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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy if his dad is saying this then he is changing his story again. Steffy says it is no story. He says yes, he blacked out and then he remembered it. Bill tells Taylor again that she looks like she could use a drink. It can dull the pain but maybe she likes that as it means she is alive like he felt previously. She keeps saying she cannot go to prison because of him. He says for now he will be keeping that information of her shooting him to himself. Steffy keeps trying to convince Liam that he did not remember all the facts and he did not shoot his father. She would not tell him this if it were not true. Liam says maybe not but Bill would say anything to get her. Taylor asks Bill what is his price for his silence. He says it is he that has the bargaining power, not Taylor. Then she says he needs to apologize for what he did to Steffy. He corrects her and says what he did with her, not to her. Even Steffy said it was consensual. Taylor keeps on that he is a rich and powerful man so Steffy could not fight against that. Steffy keeps quizzing Liam on exactly what he remembered after seeing his father through the window proposing to her. He leads her step by step and she says it was very windy and tree branches were breaking and falling. He got hit or fell over a branch and hit his head yet he is saying he was able to wait and follow Bill home through this fog. He asks her then how about the gun that he remembers picking up and shooting. She says again without saying who, but that it was not Liam.

Bill tells Taylor that it is time for a mother to let a grown woman like Steffy make her own future. He says he did not destroy Steffy’s marriage. Appropriate is not for everyone and that night Steffy chose him. And if Liam does not want her now then he does. Liam asks if it is possible that his dad is just letting him off the hook. If he did not shoot him then what happened all that time he is missing. He needs to see his father. She hugs him and says she will always believe in him. Taylor goes to see Steffy and says she will not stay with her. She has done enough for one night. Taylor laments that she will keep a low profile and Steffy does not need to know where she is. But Taylor chides her for Bill being in love with her and what she is going to do about that. Liam sees his father and Bill says maybe he wanted to hurt him so bad that he dreamed or thought all of this up but it never happened. But he is positive it never happened and Liam needs to know that. And he is going to give him his solid oath that Liam did not put a bullet in him. Liam looks relieved and finally believes that it wasn’t him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas ran into Vivian at the pub.  She brought up how he was upset.  She asked if it had to do with Chloe taking the job offer.  He wanted to know how she knew about it.  Miguel met Chloe at Dougís Place.  He wanted to know what she decided about the job offer.  Ciara ran into Wyatt.  She reminded him that he used her for why she was mad at him.  He told her that he didnít mean to hurt her.  He said he really cared about her.  She was focused on her phone.  She told him that she was mad at the guy who cost her the contest.  Tripp called Theo and asked if he helped Claire cheat at the contest.  Claire showed up and overheard him.  She confronted him about accusing her of cheating.  He told her why he suspected that she cheated.  She said that she didnít cheat.  He wanted to know if she was hiding something.  When she didnít answer, he said he would call Theo back.  She said she asked Theo to help her.  Brady told Eve that he wanted to take her to dinner.  She said she didnít want to go and she didnít want him in her life.  He told her that she was off the hook.  He said that she can get out of the date, but he wouldnít be out of her life.  She told him to sell her the magazine, but he wouldnít do it.  He said he knew she didnít want him out of her life.  Chloe asked Miguel if his employer was Kate.  He said he never heard of her.  She was surprised that Kate was telling the truth.  He wanted to know if she was taking the offer.  She turned down the offer.  He was disappointed.  He thought his boss would really be disappointed.  He wanted to know what made her turn him down.  She said Lucas did.  Lucas wanted to know what Vivian knew about Kate and Chloe.  She said she heard things.  He asked if Kate made the job offer.  Vivian said she overheard Kate and Chloe talking about it.  She offered him her drink.  Paul asked Leo about Vivian.  Paul told him that Vivian had a vendetta against the Kiriakis family for years.  Paul said he wanted to know what Vivian is up to.  Eve kept telling Brady that she didnít want him.  He said she did.  He said he wanted to fix things between them.  She said she didnít trust him.  She didnít think she would ever trust him again.  He asked if anyone has ever given her a second chance.  He said they could get over anything.  He told her that he was going to rig the contest, but he didnít because he wanted to do it in good faith.  She thought that he rigged it.  He thought she was afraid to give it another shot because she was afraid of her feelings for him.  She said he was wrong.  He wanted her to look at him and tell him that she didnít want this to work.  He swore he would walk away for good if she could do it. 

Ciara told Wyatt how she lost the vote.  He told her that he voted for her.  Tripp ripped into Claire for cheating at the contest.  She tried to defend herself to him.  She made it seem as if everything was Ciaraís fault.  They got back on the subject of the contest.  She said that she deserved to win.  He said she didnít win.  She said she did.  Eve told Brady that she was afraid of getting hurt if she did forgive him.  He said that he couldnít promise her that he wouldnít hurt her again.  Vivian thought that Lucas was afraid that Chloe was going to hurt him.  When Vivian was about to order him a drink, Maggie walked in and wanted to know what she was doing.  Chloe told Miguel that Lucas didnít want to stand in her way, but he would be upset if she left.  Miguel thought that Lucas was selfish.  She said he was supportive.  She said the timing of the offer was a problem.  He asked if she would have accepted the offer if Lucas werenít a factor.  She said she would have.  He said to call him if she had second thoughts.  Maggie ripped into Vivian for trying to get Lucas a drink.  Maggie asked him if he was all right.  He told her that he and Chloe were seeing each other again.  He told her about the offer Chloe got from Miguel.  He told her that he suspected Kate of coming up with the offer.  Maggie wanted to know where he was.  He said he told Chloe to take the offer and now they were over before it started.  Maggie thought it was a selfless thing to do.  She thought that Chloe might turn down the offer.  Leo told Paul that he worked at Titan.  Paul was surprised that he worked at Titan while he was seeing Sonny.  Leo told him that they broke up.  Paul wanted to know what Vivian wanted.  Leo didnít know.  Leo wanted him to stop following him.  Brady told Eve that he would be honest with her about everything.  He said he would treat her well.  She said she couldnít be fooled again.  He asked her for another chance.  He said she wouldnít regret it.  She said she would give him another chance.  Vivian and Leo met to talk.  He told her about Paul asking him a bunch of questions.  Paul sent Kate a text that he had information about Vivian.  Tripp was convinced that Claire cheated to win the contest.  She said that Theo didnít want to hurt Ciara so he turned her down.  Tripp didnít believe her.  She told him to call and ask him.  Ciara was shocked that Wyatt voted for her.  Tripp found out that Claire didnít cheat.  She said she won fair and square because of him.  She thought about how Wyatt approached her about the contest.  Ciara showed Wyatt her motorcycle.  She wanted to give him a ride.  Miguel called his boss and told the person that Lucas was the reason why she turned down the job.  Miguel said to consider him eliminated.  Lucas met Chloe and thought she took the job offer.  She kissed him. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna, Emma, and Robert all go to the final boarding school on their list. The headmistress shows up and Anna convinces her to give them a personal tour. Anna fakes being dizzy in order to stay behind and check to find out of Henrik went to the school. She finds information that leads her to believe he did when Emma, Robert, and the head mistress come back in. Emma thinks she has seen enough of the school. Anna asks Emma in the hallways why she would have them leave. Emma tells her she found something in the library about a boy named Henri Francois that went to the school at the same time Henrik would have gone. Anna thinks she cracked the code. Nina and Maxie have lunch when Maxie has Peter show up so the three can get to know one another. Nina gives him a recap of her life and then tries to find out more about him. He skates around giving any real answers though. Nina ends up leaving and claims she doesn’t have an issue with Peter.

Kiki tries to get out of going on rounds with David that day because she wants to be there for Ava. David understands but tells her that she has to learn to work around grief if she wants to be a doctor. Kiki questions if he is doing this because she turned him down. David tells her to get over that and grow up. He demands she follow him if she wants to continue on the right track. Franco and Elizabeth discuss what they can do with the names of the other boys that Jim abused. Franco is not sure yet. Elizabeth thinks that is fine. Curtis tries to get Jordan to tell him if Peter is in witness protection. Jordan makes a call. Curtis gets Nina to come down to the station and he informs her that Peter really could be dangerous but she cannot lead him to believe that she thinks that. Nina admits she might have already done that.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil returns home and isn't happy that he wasn't told about Hamilton Winters new business ventures but after going to visit Victir he dehides the fireplace poker cides that Devon had to run things while he was away and he is fine with everything except he demands that Hilary work from her studio not the Hamilton Winters offices. Neil is also shocked to learn that Devon and Hilary had a contract hides because they planned to hae a baby together. Paul searches the bedroom Victoria shared with JT and finds what Victiria thinks is Victior's tablet hidden in the bedroom closet. Phylis arrives with Billy to support Victiria because of her break up with JT and Phyllis hides the fireplace poker from Paul but not before Billy touches it. Phyllis also finds JT's cell phone and hide it from the police. Phyllis calls Victria later to tell her she threw the fireplace poker in the lake and she dumpted the cell phone in a dumpster by the airport. Nikki persudes sharon to help her carry the heavy rug and they throw it in the incinerator at the ranch. Kyle calls an emergancy board meeting at Jabot to try to get a vote on the company going public before Jack is released from jail and Ashley almost has to use the blood Abbott clause to stop the vote but Jack arrives just in time to stop the vote himself.

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