Thursday Y&R Update 2/1/18

The Y&R Update Thursday 2/1/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At home, Cane re-creates Paris for Lily, just as she did for him years ago. He feels they are reconnecting and Lily doesn’t disagree. She’s so caught up in the moment that she misses a call from Ashley, who leaves a message. As soon as Ashley hangs up, Nikki calls from Crimson Lights. She’d like to chat and will join Ashley at the athletic club.

At Victoria’s, J.T. chides Reed for eating cookies for breakfast. They argue about that and Reed’s sleeping in and his neglected homework.

At the penthouse, Nick shows his appreciation to Chelsea for yesterday by showering her with kisses. She didn’t have to buy him presents. Just out of curiosity, what did she do with the rest of the money they found? The doorbell rings before she can say anything. Phyllis says there’s a big problem with the Chelsea 2.0 page of the Fenmore’s website. Someone has been selling original designs, not knock-offs, and bypassing Fenmore’s. Hilary alerted Phyllis and Lauren. She purchased a dress online and was unable to return it to the store because there was no record of the sale. Nick suspects an inside job. Never fear, Phyllis says. Ravi is on it, and they’ll find and punish the guilty party. She’ll be in touch. After Phyllis leaves, Nick attempts to comfort Chelsea.

Devon calls Mariah to an impromptu employees meeting at Hamilton-Winters Group. She’s not thrilled about it, but he’s the boss.

Cane plays the part of a French waiter and serves Lily breakfast in their kitchen. Mattie helped with the menu. He joins her at her request and reveals the plan for the rest of the day. His work schedule is clear, the twins are at school, Sam is with his sitter, and he has more surprises for Lily. With Victoria out of town, Lily is free too.

At Victoria’s: Reed isn’t as excited about his parents’ reunion as they are. In fact, the only father figure he remembers is Billy (ouch!). Obviously, they have a lot to work on, but J.T. is up for it. Whatever. . . . Reed leaves for school. J.T calls Victoria and is annoyed at having to leave a message. She hasn’t been in touch since she left on her business trip.

Two teens and a newborn baby are a lot to handle, Lily agrees, but she’s trying to adjust. With Cane, all things are possible. J.T. calls and interrupts the moment. He finished his easy assignment and wants to meet to discuss the next one. Cane diverts him to Billy, but J.T. bristles. He’d rather work with Cane. Can’t today, Cane says and hangs up abruptly. Even Lily is stunned. J.T. tries texting Victoria again. Phyllis, at the Crimson Lights counter getting her coffee, notices and approaches. Bad day? She’s had plenty. They don’t know each other well, but Phyllis offers a sympathetic ear if he needs one.

Mariah arrives at HWG as ordered and discovers it’s a very select group of employees. Tessa is the other one. Devon wants them to work out their differences, for professional reasons as well as personal ones. He’ll be at a meeting, so they have the office to themselves. Tessa shrugs and says they can’t avoid each other forever.

Lily arrives at the club for her spa day, courtesy of Cane, and runs into Ashley. She didn’t get Ashley’s message but has a minute to talk now. Ashley bubbles over. She took the job with Newman Enterprises as chief innovative officer and has big plans, which include major changes for Brash & Sassy. Victoria isn’t too happy about the new arrangement, but tough. Ashley isn’t out to destroy the competition, specifically Jabot, but she intends to prove herself and show Jack what he’s missing.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. unloads on Phyllis about his divorce and his hopes for his relationships with Victoria and Reed. Phyllis says all the right things: He’s a good guy, raising headstrong teens is tough, and so on. There’s something in particular that really bugs J.T. and she gets him to spill. He’s almost embarrassed to say it out loud, but he’s tired of being second on Victoria’s list of priorities. Work always comes first for her. Part of his problem is his own job. It’s not the least bit challenging, and his Internet security skills are going to waste. Phyllis gets an idea.

Chelsea comes home from work and melts into Nick’s arms. He broaches the subject of the found money that belonged to Adam. He sees it’s an uncomfortable topic for her. Is there something she’s not telling him? Is she conflicted about spending the money? For the record, Nick doesn’t expect a dime of it. He thinks Adam set it aside for Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea admits she and Adam discussed a backup plan. Nick hugs her and asks her always to be honest with him.

At HWG: Tessa apologizes for reading Mariah’s journal and for stealing from it. It was selfish. Mariah thanks her for finally acknowledging it. But, Tessa says, it’s a hell of a good song they wrote together. They would make outstanding partners---songwriting partners, that is. Mariah can’t fathom a friendship with Tessa. There’s no trust. Tessa toyed with Noah’s feelings and with Mariah’s. On the verge of tears, Tessa says she’s plagued with regrets and she misses her best friend. Mariah shakes her head. What does Tessa expect? Tessa suggests they start over. She can’t bear the thought of Mariah hating her. Mariah could never hate her; however, Mariah needs to get back to work.

Back at the coffeehouse: J.T. knows all about those fake websites, and although he’s tempted by Phyllis’s job offer, he can’t accept. Cane wouldn’t like it. Phyllis says he doesn’t have to know. It can be a side job, their little secret.

At the club: Ashley wishes she could have made her mark at her family’s company, but it’s not to be. She’s excited about doing it at Newman though, with Abby and Lily on her team. Lily has a unique set of skills that will come in handy such as marketing and modeling. Lily is flattered and eager, but it won’t be smooth sailing. As they finish up, Nikki appears for her meeting with Ashley and they take a table. And what a conversation it is! Did Nikki just tell Ashley that Nikki and Victor have an open marriage and that Ashley should feel free to pursue a romance with him?

Lily comes home and finds her good day just got better. Cane has a massage table set up in the living room and he’s ready when she is.

Back at the GC Buzz studio, Mariah plugs in her flash drive and listens to Tessa’s song with Mariah’s lyrics. At HWG, Tessa does the same. Devon returns and asks how it went. Tessa says things are better.

Phyllis calls Chelsea from Crimson Lights with welcome news. She’s got J.T. on the job, but Chelsea is to keep that information to herself. After Phyllis leaves him, J.T. finally gets a call from Victoria. It’s quick and less than satisfying. She asks only whether everyone is fine and hangs up to get to a meeting.

In the club foyer, Ashley assures Nikki she has no interest in Victor, and considering what lengths Nikki went to in order to keep them apart, her invitation is quite a shock. Suit yourself, Nikki says.

Over champagne, Cane delivers his final surprise: a diamond tennis bracelet. It’s not a ring, but with it he proposes renewing their wedding vows. She says yes, which is no surprise.

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