GH Transcript Monday 1/24/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/24/05



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Carly: What is going on? First, the security system goes out, now the lights?

Jordan: Maybe the security system overloaded the power. You know, I'll call the --

Carly: No. Who's there?

Man: Whoa. It's me, Enzo.

Carly: Enzo, you scared us.

Enzo: Yeah, I know the feeling, Mrs. C.

Michael: Whoa! This is the house, the one that I wanted for Christmas!

Sonny: It's ours now.

Michael: What?

Sonny: Mm-hmm. Guess what.

Michael: What?

Sonny: Go take a look around!

Michael: Ok.

Courtney: I was never planning on Hope living here.

Bridget: You weren't?

Courtney: No, look, she's more than welcome to stay a few days, but not long-term.

Bridget: You don't want my baby?

Courtney: Bridget, raising a baby is a huge commitment.

Bridget: You said that you wanted to help!

Courtney: I do, and Iím trying, but --

Bridget: Whatever!

Courtney: Bridget, wait. Hey.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Courtney?

Courtney: Oh, am I glad to see you.

Jax: What's the verdict?

Courtney: Well, we haven't heard anything yet, but Bridget has completely unrealistic expectations. It's just -- ugh.

Jax: It's going to be tough for her.

Courtney: Yeah. I just -- I promised I can fix her life, Jax, and I can't.

Jax: Really? You mean that?

Courtney: Yeah, I do, finally. I've made such a mess of this.

Jax: Well, I mean, you know, Bridget was trouble long before you met her. Maybe the best thing you can do is just, you know, get out of the way.

Courtney: You're right. You're right. I need to find Bridget a new placement, immediately.

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: Oh, boy. It's just she can't keep living with me, Jax. It's just making everything worse.

Jax: I think that's a wise decision. I do.

Courtney: Yeah, I'm not so sure Bridget will. She's going to feel hurt and abandoned again.

Jax: Listen, I got to fly to London right now to close this merger, but I can stay if you want me to.

Courtney: No.

Jax: Really.

Courtney: No, thanks, but I need to handle this.

Jax: Ok, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Courtney: Ok, don't worry. I'll be fine.

Jason: Hi, I'm Jason Morgan.

Rita: I'm Rita Sullivan. I'm Bridgetís grandmother. I was telling Ms. McCall I just found out about the baby.

Jason: Yeah. Bridget, you know, wanted Sam to have the baby. Now she's trying to take the baby back.

Rita: Bridget's led a difficult life. It's made her volatile and impulsive.

[Hope cries]

Sam: It's ok, sweetie. Go back to sleep.

Rita: I suppose it was a mistake to just show up. I only wanted to offer an alternative.

Sam: No, no, I can understand that you were worried, but I assure you the baby is fine with us.

Rita: I can see you love her. I should go.

Sam: Do you think she's going to go to the judge?

Jason: Yeah, probably.

Sam: Yeah, probably? Jason, why would she want to take her?

Jason: Because she's Hope's great-grandmother. She has as much right to her as we do, maybe more.

 [Emily screams]

Connor: No, shh! You want this. You want this, you'll see.

Emily: No! No! No!

Carly: Enzo, go get one of Sonny's people and find out what is going on with the electrical system. We need to know why it disconnected.

Enzo: I'll get on it right away.

Carly: Thank you. We'll see -- hey!

Michael: This house is great!

Carly: Oh!

Michael: It's way better than the pictures.

Carly: Oh, I'm glad you like it. I missed you so much. Did you have fun on the island?

Michael: Yes.

Carly: Yes?

Michael: Dad -- well, we actually got to go to the beach.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Dad took us on his boat.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Michael: And he kept this house a secret the entire time.

Sonny: That's because I wanted to see the look on your face when we drove up.

Carly: He's good at surprises, huh?

Michael: Yes, the best.

Sonny: Whoo! How about you, Kristina? Do you like your new house? Yeah?

Michael: Hey, Kristina, want to go check the rest of the house, see what it's like?

Brook Lynn: Hey, yeah, sounds cool. I'll come with you. And -- so where shall we start?

Michael: Do we have a playroom?

Sonny: Of course we do. What do you think?

Jordan: I'll be the volunteer tour guide. Let's go.

Brook Lynn: Ok. Want to come?

Carly: Well, it's unanimous. The house is a hit.

Sonny: The kids will be happier here. Ahem.

Carly: What about you?

Sonny: Well, you know, the penthouse was convenient, but this place -- it's better for a family. There's nothing more important than family, as you know, so -- I'll be happier here.

Carly: Good. And Jordan, she did a beautiful job with the decorating and the landscape, don't you think?

Sonny: Yeah, I know it wasn't Jordan. It was you.

Carly: Well, I know what you like; I know what you don't like.

Sonny: Yeah. Thanks.

Carly: Yeah, it was fun. You know, I like to decorate, and it was a good time fixing up the boys' room.

Sonny: No, I mean, for everything. You know, for getting Michael and Morgan through the divorce so they don't have to choose sides, you know, letting me visit them and everything. You've been great. You've been great.

Carly: Like you say, family's important.

Man: I was about to make my move when Corinthos' guard showed up. Don't worry, I'll get another chance. Our little guest will soon be here, settling into her new room.

Courtney: Hey. Have you had dinner? There's some roasted chicken and salad if --

Bridget: I should probably just take that stupid mobile thing back.

Courtney: No, Bridget. It's darling. Hope will love it.

Bridget: I still want her, no matter where we live.

Courtney: I know.

Bridget: She's the one person in my life that will never let me down.

Courtney: Bridget, she's a baby, ok? I mean, it's your job to take care of her, not the other way around.

Bridget: Well, what if the judge wants me and Hope to live here?

Courtney: Um, Bridget, I'm sorry, but that won't be possible. The foundation is going to place you in another home.

Bridget: So you're kicking me out?

Courtney: No, I'm being realistic. Look, I'm not helping you by having you here.

Bridget: Yes, you are, Courtney.

Courtney: Look, I'm not able to supervise you. I'm personally involved in your child's custody situation. It's just -- none of this is fair to you.

Bridget: I just don't understand. Are you throwing me out because I want my baby back?

Courtney: No. No, not at all. You have every right to want to keep your baby. And the foundation will provide you with counseling and financial support. Look, it was just a big mistake for me to get personally involved, and I have to stop for everyone's sake, including my own.

Sam: How could even think about giving Hope to that woman? The baby doesn't even know her.

Jason: Sam, I don't think Judge Shindo's going to find in our favor. She asked Courtney if my lifestyle was dangerous, and Courtney told the truth.

Sam: Courtney told -- how could Courtney do that to you, of all people?

Jason: She was being honest. And now we have to be realistic. We're not going to keep the baby. You know, if Bridgetís grandmother checks out, at least -- at least Hope will be with family.

Sam: No, Jason, we are her family!

Jason: No, not legally, Sam.

Sam: Please, Jason, please don't do this! You said you loved Hope enough to fight for her, and that's what we have to do. We have to find a way to keep her. That's it.

Connor: I'm sorry, Emily. I didn't mean to hurt you. I just got caught up in this whole Nikolas thing, trying to be exactly like him, the man of your dreams, the one you want, the one you want to be with, you know, the one you love. You asked me the play the part. I just got carried away, that's all. You know? What are you doing? Come here, give me that. What? What? Go ahead. Kill me. My life is over anyway. You can't do it, can you? No matter how much you hate me, you want to be with me. You're too good. You're too compassionate. You'll forgive anything and anybody --

Emily: Ugh! Ok. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Rita: Hello, Iím Rita Sullivan, Bridgetís grandmother. Courtney Matthews, I presume?

Courtney: Yes. Come in.

Rita: Thank you. Bridget. It's been a long time. You look well.

Bridget: What are you doing here?

Rita: I just came from seeing your baby. She's adorable.

Bridget: You went to Jason and Samís?

Rita: I spoke with them about Hope and told them I thought she should live with me.

Bridget: No chance.

Sam: The best thing for Hope is to stay with us.

Jason: I know that, Sam, but if that's not --

Sam: But what, Jason? Why are you giving up so easily?

Jason: I'm not giving up. I'm just -- I'm just being realistic. The judge could decide that Hope doesn't belong with either us or Bridget. I don't want Hope to live with a stranger. Bridget's grandmother may be the only other option.

Sam: If you want to fight for Hope, you know how to do it.

Jason: Well, Jordan Baines is the best --

Sam: You threaten and intimidate people all the time! Blackmail that judge! Do whatever you need to do to make sure she stays with us.

Carly: So I had the sofa custom-made for the dimension of the room, and the wall hangings and the curtains will complement the high ceilings.

Sonny: This place looks -- looks great.

Carly: You like it?

Sonny: I mean, just -- the whole place looks spectacular.

Carly: Well, it should for what you paid. Go through the terrace doors. You have a view of the harbor, which you probably know. It's not as good as the one at the penthouse, but you can look over the water and brood to your heart's content.

Sonny: Whoa. Looks beautiful.

Carly: So how was the island?

Sonny: The kids had a great time, you know.

Carly: And you?

Sonny: Well, I always enjoy myself.

Carly: Yeah, it's good to get away, this time of year, especially.

Sonny: Actually, Michael thought you were going to join us. He collected all these seashells and --

Carly: Hmm. But the whole point is for us to get the kids used to us living separate lives.

Sonny: We're still family. Anytime I'm with the boys, you know you're welcome, too.

Alexis: Where's my daughter?

Bridget: You want to play the part of the loving great-grandma and take care of my baby. We both know it's a crock. You don't want the responsibility. You never have!

Rita: Bridget, I tried to take care of you.

Bridget: Yeah, but hey, you know, taking care of a kid is a hassle. You had better things to do.

Rita: That's not the way it happened, and you know it.

Bridget: I needed you, and you just booted me out!

Rita: Bridget, you stole from my friends, more than once.

Bridget: So you call the cops on me?

Rita: I wish now Iíd handled it differently.

Bridget: That's it? You show up and you say you make a mistake, and now Iím supposed to give you my daughter? Forget it!

Rita: I don't blame you for rebelling. Your mother neglected you and left you with emotional scars I couldn't heal. But your baby deserves a better life, and I am in a position to give her that. I've got money --

Bridget: I don't want your money! I don't want anything from you!

Courtney: Why don't -- why don't you let me talk to Bridget privately?

Rita: I'm afraid she's already made up her mind.

Courtney: I think she just needs time to think about it. Can you come back tomorrow?

Rita: All right.

Courtney: Ok.

Bridget: How could she seriously think that Iíd let her take my baby?

Courtney: Ok, Bridget, you need to start facing the facts. No matter what you do or say, you are not going to get custody of your daughter.

Bridget: Oh, Courtney, I --

Courtney: Look, I'm sorry.

Bridget: I love her. I love my baby.

Courtney: I know you do.

Bridget: I didn't expect to get pregnant. It just -- it happened, and everything -- oh, God, it was just such a mess. I had to give her up. Sam was so nice, and I knew she'd be a really good mom, and now her and Jason are mad at me. I don't even blame them!

Courtney: No one's to blame, Bridget.

Bridget: I was so alone. I didn't have anyone that cared. No friends, no family, nobody. And then you came along and you believed in me. I started to think, you know, maybe I'm not so worthless. Maybe I could make something of myself, you know, be a good mom to my baby. And now -- and now you're -- you're throwing me out and you're telling me that I can't keep my baby.

Courtney: Look, we'll find a way to work it out, ok?

Jason: What is it you want me to do, Sam? Even if could pressure the judge into leaving Hope with us, what am I supposed to do about Bridget and her grandmother? Should I threaten them, too? Don't you think that's going to make them more determined to get Hope away from us?

Sam: So you're not even going to try?

Jason: I understand that you're scared. You're not thinking clearly.

Sam: No, I don't understand how you could be ok with breaking the law on Sonny's orders, but you won't fight to hold on to the child we agreed to raise together.

Jason: Sam, it's not the same thing.

Sam: You're right, Jason, it's not because your work for Sonny is about money and power. Fighting for Hope -- that's supposed to be about love.

Jason: Who says that we have more right to love Hope than Bridget and her grandmother?

Sam: Because she was given to us, Jason! Bridget didn't want her then and she doesn't want her now. She's treating her like a sweater. She gave it away and now she wants it back. But when motherhood becomes a problem, when Hope gets in the way, Bridgetís going to want to give her away again, and that is not fair to her.

Jason: And it's not fair for us just to take her and steal her away from her family, either.

Sam: What are you saying?

Jason: I only see one way out of this.

Alexis: I had no idea that Ric was bringing her here.

Sonny: I had Jordan make arrangements because I wanted Kristina to see the house, you know, the new house and all that.

Alexis: Did it ever occur to you or your attorney to maybe call me up and ask me if it was ok?

Sonny: You were not available and I was coming home from the island with Michael and Morgan. I asked Jordan for a favor. She said yes. What, you know --

Alexis: And it was imperative that Kristina see the house with Michael and Morgan? Tomorrow or the next day was completely out of the question?

Sonny: Kristina's going to be coming here, you know, a lot, so I thought it would be nice if she saw the house for the first time with her brothers.

Alexis: You have an explanation for everything.

Sonny: Why are you even arguing? What's done is done, right?

Alexis: In the future, I would really appreciate it if you would consult with me about my daughter.

Sonny: You keep saying -- it's my daughter, too, our daughter.

Alexis: Pick a pronoun! I am trying to make a point! I would appreciate your acknowledgement!

Sonny: Why are you so worked up, Alexis? Is it so wrong for me to make arrangements to have Kristina visit? And don't start lecturing me about how, you know, she's not safe around me, because I don't want to hear it. I just had a brand-new, state-of-the-art security system installed. And you know what that means? That means Kristina is going to be safe and protected here.

Max: You.

Sonny: What are you doing sneaking around my property?

Brook Lynn: Diego? Diego, when did you get back?

Diego: Tonight. Just got off the plane from Mexico.

Brook Lynn: How'd you find me?

Diego: Well, I asked at Kellyís and they told me you were here babysitting Alexis' kid.

Brook Lynn: Right, but Alexis said I could go. She's watching Kristina now, so --

Sonny: Ok, so don't come here again without ringing the doorbell. You understand what I'm saying?

Diego: Yes, sir.

Sonny: Ok, you need to fix that. Find out what's the problem.

Brook Lynn: So, I'm guessing you decided to try again with your father, right?

Diego: I didn't come back for him. I came back for you.

Alexis: Do you know where Kristinaís coat is?

Sonny: She's not leaving yet.

Alexis: Well, it's way past her bedtime.

Sonny: Yeah, but she could stay for a little while longer. You want to stay, right, Kristina?

Alexis: How about if I bring her back some other time?

Sonny: 15 minutes. Michael and I, we missed her. I got you a present. You want to see the present? Yeah, come here. I'll show you the present. It's a beautiful present.

Carly: Come on, don't spoil it.

Bridget: What are you doing back at Jasonís?

Jason: I called Mrs. Sullivan and asked her to come.

Bridget: Why?

Jason: Same reason I invited you and Courtney.

Courtney: It's ok. Come on. Come on.

Bridget: What's going on?

Sam: You know as much as I do. This was all Jasonís idea.

Jason: There's one thing that -- that we all agree on -- we want the best life possible for Hope.

Bridget: Well, yeah, of course.

Jason: It's up to the judge to decide, but we can influence the outcome if we go back to her united.

Sam: How?

Jason: We all have to be in agreement on where Hope belongs.

Courtney: You know, for what it's worth, I think Jasonís right. You all need to be in agreement so there's no surprises when you go back in to see the judge, because otherwise, there is a possibility she could rule against all of you and put Hope in foster care.

Sam: But that's just you assuming the worst, right?

Courtney: Based on what the judge said and what I read between the lines.

Jason: Ok, honestly, what do you think the judge's take is on each of us?

Courtney: Well, I think the judge sees you as an irresponsible child.

Bridget: I have a job.

Courtney: It's not enough.

Bridget: I told her that I love my child.

Courtney: Well, loving your child and being able to give her a stable home are two different things.

Sam: We could give her both.

Courtney: Well, you know, you and Jason are just as problematic as Bridget, maybe even more so because you're both adults and you both have criminal records. And yeah, it's true, you're in a better financial position to care for the baby than Bridget but, look, in the eyes of the judge, this is not a normal, secure environment for a child.

Sam: Courtney, you know Jason would never do anything do put that baby in danger. And as for his police record, there are no convictions. And my crimes, they were nonviolent misdemeanors.

Courtney: You don't have to convince me. It's just I'm trying to tell you what I think is going on in the judge's mind. Now, Rita, you have money, you have a place to live, and a sincere desire to care for your great-grandchild.

Rita: So you think the judge might rule in my favor?

Courtney: Unless she thinks that the job of caring for a newborn is too much for a woman your age to handle living alone.

Sam: So what are you saying? That the judge may place the baby with strangers instead of any of us?

Bridget: What about you, Courtney? You could take my baby.

Emily: Oh, God.

Connor: Just a few days ago, you were begging me to play along. You were so grateful that I was just trying to help you.

Emily: Just get away from me.

Connor: No. Oh, no, forget that. We're going to keep with the plan. I'm going to stay right here and I'm going to keep being Nikolas.

Emily: You aren't Nikolas, and you're never going to be him!

Connor: Then why did you try so hard to make me just like him? Hmm? Why? Why? Oh, Emily, Iím sorry. I'm sorry. Please, kiss me. Convince me that you love me. Kiss me.

Courtney: Bridget, I already explained to you why you and the baby can't come live with me.

Bridget: I meant that you could take care of the baby on your own.

Courtney: I don't think that's a good idea.

Bridget: Why not? Everybody knows you're great with kids. I mean, I could just come by every now and then --

Courtney: Bridget, I don't want to discuss this.

Bridget: Ok, then you could just send pictures and stuff and we could just meet once a year.

Courtney: This isn't about you. It's about me, ok? I'm not the right person.

Bridget: But you'd love her and care for her, wouldn't you?

Courtney: That's not the point, Bridget. Look, I was already pregnant once, ok, and I had made plans for that baby and the future we'd have, and then I lost it, and I still haven't gotten over that yet.

Bridget: Hope could help. I know you'd be a really good mom, Courtney.

Courtney: Thank you, ok, but the answer is not to give Hope to me. I am not ready to be her mother.

Rita: I'm still willing to take the baby.

Bridget: Courtney said the judge wouldn't go for that.

Courtney: Well, I mean, it would be difficult for your grandmother to raise Hope on her own. But, Bridget, if you moved in with her and you put your mistakes behind you, made a fresh start, the three of you could make a family.

Rita: I'd like that very much.

Bridget: Ok. Yeah. I guess maybe it could work.

Jason: We all need to be in agreement. Are you willing to go along with this?

Brook Lynn: So when are you going back to Mexico?

Diego: I'm not going back, at least not for a while.

Brook Lynn: That's great.

Diego: You don't have to say that.

Brook Lynn: No, I mean it. I mean, I missed you. I missed you so much. I even turned down going to this music school because I didn't -- it felt fake pretending like everything was ok, and I didn't want to go on without you here. I'm serious; all I could think about was you.

Diego: I thought about you, too, all the time. It was so hard to get you out of my head, you know? Not that I tried.

Brook Lynn: Well, if you hadn't come back, I was actually going to go to Mexico so we could be together.

Alexis: Why did Sonny buy this house?

Carly: I already told you, Alexis -- Michael saw a picture of it at Christmas and then he begged him to buy it for him.

Alexis: Right, a 9-year-old requests a $5 million house, and Sonny buys it for him.

Carly: Alexis, if you're still upset that you didn't get the house for yourself, I'm sorry, there's really nothing that I can do about it.

Alexis: I'm referring to his rampant materialism. He does not have to buy his children's love and I don't want him to think he has to buy Kristinaís.

Carly: Is it so terrible that Kristina likes the house that she's going to live in with her father? I mean, you keep saying you want what's best for her.

Alexis: What's best for her is a balanced life, and overindulging her is -- is going to end up being harmful.

Carly: It would be harmful if Sonny only bought his children things and didn't spend time with them or give them any attention, but he does both. Yeah, he's generous. He grew up poor, so he wants his kids to have everything that he didnít. But mostly, he wants them to have a father who is in their lives, and he can spend time with them.

Alexis: Then that's what he should do. He doesn't need to dazzle people with money.

Carly: Oh --

Alexis: He throws it around like it doesn't mean anything to him, which it doesn't because he didn't actually have to earn it.

Carly: Ok, news flash, Alexis -- you can't buy love.

Alexis: Thank you, Mahatma Gandhi. She's 2 years old. She doesn't understand. If she's given everything that she's asked for, she's not going to value the things that she has. She'll be thrilled now and she'll be in therapy later. Why am I even wasting my breath? He's going to end up spoiling her rotten, anyway.

Sonny: So, when I first saw this, I said to myself, "Kristina would love this." You want me to open it? You want me to open it? All right. Whoa. You see this? I was walking on the sand, right, and it was washed up on the beach. And usually they got holes in them because they got scratches, but this one is perfectly beautiful, just like you are. You want to hear what's inside of there? Put that to your ear here, this way. Here, no, this way. I don't want to hurt you. You can't really do it because you're too small. But what's in there are the waves and the ocean. Let me see. Yeah, there it is. Can you hear that? Shh. Yeah. You know what? One day, Iím going to take you to the island. Would you like that? A little bit? But you know what? You're going to be visiting here with your brothers a lot. You can play with your brothers; you can spend a lot of time with your papa. Because we missed two years, but you know what? We got the rest of our lives together.

Sam: Jason, can't we just talk to the judge and convince her that the baby will be safe with us?

Jason: Sam, Sam, the judge would never place a child in our care.

Sam: No, you don't know that for sure. Come on, can't we just try? We have nothing to lose.

Jason: No, Sam, we've already lost.

Sam: We can't just give up, Jason, please.

Jason: Sam, we're not -- we're not giving up. This is what's best for Hope.

Sam: No, it's not. She needs us. She needs us. We can give her a good home.

Jason: It's too late for that. My fear is the judge could take her away from all of us and put her in some foster home, which would be even worse, Sam. That's why we all have to be in agreement.

Alexis: Where's Kristina?

Sonny: Oh, she's showing Michael her new seashell.

Alexis: Seashell?

Sonny: Yeah, I found this perfect seashell. It was on the beach, right, and so I wrapped it up and I gave it to Kristina as a present.

Carly: Hmm. That's nice of you, because Alexis was concerned here that you were turning Kristina into a mini-consumer, showering her with materialistic garbage.

Alexis: I don't think I used the word "garbage."

Carly: While she was working herself into a frenzy, she was certain that you were trying to buy Kristinaís love.

Sonny: Well, you're right, I would've tried to buy her love, but I don't really have to because I -- I already have it.

Michael: Bull's-eye.

Max: I'll show you a bull's-eye.

Michael: Can't catch me!

Max: Better start running, pal! Whoo!

Sam: I will always love you, ok? Yes, I will.  I'm going to miss you, sweetie.

Jason: Goodbye, Hope.

Sam: Watch her head. She's -- she's been sleeping four hours at a time, and she really -- she likes to be rocked to sleep.

Rita: I'll remember. Thank you.

Jason: Just take good care of her.

Rita: Thank you.

Bridget: I will. I promise. Thank you so much, all of you, for everything.

Courtney: You know, Bridget, if you ever need anything --

Bridget: I'll call.

Courtney: Ok. I'll just help you guys downstairs.

Sam: I will never forgive you for this.

Connor: I love you. I have since the first day I saw you.

Emily: Ugh!

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