The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/12/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Reese tells Taylor that he was not turned off at all last night what she said at Steffy’s party. It is refreshing that she was able to lay her problems on the table and that she is working through them. He thinks it is regretful that Brooke caused her so much pain in her life and now she still wants to keep her away from her granddaughter. Xander doesn’t understand why Zoe is so against her dad being here. She says her parents were divorced very early on and since then he just drifts from one woman to another. She had hoped coming to L.A. would be just their place, not his. She is so grateful for this job at Forrester and she does not want to screw it up. She has bad feelings right now about her father. Xander says both Dr. Hayes and her dad are single and it might be a good thing for both of them. Brooke states it again that she does not think Taylor should be spending any time with or around Kelly. It does not matter if she is drinking again or not. She has talked to both Steffy and Taylor and they seem to think there is nothing wrong. Steffy specifies that Hope and Brooke cannot say anything to anyone. She knows her mother and she is not a killer. She is trying to get her life back on track. Both Hope and Brooke are just wrong if they think she is unbalanced. Liam won’t go so far as saying she is unbalanced but she does have some grey areas and he wants to watch out for those. Reese tells Taylor that he does not understand how anyone could be so cruel like she says Brooke is. He would like to help eliminate some of that stress for her.

Steffy keeps telling Liam that her mother needs the help and support of her family. That is crucial. He says it is not Steffy’s judgement that he is worried about. She follows through that all these veiled threats are volatile and will only get worse until they all leave Taylor alone. Brooke tells Katie and Donna there is something she can do. Hope jumps in and begs her not to say any more. She and Steffy are working hard trying to repair old wounds and this will just add fuel to the fire by attacking her mother. Zoe tells Xander when his dad zones into another woman there is no easing into it or holding him back. He will totally be into her. Xander kisses her and says it will be all right. Steffy keeps telling Liam that her mother was always there for her and now wants to be there for Kelly. She begs Liam to talk to Hope and if he can get through to her then she can get to Brooke. It has gone too far already and it needs to stop. Brooke tells Hope that Taylor can be dangerous and she is only trying to protect Hope's baby. Taylor tells Reese that she is grateful but she does not want to dump her problems on him. He finagles it around to get her to admit there is not a man in her life. She says she has been lonely at times but it has not been all bad. She has her family until that special someone comes along. Slowly he leans in and she allows him to kiss her.



Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric and Sarah tried to convince Maggie he should raise Holly. Brady went to Chloe and told her how Sarah wanted him to help Eric get Holly by telling Maggie he started the fight. Brady considered doing it because it’s what Nicole wanted. She gave him the letter from Nicole. Sonny told Justin and Adrienne about marrying Leo. Adrienne insulted Leo and he overheard her. She told him the family wouldn’t accept him. Justin tried to tell Leo about an agreement, but he refused to sign it. Sheila showed up to marry them. Will talked to Marlena about what’s going on with Sonny and Leo.

Leo explained how Sheila ended up being the one to marry him and Sonny. Marlena suggested Will go to the police. Will explained why they couldn’t go to the police. Marlena tried to make Will feel better about what’s going on with Leo. Brady read Nicole’s letter. He read the part where Nicole asked Chloe to raise Holly. Chloe wanted to talk to Maggie about it. Eric continued to convince Maggie he should honor Nicole’s last wish. Leo and Sonny’s wedding started. Leo wanted Justin to shake his hand, but he wouldn’t do it. He tried to get Adrienne to kiss his cheek, but she slapped him. Maggie finally agreed to let Eric raise Holly. Eric thanked Sarah for her help to get Holly. Maggie met with Chloe and Brady. Chloe showed Maggie the letter Nicole gave her. Sheila proceeded with the ceremony when someone showed up at the wedding.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lola's truck breaks down so she makes a deal with Sharon to have a pop up resturant inside Crimson Lights for the winter until she can raise enough money to fix her truck. Sharon is very happy with her decison when Lola deposits her share of the first day sales into her account. Abby tells Devon about her idea for a resturant /night club that is open twenty four hours . Devon likes the idea but he isn't happy that Abby wants Lola to be the Chef so he says no until she has a well known chef. Abby decides to get Lola to cater a private dinner for Devon at his penthouse hoping to get him to change his mind about the deal. Lolla cancelsa date witrh Kyle and gets Fen to be her waiter for this very important dinner but she has no idea about Abby's plans for her to be the chef of her new resturant if the dinner with Devon goes well. Jack is upset with Kerry for standing him up for their breakfast date and he accepts her apology fro getting caught up in work and forgetting the date. Kerry asks for a second chance to make things up to him but Jack just wishes her luck with her work. Cane and Charlie are both upset to see Reed talking to Mattie at the Ashby kitchen table but Charlie calms down and leaves them to talk . Cane isn't so understanding when he walks in and sees Reed and Mattie together and he treats Reed rudely telling him to leave because Mattie has to study for her final exams.. Mattie is upset with Cane and yells that Lily would have understood that she and Reed are just friends now and would never have treated Reed so rudely. Victoria tells Billy that Rey thinks Victor killed JT but she knows her father didn't do it. Victoria asks Billy not to say anything to Reed about it and Billy agrees although he thinks Victor could have killed JT. Victoria doesn't know that Reed was hiding and he overheard her talking to Billy about Victor and when Billy leaves Reed tells Victoria that she is a liar because she didn't tell him Victor killed JT.

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