The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #206

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #206

It's a very exciting time for our site! We're moving to WordPress, Dear White Peopleand we'll have a whole new design. (I apologize for never putting photos into this blog post...I got busy and forgot! I will put some in now, to make it nicer)

I originally started this site way back in the 90's using basic HTML, and then I quickly started using a Microsoft program called Frontpage. They stopped making that in 2003.  Then Microsoft came out with a similar prodocut called Expression Web, which I've been using for just a few years (I still use Frontpage as well).  These are both old programs, and although I like them, there are many things about them that are problematic. Our site is very large now, and it makes it tough to keep it updated with the older technology. The newer technology works much better.

The new site will be at (Right now that still points toKilling Eve the old site), but right now we're working on it at You can check it out if you want, but there's not too much there right now, and it will likely change.

Our site's new logo may be changing, for one thing. It was designed by Ricardo H. My artist friend Lee is working on a different one, so I may use hers, instead. We shall see!

The Good PlaceI have resisted this big change for years because it means lack of control on my end, but I think it will be a great change and make things so much easier for all of us.  I hate learning new software, but Wordpress doesn't seem too hard. I'm still learning it, though.

I have some other fine people to help me. First, our webhost, Marcos, set up the Wordpress site on his server.  Thank you, Marcos!  Then I received a lot of great free advice from a guy named Will Fastie about updating my site and moving to a CMS (Content Management System).  Lastly, one of our former The Connors volunteers Sammi, who runs TV Grapevine, gave me her valuable time this week to set up the new theme and everything in Wordpress. I am so lucky to have such great free help!! I could not do this without it. Not to mention the other 25 volunteers that we already have on our site!

It will take me a while to learn Wordpress and start putting up new content, but stay tuned. Also, it will take me even longer to move Chilling Adventures of Sabrinaover the older content to the new site. We will do it, though!

Speaking of volunteers, Brenda used to do proofreading and write General Hospital recaps for our site, years ago. She is back now and helping me with this transition. First she is making the new daytime pages for me (like Gisele and Boo used to do), which is a big help because it has to be done every weekend and takes a bit of time.  Then she will be helping me with some other things as well as helping to move the older content to the new site at some point.  I'm so grateful to have her back!

I try to keep in touch with everyone I know online via social media, and that has been a great reward whenever I need help. It's not just great for reconnecting with old high school friends! :) Barry's Bill Hader and Henry Winkler

San Diego Comic-Con is coming up soon, for those of you who are lucky to go.... We'll have some articles and many photos as usual on our Comic-Con site! If you go to SDCC, look for our photographer Zina because she'll be handing out some limited edition post cards from our site. There are only 200! These are a great souvenir, but you can also use them for autographs. Zina is usually attending with my brother Stephen, who's 6'2", so they should stand out a bit, even in the SDCC crowd.

Emma and XanderWhat are you watching this summer on TV? I'm still watching "Bold & the Beautiful" daily, although I'm not too thrilled with the lame storylines recently. I'm not too fond of the new young interns, or the stalker Zoe. The actors are fine, but the writing is just not good enough to make me care about them. They shouldn't have just rushed them all in like they did.

I like Sally and Wyatt, even though they also rushed that whole storyline. I really liked Wyatt and Katie, and I hated how they broke them up and then just reassigned them both to Sally and Thorne overnight.  How does this show still have such bad writing after all these years? I miss seeing Eric and Quinn. I wish they had more story. I don't like the new Hope at all, and I really don't like the new Bill/Steffy/Liam/Hope mess. UGH.

I've also been catching up on episodes of "General Hospital" from 2 years ago (backlog on my DVR) as well as watching current Holmes and Watson episodes of the fabulous AMC show "Dietland," Freeform's "Cloak & Dagger," "The 100" on The CW, and "Elementary" on CBS. I also still watch the comedy news shows "The Daily Show," "The Jim Jefferies Show," (both on Comedy Central) "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee," on TBS, and "Real Time with Bill Maher," and "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" on HBO. This is all keeping me pretty busy. I haven't been doing a great job of keeping up on reviews for the new shows. I confess that I also have a stack of DVD's to review!

Oh, my DISH Network has this channel called FETV that has many old and classic shows. I usually watch re-runs of "The Flying Nun" Suits cast season 8on there every day, too! I loved that show when I was a kid! ;)

I'm really looking forward to the return of "Suits" 7/18 on USA Network. It'll be interesting to see how they do Season 8 without Mike and Rachel.

I have two new interviews this coming's been awhile since I even had time to look through my emails to find interview requests! These are some great soap stars, so that will be cool.

The Primetime Emmy Nominations are out now, so check it out! Many of your favorite actors and shows are nominated. Who are your favorites? Let me know!

Don't forget - our site covers all of the soaps, and we have daily short recaps, detailed updates, transcripts, and best lines, among many other things like fanfic, trivia quizzes, puzzles and much more!

Come join our team if you have a little free time...we really need more help!

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