Thursday Y&R Update 1/25/18

The Y&R Update Thursday 1/25/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Lily is in the kitchen, ready with Cane’s morning coffee. It’s rough with a newborn in the house, even though Cane has been doing all the work. She offers to pitch in, but he doesn’t want to impose. He gets an incoming text. Drat! The sitter can make it.

J.T. returns to the house after dropping Johnny and Katie at school. Piece of cake. Victoria thanks him without looking up from her laptop. She’ll be working from home today and is super busy. J.T., feeling neglected, heads for the shower.

At home, Jack and Ashley crawl the walls waiting for news about the arbitration. Jack seems more on edge than Ashley and she teases him a little.

At Top of the Tower, Noah fails to comfort Tessa. She loves her song but is ready to let it go; otherwise Mariah will drag Devon into court. Noah won’t let up and Tessa is forced to be rude. Drop it! It’s too painful to talk about.

Hilary, with Mariah in tow, enters Crimson Lights and makes a beeline for Michael. She shoves her phone at him and asks for a statement about the Jabot arbitration. He speaks clearly into the device: After Jack is declared the victor, he’ll be happy to do so. He turns to Mariah and offers to recommend a copyright attorney, or, although it’s not his forte, advise her gratis. Mariah stifles him in front of Hilary and is uncharacteristically nervous. Hilary smells a story.

Jack blows past Gloria and into his office. He doesn’t want to be disturbed by anyone other than Michael.

Phyllis corners Ashley at Crimson Lights and tells her to lighten up on Jack. Phyllis, not Ashley, was the target of that clause excluding a non-blood Abbott from running the company. Ashley tells her to mind her own business and flees to the patio.

At the GC Buzz studio, Hilary hounds Mariah about the song lyrics. What’s the big deal? Everyone has already heard them and loves them. Mariah should take Devon’s offer of songwriting credit; she’ll clean up. No! Mariah says, and attempts to throw Hilary off her trail. There’s no secret or story. But her defensiveness only encourages Hilary to persist.

Lily is available to sit for Sam and Cane isn’t to worry. She kisses him goodbye and he leaves for the office. One second later, Sam lets out a cry. Lily sighs.

J.T. returns to the living room in search of his tablet. Absently, Victoria says she last saw Johnny playing a game on it. J.T. shakes his head. It’s not a toy. Victoria is too caught up in her video conference to notice his disgust until he slams the door on his way out.

At the TV studio, Mariah overhears Hilary on the phone entertaining an offer to buy the show. What about Mariah and the rest of the employees? Hilary makes no apologies for looking out for herself and her baby. No, she’s not pregnant yet, but she hopes to be soon and will need cash. She grew up poor, but her child won’t.

J.T. and Cane have their breakfast meeting at Top of the Tower. J.T. balks at his new assignment. It’s way below his skill level. Cane is sorry, but it’s all he has available, and J.T. knew this when he accepted the job. So Cane hired J.T. out of pity? Obviously he’s agitated about something else: Victoria.

Noah goes to Victoria, requesting advice and bearing gifts. Although she’s very busy, she makes time for coffee and her distraught nephew. But why doesn’t he ask his mother? She’s not exactly objective when it comes to the rift between Tessa and Mariah.

Phyllis forces her way into Jack’s office and is surprised at his lack of confidence. Jack admits Ashley was Daddy’s girl . . . but Jack had a special bond with John Abbott too. He eventually responds to Phyllis’s cheerleading and concludes that he was meant to run Jabot.

At the Tower: Cane, only recently reunited with his wife and still on shaky ground, feels confident enough to offer J.T. advice. Respect each other and understand that you will not always be each other’s priority. Now J.T. feels foolish for complaining. Cane gives him the day off to make things right with Victoria.

At Victoria’s house: She mostly listens. Tessa and Mariah’s falling out confounds Noah. It revolves around Tessa’s song lyrics. Do Noah and Mariah have a reasonably good brother-sister relationship? Victoria asks. Noah thinks they do. Then have a heart-to-heart with her. Noah thanks Aunt Victoria and prepares to leave. Offhandedly, he asks how it goes with J.T. It’s an adjustment. They have to find their place after divorcing and spending so many years apart.

In their respective offices, Jack and Ashley invoke John Abbott and await the verdict. Not much later, their attorneys arrive. Before Jack starts celebrating, Michael suggests he go to Ashley and assure her a place in the family and the company. Gloria and Phyllis burst in with the bubbly and glasses, and their cheers are heard in Ashley’s office. Tony apologizes and shakes Ashley’s hand before leaving.

Noah approaches Mariah at the TV studio and makes a clumsy attempt to get her to allow the release of Tessa’s song. He even asks to read Mariah’s journal to satisfy himself that it wasn’t word-for-word plagiarism. Mariah feels backed into a corner and begins to cry. Eventually she relents and hands over the journal with an invitation to read it, all of it. When Noah gets to the part about Mariah kissing Tessa, one guesses he’s sorry he asked. He shoves the book at her and stalks out.

Ashley makes the first move, entering Jack’s office and congratulating him in the presence of his supporters. Michael says no hard feelings. All but Jack and Ashley move to the conference room for cake. Now that Jack has won, it’s easy for him to take the high road. He wants to repair their relationship. Ashley stops him. They’ve said all that needs to be said---except one thing. She resigns and she and Jack are through.

Lily’s is at her wits’ end when Hilary knocks at her door. With Lily’s permission, Hilary takes Sam from his bassinet and stops his crying within seconds. Lily is dumbfounded. Lily needs to relax. Babies pick up on tension. Later, while Hilary helps Lily fold laundry, she sympathizes. It can’t be easy living with the product of her husband’s affair. Truth be told, Hilary admires Lily. Before Hilary heads out the door, Lily asks her not to tell Cane what transpired. After Hilary leaves, Sam cries again, but this time Lily responds with maternal warmth.

J.T. comes home and smooths things over with Victoria. He plays their song on his cell phone and they dance.

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