Friday Y&R Update 10/25/19

The Y&R Update Friday 10/25/19


Written by Christine

At Society, Jill was fidgety, and she jumped when Cane walked up and said hello. She explained that she was on pins and needles waiting to hear from Devon. She asked if Cane had heard from Devon. He had not. She noted that they had irrefutable proof that Cane was the intended beneficiary of the money – Tucker had defrauded him out of his inheritance and the only way to make it right was for Devon to hand over the money. He asked if she expected Devon to give him two and a half billion dollars. She did, because Devon loved Katherine. Cane admitted he was having a hard time buying into this fairy tale.

At The Grand Phoenix, Amanda had a phone conversation with an unidentified person. She said that, one way or the other, this all ended today.

When Lily arrived at the penthouse, she and Devon shared a warm hug. He told her there was a lot going on with Cane being named the main beneficiary of the will. She didn’t realize that was a done deal. She recalled that even Cane thought it was a con, and she added that the statute of limitations ran out years ago. He told her that was just the tip of the iceberg. Lily asked why Katherine would leave money for Cane. Devon said that was a great question, but it wasn’t the strangest part – the attorney looked exactly like Hilary. Lily thought it must be weird to see Hilary’s lookalike. Devon felt that someone had sent her to throw him off his game. Lily asked what Cane was saying. “You were married to him for awhile. What do you think he wants,” Devon asked. Lily inquired whether Devon was saying he didn’t think Katherine left Cane the money, or if he thought she did, but he didn’t think Cane deserved it. Devon didn’t give a damn about Cane, who’d been scamming people since he’d came to town. Devon noted that Cane initially pretended to be someone he wasn’t. Lily felt that there was more to this than a dislike for Cane. Devon said that he thought Katherine gave him the money because she saw something special in him, and he’d tried to be worthy of the money. People came to him when they needed help, and he liked that. He was bothered by the thought of having to give the money to someone with no morals. He asked what she thought he should do. She encouraged him to follow his heart. He mentioned Nate’s advice to think of what Neil would do. She thought that was good advice, but at the end of the day, it was his decision, and she’d support him no matter what. Jill and Cane arrived, and they were surprised to see Lily. Just then, Amanda walked in, and Lily dropped her glass in shock, causing it to shatter. Devon offered Lily something else to drink, because she looked shaken. She said she was fine. She was expecting Amanda to have a passing resemblance to Hilary, but Amanda looked just like her. Lily thought it was insane. Cane walked over and said Devon should’ve warned Lily. “You don’t think I tried to do that?,” Devon asked. Lily said nothing could’ve prepared her for this. Amanda walked over, and Lily apologized for the way she’d reacted. Amanda admitted it’d been hard having a face that was a painful reminder to so many, but she assumed her work here was nearly done. Devon said it was, because he’d gotten some clarity, and he knew what he needed to do.

Devon read a portion of Neil’s will aloud so that everyone would understand how he came to make his decision. Neil had stated that one of life’s greatest gifts was having the power to give other people opportunities, and Katherine changed Devon’s world with the money she left him. Neil noted that he’d has his fair share of opportunities. It was Neil’s sincerest wish that Devon pay it forward and help young people starting out, commit random acts of kindness and bestow golden opportunities upon others. Neil asked Devon to make him proud. Devon said this was the sort of life he’d been trying to live, and the way he saw it, he could give the money to Cane or give it to charity and enrich thousands of lives. Jill jumped from her seat and protested that Katherine never stipulated that the money go to charity. Amanda stated that the money was legally Devon’s, and he was free to do as he pleased. Jill felt that Devon, of all people, should do what was right. Lily said that Devon made his decision, so Jill should sit down and relax. Devon said that when he inherited the money, he quickly realized it was a burden, and he’d started giving it to charity, then he started Hamilton Winters with Neil to give the money more of a purpose. Hamilton Winters could stand on its own, and he was going to give the rest of the money to Cane, in order to honor Katherine’s wishes. Devon had looked over the will pages, and he believed they were legitimate, so he asked Amanda to draw up the paperwork to make the transfer official. Amanda thought they could consider the matter closed. She left. Jill told Devon that Neil and Katherine would be proud. Cane asked for a moment with Devon, so the others left. Cane thanked Devon. “Don’t thank me. Thank Katherine. Because I have no idea why she’d want you to have the money,” Devon replied. Cane vowed to be a good steward for Katherine’s legacy. Devon thought they were through here, unless Cane was expecting a hug. Cane left. Devon stared off into the distance, then he left too.

Devon found Amanda at the hotel, and he noted that she left before he had the chance to thank her. She said she didn’t want to inflict herself on him longer than necessary. He asked how she felt about closing the matter. She stated that it felt like any other legal matter. It didn’t pay to get emotionally involved. She asked if he had any regrets. He noted that things had gotten contentious. She’d tried not to take it personally. He wanted to take back all the unkind things he’s said to her. He didn’t mean to be rude – it wasn’t the kind of guy he was. She knew – he was the kind of guy who gave away his fortune because it was the right thing to do. “You’re definitely one in couple billion, Mr. Hamilton,” she said. Amanda stated that she’d grown up thinking she was one of a kind only to realize someone looked exactly like her. Devon was impressed that Amanda stayed focused on the job and didn’t get caught up in the drama. She laughed and said she avoided drama at all costs. She admitted she told a white lie when she said this was like any other job. She’d never met anyone who showed as much decorum as Devon did. She was sure his next chapter would be just as amazing as the last. She apologized for any trouble or heartache she’d caused him. They shook hands. She referenced the words Neil wrote and remarked that he’d given Neil a lot to be proud of. She left.

Cane joined Lily at Society. He was pleased she had time to see him. She clarified that she had a minute, so he promised to get the point. He conceded that Devon had no reason to trust him, because he didn’t do right by Lily. She preferred talk about the present. He knew everyone was expecting him to screw this up, but he swore he was a different man now, and he promised their kids would want for nothing. She noted that the children weren’t lacking even before this strange turn of events. He asked if she’d stick around for a little while and help him navigate his way through this. He was sure Devon would love to have her. Lily said Devon was doing fine, and she had a job. Cane smiled and said Lily could find a job here. Lily had people she’d miss if she stayed. Cane asked if there was no one she missed here. She noted that she didn’t say that. He wished her luck, and she left.

Jill called Cane and told him something wasn’t right. She took a look at the envelope that Chance gave Cane, and there was an emblem on it from a hotel in the Maldives, which was where she and Colin had once planned to visit. She theorized that Chance was never involved and that this was a con that Colin was running. Cane asked what to do now. Jill vowed to find Colin and get some answers.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon was surprised when Adam appeared in front of her. She closed her laptop and said she didn’t know he was back. He explained that Nick tracked him down because Connor was struggling. She thought that was incredible. She was happy when he announced that he’d let go of his grievances with the Newmans. He felt that Connor had been through enough upheaval and that the family was what the boy needed now. She mentioned that Chelsea asked her to talk to Connor. He knew, and that was why he’d come to see Sharon. He explained that Connor had moved in with him, which was the best thing that had happened to them in a long time. He was hoping that Sharon would continue to work with Connor. He said he needed her to help him help his son. She seemed hesitant. He hoped she could rise above her rocky relationship with him to help Connor. Rey arrived and stood in the doorway watching Sharon and Adam. Adam said Connor liked and respected Sharon. Sharon offered to refer him to a therapist, but he said he wanted her. She couldn’t, because she’d need to be close to him to work with Connor, and even though he said he’d changed his ways, she didn’t want to risk him trying to manipulate her again. Adam swore that all he wanted was for Connor to feel happy and safe again, and he knew Sharon could help. He didn’t want to waste time trying to find a the right shrink for his boy when there was a perfectly good counselor sitting across from him. He was okay with her hating him, but he implored her not to take it out on his kid. Adam felt that Connor had enough to deal with, having a him for a father.

Adam spotted Rey approaching the table. Adam felt that Sharon could make a difference in Connor’s life. Rey asked if he was interrupting, and Adam said he was just leaving. After Adam was gone, Rey asked if everything was okay. Sharon said it wasn’t important. Rey thought it looked important. Sharon confided that she’d talked with Connor, at Chelsea and Nick’s request, and Adam wanted her to continue helping him, but she said no. Rey thought Sharon should continue to work with Connor. She was surprised, because of all the trouble Adam caused for her and Rey. He said it wasn’t about Adam, it was about Connor. He believed she could make a difference in Connor’s life, and he wasn’t worried she’d get drawn back into Adam’s orbit. Sharon thought that Rey would’ve wanted her to avoid Adam like the plague. He would’ve felt differently a few months ago, but now she saw Adam for who he was, and not because Rey lectured her – she’d made that decision on her own. He asked if she wanted to help Connor. She did. Adam had said he was putting Connor first, and while Sharon believed he meant that today, she was concerned that the real Adam would come back. Rey thought that if it was important for Sharon to help Connor, she should. She asked what about Adam. He was confident she could handle Adam. She thanked him, and they hugged.

Nick entered the living room and kissed Chelsea on the cheek. She mentioned that Christian couldn’t stop talking about his field trip, and she wondered if he’d been trying to get her mind off Connor. She thought he must be so confused now that his best bud wasn’t living there anymore. Nick noted that it was only temporary, and they’d still see Connor all the time. Chelsea found Connor’s toy behind the couch cushion and nearly burst into tears. She admitted it hurt. She was used to Connor being away at camp, but this was different, and it felt wrong. She’d only agreed to this arrangement because she was scared for Connor. They hugged. Nick thought that when Connor acted out, it was a cry for help, and Nick felt partially to blame for that. He’d desperately wanted the blended family to work, and he admitted he might have pushed Connor too hard. Chelsea was adamant that losing Adam was what broke Connor, not Nick. He said that was why he went to Vegas to get Adam. She praised him for doing something he didn’t want to because it was best for Connor. She thought she needed to trust her instincts – she’d done what she thought was best for Connor, and she hoped Adam was doing the same. Chelsea was planning to go to Adam’s to visit Connor and to work out a schedule. She was stunned to realize she was actually nervous to see her son. Nick reassured Chelsea, saying she was the best mom he knew, and Connor knew it too. Chelsea wasn’t sure what Connor knew. He said Connor knew she’d been the one constant in his life.

Chelsea went to Adam’s, and she gently touched one of Connor’s toys. He mentioned that Connor was upstairs, and she realized their son didn’t know she was there. She asked how Connor was adjusting. He said Connor loved it here, but the boy had a look in his eye like he didn’t think this arrangement was going to last. Chelsea said Connor had been through a lot – losing Adam three times was three times too many, and it was going to take a long time for him to trust that Adam was going to stick around. Adam said he was back for good, thanks to Chelsea and, surprisingly, Nick. Adam never realized how much Connor needed him. “He needs both of us,” Chelsea corrected. He assured her that she could see Connor any time she wanted. However, he asked her not to mention anything to Connor about moving back in with her. He didn’t want Connor feeling like he was going to get yanked around. She agreed, but she wanted him to understand that nothing, and no one would get between her and her son.

Chelsea came home looking depressed. She told Nick that she and Adam worked out a visitation schedule, and when she went to Connor and tell him she loved him, the child had begged her not to make him go back to Nick’s place. Nick concluded that Adam brainwashed Connor. Chelsea admitted it killed her not to tell Connor that she wasn’t the one who walked out on him and left him brokenhearted. She couldn’t say it because right now, Connor needed to know that no one was taking Adam from him. She’d promised Connor that he didn’t have to come back to Nick’s. Distraught, she wondered what she was supposed to do without her little boy. He held her as she wept.

Sharon called Adam and told him that she’d given the issue a lot of consideration. Adam assumed Rey had a lot of strong opinions. Sharon clarified that she made her own decisions, and Rey supported her. She stated that Rey encouraged her to work with Connor, but if Adam was going to speak to her like this – with disdain and anger… Adam swore he didn’t mean to make it sound like that. He explained it was a defense mechanism. Sharon explained that she was still working on her Master’s degree, and she wasn’t a licensed therapist yet. She told him what she’d told Chelsea – if Connor needed more help than she could provide, she’d give them a list of names of therapists. He understood, and he thanked her. She wanted him to understand that she was doing this for Connor. He said of course.

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