Monday Y&R Update 1/22/18

The Y&R Update Monday 1/22/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Victoria tidies up and answers the doorbell. Why didn’t J.T. use his key? He wanted to see her beautiful face at the door.

Billy surprises Phyllis in Jack’s office. He sweeps her off her feet and, with her boss out for the day, suggests they goof off. He closes the door and they help themselves to Jack’s secret stash of goodies. They’ll blame the missing champagne and chocolates on Gloria.

At the Abbotts’, Dina is in a funk and has been since she gave permission to take Graham off life support. Ashley and Traci can’t tell what she remembers of the ordeal, if anything. Jack comes home to this scene.

Tessa waits for Devon in his office. She has no idea why Mariah overreacted to her song. Devon needs more information---and so does Noah, who walks in unannounced.

At the GC Buzz studio, Hilary is back to her old self. She refuses to pull Tessa’s song from the website, as Mariah demands. Well, then, Mariah will see her in court. The lyrics are stolen property. Hilary’s interest in piqued. It was a love song . . . about whom? Not Devon. Mariah vaguely alludes to a number of her failed relationships. Hilary thinks Mariah is po’d because Tessa “outed” her feelings for another man. Trust Mariah, there is no guy.

In Devon’s office: Tessa defends her originality. When she and Mariah were best buds, they had a lot of deep conversations about love. The song might have been inspired by something Mariah said, but it is not stolen material. Mariah’s lashing out probably was due to their broken friendship. Noah is ready to give Tessa the benefit of the doubt but not Devon just yet. He speaks with her privately. He’s willing to back her 100 percent, but she has to be completely honest. She again declares her innocence.

Dina refers to Jack as “John,” her late ex-husband, and Jack plays along. He asks a few probing questions about what she recalls about recent events but she has a few of her own, specifically about the cruise she was to take with Brent. Her thoughts become further jumbled and she beings to cry in frustration. “Nurse!” she calls. Traci responds and takes her mother upstairs to rest. Jack and Ashley are relieved she has no memory of Graham, so they’re rid of him for good. Now to invalidate her will. Not so fast. From upstairs, Dina calls out for Graham.

In Jack’s office: Phyllis wonders how Victoria will feel when Billy brings the kids home from school with champagne on his breath. He’s got that all figured out: He and Phyllis will hire a car and go pick up the kids together.

In the Abbott dining room, Jack and Ashley consider how to handle Dina’s erratic behavior and end up arguing. Traci overhears and gives her two cents. It’s pointless to try to explain things to Dina. She won’t remember.

J.T. and Victoria make out on the couch until she stops it. The children will be home soon and they’ll have to explain J.T.’s presence. Actually, Reed may be more of a problem than Johnny and Katie. J.T. agrees and thinks it’s time to bring him home from the ranch. He’s uncomfortable leaving his son in Victor’s care. No time for further discussion. Billy rings the bell and Johnny and Katie burst through the front door. Billy spots J.T. luggage in the entryway and demands answers.

At home, Jack video chats with Abby from Paris. From the next room, Dina hears a familiar voice and identifies it immediately as Abby’s. She proceeds to have a perfectly coherent conversation with her granddaughter as Jack, Ashley, and Traci look on. Not knowing Abby’s location, Dina invites her for dinner. Not possible; however, Abby was about to propose a crazy idea to Uncle Jack. She’d like Dina to return to her home in Paris. Abby will stay with her.

At the GC Buzz studio, Devon discusses the “misunderstanding” with Hilary and is eager to speak with Mariah.

Alone with Victoria, Billy questions her judgment. Why does he care who she shacks up with? Because his children are living in the same house, that’s why. Phyllis attempts to smooth things over and then offers to take the kids upstairs and plant them in front of a video. After the women leave the room, Billy and J.T. have it out.

Dina can’t get packed fast enough. After she leaves the room, the Abbott siblings voice their concerns to Abby, but Abby is on top of things. She’s already contacted Dina’s doctors in Paris and she’s interviewing live-in nurses. She thinks returning Dina to familiar surroundings would be good for her, and it would provide the sibs a much-needed break. Ashley begins to come around, but not Jack. He fears missing out on Dina’s last moments of clarity.

At GC Buzz: Mariah explains to Devon that she’s been keeping a personal journal to sort out her feelings. Devon asks to take a peek, to satisfy himself that Tessa didn’t in fact plagiarize. What part of “it’s private” didn’t he understand? No. Furthermore, she resents being called a liar. Devon pleads his case. He’s Tessa’s manager, so it’s strictly business. Even worse, she says. He values his business over their friendship.

J.T. accuses Billy of jealousy. Nonsense. Billy is concerned about the welfare of his children and his friend Victoria. Meanwhile, Phyllis helps Victoria set the dinner table and gets a similar vibe. Is Phyllis rooting for J.T. and Victoria because she wants to secure Billy for herself? Phyllis denies it. She wants Victoria to be happy. Back in the living room, Victoria squares off with Billy. He repeats to her: He’s not jealous. Victoria jumps to the conclusion that Billy sees her as weak and unstable. Billy holds up his hands in surrender. If she tells him to back off, he’ll back off. Back off, she says. Billy and Phyllis leave and Victoria melts into J.T.’s arms.

Dina is positively giddy about jetting off to Paris with Traci, who has offered to escort her. Jack still struggles with the thought of parting, even temporarily. Making matters worse, Dina tells “John” to take good care of the kids. He was always better at it than she was, not to say she doesn’t love them. She says “avoir!” and “see you later” in French and heads to the car. Ashley and Jack comfort each other.

In the athletic club foyer, Noah declares himself firmly in Tessa’s corner. He’s sorry she had to suffer Mariah’s wrath. She doesn’t deserve it.

Mariah returns to the studio, where Hilary and Devon continue to discuss the topic on everyone’s lips. He takes Mariah aside and promises to do whatever she requests to set things right. She doesn’t have to stop and think. Don’t release the song, and delete all traces of it.

At the club bar with Phyllis, Billy is clearly not ready to let things rest. Victoria is making a huge mistake with J.T.

At Victoria’s, she and J.T. raise a glass to his first night home. Not a minute later, the kids call her upstairs. J.T. will use the time to check in at work, or so he says. Instead he rummages around his toiletries kit for a bottle, pops a pill, and washes it down with wine.

Michael arrives at the Abbotts’ with news. The arbitration is scheduled for the day after tomorrow, but there’s still time to call it off. Ashley thinks for a moment and refuses. It’s too late. Some things need to be settled. Jack meets her look of determination and couldn’t agree more.

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