GH Transcript Friday 4/22/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/22/05



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John: And, just to be clear, how would it serve me to eliminate you?

Reese: Come on, Durant. We both know you have a compelling reason for wanting me dead. Not an hour before my car blew up, I overheard you in a confessional at St. Agnes taking a bribe. I overheard everything -- you confirming receipt of a money transfer by phone, you promising to buy witnesses to incriminate Sonny and Jason in the Sandoval killings. Now, from where you stand, that makes me awfully inconvenient.

John: I know exactly what you're up to. I thought you were smart, I thought you were savvy, but I guess I overestimated you, huh? Instead of putting all that brainpower to use in service of your job, you put your body to work in Sonny's bed, and now you're protecting him time after time. Shame on you, Agent Marshall, for deep-sixing your career and your principles for a roll in the sack with a common thug.

Reese: Don't moralize me, Durant. You're the one accepting bribe money to falsify evidence.

John: Oh, you bet your sweet badge I am.

Monica: Oh!

Alan: You'll thank me for this later.

Monica: Let go, you idiot!

Alan: I'm doing it for your own good!

Monica: [Muffled] Let me go! If you lock me in that freezer, I will never, ever forgive you! Alan! Alan! Alan! Let me out of here!

Alan: Make yourself comfortable. I'll be back for you just as soon as A.J. and Michael are safely out of town.

[Pounding on door]

Alan: What are you doing here?

Jason: That was Skye. She's supposed to meet A.J. on the airport tarmac in half an hour.

A.J.: There's a lesson for you here. Never burn all your bridges. You never know when you're going to need one.

Michael: I don't understand.

A.J.: It means that there are a few people still on my side. Listen, we got a ton of cash, new identities. We're out of here.

Carly: Did Skye say where A.J. is now?

Jason: She doesn't know. I just told her to do whatever he asked.

A.J.: We have to hurry. Oh -- I want you to wait for me at the boathouse.

Michael: What are you going to do?

A.J.: I got to tie up a few loose ends, but don't worry. We'll be at the airport in no time.

Sonny: It doesn't matter where A.J.ís at now. We know where he's going, and we'll be waiting for him.

Courtney: Hey.

Jax: Wow. You look beautiful.

Courtney: Thank you.

Jax: Well, good news. Divorce is such a common thing here in the Dominican Republic, this hotel has an in-suite service.

Courtney: You're kidding.

Jax: No. Divorce at your door. I like it.

Courtney: Okay, so, what do we need to do?

Jax: Well, nothing. That's it. Done.

Courtney: That's it?

Jax: Yep. Talked to the concierge. He's contacting the magistrate, who happens to live in the penthouse right here. I left the paperwork on your situation, and the magistrate should be looking over it right now. He's going to draw up the paperwork and he's going to meet us right here, and you will be free of A.J. once and for all.

Courtney: Wow.

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: God. I mean, it's nice that this is going to be so painless, but, I mean, honestly, I would walk through broken glass naked if it meant divorcing A.J.

Jax: Really?

Courtney: Yes, I would.

Jax: Why don't we just skip the broken glass? You naked is always a good thing. Come here. Yeah. Let's get you naked. Are there any chances that you might, you know, reconsider, give these lonely eyes a break? They really miss you.

Courtney: Oh, do they?

Jax: They do.

Courtney: Well, I'm right here.

Jax: Yes, but --

Courtney: Yeah.

Jax: But you're not naked, not yet anyway.

Courtney: No, no, I'm not, and I won't be. Not with you, and not until our wedding night. Come on, you said you'd respect my wishes.

Jax: Yeah, but I was delirious at the time. I was in shock.

Courtney: Oh.

Jax: Yeah, you can't count that because the situation was definitely not right. I wasn't right in the head when I said that.

Courtney: Oh, come on.

Jax: Come on.

Courtney: Come on, you can manage some self-control for a few weeks, can't you?

Jax: I don't know if that's possible.

Courtney: No?

Jax: No.

[Knock on door]

Courtney: Ah-ha-ha!

Jax: No, no --

Courtney: Saved!

Jax: No, no, no --

Courtney: Yes!

Jax: Okay, you know what? I reserve the right to reopen negotiations. This is not over. It's not over!

Courtney: Hi.

Woman: Jaxie? How glorious to see you! Um besinho, besinho!

Jax: Jacina?

John: One legitimate case after another is built up against Corinthos, and he walks away leaving our side looking like a bunch of bungling morons. He is a mob boss, for God's sake, and we can't even convict him of jaywalking. Well, I'll tell you, I'm tired of spinning my wheels. Legal channels don't work -- they probably never will. Fortunately, there are those who share my frustrations, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to put Sonny Corinthos in jail, to stop him cold.

Reese: Including blatant fabrication of evidence.

John: Yeah, well, are you not listening to what I'm saying here? I'm saying whatever it takes. Now, if that means buying a witness or pressuring someone to lie so convincingly that it does put Sonny Corinthos in jail for the rest of his life, then I will tell you this -- that is the best money ever spent. The legal system, the channels be damned.

Reese: Well. That about sums it up, then. Thank you very much for giving us exactly what we need.

John: You're wearing a wire.

Reese: You bet your sweet badge I am -- right before you kiss it goodbye.

Alan: I'm surprised to see you down here.

Emily: Yeah, Dad, I just thought that it would be nice to have a family dinner, you know --

Alan: Oh.

Emily: To thank Mom for taking the house off the market. So I just came down here to pick something from the wine cellar.

Alan: Oh, great. I'll -- I'll help.

Emily: No, no, no --

Alan: No, no, no, I insist! You know how finicky Mom is about wine. No, I don't want to give her an excuse to be disagreeable.

Emily: I --

Alan: No, really.

Sonny: Bring the car around in two minutes? Yeah. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Carly. No, no, no.

Carly: Oh --

Sonny: No.

Carly: Don't you dare even think about telling me to stay here.

Sonny: Carly, you're not going to do anything at the airport except complicate things, okay? A.J.ís not going to give up Michael without a fight. It's going to be too dangerous. You should not be there.

Carly: That's exactly why I have to go -- to protect my son.

Sonny: I'm going to be able to take care of Michael.

Carly: Hey, you're wasting your breath and valuable time. With or without your consent or your guards or your car, I'm going to be on that tarmac. And if A.J. manages to slip past you or Jason, I'm going to be waiting for him. And I'm going to stop him, whatever it takes.

Sam: Hey, what's going on?

Jason: A.J. is trying to leave town with Michael. Sonny and I are going to stop him.

Sam: Whoa, it's almost over. You know, we're about to get Michael back -- or whoever he is now.

Jason: What does that mean?

Sam: Jason, A.J. has had all this time to mess with Michaelís head. It is the exact same thing that my mother did to my brother, okay, the way she confused him and made him afraid. And I just think that Michael is probably going to be the same way, and A.J. is going to use it to his advantage. So why don't you let me come with you?

Jason: No, I don't know if that's a good idea.

Sam: No, listen, I could help. A.J. is going to be desperate.

Jason: That's my point, Sam.

Sam: You and Sonny can't afford to take your eyes off A.J. for a second, okay? I can drive. I will run interference. I will shield Michael if I have to. Not to mention you don't have a prayer of getting past airport security with that thing.

Jason: All right.

Monica: Emily! How did you -- never mind, never mind. I'm just so glad you're here.

Emily: Yeah, I saw Dad lock you in.

Monica: Oh. He's completely out of control. He's just a disaster, but we were right. He is hiding A.J. and Michael here.

Emily: Oh, my God.

Monica: I walked in on them, and A.J. begged me not to go to Jason. The minute I walked out of the room, Alan locks me in this freezer.

Emily: I can't believe any of this.

Monica: I can't either, Em, but it is true, and it's got to stop. I can't let A.J. take Michael again.

Emily: Are you going to go to the police?

Monica: I thought about it, but I think maybe Jason is a better shot. I mean, he can get Michael back, and I can persuade him maybe to let A.J. just disappear.

Emily: Okay, well, go, Mom. I'll cover as best I can.

Monica: Okay.

Emily: All right?

Monica: All right, you take care.

Emily: Okay.

Monica: All right.

Emily: Bye.

A.J.: Hello, little sister! No welcoming hug? In fact, you don't look surprised to see me at all. Why is that?

Jax: Yeah, that's fine.

Courtney: I take it you two know each other?

Jacina: Quite well, actually.

Jax: Well, you know, I mean, not -- not that well.

Jacina: No, we met right here.

Courtney: In this hotel?

Jacina: The one down the beach.

Jax: I was -- um -- ending my -- my marriage of convenience to Alexis. Yeah.

Jacina: And I was erasing a six-month mistake.

Jax: Right.

Jacina: We met at the lobby bar.

Jax: That's right.

Jacina: Oh, it thrills me just to think about it! The instant animal magnetism -- how we ever made it into a room --

Jax: You know, I just -- I never pictured you as a magistrate.

Jacina: Oh, well, I kept getting divorced, so I figured, why spend the money on lawyers when I am perfectly capable of doing the job myself.

Jax: Really?

Jacina: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: You're a lawyer?

Jacina: I was. Corporate. It bored me to tears. Ugh. I wanted a vocation. I found it -- making all those miserable couples into happy single people. It just gives me a warm feeling right here.

Courtney: That's just great. Well, perhaps you can make us feel all warm and happy by helping me divorce my husband so Jax and I can get married. I mean, that is what you're here for, right?

Jacina: Ah. Aren't you feisty? Pretty, too -- winning combination. You should be able to keep Jaxie interested longer than most.

Jax: Have you had a chance to review the particulars of Courtneyís case?

Jacina: I have. I have, and unfortunately there is a problem.

Reese: I have you dead to rights on tape.

John: You got squat. All I did was admit to intent.

Reese: Nice try.

John: Yeah, look it up. You can't charge me with receiving a bribe if I haven't done anything illegal with the money. Hell, I haven't done anything at all with it. In fact, I can account for every single dime. So, nice try, lady, but you got nothing on me.

Ric: We got enough to stop you.

Sonny: Max! How long does it take to get a car? Hurry up! Okay, I don't want to fight you on this, Carly. I'm going to go get our son right now. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Carly: Not without me!

Sonny: I don't have time for this, Carly.

Carly: I started this train wreck the night I was drunk and stupid enough to sleep with A.J. I conceived a son with a man who has the paternal instincts of a slug, and I'm going to rectify the mistake I made by going and getting my son back. Whatever you do with A.J. after that, I don't care, as long as it hurts.

Sonny: First of all, A.J. made the mistake, okay?

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: By bringing Michael here, he thought he could taunt us by waving our son under our noses, and I will say this right now. That miscalculation is going to cost that little bastard everything.

Jason: All right, stay in the car, keep it running, be very aware for anything that might go wrong. And you're right; I can't afford to be stopped.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Keep it close; use it if you have to.

Sam: Okay.

Monica: Oh, thank God you here.

Jason: What's wrong?

Monica: Alan has been hiding A.J. and Michael up in the attic, and -- and A.J.ís about ready to run.

Jason: Well, A.J.ís not getting away this time.

Emily: I heard you were alive.

A.J.: Disappointed?

Emily: No, confused. A.J., what did you think you were doing? How'd you expect to get away with it?

A.J.: You let her out, didn't you?

Emily: Yeah, of course! I mean, there's no way that I'd leave our mother locked in a freezer.

A.J.: It doesn't work!

Emily: That doesn't make it all right!

A.J.: Dad was just trying to buy me some time. He's on my side. I guess I don't have to ask you whose side you're on.

Emily: You think this about sides? A.J., you kidnapped an innocent child! Correction -- three innocent children. You made Michaelís family think that he had been brutally murdered and thrown in a swamp. You devastated everyone who loves that little boy! And don't even get me started on the effect that your death had on this family. Grandfather was shattered!

A.J.: Sure, he was.

Emily: Dad has started drinking because of all the guilt he felt!

A.J.: What about you, Em? Were you devastated? Or did the exaggerated reports of my demise make you send up a silent prayer of relief?

Emily: A.J., I mourned the loss of my brother. And looking at you right now, I still do. You threw everything away, A.J. Come on, and for what? Revenge? How petty is that?

A.J.: What do you know about it? You were worshiped as much as Jason the minute you got here. The two of you were like bookends, the perfect golden pair -- even though one of you is a murdering thug who wants nothing to do with this family. You couldn't wait to absolve Jason of every sin he's ever committed! And then when he stole my kid, you all tripped over yourselves trying to be the first to comfort him!

Emily: You never once considered what Michael needed. It was all about getting back what you thought was yours. You were wallowing in self-pity, A.J. You were so consumed in jealousy that you had nothing left inside! Yet Jason -- he was loving, he was caring, he was understanding, protective to a fault! He was and is 10 times the father, 10 times the man that you'll ever be!

A.J.: You're not going anywhere.

Emily: Don't touch me!

A.J.: Bitch!

Alan: Hey! A.J.!

John: Talk about unlikely bedfellows -- the hated brother who's tried his best to put Sonny in prison, and the F.B.I. agent who's compromised everything she stands for to protect him. Just out of curiosity, how did this particular twain meet?

Ric: Give yourself credit for that one. At this point you're as big a menace as Sonny.

John: Yeah, well, your plan didn't work. I said nothing incriminating on that tape.

Ric: Really?

Reese: We might not have enough to file charges, but we have all the ammunition we need. See, that tape makes you suspect. So any case you try to bring against Sonny or anyone else will be tainted with your own admission that you'd falsify evidence.

John: Yeah, I'd understand why you would try to save Sonny, but you? When -- when did you become such a wuss that you decided it was all right to let your brother run his illegal enterprises all over your jurisdiction?

Ric: I wouldn't presuppose anything about me, Durant. If anyone assumes that I have given up bringing Sonny and Jason to justice for the crimes that they commit, they're in for a rude awakening.

Monica: Promise me you won't kill him.

Jason: I canít.

Monica: Jason, he's your brother.

Jason: A.J. is someone who has to be stopped!

Monica: All right, he is my son and I am begging you not to kill him.

Jason: A.J. was the reason three children were kidnapped. He's brainwashing Michael, Monica.

Monica: I know what he did is unforgivable, but he doesn't have to die! You can just make him go away, make it so he can never come back to Port Charles.

Jason: Sorry.

Monica: Jason --

Jason: This ends today. Let's go.

[Door slams]

Carly: We both know there's no way this can end well for A.J. Michael is going to be in the middle of yet another traumatizing event.

Sonny: He'll get over it. Everything A.J. told Michael is a lie. He's a smart kid. He'll realize it.

Carly: Maybe in time, but it's not going to do our cause any good to let Michael see you and Jason gun A.J. down. I'm going to be there to protect him from that. Do you remember what you said to me when I told you Michael was definitely alive? You said we were going to do this together.

Sonny: I understand why you want to be there, okay, and your intentions are pure. But A.J. knows how to push your buttons. He could push you into making a mistake.

Carly: I won't let that happen.

Sonny: What do you think A.J.ís going to do? He's just going to sit back and watch the Corinthos family have a happy reunion? A.J.ís got nothing to lose!

Carly: What are you saying?

Sonny: What I'm saying is, you know, A.J. could decide that if he can't have Michael, no one can.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello?

Jason: A.J. is at the Quartermaines'.

Sonny: All right, make sure he stays there.

Alan: What on earth is wrong with you?

A.J.: I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry for losing it, but if you haven't noticed, the walls are starting to close in on me!

Alan: That's no excuse. There is no excuse!

A.J.: All right, look, I would love to stand here and beg for forgiveness all day -- really, I would -- but I can't, okay? I got to get Michael and get out of here before Jason and his army of goons show up and want to blow my brains out! Em, I'm sorry. You're not going to like this, but, back in the freezer.

Emily: A.J., You're insane!

A.J.: You need to watch her --

Alan: You stop it! That's enough.

A.J.: No, Dad. Dad, don't do this. You can't --

Alan: No, no, A.J., You're going to stop this right now. Emily's right, this is completely insane! You have gone too far and I'm not going to be part of this!

Emily: Thank God, Dad, you've come to your senses! Okay, I'll find Michael and we'll go get --

A.J.: I didn't want it to come to this. But as usual, you've forced my hand! Looks like I'm the only one leaving this basement.

Courtney: You don't understand what I went through with this man. The last thing I need to hear is that there's going to be a problem with the divorce.

Jacina: You don't need one. Your husband is dead.

Courtney: We thought he was, okay? He faked his own murder, all right? That's the kind of man he is.

Jacina: Oh. If that's true, Corey, I can understand why you want to end things with him, especially if you have someone like Jaxie waiting in the wings.

Courtney: It's Courtney.

Jacina: What is?

Courtney: My name is Courtney, not Corey.

Jacina: Oh. So sorry. So sorry. I have to say it -- you are even more handsome than I remember. How is that possible?

Courtney: Okay, this might be a silly question, but do you think maybe we could stick to the subject here?

Jax: Yes, that would be -- that would be best.

Courtney: Yeah.

Jacina: Of course. Do you have legal documentation that supports your claim that your husband is still alive?

Courtney: No, I donít.

Jacina: Well, you see? That is a problem. If I don't have proof, I cannot proceed. Unless --

Jax: Unless?

Jacina: Uh, I could fudge something. But I'd be compromising the life I made for myself. So I'd have to be sure that the risk is worth what I stand to lose.

Jax: Well, how do we -- how do we convince you?

Jacina: Do you mind if I speak to Jaxie alone?

Courtney: Why? I'm the one who's getting divorced.

Jacina: Maybe divorced, if I decide to go against my professional ethics.

Courtney: Okay, look, if you think I don't know what you're after here, I do.

Jax: Hey, you know, would you excuse us? Come here, come here.

Courtney: Jax!

Jax: Excuse us.

Courtney: What?

Jax: Come here. Listen, listen, we need Jacina, okay? Now, why don't you just go down to the pool and have a drink.

Courtney: What? I don't want to go down to the pool and have a drink!

Jax: Then have two drinks. We've come this far. Let's not blow it, okay? Now, remember that I love you.

Courtney: Yeah, why don't you remind her?

Jax: Okay.

A.J.: Get in the freezer.

Emily: Never.

A.J.: Do it!

Alan: You really have lost your mind.

A.J.: Yeah, whatever. All you need to know is I've lost everything I'm going to lose.

Alan: I made a choice to help you, to give you that one last chance you said you needed. This is how you repay me? By holding me and Emily at gunpoint?

A.J.: Repay you? You turned on me! I will do whatever it takes to walk out of here with my son.

Alan: Well, I'm willing to bet there's one thing that you won't do, and that's shoot your own father in the back.

Emily: Dad --

Alan: I'll be okay.

A.J.: Don't make me do it.

Emily: All right, Dad, he will.

Alan: A.J., despite everything you've done, I believe you to be a decent human being and I love you. But right now I'm going to walk out of here, I'm going to find Michael, and I'm going to return him to his family.

[Emily screams]

Emily: Oh, God.

Michael: Leave me alone! Go away!

Sonny: Michael! Michael!

Carly: We should've split up when we saw him running across the lawn.

Sonny: It's locked. Michael, open up. It's your dad.

Michael: You're not my father! Stay away from me!

Carly: Sweetheart, let us talk to you. We've been so worried.

Sonny: Stand back, stand back. Whoa, whoa, hey! Okay? You're not going to need to use that, buddy. We're not here to hurt you.

Carly: Michael, we just want to take you home.

Michael: You told me to go away.

Sonny: I never said that. A.J. tricked you. It was all him. You got to believe -- you got to believe that, Michael. It was all A.J.

[Alan groans]

Emily: Dad? It's okay. It's okay.

A.J.: Dad?

Emily: You shot him in the back, A.J., your own father!

A.J.: He made me do it! This family makes me do everything! Okay, you know what? I got to get out of here before this gets away from me.

[Alan groans]

Emily: Dad, can you hear me? Dad, Dad, wake up. Please, Dad, wake up!

Sam: It's really quiet.

Jason: Something's going on, I can feel it.

Sam: Well, I trust you.

Jason: On second thought, can you keep this for me?

Sam: Jason, aren't you going to need that?

Jason: You know what? I don't want to risk putting Michael in the middle of a gunfight.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: Look, we need to split up, okay? If you see something, just yell. I'll be right there.

Sam: All right.

Emily: Dad, can you hear me?

Alan: Em-- Emily?

Emily: Okay, don't worry. I'm going to go get help.

Alan: No, no. Don't leave me, honey, please.

Jacina: I hope fate puts you in my path again, Jaxie.

Jax: Well, don't count on it because I don't plan on needing a divorce.

Jacina: No, no one ever does, silly.

Jacina: Good luck -- not that you'll need it. Goodbye.

Courtney: Bye.

Jacina: Besinho.

Courtney: Bye. Bye.

Jax: Well, it's all done. Your ties to A.J. are officially severed.

Courtney: Mmm, how lovely. What did "Jaxie" have to do to make that happen, hmm?

Jax: Oh, what's this? A Long Island iced tea, huh? How many did you have?

Courtney: It's my third. Don't change the subject, okay?

Jax: Jacina just wanted to question me in private about my feelings for you.

Courtney: Mm-hmm. Sure, sure.

Jax: She wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to break your heart because she likes you. The kiss that you walked in on was just her way of saying goodbye, that's it.

Courtney: Really?

Jax: Yes.

Courtney: But you slept with her -- you slept with her once.

Jax: Twice, okay? But, really, I mean, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. So let's forget about it and celebrate, celebrate and plan our wedding.

Courtney: No, no, no. Come here. We're not getting married, Jax. We're not. Uh-uh. Not until you admit every woman you slept with.

Jax: You're kidding, right?

Courtney: Uh-uh. No.

Jax: What?

Courtney: Do I look like I'm kidding? No. I want names, I want dates, I want a list. That's what I want.

Jax: Why would you want a list?

Courtney: Well, I mean, I'd give you my list, but, you know, it'd be a waste of paper because there's only three people on it. One hand -- I can count them on one hand. I bet you can't say the same. Right? Your list probably goes on for -- for miles and miles and -- you know what? No, I'm serious. Start -- start writing. Do it.

Ric: I'm not like you, Durant. I can be as patient as the situation warrants. I would never risk fabricating a conviction against Sonny that could ultimately blow up in my face. When I take my brother off the street, that case is going to be airtight, but we don't have that now. The Sandoval killings are in the cold-case file. We got to start at square one.

Reese: All right, let's not get sidetracked here, all right? Because of what Durant admitted on tape, his effectiveness as a federal prosecutor is shot to hell. And who's to say that's not cause for permanent dismissal, right? I mean, it's not like you don't have a history of being an outlaw when it comes to Sonny, right? But then again, a deal can always be struck.

John: All right. What do you want?

Ric: Tell us who paid you the money to go after Sonny.

John: I've been trying to find out myself. No, it's true. Whoever they are, they reached out to me. I meet a guy in a confessional. He seems to be the frontman. I have asked repeatedly who is behind this. So far I haven't gotten any answers.

Ric: Okay, you're going to give us what we want, and in exchange you get to keep that reputation you've become so fond of.

Reese: Not to mention your career.

Ric: I'm going to hang on to this -- as well as make a few copies -- until you give us something that we can use.

Emily: Hey, I lost the connection, but there's an ambulance on the way. Okay, what can I do in the meantime?

Alan: Okay. Can you see the wound?

Emily: Yes.

Alan: Okay, you're going to have to staunch it. You got to forget that I'm your father. You're premed now. Just use whatever you can, put it over the wound, and press as hard as you can, okay?

Emily: Okay, here we go.

[Alan groans]

Emily: Dad?

Alan: It's -- it's okay. Go ahead, Emily, do it, do it, do it!

Emily: Okay.

Michael: You told everyone I was dead!

Sonny: We thought you were, buddy.

Carly: We got a picture. A.J. sent us a picture to make us believe you were gone.

Sonny: Your mom -- your mama started to see you in her dreams, and she started to believe that you were alive.

Carly: And you know what? Jason never gave up. He came up with the proof and we were so happy. We had been sick with grief --

Michael: I saw you with Morgan and you were laughing!

Sonny: When?

Michael: This afternoon at the house. You don't care about me now that you have Morgan.

Sonny: That's not true, buddy. You're my son -- no, no, no, no. No, no, no. You're my son in every way that matters. I would never turn my back on you. I would never tell you to go away. A.J.ís the one who hired faith to take you, to bring you to him, okay? He set this whole thing up, okay, buddy? But it was all a lie. Your mother and I love you very much. A.J. was just using you to hurt us. That's all he cared about.

Carly: Your dad and I love you and Morgan the same. There's no reason for you to run. You are so wanted. Come here. Let me hold you. Come here, honey, and you'll feel it.

Carly: Hey, Michael, no!

A.J.: So, we meet again.

Jason: Where's Michael?

A.J.: Safe.

Jason: Where?

A.J.: It's none of your business! Or Sonny or Carlyís. He's mine now. He's with me.

Jason: Michael doesn't belong to you.

A.J.: I'm his father. I'm taking him with me. He wants to be with me, you know? We bonded, finally, without you jackals around to keep us apart, lie to him!

Jason: Sonny and Carly are looking for Michael, too, A.J. You know what? Maybe he's with his real family right now, finding out what you did to him.

A.J.: Shut up! I'm taking my son, we're getting on a plane, and you're never going to see us again. But first I have a little unfinished business to settle. Say good night, golden boy.

Jax: Here you go. I have made two lists. One is in alphabetical order, the other one is in chronological, and I also included occupation because I don't want to get accused of incomplete disclosure. There you go.

Courtney: Jax -- it's just this whole thing started between us as a way for you to get me into bed. It was a conquest.

Jax: No, I know, but it evolved, right?

Courtney: It's just I don't -- I don't give my body and my heart away easily.

Jax: I know that, I know that, and I'm honored that you trusted me with both. I won't betray you, I promise.

Courtney: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I was being ridiculous.

Jax: I'm actually quite flattered. Does that mean that I can call the pilot and tell him that we are ready to come home?

Courtney: Yes, that would be great.

Jax: Okay.

Courtney: Okay.

Jax: Let's start packing.

[Alan gasps]

Emily: Dad?

Alan: Oh, my chest -- oh, my heart!

Emily: Okay, dad -- Dad? Oh, God! Somebody help!

Jason: You want to shoot me? Will that make you feel like a man, like you've finally won? Go ahead.

A.J.: You don't think I will. You underestimate me.

Jason: Go ahead. I'm willing to die if it means you never get near Michael again. Do it, A.J. Shoot me!

Michael: No! Let me go!

Monica: Oh, my God!

Reese: Stop!

Carly: Are you crazy? You could hit Jason!

Michael: No!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Emily: Help! My God, Dad.

Carly: Jason!

Monica: Sonny, stop her!

Sonny: Carly, Carly, come here.

Carly: Michael, no!

Sonny: I did not order Jason to kill A.J.

Michael: Liar! I hate you!

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