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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope confronts Brooke and says she knows it sounds worse than it really is. Bill did kiss her in gratitude but she pulled away and made sure he will not do it again. Bill spends more time with Will and tries to explain making investments even if they are talking about a sandwich. Then he tells Will that someday when he is old enough he will have his own power sword necklace. Thorne asks Katie about Will and is not quite in line with her letting Bill see Will anytime he wants to. He questions her and she says she has not changed her mind but Bill is making the effort so she is encouraging that. And then she wants to tell him something but makes him promise not to tell. Apparently Ridge encouraged the judge to rule in her favor, he owed him a favor. Ridge could get in a lot of trouble even go to prison so they need to keep this a secret. But for that she is going to give Bill full access to their son. Thorne looks at it that the judge knew all the facts and would have judged her way anyway. She says this sounds like something Bill would do but that does not make it right. Thorne says Ridge did the wrong thing but for the right reasons.

Quinn and Eric share their lunch with Charlie and Pam in the living room. After Pam makes a comment about the original portrait on the wall, Eric says Stephanie was there for years, of course, but now it is Quinn’s place and he likes it. Charlie put something together on his I-pad and wants to share it with Pam – pictures of the two of them on many occasions. She loves it. He says he loves her, his little lemon bar. And speaking of lemon bars, Pam checks on them cooling before frosting and pops one in Charlie’s mouth and chagrined he spits out a ring for her. He says it is an engagement ring. She thinks it is beautiful and him the sweetest man on this earth. He asks if he can be her knight in shining honor. He wants her to do him the honor of being his wife. Bill calls Katie and says he is driving Will home but he needs her to do him a favor and track down Brooke. Ridge tells Hope that he and Brooke are good as long as she stays away from Bill. Brooke has lunch at Il Guardino and Bill walks up. She tries to stop him but he sits down anyway. It’s all good, he says he has spent the whole morning with Will and he knows he did it with Brooke’s help. She says he just needs to thank Katie not her. He says she is a hell of a woman and he is lucky to have her in his life. Thorne tells Ridge that he knows what he did and why the judge ruled in Katie’s favor. Ridge tells him to keep this a secret but just know whatever it takes that he wants Spencer out of their lives.



Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ talked to Chad about whatís going on with Abby. JJ thought Abby could be getting set up to look like her altars were back. Gabi drugged a cup of tea and struggled to hide the evidence when Abby showed up. Stefan went to see Jennifer about Abby. Jennifer wanted Stefan to leave Abby alone. Stefan wondered if Gabby was the one controlling everything. Ciara wanted to know why Claire and Ben shook hands. Hope thought Ben planted the evidence against himself. Rafe was surprised that Ben would frame himself. Hope explained her theory to Rafe. She thought Ben was trying to frame her. Hope was thankful that Rafe double-checked the evidence against Ben. Claire told Ciara that she was trying to get Ben a job. Chad wondered why JJ thought Abby was set up. JJ explained how Abby was set up. Chad didnít know who would set her up. JJ thought it could be Stefan or Gabi. Abby confronted Gabi about her suspicions. Gabi tried to deny the accusations. Abby drank the drugged tea while they were talking. Rafe wanted to get a confession from Ben, but Hope wanted to wait. Tripp and Ciara were surprised that Ben wanted to work at the cafť. Ben told them that he needed a job. Stefan wondered if Jennifer thought Abbyís altars were back. Jennifer refused to answer him. Jennifer got mad at him because she thought that Stefan wanted her altars back. She finally admitted that Chad found a black wig. JJ told Chad about Gabi taking long to forgive Abby. Chad had trouble believing it so JJ reminded him how Gabi acted when he was with Melanie. Gabi tried to convince Abby that she was helping her, but she didnít believe her. Abby passed out so Gabi grabbed a wig.

Hope wanted to get solid proof before she brought Ben in for questioning. She wanted to let Ben think he had the upper hand before they nailed him. Ciara apologized to Ben for throwing him out. Jennifer didnít want Stefan to say a word about what she told him. Jennifer yelled at Stefan for being happy that Abby was sick. Gabi took Abby to the DiMera mansion. She put the wig on Abby and changed her clothes. Ben decided that he didnít want to work with Claire anymore because he didnít like lying to Ciara. Claire threw up in Benís face that Ciara was having sex with Tripp. She thought she belonged with Tripp and he belonged with Ciara. Stefan wanted to be there for Abby, but Jennifer wanted him to leave her alone. Stefan wanted to be there for his child. Jennifer threw him out of her house. Chad wanted Abby to get help. Rafe and Hope showed up just after Claire told Ben they had to work together. Hope wanted to apologize to Ben. JJ went hoe and Jennifer told him about her conversation with Stefan. Gabi went back to the Kiriakis mansion and ransacked the living room. She hit herself in the head with a tray. Hope apologized for arresting Ben. He wanted to put everything behind him. Abby wondered why she was at the mansion. Stefan saw her on the couch. Chad found Gabi on the floor and said Abby attacked her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Spencer comes to Sonny’s house to visit Joss. Joss is happy to see him and they talk about Oscar. Spencer wants to be there for her in her time of need. Joss comes up with a plan. Oscar and Cam are talking on his birthday at the park. Cam gets a call to come see Joss. She wants him to be her boyfriend. Sonny goes to see Drew about Margaux. He doesn’t want him to let her get to him.

Nina is worried that her daughter Sasha might have skipped out on her. Maxie promises it will be alright. Valentin finds Sasha in the lobby and convinces her to stay for breakfast. Nina and Sasha meet and Sasha decides to stay a few days on. Laura confronts Lulu about a picture of her and Peter at the film premier last night. Lulu doesn’t think it means anything. Laura warns her that this isn’t the best way to get Dante’s attention. Laura runs into Peter and tells him that she is all for giving him a second chance now knowing what he had to deal with. She tells Valentin he killed her son so she won’t be giving him one.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Mariah arrives home from her business trip with a present for Tessa and asks her to go on her next busines trip with her but she tells her she can't because she has to work hard to pay off the people she owes and she hopes to pay off her debt n a year. Mariah is bothered by Sharon's closeness toi Rey and Sharon assures her that she and Rey are just friends because she doesn't want a rebound relationship right now. Mariah talks to Rey and tells him that Sharon is vulnerable and she isn't ready for a relationship right now. Jack invites everbody for an Abbott family breakfast and he says they should all forgive each other for the sake of perserving the family. Ashley apologizes to Billy for helping to cause his gambling relapseand she apologizes to Abby and Kyle for the hurt she caused them . Ashley makes it clear she will never apologize to Jack because he needed to be taught sa lesson. Kyle takes Billy aside and tells him he needs to talk to Summer because she needs to know where she stands with him. Billy talks to Summer who tells him they caould be great together and she is willing to help him with his recover. Billy tells Summer that in his recovery it is advised that he not hae a relationship for a year. Summer doesn't get the pointso Billy has to be a little tougher with her when Phyllis walks into the Jabot office he tells Sumer that he only slept with her to get revenge on Phyllis.

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