GH Transcript Wednesday 1/16/02


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/16/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Stefan: There's something I need to share with all of you.

Courtney: I don't appreciate you coming in here like you own the world.

Alexis: Regardless of what you think, Courtney is going to make up her own mind, period.

Skye: I hope you spend the rest of your miserable life alone, just like you made sure that I started mine.

Edward: Ooh! Oh! Ah!

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Courtney?

Sonny: Courtney? You around?

Sonny: Oh.

Alexis: Are you all right? Did something happen?

Stefan: No. I'm fine.

Alexis: Then why did you call all of us here? Helena -- did she escape?

Stefan: No. Fortunately, Helena is still incarcerated. But as for me -- I kept this journal as a boy. I'd all but forgotten it. Then Chloe -- well, Chloe discovered it. "This island, the Cassadine traditions, all the ancient rules and codes -- when I'm grown, I'll break away from them and make a life that's my own." And I made this promise to myself years ago. I haven't kept it until now.

Alexis: What happens now?

Stefan: Well, this afternoon, I'll fly to Milan, where I've rented a villa for an extended stay.

Nikolas: So what about after Milan?

Stefan: I don't know. For once in my life, I'm playing it by ear.

Nikolas: How long will you be gone?

Stefan: As long as it takes for me to discover who I am beyond all this. Now, I've left the estate in your capable hands, and I'm sure --

Gia: No, you can’t.

Skye: You want me to leave?

Alan: I don't want you to leave Port Charles, no.

Skye: You mean this house?

Alan: You didn't come home last night, anyway.

Skye: Oh, is that what you're all upset about? Look, I -- I crashed at the hotel, but I had every intention of coming back here.

Alan: You are welcome to stay at that hotel as long as you like, all expenses paid.

Skye: But you're kicking me out of here.

Alan: I have tried my very best to make up for all the years that we lost together. I have tried to be a really good father to you and reached out to you. But despite my very best efforts, I don't know you at all.

Skye: And you don't want to? Is that what you're saying?

Alan: You aren't listening to me.

Monica: No, that's not what he is saying. He's trying to explain it --

Skye: Well, congratulations, Monica. You finally managed to cut me out. Edward would be so pleased.

Edward: Oh. Ooh.

Edward: Oh. Oh --

Edward: Oh! Ah! Oh!

Melissa: No, I said time, not heart rate. No, no! Manual, manual, not interval. Could you just do it? Oh!

Roy: So what seems to be the problem?

Melissa: Oh, I don't know. I'll give you about three guesses.

Roy: Edward Quartermaine.

Melissa: Why can't he be mad at his family like a normal person? I mean, really, why does he have to take his will, cut his whole family out of it, and leave the money to me?

Roy: Well, he's grandstanding, that's all.

Melissa: Well, big deal, you know. Big deal he's in some overpriced hotel and guzzling champagne and overeating on cheese blintzes and choking on cigar smoke. Is this my problem?

Roy: Maybe it isn't.

Melissa: No, it's not. Well, what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to go over to the hotel and, what, just knock the breakfast tray out of his hand, or what? No, I'll call his family. I'll call his family and tell them to go over there.

Roy: You know, I have a better idea.

Melissa: Hmm.

Roy: All you have to do is come to me.

Melissa: Hmm?

Roy: We won't even leave the room.

Edward: Oh, for God's sake, look at me. Collapsed on the carpet in my own hotel. Stung by the nest of wasps that I call my family. I knew Skye was trouble even before she was born. Showing up on my doorstep, stealing E.L.Q., my life's work. Delivering my greatest achievement into the hands of the mongrel hordes. Not that she did this alone. No, no, no. A.J., her little pawn, gleaming with spite, celebrating my defeat. And Alan. Oh, God, when did he get so self-righteous? And of course, Monica never thinks about anybody but herself. And I should have known that -- that Ned would let me down. You know, they've worn me out. I'll admit it. Oh, if they could see me now. I told them they broke my heart. And the ingrates didn't believe me. They didn't care. Oh, they will now. They will be stricken with -- with guilt and remorse, and they'll fall down on their knees and they will beg my forgiveness. And I'll take my own sweet time to grant them pardon -- hmm? -- From my sickbed. They'll do anything I want. They'll have no choice. I'll have the whole family right back where I want them -- the moment any one of them walks through that door. Hmm?

[Edward laughs]

Skye: You've been trying to push me out of this family since the first night I got here, haven't you?

Monica: Look, we all have reasons to be upset --

Skye: Whispering poison in his ear, telling him that I don't have a place in his life --

Alan: If you're angry at me, yell at me.

Skye: I remind you of his first true love, don't I?

Alan: That is enough.

Skye: You see me, you see Rae Cummings --

Alan: Stop it, Skye --

Skye: A beautiful woman, 10 times better than you'll ever be.

Alan: Stop it!

Skye: Whatever you say, Daddy.

Alan: You're proving my point.

Skye: Oh, you must be loving this.

Alan: You're a very angry young woman, and I know you have your reasons and I know that I'm one of them. I have tried so hard to reach into that anger, to get to your heart.

Skye: So you're throwing me out?

Alan: Having you live in a luxury suite in the Port Charles Hotel isn't exactly exile.

Skye: Oh, is this the part where I'm supposed to be grateful?

Alan: I'm your father. I love you. One day I hope you believe that.

A.J.: Well, that's bull. Don't you know a con when you hear it? Stop lying to her -- and yourself.

Sonny: I didn't mean to scare you. I was calling. I -- I didn't -- I didn't mean to scare you. I was calling out from upstairs.

Courtney: How much did you see?

Sonny: Well, you're -- you're a good dancer.

Courtney: Oh, God.

Sonny: What's the song?

Courtney: It's new. You probably never heard it.

Sonny: Can I hear it?

Courtney: You'll hate it.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, maybe not.

Sonny: Okay.

Courtney: You hate it, right?

Sonny: What's that?

Courtney: It sounds like noise, right?

Sonny: Well, I -- I need a melody, actually.

Courtney: I think that Alexis and Kristina went out for breakfast.

Sonny: Probably.

Courtney: Well, I'll tell them you stopped by.

Sonny: Well, you know, actually I'm here to see you.

Courtney: What's wrong now?

Sonny: Nothing's wrong. It's just that you're my sister now.

Courtney: Yeah? Well --

Sonny: Yeah. Well, I mean, you know, I don't know anything about you, and I'd like to fix that.

Courtney: I've been awake for, like, five seconds.

Sonny: It's okay.

Courtney: I'm not even dressed.

Sonny: Well, go ahead, go upstairs, get yourself dressed. I'll wait here. I mean, you know, if that's all right with you.

Courtney: Whatever.

Stefan: Gia, I'm flattered you want me to stay.

Gia: Look --

Kristina: She isn't the only one. Stefan, I just found you, and now I'm going to lose you again?

Stefan: No, not at all. You're my family. You'll visit any time.

Alexis: Stefan isn't one to sever family ties.

Stefan: Maybe that's finally working in my favor.

Alexis: I'm going to miss you, but I think this is good. I think it's good that you're getting away.

Gia: Well, does it have to be right now? I mean, immediately?

Stefan: Gia, is there a problem?

Gia: Please, don't bail on us now.

Nikolas: She wants you here for the wedding, Uncle. So do I.

Stefan: I'll be here.

Gia: Look, we're just starting out. I mean, what if this whole Cassadine legacy thing crushes us? I mean, we need you.

Nikolas: You see, she is very dramatic, and that is one reason I love her so much.

Gia: No, wait a second.

Nikolas: See what I mean?

Stefan: Nikolas, don't be condescending, please.

Gia: Thank you.

Stefan: Now, Gia is clearly upset. I for one would like to know why.

Gia: This room, all these things -- they're all a part of the Cassadine legacy. Take this house, if that's what you want to call it. Gargoyles, tables the size of Brooklyn apartments, samovars --

Stefan: I understand.

Gia: I'm so glad. And Nikolas and I want a completely different lifestyle, and the Cassadine --

Stefan: I understand, Gia. Gothic design is not to your taste. You can do whatever you like with it. You can gut it, remodel, turn it into a museum.

Kristina: Or a disco.

Stefan: There you go. You can have Luke Spencer run it for you. I don't care. Burn the place to the ground.

Gia: When, today? Why is that so funny? I'm trying to make a point here.

Nikolas: Well, now is not the time.

Gia: Well, it may be our last chance.

Nikolas: Stefan called us here to say good-bye.

Stefan: Gia, Wyndemere belongs to you now. I don't want you to be concerned. Now, if you'll excuse us, I would like to speak with my sisters in private.

Nikolas: What do you think you're doing?

Gia: The Cassadine legacy ruined Stefan’s whole life. Look, I am not going to let it ruin ours.

Nikolas: Anything else?

Gia: Well, if you don't tell him, then I will.

Nikolas: I will not let you say a word.

Gia: Excuse me? "Let"? You won't "let" me? If you think you can "let" me do anything, then we have a serious problem here.

Sonny: I made espresso.

Courtney: Thanks. That's enough.

Sonny: Oh. All right. There you go.

Sonny: Okay. So -- tell me about yourself.

Courtney: Like what?

Sonny: School. Are you in college?

Courtney: Nope.

Sonny: You ever thought of applying?

Courtney: I did.

Sonny: What happened?

Courtney: I got in.

Sonny: Why didn't you go?

Courtney: I did.

Sonny: For how long?

Courtney: A year.

Sonny: Oh, you dropped out?

Courtney: Yeah.

Sonny: Why?

Courtney: Money.

Sonny: Money. Do you work? Do you have a job?

Courtney: Yeah.

Sonny: What do you do?

Courtney: Waitress.

Sonny: What would you do if money wasn't an object?

Courtney: Don't know.

Sonny: Have you ever thought about it?

Courtney: Money's always been an object.

Sonny: So think about it.

Courtney: Money?

Sonny: What you want to do. I mean, what do you enjoy, you know, in your spare time.

Courtney: Regular stuff.

Sonny: And people say it's hard to talk to me.

Courtney: Sorry.

Sonny: Well, is there maybe a little chance you're going to help me out here, or are we going to just keep, you know --

Courtney: How about you let me ask the questions?

A.J.: Who are you kidding? Kicking Skye out isn't about healing the family or putting out fires or domestic bliss, whatever that is. It isn't even about Mom.

Skye: Well, of course it is. He's caving in to Monica.

Monica: Look, Alan is totally committed to you, no matter what you've done.

A.J.: Except for the part where she can't live here.

Alan: Asking Skye to move into a first-rate hotel -- that makes me a villain?

Skye: Oh, it's sort of like a permanent time-out -- isn't that right? -- To make me pay for all my evil misdeeds.

A.J.: Not all of them, Skye. Just one.

Skye: Blackmail?

A.J.: Get real. Blackmail was great. Isn't that right, Dad? Sitting back, watching Skye outfox Grandfather. It was a thrill. It's a little vicarious, but, hey --

Skye: Then what's the problem?

A.J.: Don't you get it? Skye, in a matter of weeks, you pulled off the one coup that Dad can only dream of. You seized control from Grandfather. You took away his power. That's why he helped you. He wanted to feel like a winner, so your triumph could be his. It had nothing to do with this father-daughter thing.

Alan: That isn't true.

A.J.: Oh, really? And when did you get mad? When did you get upset? When she cut you out of the loop, and you realized that you weren't part of the team, you were just the mascot. You hate that. So what do you do? You punish her because she took the one prize you've always wanted.

Skye: What prize?

A.J.: Grandfather's respect. That's why you're tossing Skye out -- because she won. And you never will.

Edward: Hold on, old boy. You've got the family right now where you want them. As soon as they see you like this, they're yours. Won't be long. They're bound to show up. One of them, at the very least. And probably not Skye, which is -- which is just as well because I'm not sure she'd -- she'd try to save you. Possibly A.J. He lives in this hotel. He'll have to come back eventually. Monica, maybe. Oh, she wouldn't have any reason to be here. And of course, Ned just -- Ned just doesn't care. No, Alan will probably be the one. He's surely found out by now. Not that he'd hurry to get down here, no. Unless -- unless his mother sent him. And Lila will. Unless she's still more angry than worried. In which case a -- a stranger would do, hmm? A maid, perhaps. You could give her a nice bonus. Really anyone -- a guest who happens by. A security guard. Yeah, they make rounds, don't they? That's what you pay them for, isn't it? Anyone. The sooner, the better. Someone, anyone, please. Hmm.

Alan: Does my father admire me? Not a bit. Do I wish that he did? Absolutely. Did -- did I get a rush when you got the best of him? I think I did. You were my last hope, Skye. I couldn't keep Jason in the house. And now Emily’s gone.

A.J.: You've pretty much given up on me.

Alan: And you always got the short end of the stick. I favored Jason when he wanted nothing to do with me. And Emily -- I showered her with love and attention. And you got nothing.

Monica: But you have spent years making amends for this.

Alan: Your mother's right. And I thought that we had turned a corner a while back.

A.J.: Maybe we did.

Alan: A.J., I know this is probably too little and too late, but you need to know that I have always loved you. No matter what. Whether you believe me or whether you don't.

Skye: Hey, I hate to break up this tender father-son scene, but I'm the one getting kicked out here.

Alan: Well, it just doesn't seem to be working, us all living under the same roof, so we better try something else.

Skye: Well, speak for yourself, Daddy.

Alan: Oh, Skye, how I wish I'd been there the moment you were born. I wish that I could have been there to be your father, to take care of you, and to love you. I couldn't, I didn't. I'm sorry. That's life. All we've got is today and, if we're lucky, tomorrow.

Edward: Snap out of it, old man. Your family let you down again. And who knows when they'll arrive -- or if. By the time they finally realize, well, you could be long past -- no, no, no, no, no, no. I refuse to die in a useless heap on the floor in a hotel room. I refuse to die before I reclaim the company that I built from scratch. And I refuse to die until my family grovels for my forgiveness. In fact, I refuse to die at all. So, damn it, get up, old man! Just get up!

Courtney: What do you do?

Sonny: Work.

Courtney: Every day?

Sonny: Most days.

Courtney: What kind of work?

Sonny: I don't really -- I don't like to discuss my business.

Courtney: With anybody, ever?

Sonny: Only those directly involved.

Courtney: Okay.

Courtney: What about personal stuff? What kind of music do you listen to? Or do you ever dance?

Sonny: On occasion.

Courtney: What occasion?

Sonny: Well, I can't make you a list.

Courtney: Who do you dance with?

Sonny: Who's ever -- you know, who's ever around.

Courtney: Who's the last person ever that you danced with? Do you remember? Was she special?

Sonny: You need breakfast.

Courtney: You're doing the change-the-subject thing again, right? Where you going?

Sonny: Does Alexis keep anything good in the kitchen ever?

Courtney: Sonny, wait a second. I thought I was the one who's supposed to be asking the questions here. Sonny?

Kristina: This is extraordinary.

Stefan: That belonged to another Cassadine princess. Her hair was the color of fire, and she was known throughout Russia for her joie de vivre. She was irrepressible like you. Her name was Anya. Cherish your free spirit, Kristina. Never let it go.

Kristina: Promise you won't forget me.

Stefan: I'll keep you both in my heart, always.

Alexis: You can depend on that.

Alexis: So.

Stefan: So.

Alexis: You're really going to do this?

Stefan: Yes. This -- this reminds me of you.

Alexis: This is beautiful.

Stefan: Mm-hmm. So was the countess it belonged to. She was beautiful but terribly serious.

Alexis: You're making this up.

Stefan: No, no. Her name was Katya. And while her sisters were falling in love and marrying dukes and counts, she documented the plight of the Serfs.

Alexis: And the moral is?

Stefan: Stop worrying so much about everyone else, Alexis.

Alexis: Look who's talking.

Stefan: I want you to find happiness for yourself.

Alexis: I would never have survived my childhood without you.

Stefan: I doubt that.

Alexis: You kept my spirits up.

Stefan: As you did mine.

Alexis: Oh, the lives we used to dream about.

Stefan: That's my point. It's not too late for either one of us.

Alexis: I love you with all my heart. You go, be happy.

Stefan: I will.

Gia: Wife means equal partner, all right? I'm not somebody you can just order around. I will say what I want when I want, and if the truth needs to be told, then I will tell it.

Nikolas: The truth is, Gia, my uncle had no life. He had to protect me, teach me how to be a good person. I have the ability to love because of that man. I can love you, build a life and a future for us together because of him. Now, I have the opportunity to give him the same thing back by setting him free.

Stefan: Gia? Something I would like you to have.

Gia: Sure.

Stefan: These are the keys to Wyndemere. Every key to every room.

Kristina: Even the secret ones?

Stefan: Yes. I'd be honored if you'd accept them.

Stefan: Anything you want to do with the place is fine. All I want is your happiness.

Gia: And we want yours.

Nikolas: So this is good-bye.

Stefan: I will visit from time to time.

Nikolas: I'm counting on it.

Stefan: Good-bye for now, Nikolas.

Nikolas: You go find that freedom and that happiness that you gave me. You find that fast.

Stefan: "Quickly." Find it "quickly."

Nikolas: Whatever you say. Thank you. You gave me my own life. You go find yours, okay?

Stefan: I will. I promise.

Alexis: Call me a realist, but if you're going to take a commercial airline like the rest of us, you're going to miss your plane.

Stefan: They fly on schedules?

Kristina: He's kidding, right?

Alexis: I hope so.

Stefan: All right.

Stefan: Come here, baby. It's all right.

Nikolas: Go. Godspeed, okay? Go.

Alan: I've given you my reasons. I've been as honest with you as I can be.

Skye: So you want me gone?

Skye: So that's it. I'm out of the family.

A.J.: No, you're not.

Alan: I'm a terrible parent.

Monica: Don't take this out on yourself.

Alan: I've ignored my responsibilities. I blamed everybody else except myself. And now my children are paying the price.

Monica: They're not the only one.

A.J.: Skye, move in with me.

Skye: Yeah, right.

A.J.: No, look, I know where you are right now. I have felt the same pain a thousand times. All you want is to be loved, accepted, understood.

Skye: Yeah. I really thought that Alan was getting there.

A.J.: Yeah, well, Dad may never get it right. I will. I already am.

Skye: When did you get to be so sure of yourself?

A.J.: I only pretend to be the screw-up. You didn't know that?

Skye: Pretty good at it.

A.J.: Thank you. Seriously, I can give you what you want. I can give you a real family. I want to. You don't have to be alone.

Roy: Guilt!

Melissa: No more.

Roy: Trying to fix other people's families.

Melissa: Never again.

Roy: Trying to reason with old man Quartermaine.

Melissa: Can't be done.

Roy: Look at that. You did it. Look at that. He's, like, drooling. Feel better?

Melissa: Yeah.

Roy: Good.

Melissa: Ouch.

Roy: Except for that part.

Melissa: Yeah. Let's go home.

Roy: Actually, I was going to do a couple more sets of curls there.

Melissa: Let's go home.

Roy: Yeah, let's go home.

Melissa: Okay.

Roy: Doing all that will help you -- hey, man.

Taggert: It's important.

Roy: No problem.

Melissa: Cheer up, Taggert.

[Melissa sighs]

Melissa: Let me guess. Undercover work. You got to go now?

Roy: Yeah, but I'll be back as soon as I can.

Melissa: Is it dangerous?

Roy: Not at all.

Melissa: Swear?

Roy: I swear.

Melissa: Will you call me when it's done?

Roy: I will.

Melissa: Okay. I'm just going to do another million or so and then I'm going home.

Roy: Okay. I'll see you when I get there, okay? Give me your best shot. Come on. That's good, see? That's better. Ow.

Melissa: Okay.

Edward: Now, perhaps we spoke a bit rashly when -- when we said we have no reason to live. I didn't mean it. I was exaggerating for -- for pure effect. And, yes, also feeling a bit sorry for myself. If that's not allowed, I apologize. But I simply cannot leave now. My family needs me. I'm the only one of the lot who has any sense. Who else can keep them from ruining their lives? Just between us, for some reason, those ingrates matter to me. And -- I don't want to leave them, especially Lila, my heart. So you see, now is not really an appropriate time for me to –

Courtney: What are you doing with that?

Sonny: You know what Alexis -- she keeps in the -- she has, like, good champagne, one onion, and this thing right here. I don't know.

Courtney: Do you know what that is?

Sonny: Well, not really, but I'm about to find out, I'll tell you that.

Courtney: Wait. No, wait.

Sonny: What?

Courtney: That's Kristina’s.

Sonny: Well, I don't think she'll mind, right?

Courtney: I mean, for her face. It's, like, organic seaweed or volcanic lava.

Sonny: She keeps this in the refrigerator?

Courtney: To keep stuff from growing on it.

Sonny: Oh.

Courtney: It's not poison, but I think it's alive. Something like yeast or compost.

Sonny: So, what sounds good?

Courtney: How about the champagne in the fridge?

Sonny: How about I take you to lunch?

Courtney: Okay.

Sonny: All right.

Gia: So, this is it -- Spoon Island in winter. No Paris, bounding for Europe without a care?

Nikolas: We'll have Europe. We'll have anything you want. Not tomorrow, but soon, I swear. You know, we're not tied down to Wyndemere or any other place anymore. I promise you, I will make you happy.

Gia: I believe you.

[Knock on door]

Melissa: Edward -- Edward -- Edward? Edward, come on, come on. Edward, wake up, wake up.

Melissa: Oh, my God.

Melissa: Call 911. I need an ambulance. I need paramedics up in Mr. Quartermaine's room immediately. Edward. Come on, come on. Come on. Here we go.

Skye: Thank you, A.J. But I've been alone all my life. I'm brilliant at it.

A.J.: Whatever you say.

Skye: And if I get lonely, I've got a huge corporation to keep me warm.

A.J.: Yeah, well, I don't think E.L.Q. will keep you as warm as you think. Believe me, I know.

Skye: I'll take my chances. Daddy, you're off the hook. Your burden has vanished.

Alan: It doesn't have to be this way.

Skye: It's done.

Alan: Skye, wait, please.

Alice: The hotel just called.

Alan: It's father.

Alice: A heart attack.

Monica: Oh, my God.

Alan: Oh –

Melissa: 12, 13, 14, 15 -- come on, you old coot. You hang in there.

Melissa: Come on. Co on, Edward. Come on, my friend. Two -- come on, hang in there.

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