Tuesday Y&R Update 1/30/18

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/30/18


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Mariah was surprised to find Hilary at GC Buzz so early. Hilary wanted to gather her thoughts before choosing who to sell the company to. She hoped to complete the sale by the end of the day. Mariah was concerned that buyer would let her and the other employees go. A potential buyer met with Hilary. Mariah overheard the woman double her initial offer. After the woman left, Mariah reiterated her fear that the staff would be let go. Hilary said she'd try to keep the staff intact, but she thought Mariah was being paranoid since none of the buyers said anything about disemboweling the show.

Hilary went to the Top of the Tower, where she turned down a lower bid. Afterward, she met with Mariah for a business lunch. Mariah asked why they had to meet at this restaurant, prompting Hilary to wonder what Mariah had against the place her brother managed. Mariah noticed Noah and waved. He came over and coolly asked if she needed anything. Mariah stammered that she didn't. She offered to leave, and Noah noted that she was going to do whatever she wanted to anyway. Hilary commented that Mariah had alienated Tessa and Noah. Noah revealed that he and Tessa were over.

Later, Mariah approached Noah at the bar and admitted she shouldn't have kissed Tessa or kept Noah in the dark. She said she was sorry that things hadn't worked out between him and Tessa. Noah didn't buy it. He suspected Mariah would've shoved him aside in a heartbeat if Tessa had been willing to date her back then. Mariah admitted Noah was probably right. Mariah asked if Noah really couldn't get past one kiss. Noah stated that it was a betrayal. He didn't think Tessa really loved him like he loved her, and he was glad he found out now rather than later. He told Mariah that she could have Tessa. Hilary walked over and asked what was going on between them.

At the penthouse, Nick and Chelsea discussed the quarter of a million dollars he found in the bathroom vent. He assumed it was Adam's. Chelsea suggested that Nikki or Victor put it in the walls back when they used to live there. Nick didn't buy it. He was convinced that it was Adam's and that it was possibly dirty. Chelsea got defensive and said that Adam had cleaned up his act and became a legitimate businessman. Nick was skeptical about how much a person could change. He wanted to be careful and let the authorities examine the money and make sure it wasn't tied to anything illegal. Chelsea agreed, and Nick left.

At Hamilton Winters, Tessa hid her sleeping bag in a cabinet, and when Devon arrived, she lead him to believe she'd just come in to work. Devon mentioned his interest in buying GC Buzz, and Tessa was surprised that Devon wanted to touch Hilary's scandalous show. Devon stated that Hilary had cleaned up her approach, and he thought the show was poised to explode in popularity. He asked Tessa if she was uncomfortable about being around Mariah again, and she said she wasn't. Tessa added that Mariah was the one who initiated the kiss and who'd wanted more. Devon assured Tessa that he wasn't judging her, and he said it was okay to admit that the kiss had meaning. Tessa called the kiss unexpected, but sweet and kind of beautiful, but the moment had passed. Tessa said Mariah would never forgive her, so they'd never find out what could've been. Tessa was okay with that.

At Newman, Victoria thanked JT for picking her up at the airport, but she told him that he didn't have to walk her upstairs. JT wanted to since he missed her, even though she'd only been gone one day. They agreed to spend time together after the kids were in bed tonight. JT left, and Victoria headed to her office and was surprised to find Ashley at her desk. Ashley explained that she was the new chief innovation officer. Victoria didn't believe Victor would hire the competition. Ashley revealed that she and Jack had a fundamental disagreement about Jabot, and she quit. Ashley stated that Victor wanted her to help alleviate Victoria's workload. Victoria wasn't happy that Ashley would be taking over Victoria's favorite division. Ashley thought it made sense for her to take Brash and Sassy since she'd been creating cosmetics long before Victoria was in the business. Victoria grabbed the phone and said that she wanted to see Victor, then she stormed out. Ashley smiled.

Nick went to Crimson Lights after his trip to the station. He asked Sharon if Adam ever told her that he'd socked away money in his house. Sharon didn't remember Adam ever saying that, but she noted that he didn't always tell her everything. Nick brought her up to speed about the cash. JT arrived after Nick went to his table. Sharon asked about Reed, and JT admitted that he shouldn't have yelled at Reed the other day. Sharon revealed that Noah accused her of playing favorites, and she noted that parenting was a learning process. She asked how long JT was staying, and he said maybe for good. Nick walked up and said he'd better be staying for good since he'd moved in with Victoria. JT explained that he didn't mean to be hesitant, but he and Mac were still sorting out custody issues, and he wanted to be a good father to all of his kids. After JT went to his table, Nick told Sharon that he hoped he was wrong, but he didn't think JT and Victoria's reunion would work out.

Later, Nick apologized to JT for being an overprotective brother. JT understood Nick's concerns, and he hoped that Nick would eventually see JT and Victoria's reunion as a good thing. According to JT, he and Victoria had time to grow up and realize they were better together. JT admitted he'd spent a lot of time fighting it because he'd expected to be with Colleen forever and to be a musician. JT didn't know why he didn't work harder to pursue his dreams or why Colleen had to die young, but he'd made peace with it. Nick understood, because he'd gone through the same thing when Sage died. JT asked how he moved on, and Nick said he fell in love with an amazing woman - Chelsea. JT vowed to make the most of the new shot with Victoria, and Nick wished him luck.

Back at Newman, Victor was surprised that Victoria had returned from her trip early. Victoria mentioned Ashley, and Victor said hiring her was a calculated move based on Newman's evolving needs. Victoria suspected that Victor actually gave Ashley the job out of pity. She didn't think Ashley belonged at a family company. Victor countered that Ashley used to be Victoria's stepmother, and she was Abby's mother. Victor said he'd be giving Victoria more responsibility in the future, so she'd have to learn to delegate. He thought it made sense to snap up a talent like Ashley, the innovator of the year. Victor added that Jabot was weaker without her. Victoria thought this was about beating Jack, but Victor said it was about far more than that – it was a good business move.

Victoria went back to her office. Ashley explained that Victor told her to use Victoria's office until her own office was ready. Victor hadn't realized Victoria would be back from her trip so early. Ashley offered to work from home, but Victoria thought they could coexist. Ashley noted that they both saw the way Jack and Billy acted in the workplace last year, to the detriment of both companies. Ashley hoped she and Victoria could provide an example of the correct way to behave.

Ashley mentioned that she planned to make changes to Brash and Sassy. Victoria was adamant that the division was fine, but Ashley countered that it probably would've gone under if Victor hadn't stepped in. Ashley thought Victoria was bright and creative, but there was always room for improvement. Ashley decided to hold a staff meeting to discuss the changes. Ashley hoped to make the company more efficient and successful, so that it could perform at the same level as Jabot. Ashley valued Victoria's insight and wanted her to be at the meeting. Victoria gathered her things, in a huff, and announced that she was going to work from home.

Victoria went home and vented to JT about Victor's latest move. JT was surprised because he'd never heard of a company actually hiring a chief innovation officer. Victoria thought it was ridiculous and that the last thing the company needed was another high priced salary. She thought was a slap in the face that Ashley got to control Brash and Sassy. JT agreed that it was wrong. Victoria was annoyed that Ashley wanted to make Brash and Sassy run more like Jabot. JT thought Ashley had been disloyal to Jack and that it would only be a matter of time before she tried to push Victoria out. Victoria agreed. JT urged her to tell Victor how she felt. JT didn't like the way Victor manipulated his kids. Victoria planned to talk to Victor, and she was determined to make him listen.

Victor dropped by to find out why Victoria left the office. JT quietly told her to give it to Victor with both barrels, then he went upstairs. Victoria contended that it was cruel of Victor to put her beloved division under Ashley's control. Victor felt that it was necessary to give some things up for the greater good. He said he loved Victoria and was grooming her to be CEO. In the meanwhile, he wanted her to make Ashley feel welcome. Victoria said that would be his job for the short term, because she was going to Paris to check on Abby's progress with Brash and Sassy.

Victor left. The disappointed JT said that Victor got his way, and Victoria was leaving again. Victoria clarified that the trip was her idea. It would keep her involved at Brash and Sassy, and she wanted to make sure Ashley wasn't influencing Abby to side against Victoria. Victoria also thought it'd be a good time to put an ocean between herself and the “wicked witch.” JT was glad Victoria was asserting herself, but he wasn't happy she'd be leaving again. She kissed him and promised to make it up to him.

Back at the penthouse, Nick told Chelsea that the money was clean, and as Adam's next of kin, it belonged to her. Nick asked what she wanted to do with it. Chelsea looked serious and lost in thought. She said she'd put it in the bank for the kids' future. Chelsea also wanted to donate to Nick and Nikki's project to help the less fortunate. Nick kissed her.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah talked with Sharon about Hilary. Mariah didn't think that Hilary would go to bat and make sure the staff kept their jobs. Tessa walked in, and to Mariah's dismay, Sharon left so they could talk. Mariah said she heard about the breakup. Tessa replied that she lost everything, just like Mariah wanted. Mariah was offended Tessa would say that. Mariah never wanted anyone to get hurt. Mariah said she didn't get what she wanted, not even close. Tessa suggested that there was a chance for her and Mariah. Mariah wished Tessa said that months ago before shooting her down, stringing Noah along and stealing from her. Mariah said too many bad things had happened and there was nothing left for them.

Hilary went to Hamilton-Winters. Devon said he was proud of her for rebranding GC Buzz. Hilary asked if he could increase his bid to stay in the running to buy her out. Devon wished he could, but it wasn't in the budget. Devon said that if she went with him, he'd keep the entire staff and he'd help her achieve her dreams. Hilary said he'd given her a lot to consider. Devon sensed that she wanted to choose him – to work alongside him and to have his help taking her career to the next level.

At Newman, Ashley called Abby and they talked about Victoria seeing Ashley as a threat. Ashley told Abby that she'd need her support, as a fellow Abbott.

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