GH Transcript Wednesday 6/8/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/8/05



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[Luke groans]

Luke: Ah, shut it off.  Alice! Take my bags back upstairs! If Tracy packed them, think --

Skye: I packed your stuff.

Luke: You're throwing me out? Isn't that my wife's job?

Skye: I have a proposition for you.

Luke: Ok. I'm listening.

Skye: I'll agree to step into the dark with you if you agree to stop this dance with Tracy. You get the divorce; you get the 15 million, game's over. You won. I'm ready for us to move on.

Luke: Well, it's about damn time.

Maxie: Mom.

Felicia: Hello. Good morning. How are you feeling?

Maxie: When can I go home?

Felicia: It may be a while.

Maxie: But I'm getting better, right?

Felicia: No, not yet. So we have to consider the other options.

Maxie: No.

Felicia: Honey, you may have to get a heart transplant.

Maxie: Mom, I already told you -- I'm keeping B.J.'s heart.

Sam: So I know it's kind of scary to talk to a shrink.

Michael: Have you ever?

Sam: Well, no, but I did meet with Dr. Thomas and he seems really nice.

Michael: Do we have to do this? I won't get mad anymore, I promise.

Jason: A lot of bad things happened. You got to talk to somebody about them.

Michael: I'll talk to you.

Sam: You know what, Michael, he went to school for this. He can help you.

Michael: I'll talk to the shrink as long as mom goes with me.

 [Knock on door]

Lorenzo: Hi. May I come in?

Carly: I'm really not up for another fight.

Lorenzo: Neither am I. Can we pretend that last night never happened?

Carly: You sure you want to?

Lorenzo: Carly Corinthos, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

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Carly: Nothing's changed since last night.

Lorenzo: I'm sorry I walked out on you. I was wrong to rush the idea of marriage.

Carly: No, I'm hesitating because of Michael. You know Sonny has nothing to do with it.

Lorenzo: Then accept this ring as a symbol of our engagement.

Carly: Michael needs a lot of time.

Lorenzo: I've waited two years. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes. But I'd prefer not to wait on bended knee if that's all right.

Carly: Ok, ok. Oh, God. Oh, my God.

Lorenzo: My grandfather had that made for my grandmother. They were married for 50 years.

Carly: Oh, God, can you imagine?

Lorenzo: As a matter of fact, I can. I want our marriage to be as solid and as priceless as this ring. Carly, I'm going to honor you and I'm going to love you and your children for the rest of my life.

Luke: So who wants to go to the Dominican Republic?

Skye: I'm all packed.

Luke: Great. You know, it's the best place in the world to buy a quickie divorce.

Skye: I know, and I got today's flights off the internet.

Luke: Perfect. Well, look at that, we can be swimming nude by sundown.

Skye: Ooh. And your marriage to Tracy will just melt away.

Luke: Yeah.

Tracy: You know, no tour of my estate would be complete without a walk through my mother's rose garden.

Coleman: I wish I had the chance to know her, baby.

Tracy: She would've loved you.

Luke: I seriously doubt that.

Tracy: You came to your senses?

Luke: Yes, my dear wife, I'm going to grant you your divorce. However, I think it's only fair to warn you that if pop and the Doctors Quartermaine don't like me, wait till they get a gander at him.

Tracy: They want me to be happy.

Luke: They could care less, but that's not my problem. We all got what we want, so let's just end this farce.

Tracy: I couldn't agree more.

Luke: Good. Just hand over my 15 million.

Skye: Uh -- the Cassadines' 15 million.

Tracy: 15 million's a lot of money.

Luke: Come on, spanky buns, I've still got those nasty pictures of you two.

Tracy: Mm-hmm, because you set us up.

Luke: But you're happy, right?

Tracy: Oh, very.

Luke: Well, then what's the problem?

Skye: You don't really want to drag us to court now, Tracy, do you?

Tracy: I donít. I will arrange for the transfer.

Coleman: Wait, hold on just a second. You still got the 15 mill in your name, right, babe?

Tracy: Hmm, I do.

Coleman: All right, well, we've already got each other, right? So why should you pay off that gigolo?

Maxie: B.J. gave me a miracle and I'm not going to throw it out.

Felicia: Barbara Jean would want you to live.

Maxie: Mom, you don't know what she would want because you're not connected to B.J. like I am. She saved my life, and I will not just throw her heart in the trash.

Georgie: Hey. Look at what I brought.

Felicia: Your cap and gown. That's very exciting. Listen, I have to step out for a minute. I want to continue with this conversation. I'll be right back.

Maxie: Don't ask.

Georgie: Well, you're fighting with mom. That must mean you feel a little better.

Maxie: Yeah. Nothing's really changed.

Georgie: Hey, you did great at prep school. That's a change.

Maxie: Thanks.

Georgie: And all your credits are transferred and you can graduate.

Maxie: I can't even get out of bed.

Georgie: Ok. Then we will bring graduation to you. Brook can do the music, Dillon can give an incredibly boring speech, and even though I'm not graduating till next year, I will sing for you.

Maxie: No. Please, Georgie, don't sing.

Georgie: All right, fine, no singing. And Diego can give a really bad impression of our principal. And we'll crack up when we're supposed to be listening, and it'll be just like a real graduation -- almost.

Sam: I just want to be clear on a couple of things before Michael gets here -- if he gets here.

Dr. Thomas: His parents are still ambivalent about therapy?

Sam: Yes, yes, and so is Jason. We are all just really concerned about the whole confidentiality issue.

Dr. Thomas: Well, as I mentioned, yeah, I consider doctor-patient confidentiality to be sacred.

Sam: Ok. Ok, look, I know I'm repeating myself, but I just want to hear it again. So no matter what Michael says, it does stay here, right?

Dr. Thomas: Yes.

Sam: Ok. Ok, good. I just, you know, wanted to hear that again, that's all.

Dr. Thomas: Michael's lucky to have you in his corner.

Sam: Thank you, Dr. Thomas. We are all really worried about Michael.

Carly: 50 years, huh?

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm. That's right.

Carly: God, I wonder where we'll be in 50 years.

Lorenzo: Together, I hope.

Carly: I wonder where Michael will be. I'm so worried about him. He's so far from being ready to accept you as his stepfather.

Lorenzo: Well, I'm a patient man, as you know.

 [Key turns in lock]

Carly: Ok. You can come in now.

Michael: Where's Alcazar?

Carly: He's in the kitchen. He's not going to bother us.

Michael: Stupid to come here.

Jason: Hey, buddy, buddy, you wanted to stop by. Let's just go in for just a couple minutes, ok?

Michael: A.J. was right; you don't have time for me.

Carly: That is not true.

Michael: Where'd you get that ring?

Carly: Um -- Lorenzo gave this to me. It's an engagement ring. It, um -- it means that we're planning on getting married.

Michael: It means that you're going to sleep in the same bed with him like he's my dad, but he isn't and he never will be.

Carly: Michael, Michael, I'm -- you know, I'm -- I'm really sorry that you walked in on such a grown-up moment.

Jason: We were on our way to see Dr. Thomas. Michael wanted you to go with him.

Michael: I don't now.

Carly: Yeah, I really wish you would've called me before you came over here.

Michael: Doesn't matter. I'm not coming back here again.

Carly: You know what -- let me just quickly change and I'll go with you.

Michael: No.

Carly: Sweetie, I, um -- I know you're upset, ok, but nothing will ever change how much I love you.

Michael: I'm sorry to bother you.

Jason: I'll take care of him.

Lorenzo: Carly? As long as it takes. All right? I promise.

Luke: I stole that money fair and square. It's mine. I want it back.

Coleman: Hey, I would never ask you to sacrifice a fortune just to be with me.

Skye: Oh, please.

Coleman: You know, hey, Lukeís right. We've all got what we need, so why not just enjoy it?

Luke: It's early. I haven't had my coffee. I'm not making myself clear. So if you -- if you can take your eyes off Romeo long enough to -- hey! Hey! I'm over here! Now, pay attention! No divorce without 15 million bucks in my little hand.

Bobbie: But Maxie is of legal age, and we can't force her to get on a list.

Felicia: She can refuse the heart transplant?

Bobbie: Well, maybe you could take it to court but, Felicia, people die waiting for hearts. If a patient won't even put herself on the list, you can't expect a judge to be very sympathetic.

Felicia: But she's not thinking clearly. She's ill.

Bobbie: I know, I know.

Felicia: This is really hard for me to ask you, but because you're Barbara Jeanís mother, could you talk to Maxie for me?

Diego: Maxie isn't doing any better, right?

Dillon: No, not at all.

Georgie: You know, how can my sister be so stupid?

Brook Lynn: Georgie, she's sick. Don't call her stupid.

Georgie: No, Maxie won't let them put her name on the list for a transplant.

Diego: Why not?

Georgie: She doesn't want to let go of B.J.'s heart and, guys, I'm afraid Maxieís going to die.

Sam: Michael, I'd like you to meet Dr. Thomas.

Dr. Thomas: Hey, Michael.

Sam: You know, Dr. Thomas was Jasonís doctor a really long time ago.

Michael: Is that true?

Jason: Yeah, it's true.

Michael: Is he good?

Jason: Yep.

Dr. Thomas: You know, I usually like to work in my office. But sometimes I can work in the playroom in pediatrics.

Michael: That's for babies.

Dr. Thomas: Well, then why don't we go in my office?

Michael: Ok.

Jason: Hey, you want me to go with you?

Michael: No, I'm ok.

Jason: You're ok?

Michael: Yeah.

Jason: I don't like him.

Sam: What? What, Jason? Really, what, is it Dr. Thomas you don't like or the whole idea of therapy?

Jason: Well, maybe both.

Alan: Hi. What are you all doing here?

Sam: Michael's in a meeting with Dr. Thomas.

Alan: Well, that's nice. I'm glad someone's trying to help Michael. Will you keep me posted on his progress? I'd like to help myself if I can.

Dr. Thomas: So what grade are you in?

Michael: Fourth.

Dr. Thomas: You like it?

Michael: Yes.

Dr. Thomas: I guess you've missed a lot of school this year. Was that hard?

Michael: No.

Dr. Thomas: Then you're catching up ok?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Thomas: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Michael: Yeah.

Dr. Thomas: Want to tell me about them?

Michael: Uh-uh.

Dr. Thomas: Tell me about A.J. Quartermaine.

Michael: Why?

Luke: It's your choice, Mrs. Spencer. Hand over my money or see me in court.

Tracy: I'd probably win.

Luke: Well, maybe, but I'll wage a hell of a battle, and think of the bad publicity. Also, think about all the time you're going to be away from Don Juan here, sitting in court with me.

Coleman: All right, do you even remember getting married?

Luke: Hey, it was her idea.

Skye: We can definitely prove adultery.

Tracy: Yes, you can, and I'd gladly do it again.

Coleman: And no judge is going to give slick here 15 million in a settlement. I mean, you're barely even married, come on. And the whole thing's going to get thrown out of court anyway, babe.

Luke: If so, I will gleefully stay here and ruin your life.

Tracy: Oh, my life can't be ruined as long as buck is in it.

Skye: Oh, I don't believe this.

Tracy: My family hates me no matter what I do, so why don't I give myself permission to be happy no matter how long it lasts? I'll be upstairs.

Luke: Hey, have Alice send me some coffee, will you, hon?

Skye: That's it? You're giving up?

Luke: The Dominican Republic will still be there when Romeo here moves on to his next conquest.

Coleman: Well, that might be a while.

Luke: You know, we paid you to do this. We hired you. This is very unprofessional.

Coleman: I kept my part of the deal. You wanted a happy wife, a couple of dirty pictures, and you got them.

Luke: And then you were supposed to disappear.

Coleman: I don't remember that part. But I owe you, dog.

Luke: For Tracy?

Coleman: Well, I just -- I mean, I never thought of myself as a trophy husband. But I think I'm going to dig it.

Luke: Hey, whoa! Step off!  I'm the trophy husband here, and don't you forget it.

Elizabeth: Hey!

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: What are you doing here?

Lucky: Well, I'm supposed to be interviewing an accident victim upstairs and I just thought, you know, I'd take a detour, check on my new roommate.

Elizabeth: Hmm, are you rethinking the new arrangement?

Lucky: Are you kidding me?

Elizabeth: Come on, Lucky, last night you got a crash course in life with a sick baby. I am so sorry. You know, his teeth have been bothering him and it should only be another few days, but I think he might have a cold on top of it and --

Lucky: Elizabeth, ok, would you just stop apologizing? I loved every minute of it.

Elizabeth: Oh, you are such a liar. So sweet and gallant and unbelievably supportive, but such a liar.

Lucky: You know what I was thinking?

Elizabeth: Hmm?

Lucky: Just lying on that sofa couch listening to you sing lullabies to Cameron was the happiest I'd ever been.

Elizabeth: That's funny, because that's -- that's how I felt this morning, too, I mean, waking up with you beside me in our place, our home. You know, it's just all so new, but yet it feels so familiar, doesn't it?

Lucky: It does.

Elizabeth: I mean, as if this is where we've been headed all along? You know, this morning there was a moment in the kitchen when I had Cameron in my arms and he'd just wiped jam all over my shirt, and my hair was thrown up on top of my head and I had my pajamas on, and I looked over and -- and you were just watching me.

Lucky: You're more beautiful than ever.

Elizabeth: I just wanted to thank you for making this all happen, for asking me, and then asking me again even though I said no the first time. Because we both probably would've been wandering around, silently wishing things were different, afraid to push, afraid that it would mess up the relationship. But you did push and you made it possible for me to take that step. I just want to thank you for getting us here, because I never knew I could be so blissfully happy on just four hours of sleep.

Lucky: That makes two of us.

Elizabeth: I love you.

Lucky: And I love you.

Maxie: Hi.

Diego: Why won't you get a new heart?

Maxie: So I see you ran into Georgie.

Diego: Yeah, she's very upset. Look, and to be honest, I don't understand why you won't put your name on the list for a new transplant.

Maxie: I was supposed to die when I was 6. Now, I don't remember much, but I do remember B.J. She was my cousin and my best friend, and one day she left for school and she never came back. There was this horrible accident and she gave me her heart. B.J. is the reason that I am alive through all these years, and I kept her alive, too. So if I let them give me a new heart and throw this one out, it's almost like B.J. saved me but she doesn't matter anymore, and I cannot let them do that.

Bobbie: We used to grow lilacs in that big tub out on the deck. Remember? It's still there.  I miss you every day. But I see you in Maxie sometimes when her eyes sparkle. And when she laughs, sometimes I hear you laughing, too. And I don't know what to say to Maxie because I'm selfish and because I want to hold on as long as I can. But if it really is time to let go completely, do your mom a favor? Help us find a way.

Dr. Thomas: So if you could do exactly what you want today, what would you do?

Michael: Go swimming at the beach; drive my dad's speedboat.

Dr. Thomas: And which dad is this?

Michael: I only have one.

Dr. Thomas: You mean Sonny Corinthos?

Michael: Yes.

Dr. Thomas: Well, what about A.J. Quartermaine?

Michael: He lied, stole me from my parents.

Dr. Thomas: Were you happy with A.J.?

Michael: No.

Dr. Thomas: Did you ever do fun stuff while you were with him?

Michael: Why are you bugging me about A.J.? I hate him. I'm glad he's dead.

Emily: Hey, you guys, I ran into dad. He said you brought Michael in.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah, he's seeing a therapist -- Dr. Thomas.  I don't know if you know him.

Michael: I hate Dr. Thomas.  Please, Jason, don't let me go back there.

Skye: You don't want to divorce Tracy, do you? Why would I think that you would? You enjoy the game too much. You told me that. I don't know why I didn't listen. I never do.

Luke: Why should I let Coleman walk away with my 15 million bucks?

Skye: It's the Cassadines' 15 million bucks!

Luke: Details.

Skye: What is it going to take for you to walk away from all this?

Coleman: Now, why would I walk away from the sweetest deal in my life, huh? But I'll tell you one thing -- you're a lucky man. Y'all have fun now, you hear? Hey, mama? Coming up, baby!

Skye: You know, this is what I get for hoping to get something real between us. No, you'd rather keep battling Tracy.

Luke: Look, all I'm asking for is a little patience.

Skye: Because once you divorce Tracy, you have to deal with me, us, whatever it is we got going, and that really is the last thing you want. You just want to keep chasing just what's out of your reach.

Luke: You're the one who -- who wanted me to go after the money, remember?

Skye: I never thought you'd marry Tracy! Oh, my God, no. I am not -- I am not going to have this fight again.

Luke: Look, baby, we got a really good thing going here, don't we?

Skye: We got nothing. My offer is officially off the table. You may now consider me what you love beyond anything else. You may now devote your entire life to me. I will now consume your every waking hour.

Luke: Really?

Skye: I just became officially unattainable, forever out of your reach. I just became the impossible dream.

Diego: So, what, it's your job to keep B.J.'s heart alive?

Maxie: In a way, yeah.

Diego: Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Ok, if your cousin walked through that door, what would she want you to do?

Maxie: Maybe go with her.

Diego: What do you -- what do you mean, "Go with her," Maxie? What are you talking about? She would want you to survive, ok? Otherwise, her death didn't mean anything.

Maxie: I guess I never really thought of it like that.

Diego: Look, if your cousin were looking down from heaven, she wouldn't say, "Come on up," ok? She would say, "Maxie, don't be stupid. Find a way to survive."

Georgie: I used to be so jealous of Maxie because she got all the attention because of her transplant. And, you guys, I was so glad when she went away to boarding school. It gave everybody the chance to look at me.

Brook Lynn: Georgie, that doesn't make you a bad person, ok?

Georgie: I should've never said anything to her at your party.

Dillon: Ok, look at me. This is not your fault. You didn't cause this.

Georgie: I know but, you guys, I got her all upset.

Brook Lynn: No, you were fighting like sisters do. All right, my ma, her brothers and sisters yell at each other all the time, but they love each other, Georgie, like you love Maxie.

Georgie: I used to pray that Maxie would go away. What if those prayers are answered?

Jason: Why did you run out of Dr. Thomas' office? Did he scare you? Did he hurt your feelings?

Michael: Why did you make me go to him?

Jason: Because, you know, I think he might be able to help you.

Michael: Did he help you?

Emily: Michael, why don't we go to the park for a while, maybe get an ice cream?

Michael: I just want to get out of here.

Emily: Ok. We'll be back.

Sam: So what now?

Jason: I don't know. I'm the only one that Michael can depend on, and I've already let him down.

Carly: Hi. I'm Carly Corinthos, Michaelís mother. Is -- is the session over?

Dr. Thomas: Uh, in a manner of speaking. Michael ran out.

Carly: Is he ok?

Dr. Thomas: Oh, yeah, he's with Jason and Sam. They seem concerned.

Carly: Um, yeah, we all are. Look, all right, you probably already think I'm a terrible mother, so I'll just come right out and tell you what happened. Um, just before Michael came over here, he walked in on me and my fiancť in an intimate moment.

Dr. Thomas: Did -- did Michael see anything?

Carly: Um -- yeah. Um, yesterday, my fiancť, Lorenzo, and I were planning on getting married, and we decided to postpone the wedding to give Michael time to deal with it.

Dr. Thomas: Isn't that giving a 9-year-old a little bit more power than he's entitled to?

Carly: Well, we just thought we should give Michael some time.

Dr. Thomas: Does he dislike your fiancť?

Carly: Well, Michaelís father dislikes him.

Dr. Thomas: And Michael emulates his father?

Carly: Yeah, Michael adores Sonny. So, of course, he can't stand Lorenzo.

Dr. Thomas: And that's why you chose to postpone the wedding?

Carly: Well, yeah, I mean, we just -- we thought we should give Michael some time, and I think that Lorenzo and I can wait to get married.

Dr. Thomas: Have you considered the implications of giving Michael that much control over your lives?

Carly: Michael's been through a lot.

Dr. Thomas: Right, and I suspect that he blames himself for all the bad things that have happened to him.

Carly: Yeah, he blames himself for everything.

Dr. Thomas: So then why let him decide who you're going to marry and when? Why put him under that kind of pressure?

Carly: So you're saying that we shouldn't postpone the wedding?

Dr. Thomas: No, that's your decision, not mine. But it's certainly not Michaelís.

Carly: But he was just -- he was so out of control last night.

Dr. Thomas: Well, Michael needs to know that you love him and that you always will, but he also needs to understand that you, not Michael, are in charge of your life.

Skye: Leave me alone.

Coleman: You know, if we're going to be housemates, we might as well be civil to each other, right?

Skye: I'm serious. What's it going to take to get you out of here, hmm? 50,000? 100,000?

Coleman: Now, why would I step off this gravy train, huh?

Skye: Don't you have any ethics at all?

Coleman: You know what, you are no different than I am, sweetheart. You've been scamming these people for years. You roll into town, call yourself a Quartermaine, huh? You try to steal the company, damn near kill the old man, then you came up with A.J., right? You run the whole scam again and then, oh, you find out you're not a Quartermaine -- whoo -- you start shaking your tail feather at Ned.

Skye: How do you know all that?

Coleman: You talk a lot when you drink.

Skye: Oh, God.

Coleman: But if you ever decide to fall off the wagon, you be sure and let -- let daddy know, huh?

Skye: You're just one more good reason for me to stay sober.

Coleman: The offer stands.

Skye: You can't possibly want to be married to Tracy for the rest of your life.

Coleman: Who said anything about the rest of anybody's life?

Skye: You can't even really like her.

Coleman: Hmm. She's all right, you know, a lot more -- a lot more fun than you think. But -- I like you.

Tracy: I have nothing else to say!

Luke: Why are you being so harsh, spanky buns?

Michael: I told that stupid doctor not to ask me about A.J.

Emily: But he kept asking?

Michael: I don't even want to think about A.J.

Emily: Yeah. I know how you feel. You know, somebody hurt me once, a very bad person.

Michael: What did he do?

Emily: Well, let's just say it was awful. I had bad dreams almost every night.

Michael: Me, too.

Emily: Yeah, I'm seeing a psychiatrist, you know.

Michael: You are?

Emily: Mm-hmm. It was terrible at first, but I felt a lot better once I started talking about what happened. You know, once you get the bad things out in the open, they don't hurt so much. You know, you aren't so scared and the bad dreams, they go away.

Jason: Dr. Thomas told you to marry Alcazar?

Carly: No, he said Michael shouldn't be the one to decide, that's all.

Jason: Ok, hold on. Did you tell him that Alcazar held you hostage and that Michael hates him, or did you forget that?

Carly: Ok, Lorenzo loves me. He wants to give me and the boys a good home.

Jason: Michael needs you right now, Carly.

Carly: No, Michael will always need me, I'm his mother. Sometimes that means doing what's best instead of doing what's easy. Michael needs boundaries, all right? He needs to know that I'm in charge of him, not the other way around.

Jason: Marrying Alcazar is not best for Michael or anyone else, including you.

Luke: All right, all right, we get the message!

Tracy: Loud and clear!

Skye: God, I've missed you.

Tracy: You know him?

Skye: In every way. You're even better when I'm not drunk. Oh, Tracy, you're so right -- we do have all we need. It's funny, though. Who'd think we have such similar taste in men? You know, Jax, Luke, Precious.

Luke and Tracy: "Precious"?

Skye: Well, you two enjoy your wedded bliss. See ya.

Coleman: Ow!

Diego: This is too weird. Maxie's in there maybe dying, and everything else has to keep going.

Dillon: Yeah, like graduation, which is tomorrow, by the way.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I know, my parents are driving me crazy.

Diego: I haven't even told my father.

Brook Lynn: Why not?

Diego: Well, he and Carly are flying to Venezuela. They're getting married.

Brook Lynn: Wait, I'm sorry, Carly and Alcazar are getting married just like that?

Diego: No, he's been in love with her for years.

Brook Lynn: Oh. Ok. Wonder if my ma knows. You know, maybe this graduation thing will take her mind off of it, right?

Dillon: I'm not going.

Brook Lynn: Why not?

Dillon: Will you pick up my diploma for me, please?

Brook Lynn: Wait, are you sure?

Dillon: Yeah, I -- I can't leave Georgie, not now, not when she's afraid her sister's going to die.

B.J.: Hi, Maxie.

Maxie: B.J.

B.J.: Why are you sleeping all the time?

Maxie: Because I'm really tired.

B.J.: You need to wake up, live your life, live it for me.

Georgie: Maxie? Are you ok?

Maxie: Where's B.J.?

Bobbie: Did you have another dream?

Maxie: She was -- she was right there.

Felicia: What'd she say?

Bobbie: Honey, you will never really lose B.J. or the years she gave you. She will always be a part of you, no matter what you decide.

Maxie: Tell Monica I want to keep B.J.'s heart no matter what. But I'm not giving up, because I know B.J. wants me to live. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Jason: Maybe we should find another doctor.

Sam: He's supposed to be really good.

Jason: Well, then why was Michael so upset? Why'd he run out of Dr. Thomas' office?

Sam: Look, I think that's the whole point of therapy. You talk about painful things, and God knows Michael has plenty of it.

Jason: Yeah, well, you know what, maybe Michael can just talk to me from now on.

Sam: Hey, no, that's not fair.

Jason: What?

Sam: It's not fair to project what happened to you --

Jason: Hey, buddy. What's up?

Sam: Hey, you feeling any better?

Michael: Emily explained everything.

Emily: I told Michael that therapy hurts at first, but it gets better.

Michael: Will my nightmares go away if I go back to Dr. Thomas?

Emily: My nightmares have started to go away since I've been in therapy, and I think yours will, too.

Michael: I'll give it another try.

Alan: I don't want Michael to be upset.

Dr. Thomas: Children often run out of sessions.

Alan: We've got to get him away from that pack of criminals and back to the Quartermaines.

Dr. Thomas: Well, that may take some time.

Alan: He is going to have the kind of family that A.J. never had, and it's your responsibility to steer him back to us.

Dr. Thomas: I've already made some progress today. I've encouraged Carly to rush into a marriage with a man that Michael hates.

Lorenzo: Hey. How's Michael?

Carly: Really, really upset, but the shrink says that's normal.

Lorenzo: I'll stay out of his way for a while.

Carly: Maybe that's not such a good idea. The doctor thinks that it -- that I should live my own life, that it isn't fair to make Michael responsible for my choices.

Lorenzo: So what does that mean?

Carly: It means I want to follow my heart, that I want to give myself the chance to fall in love with you. Lorenzo Alcazar, if you'll have me, I'll marry you tonight.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Maxie: If you think I'm going to miss out on my high school graduation, just forget it.

Nikolas: You've got a hot date.

Emily: You have something special in mind?

Sam: I told Reese that it would help Michael if she backed off of Sonny.

Jason: I just have to trust that he's going to take care of his kids.

Reese: This isn't how I imagined I'd spend the evening.

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