Wednesday Y&R Update 1/24/18

The Y&R Update Wednesday 1/24/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Hilary isn’t kidding about wanting a baby. She makes an appointment with a fertility doctor and cools her heels in the waiting room.

At the Abbotts’, Michael preps Jack for today’s arbitration. Neither he nor Jack realized that Ashley and Tony had the same idea and already occupy the dining room. Ashley is unusually cheerful. She offers the guys coffee and looks forward to a civil end to their differences.

Chelsea runs out of hot water mid-shower. In fact, she runs out of water, period. Nick! Nick checks the sink. Water there . . . he’s sure he finished up just as Arturo would have. Chelsea needs an explanation. The contractor working on Nick’s apartment complex started the job but had to get back to the site. Nick has been shadowing him and has picked up a lot, but obviously there’s room for improvement. Fully clothed, he checks the showerhead while Chelsea shivers in her towel. Soon they’re both drenched and it turns them on.

In the Abbott dining room, Ashley likes her chances. So does Tony. Planning the simultaneous meeting unnerved the opposition as planned. For follow-up, he instructs Ashley to laugh loudly and heartily. Score again. In the living room, Michael rolls his eyes at Tony’s gimmicks and tries to get Jack to focus. Dina will be discussed, which disturbs Jack. Dina is doing fine so far in Paris with Abby, but Jack will be questioned about her long-term care.

The doctor explains Hilary’s options. Given there’s no man in Hilary’s life, she will be artificially inseminated. Hilary is in good health, so she has a good chance of success, but it’s a big decision. Hilary feels a little odd saying it out loud, but yes, she’s ready to become a mother, and she wants full control over her child’s upbringing.

After their interlude, Chelsea and Nick decide they need to get to work. In Nick’s haste, he knocks a bottle of perfume from the bathroom sink and it shatters. Chelsea is crushed. It’s special because it’s discontinued. She shakes it off, though, and tells Nick to forget about it.

At the doctor’s office: Hilary doesn’t think age should be a factor. Hordes of celebrities over forty have babies. The doctor agrees, but if Hilary would like to delay her decision, she can freeze her eggs. On the other hand, if she’s ready now, she needs to do a little online shopping for a sperm donor—from a reputable bank, of course. Hilary half jokes that she needs a glass of wine. The doctor laughs. It might be her last one for a while.

At Jabot, Michael is sure Tony and Ashley are deliberately late. Eventually they arrive and shortly after so does Frances Didion, the arbitrator. It’s ugly from the get-go. Ashley accuses Jack of poor judgment, rash business decisions, ignoring input from other executives, and blindsiding her with the clause in the bylaws that excludes a non-blood Abbott from running Jabot. Jack defends himself. He’s known about Ashley’s paternity for many years and kept it secret. Their mother, with Alzheimer’s, blurted it out in public. Afterward, Ashley became defensive and seemed out to prove herself. Tony takes his turn at questioning Jack, who considers Ashley his sister, correct? And the board of directors approved this clause of his? Yes. And was Ashley informed at the time? No. Furthermore, Jack trusted Ashley to run the company as interim CEO while Jack stayed home to care for their mother, right? Why did he return to work so abruptly? Jack sounds like a petulant child: Because it’s *my* company. Tony has no further questions, but Michael has a few for Ashley.

Devon peeks over Hilary’s shoulder at the athletic club bar. She’s on a dating website? Hilary, direct if nothing else, says no, it’s a sperm donor site. Devon is momentarily speechless.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon can tell something bothers Chelsea. Chelsea tells her about the broken perfume bottle. It was a gift from Adam, something she didn’t tell Nick. It’s silly, right? Chelsea didn’t want to move out of the penthouse because she shared it with Adam and now this. Not at all. Sharon validates Chelsea’s right to her feelings and the right to keep them to herself. Chelsea is still in a quandary. Nick is such a great guy—nearly perfect. Let’s not go overboard, Sharon says. She was married to him. In any case, it’s a wonder to Chelsea that two brothers can be so different. Adam struggled all his life and had a dark side, but he was exciting. Sharon agrees, having had her own relationship with Adam, and asks whether Chelsea sometimes wishes Nick were more like Adam.

At the club, Devon recovers from his shock. So Hilary wants to have a stranger’s child and raise it without a male role model? Devon knows from a child’s point of view how tough that is. He recalls Hilary once said if she were to have a child, she’d want Devon to be the father. Yeah, well, plenty has changed and she no longer needs a man for anything.

At Jabot: Can Ashley cite a long-term pattern of Jack’s excluding her from the family? Isn’t it true that Ashley and her mother had a contentious relationship? Ashley bristles. Michael turns to Jack and asks why Jack added the clause in question to the bylaws. It was meant to prevent a hostile takeover by Jack’s ex-wife, not Ashley. As for voluntarily taking on Dina’s home care, Ashley showed no interest in participating. She wanted only to be CEO. Dina abandoned Jack and Traci too, but he managed to put it behind him. Not Ashley. In fact, even today she wants to put Dina in a home. Ashley loses her composure, and Jack comes at her harder. He blames her for forcing him to do so.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon apologizes for overstepping and reminds Chelsea that Adam lives on through their son, Connor. Chelsea agrees and thanks Sharon. She declares herself happy with her new calm, stable life, although it’s not clear whom she’s trying to convince.

At the athletic club: Hilary knows men are threatened by successful women like her. Devon doesn’t include himself among them. Talk turns to business and Hilary divulges that a big media corporation is interested in acquiring GC Buzz. As it’s hers to do with as she pleases---thanks to Devon---she’s seriously considering selling. True, it was her baby, but she’s set her sights on a new baby. She asks about doings at Hamilton-Winters Group. Aside from the drama swirling around the music division, it’s going well. He’s in it for the long haul and intends to build a legacy. Hilary wryly suggests he consider parenthood.

At Jabot: Privately, Tony admits Ashley’s meltdown might have hurt a little, but they’ll recover. Elsewhere, Michael huddles with Jack, who hates the acrimony but wants a resolution. The arbitrator reconvenes only to heighten the tension. She’ll have her decision tomorrow.

Chelsea comes home to Nick. He’s wearing his tool belt, but not to worry; he called in reinforcements. He then presents an intact bottle of Chelsea’s prized perfume and says more is on the way. It helps to have a sister with connections in the cosmetics industry. Chelsea melts.

At the club, Hilary packs up her laptop and prepares to leave. Devon apologizes for intruding, but is she sure about “this baby thing”? She is. In that case, would she consider selling GC Buzz to Hamilton-Winters? They made a great team once before. She has a pretty full plate right now, but she’ll consider it.

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