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Dora M.


My name is Dora.  I am the mother of a wonderful daughter and have a beautiful granddaughter. They are my two greatest joys in this world.  I moved to Tennessee for 10 years but now am back home in NC. I love to cross-stitch, do puzzles, and watch The Golden Girls over and over.

I love to make any kind of graphics.  I have been working with PSP about 20 years now.  I am always learning something new or teaching myself new tricks.  I welcome any new ideas that people can throw at me.  They say you never grow old if you are always learning.  So I say bring it on! 

I am a very HUGE Elvis Presley fan.  I was 8 when he passed away. My parents introduced me to him at a very early age and I have never looked back.  His music has brought me back from some very dark times in my life.  And I will always be grateful for that.  You see I am a Breast Cancer Survivor.  And while I would receive my chemo treatments I would put my Elvis movies or Elvis music on and just zap myself in another place.  It really brought me back from those dreadful places, one's minds goes during a time like that.  So I spend a great part of my life trying to help keep his memory alive.  Just a little something I can do for him to help repay for what all he did for me.  I have a registered Elvis Fan Club with EPE at Graceland.  I am an annual visitor to Memphis for Elvis week.

So there you have it my life story in a nutshell :)

Page updated 10/29/18

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