The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/15/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie has a good date with Thorne while Bill tries his best to entertain Will who is ignoring Bill and only interested in his video games. Thorne thinks Katie is probably thinking about Will. She says no he is fine with Bill. Liam kisses Hope and asks if it is okay that he is here. She says they are engaged. He says he means here in this cottage while Ridge is just over there in the big house. He says it feels different like a new era for them. She says it is, now they will have children. They begin to get intimate. Katie is about to guide Thorne to her bedroom when Bill calls. He whispers low that Will is not interested in his cars or toys anymore and wants to come home. Katie says Bill is not his babysitter now. He is Will’s dad and this will work out if he gives it a little time. Bill says no, come and get him now. Katie says she will pick him up tomorrow and hangs up, telling Thorne it was a minor interruption but Will is going to be okay. She apologizes and he says she always has to focus on Will, he would expect nothing else. He confesses he is in love with her which shocks her. He doesn’t want to tell her; he wants to show her. He kisses her and takes her by the hand but they do not get out of the room when Bill is knocking on the door with Will in tow, glad to be home.

Katie takes Will and says get on his jammies and she will get him ready for bed. She throws a meaning look at Thorne. Bill stays and has a few words for Thorne that he doesn’t know what he had in store before they arrived but Thorne will have to think otherwise. Will’s best interest is at stake and always will be. He takes great pains in blowing out a dozen glowing candles. Thorne says he was invited; why is Bill here. Thorne tells Bill that he has a great kid and he knows Will loves him but he needs him too. Katie comes back down and Thorne says he will see her tomorrow. She asks Bill what happened. He says he and Will do not know each other. Things are different now but she pushed for this. She says she knows as she has looked at Will many times lately and wonders where her baby went. She tells him how many times Bill talked about his own father being distant….do not become his father. Bill says his son will inherit a great life. She says that is not good enough. She reminds him the most valuable thing he can give Will is himself. Liam and Hope lay by the fire and he says they do not have to say their vows for him to make her a promise right now. He bends down and talks to Hope’s baby bump.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve wanted Brady to forgive Victor. Brady didnít understand why Eve was defending Victor. Brady wanted to know why she wanted him to forgive a man that she canít stand. Jennifer told Eric about her fight with Eve. He wanted to know why they were arguing. She told him they argued over Nicole. Eric assured her that she was the one he wanted. She had a hard time telling him something. Brady insisted that he was finished with Victor. Eve continued to convince Brady to forgive him. Will showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and saw Paul with Sonny. Paul told him that he knew what happened with Leo. They talked about what happened. Paul refused to tell on Will and Sonny when Will asked if he would tell on them. Sonny asked Will if he could get the money from Kate. Will told them that Kate was sleeping with Ted. Kate didnít want Ted to blackmail Will. Ted reminded her about what she did to Sonny. He lost money because Leo died and he wanted to collect. She asked him again if he would stop blackmailing Will.

Sonny wanted to know if Kate was working with Ted. Will didnít believe she was working with him. Will told then that Kate told him that she would handle it. Ted told Kate that he wouldnít stop the blackmail. Doug and Julie showed up when Eric wanted to know what Jennifer meant about Nicole. Eve and Brady ran into Maggie and Victor at Dougís place. Brady wondered if Eve and Victor set up the meeting. Brady asked him why he didnít let him handle Theresa. Maggie told him that he didnít know the entire story. Brady cut her off and told Victor that he was only thinking about forgiving him. When Brady and Eve left, Victor thanked Maggie for not telling Brady about Eve. Kate threw Ted out of her room. Paul wanted to investigate Ted, but Will wanted to see what Kate would do. Eve thanked Brady for trying to forgive Victor. Brady wondered if he should apologize to Eric. Eve didnít think he should say anything. Brady agreed to keep quiet, but he wanted to get Nicoleís confession out of Victorís safe. Paul apologized for thinking Will cheated. Will assured Paul that heís the only man that he loves. Brady wanted to destroy the tape.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Mike overhears Carly and Sonny talking about facilities to put him in. He walks downstairs and suggests they all go out. Carly offers to take him out. They go to Charlies. Elizabeth and Franco are there and are talking about Cam’s shop lifting. Kim shows up and is glad that Kiki won the case. Franco is happy too after he almost screwed things up. Julian walks over and they all talk for a bit. Carly shows up and she talks with Franco for a minute thanking him. Elizabeth then tells Carly that she thinks that Joss is shoplifting. Carly doesn’t believe her. Mike is talking with Julian who tries to get info out of him. Carly gets him before that happens. They go back home where Mike finds clothes in his closet. They are Joss’ though. Carly looks at them and finds the tags.

Kristina shows up at Sonny’s house. She realized that she needed to be around her family right now. She is doing well with Parker and is a bartender now. Alexis has Molly and Sam come over and they celebrate. Kristina shows up and Alexis is happy to see her. She has to go to a meeting though. She will see her later. Sam wants to know what is wrong. Kiki confronts Ava. Ava throws her out after they fight. Ava is left by herself. Griffin is put on suspension for making the paternity test.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael told Phyllis that Lauren wanted him to find a legal way to end Fenmore's contract with Jabot. Phyllis promised to address Lauren's concerns so the business partnership could remain intact. Victor and Nick debated about balancing work and family time. Nick said he was putting his family first, but then a business call interrupted his time with Sharon. Sharon encouraged Nick to go handle the business issue, and he did. Victor told Sharon about the difficulties of building a successful company. Summer mulled over the news that Phyllis slept with Nick. Summer quizzed Nick and Sharon about marriage. Kyle told Summer to stop looking for unavailable men and figure out what she really wanted. Phyllis showed Lily kindness when they discussed Lily's guilt over Hilary's death. Phyllis asked Summer to help her convince Billy to scale back his business plans so that he didn't end up facing a legal battle with Lauren. Summer accused Phyllis of stabbing Phyllis in the back. Summer and Phyllis argued, and Summer revealed that she knew Phyllis cheated on Billy.

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