Wednesday Y&R Update 1/31/18

The Y&R Update Wednesday 1/31/18


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Nick laid on the couch while Chelsea playfully showered him with money. Chelsea revealed that she'd used some money to sign Nick up for a class where he could learn about construction. Noah dropped by, so Chelsea postponed Nick's class. Chelsea left the room while Nick and Noah talked. Noah felt like a chump because he kept trusting the wrong women. He also didn't feel like he had any life goals or passions – working at the Top of the Tower wasn't his dream job. Nick suggested that Nick come work at the apartment complex, but Noah thought it was time for him to find his own way. Nick cautioned Noah not to measure his life based on a career. Noah asked if Nick thought it was a mistake to break up with Tessa. Nick didn't have an answer for that, but he did say that if you didn't have trust, you didn't have anything. Chelsea returned and told Nick that the contractor wouldn't be able to wait for long. Noah decided to leave. Nick invited Chelsea to the class, but she said she just wanted to relax. Nick said he'd see Chelsea at the Club later. Once Chelsea was alone, she quickly stuffed the money into her purse. After a furtive glance into the hallway, she left the penthouse.

Cane was frantic because he had a last minute meeting and there was no one to watch Sam. Lily assured him that she'd do it. Cane thanked her and left. Lily gave Sam a small smile and told him that they'd be fine. Cane arrived at the Club. He pulled up a video feed on his tablet and watched Lily rocking Sam and singing 'Hush Little Baby.' Lily suddenly started to cry. Cane canceled his meeting and rushed home. He arrived and saw Lily passing Sam to the nanny. After Bridget left the room, Cane told Lily what he saw on the baby cam. He added that he knew she'd lied about having a meeting with Victoria the other day. Cane thought that Lily was struggling with Sam being there. Lily noted that there was no other option, because this was Sam's home. Cane said that although it was important for Sam to blend into the family, first they needed to make sure they were on track as a couple. He asked Lily out on a date. They went to a movie, and Cane suggested that they do a date night once a week. Soon, they stopped paying attention to the movie and shared a deep kiss. Lily accidentally spilled her popcorn on another patron, and she and Cane left. They watched another movie at home. Sam cried, and Cane let the nanny tend to him, while he and Lily continued their date. Cane wondered if it was too soon to say that they'd made it. Lily didn't think it was.

At GC Buzz, Hilary was annoyed because her dress didn't fit. Mariah suggested that Chelsea made it too small to get back at Hilary. Mariah asked about the sale of GC Buzz. Devon and Tessa arrived and Hilary announced that they'd come full circle and sold the company back to Devon. Mariah pulled Hilary aside and tried to convince her that the sale was a bad idea. At first, Mariah tried to say the deal wasn't good for Hilary, but she eventually admitted that she didn't want to work with Tessa. Hilary thought Mariah could entertain herself by bossing Tessa around, but Mariah refused to do that. Hilary said she sold the show to Devon as a package, and Mariah was part of that package. Hilary dragged Mariah over to watch her and Devon sign the contract. Tessa confirmed that the paperwork was in order and asked Devon if she should go. Devon told her that she had to find a way to work with Mariah. Devon and Hilary signed the papers and made it official, then they decided to have a little celebration later.

Lauren and Phyllis met with Jack at Jabot and asked for some money to build wifi lounges in Fenmore stores. Jack was noncommittal, and he walked out as soon as the pitch was over. Lauren was irritated by the way Jack just left. Phyllis thought he was obsessing over Ashley's resignation. Lauren snapped that brick and mortar stores were closing every day and they didn't have time for him to process Ashley's defection. Lauren admitted she was sorry that Michael won Jack's case. Phyllis thought that they should use the fact that they supported Jack against Ashley to their advantage. They decided to try and convince Jack that Ashley's research and development budget had been too large and that some of that money should go to Fenmore's.

Jack entered Ashley's office and asked if she'd come to her senses and decided to stay. Ashley pointed out that she was currently packing her things. Jack accused her of going to the enemy, but Ashley didn't see Victor that way. She believed he valued her experience. Jack ordered Ashley to turn in her security badge and company computer, because she was no longer welcome in the building. Jack asked if Ashley took the job at Newman to spite him, and Ashley replied that it wasn't about him. She was excited because she'd get to do things at Newman that she'd never done before. She added that she had family at Newman who she could count on – Abby. Jack brought up all the pain that Victor caused the Abbotts. Ashley said she wasn't naive enough to put all her trust in one man, but Victor had known about her paternity for years and he never once used it against her.

Jack returned to his office, and blew off Lauren and Phyllis before they could make the suggestion. Hilary arrived and asked for a moment with Jack. He tried to give her the brush off, but she insisted, and he barked that she had five minutes. She told him about selling GC Buzz and was caught off-guard when he accused her of stabbing him in the back. Hilary stated that GC Buzz was more than the Hilary Hour; it was a production company waiting to expand. Joining Hamilton-Winters would give her more funding and access. She assured him that Jabot would remain the sole sponsor of the Hilary Hour. Hilary had expected Jack to be happy about the sale because of Hamilton-Winters' ties to Neil. Jack spat that it wasn't about Neil, it was about Newman – Hamilton-Winters's biggest PR client. He demanded to know how long it'd be until the Hilary Hour was sponsoring Newman products. Hilary insisted that it would never happen. Jack asked if she got it in writing. Hilary didn't respond, so Jack said that she couldn't predict what would happen. Hilary was adamant that her loyalty was to Jack, now and always. She said he'd given her a job and friendship, and she'd never forget that.

Back in the hallway, Lauren talked about missing Scott's phone call. Phyllis knew the feeling since her kids were so busy, too. Lauren thought London would be good for Scott, and she was glad he was safe, but she hoped he'd eventually return to Genoa City. They shifted gears back to their plan to get funds for Fenmore's. Phyllis noted that she and Lauren were both on the board at Jabot, and she was sure she could get Billy on their side, and possibly some other board members too. Maybe they'd be able to convince so many board members that Jack wouldn't have the votes to stop them. Hilary walked out and told Lauren about the ill-fitting dress she bought from Fenmore's online Chelsea 2.0 section. Hilary had tried to return the dress to a brick and mortar store, only to be told that there was no record of the transaction. Ravi appeared, and he promised to look into it.

Ravi popped into Ashley's office. Ashley stated that although she'd left Jabot before, this time it seemed permanent. Ravi was glad he had the chance to say goodbye. Ashley noted that they'd had a friendship outside of work, and Ravi agreed that they could still be friends. Ravi said that working with her was one of the perks of working at Jabot. He wished her the best, and she returned the sentiment. Ashley asked Ravi not to let Jack drag him into doing something unethical. She wanted Ravi to be the moral compass Jabot deserved. They hugged. Ashley left. Later, Ravi returned and saw Phyllis using a measuring tape on Ashley's former office. He told Phyllis and Ashley that someone made a fake Fenmore's website and was selling knockoff products. Lauren was alarmed that someone was stealing from her, tricking her customers and damaging her company's reputation. She decided to warn Chelsea.

Tessa went to the Club bar to get the champagne for the celebration and ran into Noah and Victor. Victor asked if Noah would be at the gathering, prompting Noah to admit that he and Tessa weren't together anymore. Victor assumed Tessa did something, but Noah said that the relationship just didn't work out. Victor said he'd never forget that Tessa stole Nikki's gun. Noah left for the gym. Victor noted that Tessa turned down his offer to leave town for a hundred grand, and now she had nothing. He said he knew she'd done something to cause the breakup, and he warned her not to ever cross a Newman again.

Tessa returned to Hamilton-Winters, where Devon praised her work ethic. He noted that she was the first one in and last one out of the office. Tessa said that working was a good thing, and she had nothing else to focus on at the moment. Devon told Hilary that he had a good feeling about their new partnership. Hilary was pleased that they'd made progress. Devon and Hilary left the room, and Mariah arrived. Tessa said she was glad Mariah came. Tessa noted that she and Mariah would have to find a way to move forward since they were going to be working together. Mariah chugged a glass of champagne and left. Devon and Hilary returned. Devon offered Tessa the rest of the night off, but she said she had more work to do. Hilary thanked Devon for making her dreams come true today. Devon stated that she didn't make things easy – she was single, and she wanted a baby. Hilary was determined to make it happen. Devon was sure of that, since nothing stopped her from going after what she wanted.

Mariah bumped into Noah in the hallway of the Club. He told her about his “brutal” run in with Tessa at the bar. Mariah vented about working with Tessa. Noah said he had a solution. He took Mariah to the movies. Mariah suggested that they go for a drink afterwards to critique it. Things got awkward when Noah and Mariah realized that they both used to do that with Tessa.

Jack joined Victor at the Club bar and congratulated him on his new hire. Victor stated that Jack had done a great job driving Ashley away. Jack asked Victor to give Ashley the respect she deserved. Victor asked about Dina. Jack said that according to the doctor, she'd have good stretches and bad, and right now things were good. Nick arrived and stared at the pair from the lobby. Ashley walked in. she spotted Jack and Victor and decided to go to dinner elsewhere. Nick was shocked that Ashley had decided to work at Newman. Ashley teased that at least she hadn't given her Abbott trust-fund to Victor. Nick said he was happier without the money, even though everyone except Chelsea thought it was a boneheaded move.

Later, Nick sent Chelsea a text wondering why she wasn't at the Club. Meanwhile, Chelsea was at the mausoleum that housed Adam's remains. She removed Adam's panel from the wall, placed the money inside and resealed the opening.

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