Days Transcript Friday 5/20/05

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/20/05 - Canada; Monday 5/23/05 - U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Niki

Bonnie: This can't be happening. My baby arrested for attempted murder?

Mickey: Now, now, just stay calm.

Bonnie: Stay calm? Mickey, I'm standing in a courtroom waiting to find out what kind of future my daughter's going to have or if she's even going to have one.

Mickey: I know this is upsetting to you, Bonnie, but Tek had no choice. With Jan’s accusation on tape, he had to arrest Mimi.

Bonnie: Even though she's innocent. We all do agree she's innocent, don't we? Mickey, please. You've got to convince Mimi not to plead guilty. You can do that. You are her stepfather, and she looks up to you.

Mickey: I'll do my best. You know that.

Bonnie: Oh, Mimi, baby, baby, it's going to be all right, okay? Mickey, Belle, and I are here, honey.


Marlena: I'm ready. It is time for a break.

John: One more minute.

Marlena: You've been almost attached to that computer, and you've been about 48 hours drug-free. How do you feel?

John: A little shaky, but hanging in there.

Marlena: Mm. I'll pour you some tea.

John: You know, Doc, when I first realized I was hooked, I kept telling myself if you were here, I could beat this thing. And now you are, and I know that I will.

Marlena: We will. We will do this together.

Marlena: Mm. And we'll get all those boys home safe and sound. Then you can start looking for Sami. I must say, I don't like the fact that we haven't heard from her in so long.

John: Neither do I. Don't worry. I'll track her down.

[Doorbell rings]

Marlena: Well, I wonder who it is.

Marlena: Oh, Billie.

Billie: Marlena, hi.

Marlena: Hi.

Billie: Wow, it is so good to see you. You -- you look fantastic.

Marlena: Oh, stop.

Billie: I was so glad to hear that you were alive.

Marlena: I'm glad to see you. Come on in here.

Billie: Okay.

Marlena: Now, I guess you're here for news about your brother and the other boys, eh?

John: Hey, Billie.

Billie: Hi, John.

John: Good news -- the boys are in Marine protective custody. I'm just waiting for an update on when they'll be flown home.

Billie: Oh, that's wonderful. And Philip -- any news?

John: Afraid not.

Billie: Well, at least mom will have Lucas and Rex back, and that's good news, but that's not really why I'm here. I'm here to ask Marlena a favor.


Roman: Anything new?

Bo: No, not since Shane sent word that Shawn and the others are with the Marines.

Roman: Well, I should call Kate.

Bo: Yeah, I got to talk to Hope, too, but first, I want to wait till we have some kind of timeframe of when they'll be flown home.


Kate: Hello, Hope.

Hope: Ah. If you're here to talk to Bo to try and make excuses for your daughter's bad behavior, save your breath. Bo's furious at her, and so am I.

Kate: It's amazing how you blame everything that's wrong with your marriage on my daughter.

Hope: What's wrong is your daughter having sex with my husband when she knew damn well that he thought he was with me. What kind of woman sinks that low, Kate?

Kate: Ugh. I don't have time for this. I need to talk to Roman, because he's going to give me information on my sons.

Hope: Roman's back at work?

Kate: Yes, he and John are working around the clock to try to get information on the boys, and I just pray it's good news.


Philip: You're telling me Lucas is here, too?

Brady: Yeah, he was covering us from a distance when we came under fire, and he shot the bastard who double-crossed us.

Philip: Is he okay?

Shawn-d: Some rounds were exchanged, but I think so. I'm sure he was watching to see where we were being taken.

Rex: And right now, he's our only hope of getting out of here.


Tony: Well, I have plans for you and your alter ego Stan, also for the fourth musketeer.

Sami: "Fourth" musketeer? Why, Tony, I always thought there were only three.

Tony: Now it appears that Rex, Shawn, and Brady decided to bring a colleague along for this ill-conceived mission of theirs. As a matter of fact, he should be here any moment.

Sami: Well, who is it? Who else came to rescue Philip?

Tony: Well, what do you know? You're in luck. Why don't you see for yourself?

Sami: [Gasps] Lucas! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. What is he doing here? And -- and he saw me without my disguise on. Now he knows that I'm the one that set them up.

Tony: Imagine how awkward it will be for you when all of Salem knows.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.


Mimi: Mom... I'm fine, really.

Bonnie: No, baby, nothing about this is fine.

Mickey: Bailiff, could you please remove the handcuffs?

Belle: So how are you doing?

Mimi: Well... the holding cell smelled like a sewer, and... when they booked me... it was awful.

Belle: So has that changed your mind about pleading guilty?

Mimi: No. Not one bit.

Bonnie: Mimi, please. You --

Mimi: Mom. If I plead guilty, there's no trial, and then Rex doesn't find out that Jan was blackmailing me because I got rid of his baby.

Bonnie: Mickey, please talk her out of this. You can't let her throw her life away.

Mickey: Mimi, why would Rex want you to confess to something that you didn't do? You have to give me a chance to prove your innocence.

Man: All rise. Superior court of Salem is now in session. The Honorable Karen Fitzpatrick presiding.


Sami: Tony, listen to me. Lucas has seen me. My cover is blown.

Tony: Ha ha ha ha ha.

Sami: You think it's funny?

Tony: Would you relax? He can't see us. It's a one-way mirror.

Sami: A one-way --

Tony: Yes. We can see them, but they can't see us.


Rex: Dude, we just got to get out of here.

Brady: Lucas?

Rex: Lucas, what the hell --

Shawn-d: What the hell are you doing here, man?

Brady: Are you all right?

Lucas: I'm fine, I'm fine. It's damn good to see you, though.

Philip: You have some trouble finding the place?

Lucas: Yeah, right. It was a piece of cake.

Philip: Come here. It's good to see you, too, bro.

Lucas: You all right?

Philip: I'm fine. You shouldn't be here. None of you guys should be here.

Lucas: Yeah, wherever here is.

Rex: What are you looking at?

Lucas: I keep hearing voices on the other side of that glass in the corridor.

Brady: You know what? It's a 2-way mirror. Someone could be watching us right now.

Philip: I'm sure the place is bugged, too.

Rex: Hey, come on. Who do you think's responsible for this whole thing? I don't think it's the rebels.

Brady: Neither do I, but one thing's for sure -- that reporter Stan is definitely working for them.

Lucas: Yeah, I hit him. I know I did, man. I hope I got him good.

Brady: Hey, guys, I think we're be-- we're being held for ransom. Otherwise, they would have killed us by now.

Philip: Well, hold on a sec. Were there -- were there ever any ransom demands for me?

Shawn-d: No, not that we heard.

Rex: Yeah, something's not right about all this.

Philip: Yeah, I still can't believe you guys are standing here with me.

Rex: Well, don't thank us yet. We haven't exactly saved you.

Lucas: Yeah, and I don't know how we're going to do that now.

Shawn-d: Unless...

Philip: Unless what?

Shawn-d: Well, there are five of us, right? So why don't we just break this mirror? We'll take out whoever's on the other side.

Sami: Damn you, Tony. You knew that Lucas was here all along, didn't you? Why didn't you tell me?

Tony: I didn't think you'd care.

Sami: Of course I care, and you know it. I love Lucas, and I do not want to see him get hurt.

Tony: Well, if that's true, then you're a damn fool.


John: So why don't you make yourself at home? I'll keep trying to get an update on the guys.

Marlena: Thank you, sweetheart.

Marlena: May I pour you some tea?

Billie: Yes, thank you. That would be very nice. Uh... I don't know if you've heard, but Abby Deveraux was in a car accident.

Marlena: [Gasps] Oh, my word. Is she all right?

Billie: Oh, yes, she's okay. She's going to be fine, thank God. But she was with her best friend Chelsea, and Chelsea’s parents. Now, Chelsea’s going to be okay, too, but... she lost both her parents in the accident.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, no.

Billie: Yeah, I-I know, I know, and I know that you've done some grief counseling, and I was wondering if you'd be willing to talk to her -- to Chelsea.

Marlena: Of course I would. Billie, how did you get involved in this?

Billie: It was just -- thank you -- it was just a total fluke. I just happened to be one of the first people at the scene of the accident, and, um... I promised Chelsea’s mother that I would take care of her if... and -- and I'm going to. She's just a teenager. She's all alone in the world now. She's got no one to take care of her.

Marlena: I'm not sure that's true. She seems to have you.


Bo: Damn it. There's still nothing.

Roman: Well, if the marines got 'em, we know they're safe.

Bo: Yeah, but I want to tell Hope when they're coming home. She -- she blames me for Shawn being there in the first place.

Roman: She blames you?

Bo: Yeah -- that's another long story. There's a lot you don't know.

Roman: Well, you did tell me that you and Billie spent a lot of time together looking for your missing daughter.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Roman.

Roman: Hey.

Hope: Oh. It is ever so good to see you. My gosh.

Roman: Well, it is good to be seen. I suppose my wife filled you in.

Hope: Well, actually, Jack and Jennifer told me. But please, tell me -- is Tony really dead? Really.

Roman: There's no way he could have survived, not the way that building collapsed during the fire.

Hope: Roman, I am so sorry that you went through all of that. I still haven't seen Marlena, and John must be on cloud nine.

Roman: Yeah, with Doc back, you bet he is.

Kate: Yes, we're all very grateful.

Roman: Unfortunately, Tony wasn't the only one who died during that fire.

Hope: Roman, I am so sorry. Your mom and Victor -- to think they were alive all that --

Bo: Hold on, hold on. You knew about this?

Hope: You had disappeared with Billie again, and when I found you, you were nearly being gassed. Bo, I am so sorry. I really am so sorry.

Bo: No, no, no. It's okay. I understand. A lot's been going on. Listen, I got some good news about the boys.

Hope: What? What happened?

Kate: They found them? They're all right?

Bo: Yes, they did find them. They're okay. The Marines have them in custody.

Hope: Oh, are you -- oh, my God. Thank God.

Bo: Yeah, thank God.

Kate: Is there any news about Philip?

Bo: No. I'm sorry.

Roman: Listen, why don't you and hope read the reports on the computer?

Hope: Oh, okay.

Roman: What the hell is this about you being nearly gassed to death? Now, come -- Kate didn't tell me about that. No wonder Hope's upset.

Bo: Well, you haven't heard the worst of it.

Roman: What are you talking about?

Bo: Hope found me... having sex with Billie.


Woman: Miss Spears said it was a vicious, deliberate, and unprovoked attack, and the serious nature of her injuries leads to no other conclusion.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Detective Kramer, do you believe Miss Spears was fully cognizant when she gave you her statement?

Tek: Yes, I do, your honor.

Judge Fitzpatrick: And you also confirm that the fake fingernail found on Miss Spears belonged to the accused Miriam Lockhart?

Tek: That's correct.

Mickey: Your honor, I intend to show that Miss Spears was not attacked by my client. Yes, the two women had a heated argument, but Miss Spears' injuries were the result of an accidental fall.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Mr. Horton, you'll have ample opportunity at a later date to make your case. The evidence cited by the prosecution is sufficient to bind Miss Lockhart over for trial.

Mimi: No! I don't want a trial. I am pleading guilty. It's true! I-I hate Jan Spears, and I did try to kill her.

Bonnie: Mimi, what are you doing?

[All yelling]

Judge Fitzpatrick: Order! Order in the court! Order!


Billie: I just feel so bad for her. I want her to be okay.

Marlena: At the same time, I think you should be very careful.

Billie: Careful of what?

Marlena: John told me what you and Bo have been through trying to find your daughter.

Billie: It's been a nightmare. I want so desperately to find her. I'm just afraid that it may never happen.

Marlena: Which is why you might become overly involved with Chelsea.

Billie: Well, I don't see her as a replacement for Georgia, if that's what you're suggesting.

Marlena: Good. Good. It's wonderful that you want to help this girl. But I'm afraid you may be setting yourself up for disappointment if she doesn't want you involved in her life, or if... she doesn't want your help at all.

John: Oh, man, come on. This can't be happening.

Marlena: What is it, John?

John: I got some new Intel on the guys.

Billie: And?

John: I'm sorry, Billie. It's not good news.


Roman: Let me get this straight -- you made love to Billie?

Bo: We were following a lead to find our daughter Georgia. We fell through these trap doors into this pit and were exposed to some kind of gas.

Roman: That sounds exactly like DiMera.

Bo: Yeah, the thing is is I started hallucinating. I thought Billie was Hope.

Roman: Oh, God.

Bo: Yeah, and guess who showed up.

Roman: Hope.

Bo: Along with Lockhart. She saw me with Billie.

Roman: But she knows you were under the influence of the gas.

Bo: Well, that's the thing. I was. Billie wasn’t. You see, I tried to plug the hole where the gas was coming out. I got a big whiff of it, so it affected me more than Billie. I fell down, cracked my head.

Roman: Wait a minute here. Are you telling me that Billie knew what she was doing?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. She thought we were going to die down there.

Roman: And Hope knows that Billie knew. Oh, man.

Bo: Yeah.

Roman: Well... as long as we are not holding back here, I got a confession to make. While Marlena and I were being held prisoner in that castle, there was a point in time where we didn't think we would ever get back. We thought we were going to end up dying there, so we turned to each other for comfort.

Bo: You mean...

Roman: We made love.

Bo: Does, uh... Kate and John know about this?

Roman: No, no, and we're not going to tell them. You know, Marlena and I are the only ones alive besides you who know what happened, and I've convinced her not to say anything.

Bo: Doesn't sound like Marlena. Are you sure she's not going to talk?

Roman: Well, I hope to hell she doesn't, because if she does, it could be the end of both our marriages.


Brady: Guys, stop. Seriously, seriously, stop, stop. If you break that glass, we don't know how many guards there are on the other side.

Lucas: Brady's right. We can't risk it. Put it down.

Shawn-d: So you want to sit around here and what, never act? I don't know about you, but I want to get out of here.

Philip: I want to get out of here, too. We all want to get out of here. Your problem, Shawn, is sometimes you don't think before you act.

Shawn-d: Okay, and some people never act, and they wind up dead.

Philip: Really? You know, it's too bad you don't have your motorcycle with you. You could just crash it through the mirror and set the bunker on fire.

Shawn-d: Oh, what, is that supposed to be funny?

Brady: All right, guys, guys, seriously, stop, stop.

Rex: Phil, like I said, this was all Shawn’s idea, coming to save you, all right?

Brady: And if we didn't come with him, he would have done this alone.

Philip: Shawn, is that true?

Shawn-d: Yeah, it's true.

Philip: Yeah? I bet I know why, too.

Belle: I told you, I never stopped loving you.


Sami: I am not a fool for loving Lucas, Tony.

Lucas: I love you, Sami, and I know that you love me, and we belong together. We belong together forever. I cannot wait to marry you and spend every single Christmas with you for the rest of our lives.

Sami: Lucas. We were going to be married, remember?

Tony: He turned his back on you. He said he didn't want to see or speak to you ever again. A man who loves you could never do that. No, he would want to find out what truly happened on the eve of your wedding -- or what didn't happen. But what about Lucas? Do you think he would even believe you if you tried to explain to him that his mother set you up? No. We know it's true -- that she deliberately gave you and Brandon drugs so that you'd look like you slept together.

Sami: Well, that is exactly what did happen.

Tony: Yeah, but Lucas decided to believe his mother's lies over the trust of the woman he professed to love. Now... if I were you, I could never forgive Lucas for doing that. No, I'd want to put him with the rest of them and pay dearly for what he did to me.


[All yelling]

Judge Fitzpatrick: Order! Order! I want order in this court right now!

Mickey: I, uh, I apologize, your Honor, but this is a very painful experience for Miss Lockhart’s loved ones. Could I have a moment with my client, please?

Judge Fitzpatrick: I'll allow it, but be brief.

Mickey: Thank you, your Honor. Mimi, as your lawyer and as your stepfather, I have to tell you, you are making a huge mistake. You did not try to kill Jan Spears. Why are you insisting that you did?

Mimi: Don't you see? This is the only way I can stop Rex from finding out what I did. I refuse to put him through that kind of pain.

Belle: What, and you think it's going to make him feel better to see the woman that he loves in prison? He'll be devastated.

Mimi: Not as devastated as he'd be if he learns I killed his child.

Bonnie: Do you think I'm going to stand by and watch you throw your life away?

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge Fitzpatrick: Counselor, are you ready to proceed?

Mickey: I, uh... yes, your Honor.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Will the defendant please rise? Miriam Lockhart, you've been charged with attempted murder, a class "a" felony punishable by imprisonment. How do you plead?

Mickey: Not guilty.

Mimi: Guilty.

Bonnie: Shut your trap, Mimi.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Counselor, I thought you settled this.

Mimi: We have. I am pleading guilty, and that's final.

Mickey: As your lawyer, I can't allow that, Mimi.

Mimi: Well, then, I'm sorry, Mickey, you're fired.


Bo: Okay, you and Marlena were shackled together in a room. You thought you weren't ever going to get out of there. I think if you level with John and Kate, they'll understand, but if they find out from someone else, they're not going to understand why you kept it a secret.

Roman: Look, we're keeping it a secret because we don't want to hurt them.

Bo: Well, I think they'll be hurt more if they think you didn't trust them with the truth.

Roman: You know what, little brother? I do appreciate your advice, but we know what we're doing.

Bo: Well... did you and Marlena fall in love again at that castle? Is that what you're afraid will come out?


Kate: Oh, thank God the boys are safe. Now if the Marines can just find and rescue Philip.

Hope: We just have to have faith that they will.

Kate: It was bad enough that Philip’s life was in danger, but when I think of my other two sons having their lives put at risk because of Shawn’s selfish behavior --

Hope: Selfish? Selfish?

Kate: Yes. Hope, we both know the only reason he went over there is because he wanted to make sure that he would be with Belle. He wanted to bring Philip back to Salem so belle could divorce Philip and the two of them could be guaranteed to be together.

Hope: Excuse me, Kate. Yes, okay? What Shawn and the others did was foolish, but you know what? I also happen to think it was very brave and noble.

Kate: Oh, it's noble for Shawn to come between my son and his wife?

Hope: Well, aren't we being a bit of a hypocrite? Bo is my husband, and you're doing everything to encourage Billie to break us up.


[Telephone rings]

Roman: Yeah. Commander Brady.

John: Roman, it's John. I got some new Intel coming in from the I.S.A. I think you better round up everybody and get on over here.

Roman: All right. We'll be right there. Let's get the girls.

Hope: Marlena, what a beautiful sight.

Marlena: Oh. I've missed you so.

Hope: You have no idea how much I missed -- what's Billie doing here?

Marlena: She's here on just some personal business.

Kate: Hi, baby.

Billie: Hi, mom. Hey. Hey, Roman.

Kate: John, Roman said that you had some news.

John: Just got word from Shane. The boys have escaped Marine custody.

Bo: What?

Hope: What happened?

John: Don't have any details, but apparently, they're off on their own again.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Bo: Damn it.

Kate: I don't believe it.

Roman: Any idea where they went?

John: No, not yet. I'm getting a delayed satellite feed. The time-lapse is because the I.S.A. lab was trying to enhance the video. I'll show you what I got.

Kate: I don't even know what I'm looking at. It's just all colors and shapes.

John: It's a thermo-numeric graphic.

Hope: What does that mean?

John: Well, from the approximate size and shape of the figures here, we can ascertain that there's Brady, Rex, and Shawn.

Kate: Well, what about Lucas? Isn't Lucas there?

John: Mm-hmm. Right up here in the distance. My guess is he's providing cover.

Roman: Wait a minute. There's somebody else there with Shawn, Brady, and Rex. Who is that?

John: Haven't been able to I.D. him. Hold on, hold on. We got more thermal images. Looks like they're -- they are -- damn it, they're being surrounded.

Kate: B-by who?

John: By rebel forces. That'd be my guess.

Hope: Oh, my God. Does that mean they're being recaptured?

Roman: Well, it sure as hell looks that way.

John: Whoever that fourth person is, appears he led them right into a trap.


Philip: I owe you an apology and my thanks. You came here out of concern for me.

Shawn-d: Yeah, well, we were all worried about you.

Philip: No, Shawn, it means a lot, especially after everything you and I have been through over Belle. When push came to shove, you still had my back, and you are still a good friend. I guess that also means you finally accepted my marriage to Belle, huh?

Shawn-d: Phil, actually, there's something you should know.


Tony: Lucas Roberts broke your heart. He took your son Will away. So, while he's still around, you'll never get to see him again.

Sami: No.

Tony: Well, what if Lucas happens to find another woman in his life? Will would then have a step mom. How many times do you think you'll get to see him then? And whose fault is that?

Sami: Kate’s.

Tony: Exactly. And what's the best way of getting at Kate than by taking those sons away from her? Except Austin, of course. And imagine poor John Black, losing his son Brady... and the pathetic Mimi Lockhart wondering whether Rex was going to come back to Salem, and then there's Bo and Hope Brady. Imagine the devastation they would feel if Shawn didn't come back home. No, Samantha. What you really want is for Lucas and the rest of them to pay dearly for what they did to you. But most importantly is to make sure Will gets out of the evil clutches of grandma Kate. Now, if you let me take care of the beloved sons of Salem in my own way, then you'll have it all. Payback... and a bright future with Will, a future you deserve. So what's it going to be? Do we have a deal?

Sami: No. No, I can't do it.


Judge Fitzpatrick: The next person who disrupts this proceeding will be removed from the courtroom.

Bonnie: But, your Honor, you can't let Mimi --

Judge Fitzpatrick: That means you, Mrs. Lockhart.

Bonnie: Horton.

Mickey: Bonnie, sit. Now. Now, you let me handle this.

Belle: Don't do this, Mimi. You're making a mistake.

Mimi: I've already made my mistake, and now I'm paying for it.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Ms. Lockhart, please tell me why you decided to dismiss your attorney.

Mimi: We obviously don't agree on how I should plead.

Judge Fitzpatrick: In that case, I'll appoint a public defender and reschedule this proceeding.

Mimi: No, I don't want a lawyer. I am pleading guilty and waiving my right to a trial. I am not going to change my mind.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Very well. I accept your plea and remand you over for sentencing.

Mickey: Your Honor, um... although I no longer represent Miss Lockhart, I respectfully request that a reasonable bail be set.

Woman: Ms. Lockhart is pleading guilty to attempted murder. The state requests that bail be denied.


Kate: John, what's happening?

Hope: What are they doing now?

John: Now, remember, this isn't happening now. What you're seeing happened a couple hours ago.

Kate: Well, there's -- there's Lucas, or who you thought was Lucas.

John: Mm-hmm, and he's firing.

Billie: At whom?

John: That guy I couldn't I.D. He just took him out.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh.

Roman: Well, do you have any idea yet who it is?

John: Let me see if I can zoom in.

John: What the hell?

Roman: What?

John: I know that guy.

Bo: Well, who is he?

Sami: Look what I have for you.

John: So you're a drug pusher.

Sami: And you're a drug user. I'd say that works out perfectly.

John: I don't need them. I don't need that. I'm clean.

Sami: Ha ha ha. Yeah, right. Tell me you can resist. I don't think so.

Marlena: John. Darling, who is it?

John: Just some low-life punk -- a criminal. Thought he was back here in Salem, though.

Bo: What's he doing over there?

John: Hell if I know. But if he led our boys into a trap, this thing just took on a whole new dimension.

Roman: Well, it looks to me like Lucas just got him.

John: Well, dead or alive, we've got to figure out who the hell he is and who he's working for.

Kate: Oh, Joh--

Kate: Roman... I know he's your nephew, but Shawn Brady is responsible for this entire fiasco.

Hope: That is not true, Kate. But you know what? You are right about one thing. This never should have happened, boo. Shawn and the others should have been stopped. Once again, you weren't there for your son.

Billie: Okay, this isn't his fault. Don't blame him. You're just lashing out because you're angry about what happened between us.

Hope: You're damn right I'm angry. I have every right to be angry. If something happens to Shawn because Bo was off with you, so help me God, Billie --

Kate: What, now you're blaming my daughter?

Marlena: Kate, please stop this.

Kate: No, no, this all needs to come out in the open. When Bo and Billie were making love in that pit, I don't think Bo was confused. I think he made love to Billie because he wanted to.

Billie: Mother, please.

Bo: You don't know what you're talking about, Kate. I was hallucinating.

Kate: Bo, you don't have to make excuses.

Billie: Okay, mom, I know that you're upset, but this is not the time and the place to bring this up again.

Hope: Why don't you just mind your own business, Kate?

Kate: My daughter is my business.

Marlena: Kate, you have to stop doing this.

John: Can we please not do this now?

Roman: Hey, hey, everybody! Everybody, that's enough! Calm down. Everybody just shut the hell up.


Belle: Judge Fitzpatrick, may I say something, please?

Judge Fitzpatrick: Go ahead, but be brief.

Belle: Mimi is innocent. She's pleading guilty to this because she's feeling remorse for something else that's not against the law. Judge, you know me, and you know my family, and we will personally guarantee that Mimi will not try to leave town. Just grant her bail. Thank you.

Mimi: Why doesn't anyone get this? I don't want bail, I don't want a lawyer, and I don't want a trial. I just want to go to jail.

Tek: Something strange is going on here.

Woman: I think you should continue to investigate the case -- quietly.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Miss Lockhart has entered a guilty plea and indicated that she's aware of the consequences of her decision. Therefore, I'm ordering her to surrender her passport immediately. Bail is set at $1 million.

Belle: What?

Bonnie: $1 million? That's crazy! I'd have to rob a bank! Just kidding.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Unless bail is met, the defendant will be incarcerated in the county jail pending sentencing. This court is adjourned.

Man: All rise.

Bonnie: This isn't right, and you know it.

Mimi: Mom, please try to understand. I have to do this. Belle... when Rex gets back... tell him I love him, but it's best if he never tries to see me again.


Roman: All right, listen. We're all on edge right now, but all this sniping on one another isn't going to do any good. We're adults here. Let's act like adults. And what that means is putting aside our personal issues and concentrating on what's important, and what the hell is important is finding these young men and bringing them home safely.

John: An objective that just got a hell of a lot more difficult.


Tony: You see, Samantha, I don't think you have the luxury of backing out.

Sami: I can do whatever I want.

Tony: Really? Did it ever occur to you how the good people of Salem would react if they discovered that you were Stan? That it was you who was responsible for John Black getting back on drugs... that you helped Nicole Kiriakis disfigure Chloe Lane... that you tormented Billie Reed about her missing daughter. And then there was the gallant young men that you led into a trap in the desert. Ha ha ha -- the litany of lies and cruelty just goes on and on and on. Ha ha ha. Ah, Samantha -- you don't have a choice of going back. Imagine if I just indiscreetly dropped some information around. All of Salem would want your head, to say nothing of your parents' disappointment. You did want to see them again, didn't you?

Sami: My God. I've sold my soul to the devil.

Tony: Yes. But look what you got in return.

Tony: So I suggest that you leave the fate of... those young men of Salem into my hands, and no one will be the wiser.

Sami: All right. Fine. But you have to swear to me that you won't hurt them.

Tony: Understood. Understood.


Philip: Okay, what'd you want to tell me, Shawn?

Shawn-d: I --

Rex: Look, he just wanted to say that Belle was moved by what you said in that video.

Philip: I'm sure it was very difficult for her to watch, but I can't stand to think about what she's been going through since she found out I was captured.

Brady: Yeah, she was pretty devastated, man.

Philip: I miss her so much. All I want to do is get home and start a life with her, and, Shawn, man, it amazes me that you did this. You came all the way here just to free me so I can get back to her, and especially considering that you used to be in love with her yourself. It's --

Shawn-d: Don't -- don't make a big deal out of it, all right?

Philip: Don't -- don't make a big deal out of it? Are you kidding me? It takes a big man to do what you did.

Shawn-d: It wasn't completely selfless. I wanted to do it for Belle. I'm just... upset that it didn't work out.

Philip: Yeah.

Brady: It almost did. If that guy Stan didn't double-cross us.

Lucas: I swear, there's something about that guy... there's a missing piece to this puzzle.

Sami: No matter what happened between me and Lucas, I still love him. And he is the father of my son. How can I do this to him? Well, I don't care what Tony says. I have to make sure he's okay.

Lucas: Sami?


Patrick: You in a jail cell is a problem, okay? I'm getting you out of here.

Bonnie: A jail break. That's it. Now we're talking.


Chloe: My life is over. If I can't be with Brady, then I might as well be dead.


Marlena: I wish Sami were here for Will. I wish there was some way to -- to find her and bring her home.

John: Well, maybe there is.


Sami: I'm sorry you had to get caught up in this, Lucas. If I can't have you, I guess it's nice that no one else can.

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