Tuesday Y&R Update 1/23/18

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/23/18


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

Chelsea and Nick cuddled and kissed on their couch, and she declared that it was just what she needed after her long day. The moment was interrupted by a phone call – the apartment building Nick and Nikki bought had a burst pipe, and Nick had to go take care of it. Chelsea wanted him to hire someone, but Nick explained that they wanted to keep the expenses under budget so that they could keep the rent low. He promised to make it up to her.

At Jabot, Billy picked Phyllis up and spun her around. He announced that he'd made reservations at a restaurant that offered dining in the dark. Phyllis informed him that they already had a plans – a double date.

At GC Buzz, Mariah noticed that Hilary was all dressed up and asked who the unlucky guy was. Hilary refused to say because she wanted to be discreet, but Mariah argued that Hilary would spill all the details on tomorrow's show anyway. Hilary continued to be evasive and Mariah surmised that Hilary was going on a blind date. It amused Mariah that Hilary, who thought no man could resist her, needed to be set up with someone. Hilary shot back that Mariah had been writing lovelorn journal entries about someone who didn't want her, which meant she was in no position to mock anyone's personal life.

At the Club, Phyllis and Billy waited for Hilary and her mystery date to arrive. Billy noted that you weren't supposed to chaperone blind dates, but Phyllis wanted to be there for Hilary in case the evening went south, all though Phyllis was willing to bet that wouldn't happen. Billy pounced on her figure of speech and bet her $100 that the date would be a disaster. She raised an eyebrow about letting him gamble, but he assured her that the friendly wager wouldn't send him into a downward spiral. Phyllis upped the wager to $200, and Billy accepted. He was sure it wouldn't work out because he thought that Hilary only cared about herself. Phyllis countered that she knew more about Hilary than he did. She also noted that Hilary was attractive; at that moment Hilary walked in, and Billy agreed with Phyllis's assessment. Hilary asked who her date was. Phyllis said it was a successful executive who was interested in a serious relationship. Hilary said she couldn't wait to meet him, but she was startled when Ravi walked in.

The double date started and they small talk about the weather, until Billy asked why Phyllis thought Hilary and Ravi would make a good pair. Billy noted that Hilary loved the spotlight, and Ravi liked being holed up in his office writing code. Ravi countered that people were more than stereotypes. Hilary was impressed. She asked about his family, and he told her that he was close to his parents, the physicist and surgeon. Hilary noted that he came from good genes. Hilary also admired how fit Ravi was and asked if he had any health issues. He didn't, besides seasonal allergies. Billy spotted Devon and invited him over. Devon learned that it was a double date, and he left to give Hilary and Ravi privacy. Hilary and Ravi discussed having demanding, but rewarding careers. Hilary stated that most men couldn't handle a woman who was in charge, but Ravi said he admired and respected it. Billy noticed Chelsea, and Phyllis quietly threatened to withhold sex for a month if he invited anyone else to the table.

Billy got up and went over to Chelsea and told her about the date. She talked about her day and how she and Nick were having to adjust now that he was a landlord who was on call 24/7. Billy recalled that he and Phyllis had been consumed by work for awhile and it almost wrecked them. Chelsea stated that she and Nick were fine, but Billy encouraged her to talk with Nick if she ever felt uncomfortable with the arrangement. Phyllis came over and told Billy that she and Hilary were going to powder their noses, and she asked him to keep Ravi company.

Phyllis asked Hilary for her first impressions. Noting that Ravi wasn't her usual type, Hilary said that he was sweet and apparently from a family of geniuses. She thought he seemed like great father material, but there was no heat. Phyllis urged her to give it time to develop. She noted that she and Billy didn't even like each other for years, until sparks suddenly flew.

Back at the table, Billy brought up the time he'd used Phyllis's computer to spy on Jabot for Brash and Sassy. He asked if Ravi was involved in setting the trap that resulted in Billy losing his job and Brash and Sassy being bought out by Newman. Ravi said that he was required to carry out his employer's instructions, while Billy, on the other hand was under no obligation to spy on his brother using his girlfriend's computer. Ravi had a clear conscience regarding the fallout. Billy called that a good answer, and he toasted to it. Hilary and Phyllis returned, and Hilary asked Ravi what he liked to do for fun. He talked about his love of opera, EDM music, dining out and New York. Ravi thought he sounded like a bad dating profile, but Hilary said she'd swipe right. Phyllis dropped a napkin, and when Billy leaned down, she quietly crowed about winning the bet. Billy countered that the night was still young. He told Ravi that Hilary wanted to have kids as soon as possible.

Phyllis took Billy aside and chided him about putting Hilary on the spot. Billy felt that Ravi had a right to know that this was an interview, not a date. He also thought that guys had to stick together.

Hilary admitted that she did want a child. Ravi called Hilary an incredible, dynamic beautiful woman, but he said he wasn't interested in being a father right now. Hilary understood. Ravi said he hoped Hilary found what she was looking for, and he left. Back at the bar, Phyllis paid Billy his winnings, but it was clear that she was annoyed with him for sabotaging the date. Hilary walked over, and Billy started to say something, but Phyllis interjected and apologized for Billy. Hilary said Billy did her a favor. She realized that she didn't want to deal with dating. She didn't want a man; she wanted a baby, and she vowed to find a way to make it happen.

At Hamilton-Winters, Devon told Tessa that Mariah didn't let him read the journal. Devon still believed that Tessa was innocent, but he was concerned that Mariah would use her platform to publicly smear Tessa and hurt sales. He insisted that Tessa go mend fences with Mariah.

At the Club, JT and Victoria waited for Reed to arrive and wondered how to tell him that they were back together. Nikki called – Reed hadn't shown up for community service and he wasn't answering his phone. Victoria worried that he'd run away again. JT went searching and found Reed at Crimson Lights with a girl. JT demanded to know why Reed didn't answer his phone, and Reed said it was dead. JT grabbed Reed's arm and dragged him out to the patio, then he yelled at him about skipping community service. Reed wanted to explain, but JT said he didn't want to hear the excuses. Reed was angry at JT for embarrassing him in front of his friend. He expected that sort of thing from Victoria, but not from JT. Everyone in the coffeehouse was peering out onto to the patio. Sharon went out and informed JT and Reed that they'd attracted an audience, and she offered to get them some drinks so they could calm down. JT sent Reed back inside to get his things, then he told Sharon about Reed's DUI. Sharon commiserated with JT about teenagers and told him that she and Noah got through it with patience, love and determination.

JT and Victoria took Reed to their house, where he griped to Victoria about JT making a scene. Victoria contended that JT had every right to be upset. Reed explained that he didn't go to community service because he'd picked up trash yesterday so he'd be free to study for his test today. Victoria admitted they owed Reed an apology. JT noted that this could've been avoided if Reed had texted them yesterday and told them his plans. JT felt that Reed should get better at communicating, and Victoria said that they all needed to improve. Reed asked for a ride to the ranch, but Victoria said they needed to talk. Reed was wary, and Victoria assured him it wasn't bad. She revealed that she and JT were living together and they wanted Reed to come home. Reed wasn't happy. At that point, the doorbell rang – Victor and Nikki.

Reed apologized to his grandparents for making them worry, then Victoria sent Reed upstairs to check on the kids. Victor and Nikki revealed that they planned to punish Reed with extra chores. JT announced that it was time for Reed to come live with his parents. Nikki realized they were living together, and she and Victor didn't think it was a good idea. Victoria assured them that she and JT weren't taking this lightly. Victoria also noted that Victor and Nikki had a long history of breaking up and reuniting, so they were in no position to judge. Victoria said she and JT didn't need permission, but they would like her parents' blessing. She and JT both felt that this decision was the best thing to happen to them in a long time. JT knew they had concerns about his relationship with Mac. Nikki noted that he was still married, and Victoria clarified that JT had been separated for some time. JT added that his marriage ended way before he knew he was coming back to Genoa City, but now that he was here it felt like home. Nikki wanted Victoria to be happy, so she wished them well. Victor agreed to accept it, but he thought Reed should remain on the ranch. JT conceded that Reed's time at the ranch had a positive effect on him, however, JT noted that Reed was the responsibility of his parents. After Nikki and Victor left, Victoria fretted because Reed didn't want to come downstairs and talk about the new living arrangement. JT assured her that she didn't have to worry because JT was here and could handle this. They hugged and kissed.

Nick came into Crimson Lights to pick up a meal for the construction crew. Sharon told him that Kathy and the kids were looking forward to moving back into the apartment and knowing that Nick was going to oversee the repairs and reverse the rent increase was a load off their minds. Sharon was proud of Nick for helping all the tenants, and she comped his order as a small way of contributing to the cause. Nick told her that he'd been inspired by the way she didn't hesitate to help Kathy. It had shown him that he needed to do more and be more. He thanked her.

Nick got home and found the lingerie-clad Chelsea waiting for him. Nick apologized for leaving earlier. Chelsea told him that all that mattered was that he was back and they had all night. They kissed.

Tessa cautiously approached Mariah at GC Buzz. Mariah confronted her about stealing the journal. Tessa denied it at first and claimed she and Mariah coincidentally wrote the same thing. Mariah countered that Tessa had lifted lines from her journal and used them verbatim in her song. Tessa admitted that she stole the journal, but not to plagiarize. She said she missed Mariah and took the journal because she wanted to know what she'd been thinking, and reading Mariah's words were the next best thing to talking to her. Sounding hurt, Tessa noted that Mariah barely acknowledged her existence even when they were in the same room. Mariah blasted Tessa for broadcasting Mariah's personal feelings to the entire world. Tears streamed down Tessa's cheeks as Mariah spat that Tessa had betrayed her in the worst way. Mariah wondered if she meant that little to Tessa. Tessa jumped in Mariah's way as she tried to leave. Tessa said that Mariah was an important part of her life, and she was so sorry she'd hurt her. Mariah didn't think Tessa was sincere, since she had several opportunities to back out of plagiarizing Mariah's work, but she did it anyway.

Mariah wondered if Tessa thought she'd be too embarrassed to confront her. Tessa said not at all. Tessa explained that Mariah's words were inspiring, because they could've been Tessa's thoughts. Mariah asked if Tessa meant that she still thought about their kiss and thought about what it would be like to be together. Tessa said that couldn't happen because she was with Noah. Tessa felt that if Mariah cared about her, she'd let Devon release the song. Mariah was disgusted that Tessa didn't reciprocate her feelings, but she felt justified in using them. Mariah didn't know who Tessa was anymore. Tessa implored Mariah not to mess this up for her or Devon.

Mariah went to Crimson Lights and confided in Sharon that she felt angry, disrespected and betrayed. Mariah was also confused; she didn't want to damage Tessa or Devon's careers, but she also didn't want to have to hear her intimate thoughts on the radio. Sharon thought it was amazing that Mariah was thinking about Devon and Tessa after all that she'd been through over the past few days. Sharon noted that Tessa used Mariah, which meant Tessa wasn't really a friend. Sharon encouraged Mariah to stand up for herself.

Mariah went to Devon's office, and he asked if she and Tessa were able to work things out. Mariah realized he sent Tessa to talk to her. Mariah reiterated that Tessa plagiarized her work. Devon noted that without proof, this was Tessa's word against Mariah's. Mariah let Devon read her journal. He admitted that Tessa's lyrics contained a number of phrases found in the journal. Mariah pointed out the date – she wrote this the day before Tessa wrote the song. Mariah asked him not to release it. Devon noted that there was more to a song than the lyrics; Tessa had also composed the melody. He didn't think this was legally theft because the journal wasn't copyrighted. Mariah was stunned that he'd say that.

Devon offered to give Mariah co-writing credit so she could collect the royalties. “Theft, plagiarism, bribery. Is this how you run a company?” Mariah asked. Devon said he was trying to find a solution they could all live with. Mariah would only accept Devon giving her the master copy so she could destroy it. Devon said he couldn't do that. He understood that Mariah was hurt, and he didn't want to add to her pain, but this song could be a hit. Mariah warned Devon that if he released the song, she'd sue.

Back at Crimson Lights, Tessa arrived and was caught off guard when Sharon rushed over and grabbed her arm. Sharon hissed that what Tessa did was unconscionable and Mariah was devastated. Tessa said she was too, because she missed their friendship. Tessa claimed she didn't know how they ended up so far apart. “Really? No idea?,” Sharon sarcastically replied, before revealing that Mariah told her everything a few months ago. Tessa said it was just one kiss. She swore she was committed to Noah and would never intentionally hurt him. Sharon wanted to believe that, but she was skeptical after finding out what Tessa was capable of. Sharon vowed to watch Tessa's every move from now on.

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