GH Transcript Wednesday 4/20/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/20/05



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Elizabeth: Lucky, put me down.

Lucky: Why?

Elizabeth: Because this is completely unprofessional.

Lucky: It's physical therapy.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but you're overdoing it.

Lucky:  I know. I'm feeling a lot better.

Elizabeth: I guess you certainly are. Now put me down.

Lucky: Listen, don't tell Emily. Because if I stay at Wyndemere a little bit longer, you know, she'll feel like she's taking care of me, and maybe she'll open up and talk about the rape.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and hopefully, she'll start to heal.

Lucky: Right.

Michael: A.J.?

[Music box plays]

[Music box stops]

A.J.: Someone downstairs might hear that, Michael.

Michael: Where did you go?

A.J.: I was trying to get us some breakfast. It was too crowded. Michael, listen to me. Your grandpa, Alan, knows that we are up here in the attic, but no one else can know we're hiding here.

Carly: Did you get Sonny's message? That we crashed the Quartermaines' last night? And Sonny thinks they know where Michael is.

Jason: I believe that A.J. brought Michael back to Port Charles. But A.J. wonít be leaving with him.

Jason: We just missed A.J. and Michael in the Bahamas.

Sam: We thought they went to Italy, so we flew to Siena.

Carly: Michael knows all about Siena.

Jason: Yeah. We found A.J.'s pilot.

Sam: He and Jason had a little chat.

Jason: You helped kidnap Michael Corinthos.

Pilot: I didn't know, I swear.

Jason: Where is Michael?

Pilot: I don't know.

Jason: Where did A.J. take him?

Pilot: He didn't tell me. Look, I'm just a decoy. I made it look like they flew here to Siena, but they didnít.

Sam: You need to tell the truth.

Jason: Sam, you want to wait in the lobby? This is going to get ugly.

Sam: No, no, I'm okay. He helped a kidnapper. He's going to deserve what he gets.

Pilot: I don't know where they are, I swear.

Jason: One more time. Where is Michael Corinthos?

Pilot: Okay, okay, I'll tell you. Please -- A.J. took the kid back to the states, to Port Charles, New York.

Carly: Where in Port Charles?

Jason: Probably to the Quartermaines'.

Carly: Do you think he was at the house last night?

Jason: He might have been. Alan would probably help A.J.

Carly: And Monica wonít.

Jason: That's why I'm going to ask her to help me.

A.J.: Listen, I know it's tough being stuck up here in the attic, okay? We're only going to be here until I can get our fake I.D.s ready.

Michael: A fake I.D. is where I change my name, right?

A.J.: We both will. It's like an adventure.

Michael: Huh.

A.J.: We'll be like a couple of spies on a secret mission. You still want to go, right? Come on, I'd like to see a little more enthusiasm out of you. We're about to take a trip around the world. Well, we'll go to that -- that big horse race in Italy. To the Carnivale in Venice, hmm?

Michael: Once Jason won a monster truck for me at a carnival.

A.J.: I'll take you to a real carnival. We'll spend Christmas in Switzerland, go skiing, eat chocolate every day.

Michael: And we'll never come back to Port Charles?

A.J.: Why would you want to? We're about to start our brand-new lives, just me and you. So I'm going to make another attempt at getting some breakfast. What sounds good?

Michael: Pancakes.

A.J.: Once we're out of here, we'll have pancakes every day. How about that?

Michael: Okay.

A.J.: Okay. I'll get you something good. Michael, we've got to be careful. Okay? Because I don't know what Sonny and your mom would do with you if something happened to me. I mean, after all, they -- they have this -- their real son now, and --

Michael: You keep saying that.

A.J.: It's because I'm so proud to have a son like you. Okay?

Michael: I'm hungry.

A.J.: Okay. Michael, I could lock you up here, you know. But I don't want you to feel like a prisoner. I know you won't go anywhere, okay? I trust you. It's you and me, right?

Michael: Yep.

A.J.: Father and son. Michael?

Michael: Okay.

Georgie: This is good. He's not here. Can we leave? Please?

Dillon: No, we have to find out what Edward wants.

Brook Lynn: Look, guys, whatever it is, we're going to lose.

Edward: You know, I really don't appreciate your attitude, young lady. No wonder Monica wants to sell this house and scatter the family to the four winds. And there's only one person in this house that can convince her to change her mind.

Dillon: Hey, look, I'm flattered, but Monica doesn't listen to --

Edward: I'm not talking about you.

Dillon: Okay.

Edward: I'm talking about Emily.

Brook Lynn: Emily doesn't even live here.

Edward: That's why I want you to convince her to come back home.

Dillon: What are you -- who, me?

Edward: All of you. Do whatever it takes.

Brook Lynn: Look, I'm sorry; I just don't think that's such a good idea.

Edward: Well, maybe you don't, but Lila does. I received a sign from her this morning. I was having coffee in her sitting room just a few minutes ago. And I heard her old music box playing -- from up there, I swear to you.

Brook Lynn: Been there, done that, all right? I'm so sorry, Lila. I'm just -- I'm out of here.

Georgie: Bye.

Edward: Don't come back, the three of you, unless you bring Emily back with you.

Dillon: Grandfather, what makes you think Emilyís going to listen to us?

Edward: Where do you think your mother would go if Monica sold the house?

Dillon: I don't know.

Edward: Well, what if I suggested to your mother to buy something for herself, and for you? Because you're still a minor. She could insist you stay with her, couldn't she?

Dillon: Yeah -- you know what? Emily will totally listen to us.

Georgie: Emily will be back here in this house before you know it.

Dillon: Piece of cake.

Georgie: Don't you worry another thing about it.

Dillon: We're going to take care of everything, okay?

Georgie: Good.

Dillon: Okay.

Georgie: We got to go.

Emily: Hey, you two.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Emily: Hey, Lucky, you seem to be feeling much better.

Elizabeth: He is, but we don't want to push it.

Emily: Oh, come on, Lucky, wouldn't you like to move back to Kellyís? Get your life back?

Lucky: Yeah, what's the rush?

Emily: Lucky, I don't need a babysitter.

Lucky: Maybe you don't, but I do.

Emily: Look, I appreciate that you guys are trying to help me, but there's nothing else to say, okay? We all know what Connor did -- it was terrible. It's over. I'm moving on.

Elizabeth: Em, that isn't how it works.

[Emily sighs]

Emily: What do you want me to do, Elizabeth? Shut down my whole life?

Elizabeth: Well, isn't that what you're doing? I mean, you refuse to go to therapy; you're hiding out at Wyndemere.

Emily: What, it's a great place to study.

Elizabeth: And what about those divorce papers?

Emily: Okay, look, I can't have this conversation right now. Lucky, I'm glad that you're feeling better. And I appreciate that you're worried about me, but I'm fine, okay? You both helped me a lot. And now, you need some time together. And I need some time alone. The sooner, the better.

Elizabeth: That went well.

Monica: Oh, hey, you're back from Hawaii! How was it?

Louise: Even better than I imagined.

Monica: Oh, my -- this is gorgeous. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Louise: Oh, yes. I mean, yeah, you're always talking about going to Hawaii.

Monica: Oh, if I could snap my fingers and be there right now, I would.

Louise: Well, then why don't you and Alan disappear for a while?

Monica: Who said anything about Alan? He's driving me nuts.

Louise: Oh.

Monica: Not to mention the fact that I'm worried about him.

Louise: Listen, then how about a girls' night out, hmm? A few silly drinks with those tiny umbrellas. Wait -- my tape of the fire breathers. Honey, abs like you wouldn't believe.

Monica: Excuse me. I -- I thought we were going to Hawaii on a medical convention.

Louise: Oh, and I was during the day -- kind of. Just enough for the write-off.

Monica: Ooh! Good for you! Good for you.

Louise: I mean, even shrinks need to unwind now and then.

Monica: I'll say.

[Pager beeps]

Monica: Uh-oh. Oh, I need to take this. Listen, we will talk later, okay?

Louise: Okay. Bye.

Ric: Dr. Winters? Hi. Ric Lansing. Remember me?

Louise: Yes, of course. How's Kristina?

Ric: She's doing great. Great. Alexis is doing very well, too. You're doing some wonderful work with her.

Louise: Oh, I haven't seen Alexis since the custody hearing.

Ric: Oh, you -- she hasn't been coming to you for therapy?

Louise: Nope.

Ric: Not even phone calls?

Louise: I've been in Maui for the past two weeks.

Ric: Sorry, it's -- must be my mistake.

Louise: Oh. Well, I'm glad Alexis is seeing a therapist, but it isn't me.

Georgie: The gardens are so beautiful.

Dillon: Yeah. Because they cover up what really happens in this house.

Georgie: You know, I think you should put that in a movie.

Dillon: "The garden of the ditsy martinis." I like that.

Georgie: What?

Dillon: Film joke. Nothing, never mind. I'm not going to be making a film about this house, or any subject probably.

Georgie: Dillon, yes, you will. And you will dedicate it to Michael.

Brook Lynn: Guys -- hey, Emily just pulled up. So what's the plan?

Dillon: Oh. Just, you know, be ebullient.

Brook Lynn: What?

Georgie: Oh, you know, happy, bright, cheerful --

Dillon: Perky.

Georgie: Right.

Brook Lynn: Problem -- I don't do perky.

Dillon: Well, try, okay?

Georgie: Hmm.

Emily: Dillon? Brook Lynn?

Georgie: Hi!

Brook Lynn: Hey, Em, good to see you.

Dillon: How are you?

Emily: Are you all right?

Brook Lynn: How about all this sunshine, huh?

Georgie: Isn't it great?

Dillon: Did you see those flowers outside, or what?

Brook Lynn: Like, where did they come from?

Georgie: Seriously, Brook, that is a good question.

Emily: Please, tell me you're on drugs.

Dillon: Why would you say something like that? We're not -- no, I --

Emily: Tell me it isn't speed.

Georgie: Why would we need drugs to be happy?

Emily: Okay. If you tell me you're high on life, I'm leaving.

Dillon: I think we might have overdone it a little.

Georgie: Yeah.

Dillon: Yeah.


Emily: Okay. You guys, just tell me what you want. Ah, Grandfather.

Edward: Well, tell her, young man. What are you waiting for?

Dillon: We want you to move back in so Monica doesn't sell the house.

Brook Lynn: Yeah. Em, look, this place isn't home without you.

Emily: Okay, so what are you holding over their heads, Grandfather?

Edward: Absolutely nothing. What are you talking about?

Dillon: Just try to picture, if you will, me forced off of Lukeís boat --

Emily: Okay --

Dillon: And forced to live with my mother.

Georgie: I can't stand to think about it.

Emily: Okay, see, that's why Monica wants to sell this house -- because we aren't a family. We're just a bunch of people who manipulate each other.

Edward: I never expected you to abandon us.

Emily: Okay, see, there you go. You're trying to guilt me.

Brook Lynn: Well, nice try, huh, guys?

Dillon: Yeah, I thought it was pretty good.

Georgie: Yeah.

Emily: Okay. Grandfather, if you want me to move back in, why don't you just ask me yourself?

Edward: Because I'm afraid if I asked you, you wouldn't say yes. Emily, the Quartermaines need one more chance to prove as a family that they work. You're the only one who can give us that chance.

Carly: You went through Michael's stuff in the Bahamas?

Sam: Yeah.

Carly: Well, did he seem okay? Was there medicine? Anything like that?

Sam: No. But Jason and I -- we did find a letter. It was addressed to Jason, and Michael thinks that you and Sonny don't want him anymore.

Carly: That's ridiculous.

Sam: Yeah, I know. I thought so, too.

Carly: Michael knows how much Sonny and I love him, and he knows that A.J.ís a total liar.

Sam: I know, I know, but Jason thinks that Michael may believe that it's actually true.

Carly: Okay, Michael's out there trying to get home, and he needs our help. If you're not going to go find him, then I will.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- Carly, where are you going?

Carly: Just tell him I'll be back.

Sam: No, Jason asked us to stay here.

Carly: He knows I never do.

Sam: Jason knows what it means to turn against family, to have no choice. When A.J. wrapped that car around a tree, do you think --

Carly: Jason told you about the wreck?

Sam: Yeah, of course, why wouldn't he? A.J. destroyed Jasonís life, the same way he's trying to destroy Michael's life. Jason is desperate, or he would never ask Monica for help. He never has before.

Carly: Oh, well, you're quite the expert on Jasonís life, aren't you?

Sam: You know what? I don't expect you to understand.

Carly: Tell him I'll call.

Sam: Now is not a time for a plan, Carly.

Carly: Excuse me?

Sam: Jason told me all about your plans. Somebody usually ends up in jail.

Carly: Jason told you that?

Sam: And please -- please, do not drag Lorenzo Alcazar into this.

Carly: Oh -- I don't expect you to understand. But if Lorenzo wants to help me find Michael, why shouldn't I let him?

A.J.: All this stuff, like this music box, belonged to your great-grandma, Lila. Do you remember her?

Michael: Yeah. She was nice.

A.J.: Well, she loved you. Yeah, well, this stuff was hers.

Michael: So where is all your stuff?

A.J.: Well, if they kept anything, I'm sure it's shoved in a corner somewhere.

Michael: I used to have a lot of stuff.

A.J.: You will again.

Michael: Grandpa Alan -- when he told me you died, he was all upset.

A.J.: Mm-hmm. Well, that's because he felt bad for the way he treated me.

Michael: Grandpa Alan was happy to see you last night.

A.J.: Yeah, and you know what? You need to -- why don't you eat, okay?

Michael: Grandpa Alan wanted me to come to your funeral, but Mom said no.

A.J.: That doesn't surprise me.

Michael: You think they had one for me, with everyone crying?

A.J.: Didn't we already go over this? Michael, they had to tell everyone that you were dead because they didn't want to explain why they didn't want you anymore.

Michael: This all stinks!

A.J.: Don't do that, okay? Keep quiet.

Michael: Somebody has to care what happened to me. What about Jason?

A.J.: Look, he gave you up once already, didn't he? Come on, he's moved on. I'm sorry, he's moved on.

Jason: You know that A.J.ís alive and he has Michael, right?

Monica: Did Sonny tell you to contact me?

Jason: No.

Monica: Because he and Carly came to the house last night.

Jason: Yeah, I know they did.

Monica: I mean, we couldn't help him. I don't know where A.J. is. The fact that he faked his death to come back and get Michael -- I can't even believe that. What?

Jason: I have proof. We found that in Michael's luggage in the Bahamas.

Monica: What? "Dear Jason, Sonny doesn't want me anymore. He sent me to live with my real dad." Are you sure Michael wrote this?

Jason: Yeah, it's his writing, Monica.

Monica: Oh, Michael can't believe that Sonny doesn't want him.

Jason: You know what? He probably didn't at first, but A.J.ís been working on him, wearing him down. A.J. faked a phone call with Sonny's voice on a digital recording. So basically, Michael heard Sonny say that he didn't want him.

Monica: No. A.J. would not be that cruel, not to his son.

Jason: A.J. is breaking his son's heart to keep him in line.

Monica: No. I mean, no child should have to go through something like this.

Jason: Okay, if you hear anything, can you call me? Monica, I know that they're in Port Charles.

Monica: Well, why would A.J. bring Michael here?

Jason: I don't know why. Will you help me?

Monica: I'll see what I can do.

Jason: Thank you.

Alan: Is there a problem?

Jason: Yeah, there is. I'm going to find A.J., eventually. And he's going to pay for what he's done to Michael. So will anyone who helped him out.

Elizabeth: Oh, Lucky, it's an oven in here. What happened?

Lucky: Oh, damn. I forgot to turn the heat off the other night, so Mike's now going to kill me.

Elizabeth: Okay, I need some air. Ooh. It's stuck.

Lucky: Okay, just let me help you.

Elizabeth: Oh, sorry.

Lucky: Okay, come on, let me help. Let's do it together.

Elizabeth: It's stuck.

Lucky: Well, there's only one other way to cool off.

Elizabeth: And what would that be?

Elizabeth: We're so bad.

Lucky: Hmm.

Carly: Michael's definitely alive. A.J. has him. The whole thing -- the kidnapping, A.J.ís supposed murder -- it was all a scam just so that he could steal Michael.

Lorenzo: Unbelievable.

Carly: I -- I know.

Lorenzo: Well, the important thing is that Michael's alive. Your instincts were right.

Carly: Well, Jason thinks that A.J. and Michael are in Port Charles, but I don't understand why he hasn't called. I don't understand why he hasn't tried to escape.

Lorenzo: I will put all my people on it immediately.

Carly: Thank you.

Lorenzo: We're going to find your little boy.

Carly: Oh, I'm so scared. And I feel like I can't be frightened with anyone else but you. And I've been such a jerk. Accusing you of stealing Michael.

Lorenzo: It's all right.

Carly: I don't know why you bother.

Lorenzo: Simple. Crazy about you.

Jason: You know where Michael is.

Alan: No, I donít.

Jason: A.J. came to you for help.

Alan: Why would A.J. come to me?

Jason: Because you think Sonny and Carly shouldn't have Michael.

Alan: They shouldnít.

Jason: See? And that's exactly what A.J.ís going to take advantage of. You feel sorry for him, Alan. You believe that you were a terrible father.

Alan: The entire family let A.J. down.

Jason: You can't see what kind of person A.J. really is?

Alan: I know he doesn't kill people for a living.

Jason: He set you up to identify his body. He let you grieve for him. He framed Courtney for murder. He's hurting Michael.

Alan: A.J. would never hurt Michael.

Jason: If you're helping A.J., you're hurting Michael. I will do whatever it takes to stop you both.

Alan: Are you threatening me? Do you believe him?

Monica: Where the hell is Michael?

A.J.: Surprise.

Carly: I keep imagining where Michael could be -- in a seedy hotel room, under the docks, in the trunk of a car. My cell's set as high as it will ring. I don't know. I have Leticia sitting by the phone. I'm sure Sonny's doing the same thing.

Lorenzo: Have you spoken with him?

Carly: No -- not today. I didn't expect to feel this alone.

Lorenzo: Carly, I'm glad you came to me for help.

Carly: It was easy.

Lorenzo: Starting to trust me?

Carly: I know it's taken a while.

Lorenzo: Yeah. But I didn't deserve your trust at first. I had to earn it. Come here. You made me a better man.

Carly: I don't think I've ever heard that. Hmm.

Lorenzo: It's the truth. All right. I'm going to get started on the search for Michael. Would you like to come along?

Carly: No, no -- um -- there's someplace I need to be.

A.J.: Did you miss me?

Skye: You jerk! You snake! How could you do this to your own family, A.J.? Did you know that Alanís drinking again? Did you know that he's on his way to full-blown addiction, huh? And Courtney -- how could you frame her for murder? How could you do that to her? What did she ever do to you? And Rachel? My God, what a nut job. How did she get involved?

A.J.: I thought you'd be impressed.

Skye: Oh, yeah, I'm impressed, all right. What the hell do you want?

A.J.: I was hoping you'd be glad to see me. But I understand. Why would you be, you know?

Skye: Yeah, well, I'm not giving you any money.

A.J.: I have money. The problem is, I got into business with the wrong guys. They want to take it, then kill me. I need a place to hide, then disappear.

Skye: Well, I can't help you.

A.J.: I understand. I've done some terrible things. At least Dad has agreed to help.

Skye: Alan knows you're alive?

A.J.: Yeah, I couldn't let him keep grieving like that. He's the only person in this whole family who really loves me. I understand you don't want to help. And I'm sure Dad does, too. And if anything should happen, so be it.

Skye: Okay. What do you need?

Alan: Your beloved Jason believes that I know where Michael is. Which means that you believe it, too.

Monica: Yes. I just couldn't admit it till now.

Alan: No wonder A.J. wanted us to think he was dead. You think that every word that comes out of Jasonís mouth is gospel.

Monica: You just tell me that A.J. isnít hiding Michael in our house.

Alan: Don't be ridiculous.

Monica: He is. He is, isn't he? That's why you've been so secretive.

Alan: How can you turn on A.J. so quickly? Yesterday you wouldn't even believe he was alive.

Monica: Well, Jason showed me a letter that Michael wrote. He doesn't think that Carly and Sonny want him anymore.

Alan: That is exactly what they have been telling Michael about A.J. for years. So why is it wrong all of a sudden? Because the tables are turned?

Monica: Carly and Sonny are Michael's parents. I don't like it. It isn't fair. But A.J. has no right to put Michael through it.

Alan: Have you ever thought about protecting A.J.?

Monica: Why? He has you.

Alan: Don't you realize that if Jason finds A.J., A.J.ís a dead man?

Edward: Don't you think we can discuss this a little bit further?

Emily: Look, Grandpa, they keep talking about this. Just leave it alone. Look, it's Monicaís house. She can sell it if she wants.

Edward: Then you think it's a good idea, don't you?

Emily: Okay, I didn't say that, grandfather, but I can't fix this. And who knows? Maybe Mom's right. Maybe there is no such thing as family, and we're all in this world alone.

Edward: I am so glad Lila divideís hear you say that.

Emily: So am I. But I'm not Lila, okay? I'm just as messed up as the rest of you are. I never signed on to be the heart of the Quartermaines, okay? It's getting to be too much. So just leave me alone about it.

Edward: I guess that means you won't reconsider.

Emily: Please, Grandfather.

Edward: Hmm.

Jason: Emily --

Emily: Jase? What are you doing here?

Jason: Okay, look, I -- I need a favor.

Emily: Yeah, sure, anything.

Jason: A.J.ís alive, and he has Michael.

Emily: Oh --

Jason: This is what I'd like you to do.

Lucky: Is it cold in this room?

Elizabeth: No, it's perfect.

Lucky: It's tiny. The walls are too thin, there's only one bathroom, and it's down the hallway.

Elizabeth: Hmm, it sounds like home to me, if that's what you want to call it.

Lucky: Well, we are a long way from Greenwich Village.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, at least you're not singing in the streets.

Lucky: Well, I may have to start if I don't get off this suspension.

Elizabeth: Do you think you ever will?

Lucky: Well, even if I do, I'll only be making a rookie cop's salary. And I have all these new medical bills.

Elizabeth: Tell me about it. I am so broke. I mean, Gram helps me out, but kids are expensive.

Lucky: Do you ever think about moving out?

Elizabeth: I keep tabs on my old studio. It's up for rent right now.

Lucky: Really?

Elizabeth: I have this dream that I can move back and start painting again and have a nice little playroom here for Cameron.

Lucky: What if we all moved in together? You know, the three of us?

Elizabeth: No. No.

Alexis: What are you doing home?

Ric: We were supposed to have lunch. You know, right before your session with Dr. Winters.

Alexis: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry.

Ric: Oh, you forgot?

Alexis: I did. I am sorry.

Ric: That's okay.

Alexis: Oh -- you know, it's too late for me to -- to cancel it now.

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: Yeah.

Ric: Seeing Dr. Winters a lot lately, haven't you?

Alexis: Well, you know, it's helping.

Ric: Yeah, I know, I know. With your anger towards Sonny and the custody issues, you seem much happier.

Alexis: Well, good.

Ric: How many times have you seen Dr. Winters in the past couple of weeks?

Alexis: Uh -- I don't really keep track of that.

Ric: Ballpark.

Alexis: Six or seven.

Ric: With emergency phone calls in between.

Alexis: Is that a problem?

Ric: Louise winters has been in Hawaii for the past two weeks, which begs the question -- who the hell have you been talking to?

[Guitar plays]

Singer: Do I need to be

Samís voice: Are you sure this is the right address? This seems like a pretty high-end neighborhood for A.J.ís pilot.

Jason: A.J. probably pays him a lot of money.

Sam: Well, taking Sonny's kids would definitely be -- Jason -- Jason, look. It's a shooting star.

Singer: Just so hard to buy it

Jason: Hey, you know what? Um --

Singer: Expensive change

Jason: After we bring Michael back, I'm going to bring you back here, you know, so we could spend some time together maybe in the summer.

Sam: I've been alone for so much of my life, sailing across the world by myself, but now --

singer: Baby, it's a little hard

Sam: I would give anything to have Michael safe at home and for me to be in your arms, just to see a shooting star in Port Charles.

Singer: I wouldn't give it up, no

[Music ends]

A.J.: Michael? Hey -- Michael? Ah -- damn!


Lucky: So why don't you want to move in together?

Elizabeth: I just don't want to rush things. You know?

Lucky: Yeah. Neither do I. I mean, you do have a pretty good deal with Audrey. I mean, a nice house and free rent.

Elizabeth: Hmm, right. I'm in my same room, same bed and everything.

Lucky: Yeah, so why throw away money on rent? Especially when you don't have it.

Elizabeth: Yeah, exactly. I'm glad you understand.

Lucky: Let's just keep things just the way they are.

Elizabeth: Sounds good.

Alexis: I don't really feel like being put on trial right now.

Ric: Why are you so defensive?

Alexis: Why not? You can't trust me, and I don't appreciate being set up.

Ric: Why did you lie to me? Hmm?

Alexis: Because you were right, and I'm wrong. Won't that be the conclusion at the end of your questioning? It always is.

Ric: Just tell me what's going on.

Alexis: I tried, but you don't understand. I love you. And I am going to pick up Kristina, I'm going to take her someplace. I need to go somewhere quiet and I need to think.

Alexis: Don't come after us.

Jason's voice: I need you to watch the Quartermaines, especially Alan. It could be the only way to find Michael.

Monica: Em? You okay?

Emily: Hey, Mom. Yeah, I'm okay.

Monica: Why'd you need to see me?

Emily: You know, I've been thinking about the house. Mom, would you consider holding off on selling it, just for a little while?

Monica: Well, why?

Emily: I'm thinking about moving back in.

Monica: Oh.

Emily: Our family has lost so much this year. And I don't want to lose the house, too. At least, not yet.

Monica: Does this have something to do with A.J.?

Emily: Listen, I know that Dad thinks Michael and A.J. are still alive. And I don't even know how to feel about that. But I need this family close. You know, for a while, in this house. Could we just give it one more try?

Monica: Well, sure, honey. I mean, I'll take the house off the market immediately. It's okay. Sure.

Edward: Yes! It's about time you came to your senses.

Emily: Okay, were you there the whole time, grandfather?

Edward: No. Well, maybe a couple of minutes. How else would I find out what's going on around here?

Monica: Did your grandfather talk you in --

Emily: No, no, no. No. No. This was my choice, Mom. It's all about finding family.

Carly: Michael --

Lorenzo: Hey.

Carly: It's Michael. I see him.

Lorenzo: So can I.

Carly: Then he's real?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Rachel: It's over, they know that I didn't murder A.J.

Steven: You're still in a lot of trouble -- you can be charged as an accomplice.

Emily: Did you find anything?

Jason: This.

Reese: I have news about Michael, and it's not good.

Carly: Michael? Is it really you?

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