah. It is. And I know I've been, you know, a little distracted, but --

Reese: Sonny --

Sonny: No, no, no --

Reese: Donít.

Sonny: Something wrong?

Reese: Don't you wonder about our timing? Finding each other when so much else is going on?

Sonny: You know, I learned a long time ago you can't control everything. You got to just deal with the bad and try to hold on to what's good. You and me is part of what's good.

Announcer: The role of Felicia Jones is now being played by Sandra Ferguson.

Georgie: Maxie, you cannot risk making yourself even sicker just for some stupid graduation.

Maxie: It's not stupid. The whole reason that I went away was so that I could walk onstage and graduate with my friends, and to prove to mom and dad that I'm not just some screw-up.

Georgie: They know that. They think that you are the perfect daughter these days, and even I'm a little embarrassed. Maxie, please, it's just a dumb diploma.

Maxie: You always knew you'd graduate with honors and dean's list and all that, but I had to work really hard.

Georgie: I know. I know, Maxie, and I am so proud to call you my sister. Really, I am. Please, don't do anything to take that from me.

[Knock on door]

Dillon: Hey. Thought I'd drop by before school, say hi.

Brook Lynn: What are you doing out of bed?

Georgie: She wants to go to the ceremony.

Brook Lynn: No, Maxie, no. Look, that's nuts, ok? You can't leave the hospital.

Felicia: At least somebody here knows how to use their brain. You, back in bed.

Alice: You see, sweet, kind-hearted Luke set this all in motion.

Luke: I really like her.

Alice: He had to prove that Helena Cassadine wasn't dead.

Tracy: In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. Would you mind if we jumped to present time?

Alice: Yeah, yeah. Ok, see this is what happened. He borrowed $15 million from the Cassadine accounts and then he transferred them to Ms. Tracy's bank account. He figured that he could lure the old bat out of hiding by using Ms. Tracy as bait. The problem is, is once Helena was captured, Ms. Tracy refused to give the money back. So he had to get her hammered and trick her into marrying him.

Edward: In God's name, why?

Alice: Well, so that when Ms. Tracy demanded a divorce, which Luke knew she would, he could get the $15 million back as alimony and then give it to Nikolas.

Edward: You don't even like Nikolas.

Luke: It's a matter of principle.

Edward: You don't have principles.

Alice: Hey, I'm talking here!

Tracy: Whoa!

Alice: Ok. Now, that's when this schlub gets into the picture. You see, Ms. Tracy figures that she can dare Luke to sleep with her, thinking that he'd fold. I mean, who wouldn't? But Luke, clever man that he is, trumps her. He sets up a date to meet her in a hotel room, but in his place is Coleman.

Edward: Interesting. Revolting, but interesting.

Tracy: I did the honorable thing. I offered to give Luke a divorce and --

[Tracy coughs]

Tracy: Alimony.

Alice: Because now she wants Coleman.

Edward: At the risk of repeating myself, why?

Coleman: Because I love my spanky buns.

Luke: Hey, whoa. You've copped my pet name for my wife? You're desperate.

Skye: Oh, please.

Edward: And, Skye, what's with you? I thought you were in love with Alcazar.

Alice: Well, you know the old saying, Mr. Quartermaine -- if you love something, you'll let it go. Well, Skye had to let Mr. Alcazar go so he could be with Carly Corinthos.

Luke: That is so sweet.

Alice: So anyway, here's the bottom line. Ms. Tracy's married to Luke but has the hots for Coleman. Luke wants Skye, but we all know how Skye feels about his dark side. Coleman wants Ms. Tracy to get the divorce but keep all the money. So now, everybody's trying to make everybody as miserable as possible so they'll all give up. Did I miss anything?

Coleman: Well, I don't like your attitude.

Luke: Hey, Romeo, nobody cares what you like. You got in here on a day pass.

Edward: Nobody likes interlopers, anyway.

Tracy: You ought to get out.

Skye: Oh, stop this! My God! What has happened to all of us? To human kindness? To charity and love and real emotion?

Tracy: As if you'd know one if you fell on it!

Skye: Love happens to be the one thing that I do know about. And it's time someone started speaking the truth around here. There is a man in this room who's owned my heart since the first moment he kissed me. And I've tried to fight the feeling for as long as I could, but I am sick of the games, I am sick of the deception. I'm going to shout if from the rooftops if I have to. Coleman, I love you. I always have.

Sam: So I basically told Reese that it would help Michael if she backed off Sonny, and I know I should have minded my own business, right?

Jason: No, not really.

Sam: I couldn't help it, Jason. He's hurt and confused, and I just -- you know, I want to protect him.

Jason: Well, I don't blame you.

Sam: Reese with Sonny, Carly with Alcazar, Michael in the middle -- it's just not fair.

Jason: Ok. In the end, Sonny's going to do what he wants to do. I just have to trust that he's going to take care of his kids.

Reese: This isn't how I imagined I'd spend the evening.

Sonny: Oh, what time is it? I got -- I got to go.

Reese: Got to get going, huh?

Sonny: Yeah. I got to go see Michael, but you know what?

Reese: Ok.

Sonny: We'll be able to spend a lot more time together after that, you know?

[Knock on door]

Reese: Just ignore it.

Sonny: No, no, no, no, I'm going to show you what happens to people who come here uninvited.

Reese: Just forget it.

Sonny: Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Reese: No, Sonny, come on, it's all right.


John: I'd like to say what a surprise, but I'd be lying.

Sonny: What do you want?

John: Well, ask her.

Reese: I asked Durant to come here.

John: Well, it's a sad day when a woman like you has to explain herself to a man like him.

Reese: What does on between me and Sonny is none of your business.

John: Oh, it is if it gets him further away from my family.

Sonny: You don't have a family, Durant.

Reese: All right, I asked Durant to come here because I'm resigning from the F.B.I., thinking about starting up my own law practice, and I wanted his advice and maybe even some of his contacts.

Sonny: Port Charles reeks with lawyers.

Reese: I'm thinking about New York City.

John: All right, well, we can -- we can certainly discuss it. You want to finish kissing him off first?

Reese: Hey, I'm not your problem. You really should focus on your daughter, Carly, and who she's planning to spend the rest of her life with.

John: What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Sonny: Oh, I guess you didn't get the invitation. Your daughter, Carly, is getting married to Lorenzo Alcazar.

Jason: Hey.

Michael: We waited forever, and now I have to go back later.

Emily: Dr. Thomas had an emergency appointment, so he has to reschedule Michael for later this evening. He wants to speak to you two for just a minute.

Sam: Do you mind waiting? Ok, we'll be back.

Michael: Ok.

Emily: Hey, Michael, I want to go to the vending machine, get some snacks. You want to come?

Michael: No, I'll wait here and I'll read my comic book.

Emily: Ok, I'll be right back.

Michael: Ok.

 [Phone rings]

Nikolas: Rumor has it you got a hot date.

Emily: I do. Do you have something special in mind?

Nikolas: Oh, I think you'll like this one.

Girl: Hi. I'm Jodie.

Michael: Michael.

Jodie: I hate them, too. Those stupid doctor's appointments? They want us to think there's something wrong with us.

Luke: Nice try, Blaze. You and Coleman -- right.

Skye: I meant every word.

Luke: You don't even like the guy. He's a boozer, a gambler. He hasn't got two cents to rub together, even with that dive bar he owns.

Edward: Like looking into a mirror, hmm?

Skye: You doubt it all you want, Luke. But what I feel for this man is real. He cares about me, and he isn't afraid to show it.

Edward: I guess you missed that one.

Alice: Yeah, well, something stinks around here.

Luke: You're telling me.

Skye: We can be honest. The way we fit together as if we were made to be together, the way that we connect on the most honest, soulful levels.

Luke: Oh, "soulful levels" -- I swear -- buy it, don't buy it --

Skye: Oh, Luke, I know this hurts. I'm sorry, but I --

Coleman: Come on, babe. You're not the first gal who thought she loved me. Ah.

Tracy: "On the most honest, soulful levels"?

Coleman: Well, she's just going to have to get over it, because I'm already in love.

Edward: Well, I'm going into the dining room, where Cook can serve me dinner -- in peace.

Coleman: Hmm. Skye's ancient history. Ok? And besides, I'm surprised she even remembers. I mean, she was always three sheets to the wind.

Tracy: You'd better be telling the truth.

Coleman: Hmm.

Maxie: Is it possible that you're overreacting, mom?

Felicia: Gee, well, why don't we ask a doctor?

Monica: If you leave here, Maxie, you could die.

Georgie: Come on, Maxie, that settles it.

Diego: Look, if Maxie can't go to graduation, then neither should we.

Maxie: No, no. If I ruined everything, I would never forgive myself. You guys go and have a good time, and just tell me about it, ok?

Dillon: You know what? We'll do you one better. It'll be just like you were there.

Maxie: Brook, you think you could pick up my diploma?

Brook Lynn: Yeah.

Maxie: Hey. You know Dillonís going to mess it up if you're not there to tell him what to do. You should go.

Georgie: This really sucks.

Maxie: Yeah.

Monica: Look, Maxie, we have a situation here. Now, I know that you thought you would just go on forever with B.J.'s heart, but -- but right now I can't guarantee that. And your blood and tissue match is very rare.

Felicia: I know you don't remember what we went through before. But to find a perfect match could take some time.

Monica: That's why you need to sign these forms right now so I can get you on the donor list and we can start this process going, please.

Maxie: I'm not signing anything.

Maxie: Monica said that there were other options. And I know that if I sign this, you'll give up on them and take the easy way out and just get rid of B.J.'s heart.

Felicia: There is nothing easy about any of this.

Monica: A match doesn't come around every day, Maxie, especially one that would work for you.

Maxie: Can you find one that's a gift from my cousin?

Felicia: What do you think B.J. would want?

Maxie: For me to live with her heart. And that's what I'm going to do.

Felicia: You know she's making a terrible mistake.

Monica: She's of age. We can't force her to sign.

Felicia: Well, now what do I do?

Monica: Hope she reconsiders.

Felicia: Monica, you know we don't have time. What are these other options that she mentioned?

Monica: Oh, well, right now a donor heart is the best option.

Dillon: All right, all right, everybody, put your game faces on. Here we go.

Brook Lynn: Dillon, don't you ever give it a break?

Dillon: Excuse me. I made a promise to Maxie.

Brook Lynn: Right.

Dillon: Thank you very much. Diego --

Diego: What?

Dillon: Let's do it. Antonio Banderas, come on, right now.

Diego: Ok. Hold this for a second.

Dillon: Let's go.

Diego: All right. [As Antonio Banderas] Senorita, yo soy el zorro y soy velio. Moriste, moriste.

Woman: Hey. Where's Maxie?

Dillon: Hey.

Georgie: Oh, she was too sick to make it.

Woman: Oh, she must be bummed.

Dillon: Yeah, this is actually a video for her, so say something.

Woman: Feel better. Come on, Dillon, if you don't get going, you'll get left behind with the juniors.

Brook Lynn: Hi.

Diego: Sonrie!

Dillon: Come on. Smile. Smile. What's wrong?

Georgie: Nothing.

Dillon: Ok. Take two. What's wrong?

Georgie: I just feel like I've already lost you.

Jodie: I have that one. The knight almost gets killed by the cyberdragon.

Michael: Yeah, I've read it, like, 10 times.

Jodie: Me and my mom had a fight, so she grounded me, which means no comics or TV or video games for two weeks. My mom says I'm always bad, so now I'm stuck seeing Dr. Thomas. How about you?

Michael: I guess I was bad, too.

Jodie: I should go find my mother now. See ya.

Michael: Bye.

Emily: Hey. Ooh. Ok. Coconut or peanut butter?

Michael: Peanut butter.

Emily: So were you ok here by yourself?

Michael: Yeah, sure, but -- yeah, I was fine.

John: Well, once again Carly proves that her judgment in men is disastrous but still, Alcazar is a step up from you, Corinthos.

Sonny: You think so? Shows what an idiot you are.

John: My daughter's her own worst enemy. Given the chance, she'll make lousy choices every time. Oh, and by the way, I can thank you for that. Well, I'm glad to see that you came to your senses before you got buried.

Reese: Goodbye, Durant.

John: Give me a call when you're rid of it.

[John laughs]

[Door shuts]

Reese: Sonny --

Sonny: Nice. That was nice. Thanks for the heads-up.

Reese: I thought that I could give us a chance, but that's why I stayed in town for so long.

Sonny: Yeah, really? So he was right, then, huh? One for the road? See you later? Is that the way it was?

Reese: It wasn't like that.

Sonny: Do you feel good about this? Because I donít. Especially the way you used him to hammer in the nails.

Reese: So much has gone on. But you were the biggest surprise of all. I didn't come to town to -- Sonny, there is so much about me that you don't know.

Sonny: I don't care why you came. I just thought, you know, that you and me would have been reason enough to stay.

Reese: I can't stay.

Sonny: You wonít. I know the difference.

Reese: Can't we at least end this as friends? Is that too much to ask?

Sonny: Excuse me.

Luke: You're not really bailing on me, are you, Red? After everything we've been through?

Skye: Oh, yes. The fighting, the insecurity. Actually, the prison term was my favorite part.

Luke: You need spice in your life and you know it.

Skye: You're not spice, Luke. You're toxic.

Luke: We were the real thing, and you know it.

Skye: We were. But it can't work.

Luke: Would Coleman? You and Coleman? No. You so outclass him. You going to roll around in the gutter like that?

Skye: We go back a long way. And, yes, he is no prince, but he's no prince of darkness, either. He's basic, with just enough larceny in his heart to turn me on, but not enough to get me killed. He cares about me, and he's honest about it. Why not give it a shot?

Georgie: I swore I wouldn't do this.

Dillon: I get it, though. I mean, I really get it. "American Graffiti." Cindy Williams was just furious at Ron Howard because he was going away to --

Georgie: Dillon, no! This is not a movie. It's my life!

Dillon: It's our life.

Georgie: Not for long. I don't want to feel sorry for myself, but I do, and I don't mean to but, Dillon, graduation is all about new beginnings, but for me it's the end of something I'm not ready to say goodbye to.

Dillon: I don't -- I don't know what -- was I supposed to fail all my classes? Was I supposed to hold off on growing up for a few more years for you? I don't know what I was --

Georgie: No, no, Dillon, I'm sorry. Just -- there is no one more proud of you and more happy for you than I am. I just can't help thinking about next year, you know. You're not going to be waiting outside my classes anymore or sneaking me kisses at my locker, and -- Dillon, I'm going to be all alone here, and I hate that.

Dillon: I know that you're going to miss me, but what you're upset about right now isn't us.

Georgie: How can you say that?

Dillon: Maxie. Right? I mean, that's who you're afraid is leaving you.

Dillon: Feel free to cry on the gown, by the way. I don't like it anyway.

Georgie: Dillon, I thought I was so much braver than this.

Brook Lynn: Ok, guys, he is brilliant. You have to hear this.

Diego: Listen, I came up with a way, ok, to make sure that Maxie doesn't miss graduation.

Monica: It is Maxieís choice.

Felicia: This could cost Maxie her life.

Monica: We're going to do everything we can.

Felicia: What if she loses consciousness before I can get her to change her mind? What if a donor heart comes up that's perfect and she's not in any condition to sign the papers?

Monica: Well, then, as her mother, you would sign.

Felicia: Monica --

Monica: Hmm?

Felicia: Do you think of yourself as a doctor first or a mother?

Monica: Why?

Felicia: Because one mother wouldn't rat out another mother for saving her child's life.

Monica: You have forged Maxieís signature.

Felicia: Did I? Let Maxie hate me for it. At least she'll be alive to do that.

Emily: Is this seat taken?

Nikolas: It is now.

Emily: Thank you. White wine, please.

Bartender: All right.

Nikolas: You strike me as more of a champagne gal.

Emily: I was taught not to speak to strangers.

Nikolas: Oh, well, I can fix that. Hi. I'm Nikolas.

Emily: Um, Andrea. Andrea Doria.

Nikolas: You -- come on, you can't take the name of a shipwreck. Come on, play right.

Emily: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Nikolas: All right, come on.

Emily: Ok, sorry. Hi. I'm Emily.

Nikolas: Come here often?

Emily: Nikolas, you can do better than that.

Nikolas: Ok. Ok. Ahem. Hi.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: I'm sorry. It's just that I'm staring at the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen. I'm just a little, you know --

Emily: Keep talking, stranger.

Michael: Do we have to go back to the doctor later?

Jason: Look, Michael, just give this a try, ok? If it doesn't work, we'll find something else. Ok?

Michael: Yeah, fine.

Jason: Ok.

Sonny: The shrink didn't really help Michael?

Jason: They postponed, so we have to take him back in a couple of hours.

Sonny: Couple -- why? You hate shrinks. You told me yourself that, you know, you wanted to punch a shrink every time you saw one.

Jason: Yeah, but it didn't work for me. Ok? I was older than Michael, and I didn't have to deal with the fact that I killed a man.

Sonny: Yeah. A lot of good it's going to do when that little fact comes out, right?

Sam: It couldn't be worse than if he suppressed it his entire life. Besides, Sonny, I really think that this doctor's going to be discreet, and that's what we need right now.

Sonny: Sam, Sam, Sam! It's not your call. Ok?

Jason: Sonny, we have to trust somebody. Michael's hurting.

Sonny: We should have kept it in the family.

Jason: Can you not admit that we might need help? Like we needed help when Faith kidnapped Michael?

Sam: Jason didn't like Reese. Nobody trusted her, but she came through for you big-time. And now look at what's happening.

Sonny: There is no now because Reese is leaving town. Her idea, not mine.

Sam: Sonny?

Sonny: Hmm.

Sam: She didn't want to go.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Sam: What do I mean? Reese isn't leaving because she doesn't want to be with you. She's leaving because of me.

Luke: It's amazing, really. The lengths you'll go to just so you don't have to admit how deeply you love me. It's admirable.

Coleman: You been alone out here all this time?

Skye: Luke and I had a fight -- again -- but for the last time.

Coleman: Oh. You're way too pretty to be this sad. So how much of it was true, what you said about me in there?

Skye: What's the difference?

Coleman: You know I've had a thing for you. It's just nice to hear that it's mutual.

Skye: Wait, wait. Come on, you'll be risking everything here, you know, the money, marrying Tracy.

Coleman: Oh, right, right. Yeah.

Skye: But it is an awfully big house, with lots of nooks and crannies. I'm sure there's a way we could find a moment or two together.

Coleman: Tracy's going to this charity thing. Let's meet back here --

Skye: Oh, no. I have a better idea. The boathouse. Nice and private.

Coleman: Give me 15 minutes.

Skye: Honey, I'll give you anything you want.

Nikolas: So you're smart, dedicated, and selfless, am I right?

Emily: Hmm. Well, I wouldn't go that far. So, what about you? What do you do?

Nikolas: Oh, what do I do? Hmm. Well --

Emily: What? You forgot?

Nikolas: No, no, no, it just sounds a little pretentious, that's all.

Emily: Oh, so next thing you're going to tell me, you rule a small country or something.

Nikolas: Wow, you are smart.

Emily: Get out!

Nikolas: Well, I would have if the monarchy hadn't been deposed. But that's right, I'm a prince.

Emily: Oh, well, I've been called a princess, but it's not the same. So, where do you come from?

Nikolas: Where do I come from? My family has a private island in Greece.

Emily: Oh, so spoiled and sheltered.

Nikolas: Lonely and secluded, ok? I didn't have a clue about the world at large. I mean, you wouldn't believe how difficult it was for me to grasp the idea of a burger and fries.

Emily: Oh, right, right. Nikolas -- now you're just going for pity.

Nikolas: Well, I have to do something to make sure you don't leave me for the guy at the end of the bar.

Emily: The guy -- oh, why would I do that? There's still so much I want to know about you.

Felicia: And when you're all better, we're going to have a special graduation celebration.

Maxie: Mom, I know you're upset with me because I won't put myself on the donor list. But if you love me, which I know you do, you'll respect my wishes. Promise me you're not going to try to force me to sign anything.

Felicia: I wouldn't do that.

Maxie: What's that for?

Bobbie: Doctor's orders, because you have a test to take.

Felicia: What test?

Monica: Oh, it's ok. I think Maxieís going to like the results of this one.

Sonny: Sam, I mean, who gave you the right to get into my personal business?

Sam: Michael. He is the only reason, Sonny. You and Carly are throwing your so-called personal business in each other's faces, and your son is getting caught in the middle.

Sonny: You know about this?

Jason: Yeah, she told me.

Sonny: Jason? Yeah? And?

Jason: After she did, I understand why she did it, Sonny.

Sonny: Really? So you both think I'm a negligent father?

Jason: You and Carly are doing what you always do, ok? But Michael can't handle that right now.

Sonny: At least Reese cared about me and Michael enough, and you know what? I owe her for that, I'm going to go find her; I'm going to go tell her.

Singer: The fire within the ground the fire is all I've ever known deception takes its toll break it down, heal slow

[Radio station changes]

[Truck horn]

Coleman: Oh, baby, you are hot.

Skye: No, wait, wait, wait. I need to know that this is for real.

Coleman: I'll show you for real.

Skye: No, I mean it, I mean it. If you are toying with me here, I don't think that I could take it.

Coleman: I'm totally for real.

Skye: Well, what about Tracy?

Coleman: Baby, you are the one for me, ok? Tracy's just a needy cow with a big old bag of dead presidents, right?

Tracy: You pig!

Luke: You -- you -- you --

Tracy: Bitch!

Luke: What she said.

Nikolas: Thanks. So, listen, there's an island on the harbor with a big, cold house on it. Perhaps you've seen it.

Emily: I've seen it.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, I haven't been there in a couple of weeks, and I think I should go check on it, you know, just to make sure the grounds have been kept up. You want to come?

Emily: Now?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm. Well, the house is -- it's really ugly, but the gardens aren't, ok. Flowers everywhere. I want you to see them.

Georgie: Hey. Can I take it from here?

Bobbie: Of course.

Georgie: Thank you.

Bobbie: I'll see you in a bit. Bye, honey.

Maxie: Oh --

Bobbie: See you later.

Maxie: What are you doing?

Dillon: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. You ready?

Georgie: What do you think?

Maxie: Oh, my God. Mom, come here.

Felicia: There. Somebody, help me. Happy graduation day. We are so proud of you.

Maxie: Did you do this?

Georgie: Oh, man, I wish. Actually, it was Brook, Dillon, and Diego that made it happen.

Diego: Yeah, and Dr. Quartermaine pulled some strings so we could parade through here.

Monica: Nothing could give me more pleasure.

Dillon: Ok, everybody, shh, shh, shh. Quiet on the set. Places. Places. Cue music.

["Pomp and Circumstance" plays]

Man: Mariah Maximilliana Jones.

Diego: Everybody, one, two, three. And now presenting the Class of 2005.


Dillon: Congratulations.

Sam: Are you mad at me?

Jason: No. You weren't wrong. You know, this whole situation with Sonny and Reese and Carly and Alcazar is just not good for Michael, but I'm not sure that we've got the answer, either.

Sam: What do you mean?

Jason: Well, this whole therapy thing could be wrong. It could do more damage, Sam.

Sam: I know but maybe, like I said before, you're just projecting your own experience, Jason.

Jason: Yeah, but that's all I got to go on. I --

Sam: Michael, he needs help, ok? He needs help to deal with everything that he's been through, because I swear, Jason, I hate to sound harsh. In 10 or 20 years, that child could end up with a high-powered rifle picking off innocent people.

Jodie: Hi. Remember me?


[Carly screams]

Sonny: Reese? Reese? You all right?

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