Monday Y&R Update 1/29/18

The Y&R Update Monday 1/29/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Hilary shuffles through papers at the athletic club bar and gets a call. She’s super busy, but not too busy for her fertility test results.

Tessa is eager to please at Hamilton-Winters. Devon reminds her that her assistant’s job is probationary but secure for now. Just as she breathes a sigh of relief, Noah arrives with a large cardboard box full of her belongings.

Billy and Phyllis run into Ashley in the athletic club dining room. Word is Ashley quit Jabot. It’s shocking, but there’s more. While Phyllis makes herself scarce, Ashley tells Billy she’s entertaining an offer from Victor.

Lily is in a hurry to get back to Newman Enterprises. She and Victoria will be working late, so don’t hold dinner. Charlie already left the house, so that leaves Mattie and Cane. Or just Cane. Mattie has reading to do. Cane gets the picture.

Chelsea prepares to leave the penthouse for a fitting. While she’s gone, Nick will paint the bathroom. Chelsea grimaces. He really, really wants to do it himself---for her. She laughs, wishes him luck, and kisses him goodbye.

At the club: The time and money it would take for Ashley to start her own company is daunting. It would be much easier to let Newman Enterprises foot the bill, with conditions, of course. Billy has grave doubts, but Ashley’s relationship with Victor isn’t quite as contentious as Billy’s. They were once in love and share a child.

At HWG: Tessa and Noah get into a heated argument and Devon intervenes. It’s silly to get so upset over some lyrics; besides, if anyone should be po’d it should be Mariah. They were her words. Noah realizes Devon doesn’t know the whole story and enlightens him. While they were on their couples’ getaway to San Francisco---while Devon and Noah were out---Tessa and Mariah made out in the hotel room. Noah leaves Tessa to fill in the details.

Chelsea blusters into Crimson Lights and practically hurls a gift at Sharon. It’s a soup cookbook. There are some excellent recipes in it that Nick and Faith enjoy. Then she gets to the real point of her visit: She might have given Sharon the wrong impression the other day about her feelings about Adam and Nick. Sharon is stunned and tells her not to worry about it. She assumed Chelsea was just venting. Chelsea proceeds to the patio. There she is accosted by Hilary, who wants to share her good news with someone. Not with Chelsea. They aren’t friends, not since Hilary exposed Chelsea’s grifter past on her trashy TV show.

Devon seems in a hurry to get to his next meeting, but Tessa insists on explaining. Devon supposes she kept mum until now to protect her record deal, but she denies it. She didn’t reciprocate Mariah’s feelings and was committed to Noah, so to spare everyone’s feelings she kept their kiss a secret. Devon is ready to accept this and move on.

Mattie confesses that although she likes having her dad and Sam home, it’s an adjustment. She can’t overlook the damage Cane caused the family and the hurt he inflicted on Mom. Cane recalls the night the twins were trapped in a burning building. He committed then and there to re-winning their trust. Mattie smiles.

Billy urges Ashley to take her time deciding. She will. In the meantime, he is to keep their discussion confidential. Billy adds one last thing: Her joining forces with Victor would be a kick in the teeth to Jack. Ashley smirks. After Billy leaves, she phones Lily to invite her to the club for a drink and a chat.

At Crimson Lights: Hilary buys Chelsea her favorite coffee drink and says she’s changed. Chelsea doubts it very much, but even if she has, it’s too little, too late. Chelsea bolts.

Nick preps the bathroom for painting. In the process, he discovers a one hundred dollar bill in a vent, then another, and they just keep coming.

Charlie drops in at Hamilton-Winters to see Uncle Devon, but he’s not there. He’ll wait with Tessa if she doesn’t mind. He loves music and seems a bit starstruck. What’s it like to be a recording star? Well, it has its ups and downs. . . .

Sharon is short-staffed at Crimson Lights. Mariah has the day off, so she pitches in. Her first customer is Devon, and he wants more than coffee. He wants to talk. She thinks he’s there to pester her some more about releasing Tessa’s song, but he’s not. They retire to the patio.

Over wine at the club, Ashley asks Lily what it’s like to be a new hire at Newman. Lily is reluctant to disclose anything to the competition. Ashley clarifies. She’s no longer with Jabot and might become one of Lily’s colleagues. Fascinating. But wouldn’t someone like Ashley want more autonomy than a Newman drone is entitled to? Indeed. It dawns on Lily that Victoria might get her panties in a bunch. How did she react to the idea? She doesn’t know, and Ashley wants to keep it that way for now.

On the Crimson Lights patio: Mariah, usually so quick with a witty remark or comeback, is at a loss for words. She didn’t have feelings for Tessa when she and Devon first got together. In fact they caught her off guard and she didn’t know what to do about them. She knew she couldn’t continue her relationship with Devon, but she wasn’t prepared to be completely honest with him. She’s sorry. Devon is compassionate but has to ask whether Mariah sees a future for her and Tessa. Oh, no, that ship has sailed. Her main concern now is her friendship with Devon. Does it still exist? Of course.

Again at the club: Ashley can trust Lily. In fact, Lily is glad Ashley confided in her. Victoria seems to have higher aspirations now that Brash & Sassy is part of Newman, and Lily might be looking for new opportunities. Would Ashley keep her in mind? That’s jumping the gun, but yes, Ashley will. Lily lingers after Ashley leaves. She says she has some calls to make, but obviously she just doesn’t want to go home.

At the Ashbys’, Mattie returns from Sam’s room with spit-up on her shoulder. Cane points it out and smiles as she removes her sweater and treats it like toxic waste. Even so, Cane can see that Mattie is a capable babysitter. He decides to surprise Lily at the office and take her out for dinner. Mattie approves. But when Cane gets to Newman, Victor tells him that Lily left and Victoria wasn’t in today. Sensing trouble, he calls Lily. She tells him a tall tale about how busy she is with Victoria.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Phyllis discuss Ashley’s next move. Hilary plops down at their table, glad to see some friendly faces. She has great news: The time is right for her to get pregnant. Now to find that donor . . . She shuffles through her briefcase, and Billy spies her list of desired qualities in a father. He reads them and decides he fits the bill. Just kidding! Hilary’s desperation is unsettling. Phyllis encourages her to be flexible and let things develop more naturally. Hilary thanks her for her wisdom and leaves. Billy agrees. Phyllis is wise. Having a child is a big decision, especially for a single woman. On the other hand, if he and Phyllis were to consider having one . . . Nah! they say almost simultaneously.

Devon returns to the office, where Charlie and Tessa seem to be hitting it off. Charlie gets a brilliant idea. Does Uncle Devon have an internship opening? Devon is surprised. He didn’t know Charlie was interested in music. He is, he is. Well, then, Devon will talk to Lily about it. Cool! Charlie leaves, and Tessa concludes she’s been replaced.

Ashley strides into Victor’s office. Good news: He’s found room in the budget to hire her. Excellent. Now for her demands: autonomy, a board seat, a fund to spend at her discretion, and oversight of Brash & Sassy. Victor smiles. Ashley wants to know how he’ll handle Victoria. He’ll handle her. Do they have a deal?

Devon again assures Tessa a job. It’s been a long day. He offers to walk her out, but she has a few things to finish. She’ll lock up. After he leaves, she locks herself in the office, retrieves her sleeping bag, and unfurls it on the sofa.

Lily comes home. Cane, working on his laptop in the living room, removes his earbuds only to hear her apologize. It looks as though she’ll have another long day tomorrow, so she’s going straight to bed. Good night.

Chelsea comes home and surprises Nick with takeout burritos, but she’s the one who is surprised. When she finds him still at work in the bathroom, he says the job has taken some unexpected turns. He moves aside to reveal a pile of money.

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