Monday Y&R Update 11/25/19

The Y&R Update Monday 11/25/19


Written by Christine

In this special episode, marking Peter Bergman’s 30th anniversary on the Young and the Restless, Jack remembered key moments in his life through flashbacks.

At the Abbott house, Jack was thrilled when Traci revealed that Ashley would be home for the holidays, which meant they’d all get to spend the day with Dina. He was also pleased when she announced that the family memoir was complete. She asked him to be the first to read it, and he eagerly accepted, vowing to treasure every second. She went to meet Billy, so they could pick up Ashley at the airport.

Jack read the first passage, which was about John, and how much he meant to his children. Jack had a flashback to coming home from his trip. John hoped Jack returned with a different outlook, because he didn’t want Jack to be eaten alive by the organization that Newman had brought to Jabot. Things were running smoothly, now. Jack swore he didn’t come back just to create problems.

Next, Jack remembered Dina’s return to Genoa City. She had her sights set on winning John back, and her first step was to reconnect with Traci, but it wasn’t going well. She asked Jack to help her with his sister. Dina was eager to marry John and be a mother again. Her plans did not work out. In a different scene, Jack seethed, as a triumphant Jill informed him that she was moving in with John. Next, there was a flashback to Jack visiting John on his deathbed. Jack felt that it was time to honor John’s devotion by by being there for him in his time of need. Jack recalled a frank discussion he and Dina had about her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. She recognized that her memory would fade and that she’d eventually become too much for him to handle, but she assured him that she’d always love him. He said it back, and they hugged. In the present, tears streamed down Jack’s cheeks as he said that his parents would always be part of him.

Jack flashed to arguing with Victor over Jabot. Then he remembered a raucous boardroom debate with Jill over Victor and the Glow Line. John was there, acting as mediator, and Ashley shared her view, too. Jack’s recollection moved forward in time, and he remembered telling Ashley that a clause he’d added to the Jabot bylaws disqualified her from being CEO, due to her lack of Abbott blood. In the present, a voice-over from Traci read the next line of the book, stating that Jack had recently reclaimed his role as CEO, and she thought John would approve.

Next, the book referenced Jack and Victor’s decades-long feud. In a clip from the past, Victor offered Jack Jabot in exchange for Nikki and the children. Jack was surprised, because he’d assumed Victor would only offer him some stake in the company. Victor refused to negotiate with the lives of Nikki or his children. Jack flashed back to the time Victor had a heart attack and collapsed during an argument. Jack had left Victor on the office floor, brushing his shoe against Victor’s hand as he walked out. In the next scene, Jack railed at Victor what he’d done to Jack’s family – causing the death of his infant son, hurting his wife, his sister, his father, and Jabot. “Jack, I’m telling you it was an accident. The last thing I wanted to happen is for me to be responsible for the loss of your child,” Victor insisted. “All I know is my son is dead. He’s dead! Because of you,” Jack shot back.

In another argument with Victor, Jack hurled a chair out of the window of a high rise office. Later, a recent scene showed Jack and Victor having a drink and making peace with each other. Jack remembered his past with Nikki; he was frustrated because he didn’t know where they stood in their relationship because she hadn’t yet responded to his proposal. She accepted, and they hugged. Later, Jack and Nikki both cried as he told her about meeting John – a baby who survived thanks to Nikki and Jack’s decision to donate their newborn son’s organs. In another flashback, Phyllis flirted with Jack, but he rebuffed her advances, even though he was still drawn to her. Later, Jack and Phyllis had an emotional disagreement over whether or not to continue fertility treatments. She wanted to have his baby, but the treatments were causing her to have life-threatening side effects, and he was not willing to risk losing her. Jack also remembered confronting Phyllis about her affair with Nick, then he flashed back to Phyllis being there for him as he went through detox.

Traci, Billy and Ashley arrived as Jack thought about the time he gave Kyle a pair of John’s cufflinks. A line from the book was a hope that the next generation of Abbotts realized there was no greater gift than the bond they shared. Jack remembered sitting with Billy, who was trapped in the debris from the fire at the Underground. Jack apologized for his actions and stated that he was grateful to be Billy’s brother. Jack flashed back to Traci confiding that she was hurt that John nicknamed Ashley My Beauty. Jack assured Traci that John loved her equally, and she knew, but she still carried the pain. Jack remebered confessing to Ashley that part of the reason he’d devised the blood Abbott clause was because he was afraid she’d outshine him if she became CEO.

The book stated that their family’s story would live on, in them, their traditions, their memories and their hearts. It made Jack cry. He, Ashley, and Billy loved it, and a pleased Traci smiled. Dina, Abby and Kyle were there now too, and they joined the others in giving Traci a round of applause. Jack told his relatives how special they were to him. They were part of him, and that would never change. They raised a toast to all the Abbotts before them and those yet to come.

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