Friday Y&R Update 2/2/18

The Y&R Update Friday 2/2/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At Hamilton-Winters Group: Devon offers Tessa a more meaty assignment, one more up her alley. Would she monitor online comments about the streaming service? Sure thing. Hilary arrives with the force of a hurricane and Mariah close behind toting a box of Hilary’s belongings. Hilary would like directions to her corner office.

Nikki pays Reed a surprise visit at home to see how he’s getting along while his mother is on her business trip. Reed thinks she’s more concerned about how Reed is getting along with his dad.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. and Phyllis take a booth. He tracked the phony Chelsea 2.0 webpage to someone named Alexandra West. Phyllis is ready to have her arrested, but J.T. says it’s not that simple.

At the penthouse, Chelsea is in tears, presumably over the theft of her designs.

At Crimson Lights: Nick and his contractor, Arturo, get into an argument about the costs of rewiring the apartment building Nick hopes to turn into affordable housing. Nick balks at the 20% overage. Phyllis, across the room with J.T., takes notice. She’s never seen that guy Nick is talking to . . . but back to Alexandra West. J.T. offers to continue working on the case, free of charge. He can easily handle it and his tasks at Chancellor. He likes challenges. Phyllis noticed. Moving back in with his ex, a teenager, and two young children proves it. They hit it off like old friends even though they’re virtual strangers, and Phyllis takes the liberty of offering a bit of advice about Reed. Take advantage of Victoria’s absence. Do some guy stuff. He likes the idea and thanks her. After she leaves, he searches the next booth and finds it: his and Colleen’s names carved inside a heart.

At home, Reed blames his dad for all the strife, but Nikki suggests he cut his dad some slack and start acting like an adult. Kill him with kindness. Reed will take this into consideration. Moving on, Nikki asks whether he’s picked up his guitar lately. Playing music always soothes her. Would he consider a few more lessons with Tessa? Nikki has it on authority that Tessa has the time and needs the money. Reed is surprised she lost her record deal.

At HWG: Devon is confused. Nowhere in their contract did he offer Hilary an executive position, but there’s no reasoning with her. This is part of the deal, she says. Take it or leave it.

At Crimson Lights: Arturo accuses Nick, an entitled Newman, of bullying an honest working man. He could teach Nick a thing or two about life in the real world. Nick fancies himself a regular guy and doesn’t take this well. They argue until Nikki breaks it up. After getting the details, she suggests they discuss it over a bite. Arturo accepts---as long as she’s buying. Nikki tells Nick she’ll handle it from here, which is fine with him.

Mariah and Tessa have front-row seats to Devon and Hilary’s wrangling. They reach an impasse. She intends to squat in his office until he gives in. She leaves her things in Tessa’s work space and storms out.

At home, J.T. hauls out his guitar and picks a little. Reed happens upon him and the ice is broken. Reed can’t believe J.T. had a whole other life, including a recording contract and a special girl he wrote a Valentine’s Day song for. J.T. recalls it fondly and admits he might have given up too easily. He doesn’t want Reed to do that. Reed mentions his talk with Grandma about lessons, and J.T. thinks it’s a great idea, but Reed doesn’t know how to approach Tessa after her tough break.

Phyllis goes to Chelsea’s to tell her about Alexandra West and suggests she check her supply line for someone by that name. Chelsea opens her laptop and gets to work as does Phyllis. J.T. is still on the case, working gratis, but he’ll be richly rewarded if he nabs the culprit. Chelsea seconds that, and she intends to retaliate. Phyllis leaves.

Hilary gets a text and says she’s got to run. Devon teases her about stirring the pot and then leaving, but she doesn’t see the humor. Don’t touch her things while she’s gone! Shortly after, Devon has a meeting, which leaves Mariah and Tessa in the office. They complain about Hilary. Welcome to my world, Mariah says and then corrects herself. Our world.

In the athletic club dining room, Nikki charms Arturo and persuades him negotiate the extra costs. She drives a hard bargain, but he agrees to 10%.

At HWG: Tessa takes phone messages for Devon as Mariah looks on. It’s got to be weird, going from rising music star to gofer. Yes, but Tessa is determined to earn back everyone’s trust. They talk some more about Hilary, specifically how she and Devon are continually drawn together. As for Mariah and Tessa, they need their jobs, so they have to put up with whatever happens. Mariah mentions finding the drive with Tessa’s song on it and listening to it. Our song, Tessa says. Devon comes back and is pleased to see them getting along. The tranquility is short-lived. Hilary returns. She’ll nix the sale of her TV show if he doesn’t succumb to her demands.

At home, Reed looks over his dad’s shoulder as he works on his laptop. What’s he doing? Tracking cybercriminals. The old man impresses Reed for the second time today.

Chelsea, masquerading as Alexandra West, sits in a bank officer’s cubicle. She’d like to make a withdrawal and close her account.

At the club: Nikki is in no hurry. She plies Arturo with wine and compliments and then excuses herself. When she returns to the table after paying the check, she flashes her room key. He gets the message and they walk hand in hand up the stairs. From the bar, Phyllis watches.

While Tessa runs an errand for Devon, Mariah searches for a place to stow Hilary’s stuff. She opens a cabinet and finds a sleeping bag, a hairbrush, and some other personal items.

J.T. tells Reed what he’s doing as he does it: follow the electronic trail to the bank account, break through the firewall, and . . . Damn! The bank officer deletes “Alexandra’s” account at just that moment. J.T. flies out the door without another word to Reed.

Devon and Hilary have it out on the Crimson Lights patio. Finally he gets to the bottom of things. She had her first fertility treatment today and it wasn’t at all what she’d expected. It was so clinical. It freaked her out.

Tessa returns to the office and is startled to find Mariah still there. Mariah casually asks where Tessa has been staying since she moved out of Noah’s place. Tessa rented a room nearby. She then takes a phone call, thus ending the discussion.

J.T. hits a brick wall at the bank. The bank officer won’t allow access to customer information or security footage without a warrant. OK, then, J.T. will be back. Meanwhile, Chelsea ditches her disguise and drives off.

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