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Arrow Character Descriptions Page

Bios of your favorite "Arrow" Characters!

Oliver Queen/Arrow Oliver grew up a rich boy with little direction, spoiled and often getting into trouble, partying and cheating on his girlfriend with her own sister. After he was stranded on the island when his father's yacht, The Queen's Gambit, sank, he was forced to grow up and fend for himself against hostiles, natives, nature and the like, especially after watching his father shoot himself so that he could live. Yao Fei taught him to survive, to shoot arrows and kill for meat, but he was also tortured by Yao Fei's enemies. Oliver vowed to return to Starling City and bring the enemies of the people to justice (thanks to the list his father gave him). Oliver is very damaged and has killed people who got in his way, but he is basically a hero, as he proves each week by rescuing the innocent and punishing the evil. Arrow or "The Vigilante" is the costume and mask he wears, but when he is Oliver, he often has to pretend to be the old, spoiled rich boy as well. Oliver is not very trusting (with good reason) and is often caught in the middle between members of his family as well as between Laurel and her father, and between his real life and that of "Arrow".

Dinah 'Laurel' Lance Laurel, Oliver's ex-girlfriend, lost her sister, Sarah, in the same wreck that stranded Oliver. She had bitterness and anger toward Oliver for cheating on her and then taking her sister on the fatal journey, but she claims she is over that blame. Her mother also left after Sarah died. Laurel has been growing closer to Oliver, but it's still hard for her to trust. She is a lawyer, working for a group called CNRI that fights for the little people against the evil, much like Oliver does, except in court. However, she can also handle herself in a fight. Her father, Quentin, taught her to do that. They have a shaky relationship. She and Oliver still love each other, but she's dating Tommy.

Tommy Merlyn Tommy is Oliver's best friend, another rich playboy. While Oliver was missing and presumed dead, he and Laurel dated. He has real feelings for Laurel but seems very loyal to Ollie. He is estranged from his father, who is a bad guy.

John Diggle He was hired as Oliver's bodyguard by Moira, but Oliver let him find out that he is Arrow, so John now assists Oliver in bringing down the bad guys. John was formerly in Special Forces in the Army, so he can fight well. Oliver has been teaching him some of the moves he learned from Yao Fei, and he even donned the Arrow costume once to help out.

Thea Queen Nicknamed "Speedy" by her older brother Oliver, Thea is a bit of a wayward teen who likes to go out and party. She and her mother are not very close. It seems that when her father and brother were presumed dead, Moira shut down and didn't talk about them, which hurt Thea deeply. Thea does a lot of drinking and sometimes drugs. She has a crush on Tommy as well and likes to lay a guilt trip on Oliver about when he was gone.

Moira Queen She is Oliver and Thea's mother, and she has a lot of influence in the family business, Queen Consolidated. She married Walter, who has been in charge of QC. She is somewhat in cahoots with this shady group, The Tempest, that sabotaged the yacht. She has a lot of secrets. She tried to have her son abducted but otherwise seems to love him and be concerned about him.

Detective Quentin Lance He is Laurel's father, and a police detective. He is angry at Oliver and his family for his daughter Sarah's death. Also, he wants to catch Arrow very badly. He had suspected Arrow was Oliver, but then Oliver had Diggle pose as him at the same time that he was throwing a party, so they had to drop the charges. He worries a lot about Laurel and is very over-protective.

Walter Steele He has been running Queen Consolidated since Oliver's father died. He is now married to Moira, making him Oliver's step-father. Oliver makes a lot of rude jokes about how his mother jumped into bed with him. Walter found out that the company owned a warehouse, within which was the wreck of the Queen's Gambit, and that Moira knew about it, so he got very annoyed at her lying and left town for a while. He has gone missing.

Felicity Smoak She works at QC and has helped Walter many times, but also Oliver. She is a computer genius and suspects that Oliver is not honest with her when he asks for her help.

Joanna De La Vega is Laurel's best friend, who seems very devoted to her. They work together at CNRI.

Detective Lucas Hilton He is a police detective, partnered with Quentin.

Yao Fei He is an Asian man that finds Oliver on the island and teaches him how to kill his own food, make traps, shoot arrows, etc. He was the first Arrow. We only see him in flashbacks, so he is probably dead by now.

Robert Queen He was Oliver and Thea's father, and Moira's husband, and billionaire founder of QC. When he and Oliver were shipwrecked, he shot himself and another crewmember so that Oliver could survive. Before doing so, he gave Oliver a list of evil-doers in their town of Starling City and made him promise to go after them and save the city. Later, Oliver finds out that the group Tempest compiled the list, not his dad.

Malcolm Merlyn He works for the group The Tempest and has met with Moira quite a few times. He knows that Arrow is targeting "The List" and suspects that Oliver is Arrow. He masquerades as "Dark Archer" and may have kidnapped or willed Walter. He cut off his son Tommy from his fortune and tried to kill Oliver. Moira's family think that she and Malcolm may be having an affair because they keep meeting in secret for Tempest business.

Carly Diggle She is John's sister-in-law. Her husband was murdered by the villain Deadshot. She and Walter meet sometimes at the restaurant she works at, Big Belly Burger. John's old friend suggested that Carly likes John as more than a relative.

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