Friday Y&R Update 1/12/18

The Y&R Update Friday 1/12/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Ashley surveys the damage at the lab.

Victoria calls Reed for school but gets no answer. She runs upstairs and discovers he’s gone. He might not have even slept in his bed. She phones J.T. immediately.

At the apartment, Phyllis flips pancakes and fends off Billy’s advances. Johnny and Katie will be late for school. It’s been fun having the kids, but Phyllis looks forward to having the place to themselves again. It might be longer than she thinks. Reed appears at their door, looking for a place to crash.

At Victoria’s, she and J.T. call the hospital and the jail. Thankfully, Reed isn’t at either place. Victoria is ready to call the police. J.T. suggests they hold off and consider why he left. J.T.’s impending divorce, the rejection from the music program, and the DUI were apparently too much for him.

Can Billy believe Victoria is considering sending Reed to boarding school? Hearing about that was the last straw, so Reed ran away to a friend’s house, but Jimmy’s parents are coming home today, so Reed had to split. Victoria needs to know that Reed is safe at least, so Billy calls her and talks her and J.T. into letting Reed spend one night at the apartment.

At Victoria’s, J.T. bristles at the thought of Billy Abbott in charge of his son. Like it or not, Victoria says, Billy has a way with him. J.T. admires her flexibility. He encourages her to take the day off to unwind. They both deserve it. In fact, he’ll book the massages. Eventually she gives in.

After Johnny and Katie are packed off to school with the sitter, Billy turns his attention to Reed. Or he means to. Cane arrives, ready to take Billy to a very important meeting. Billy forgot, but he can’t back out. Jill’s son is expected to be there.

Victoria and J.T. agree it would be a shame for Reed to give up on music. Victoria thinks he needs to develop a thicker skin. J.T. admits he’s been a poor role model in that respect. He gives up too easily, witness his two failed marriages. He shouldn’t be so hard on himself. He and Victoria are getting along fine now, and they’re both proud of that. Nikki arrives in the middle of the conversation and takes it to J.T. for driving Reed away.

At the apartment: Billy apologizes for his oversight. His life has been turned upside down lately. When Reed descends the stairs, Cane assumes he is the “chaos” to which Billy refers. Billy asks for five minutes to pull himself together for the meeting and runs upstairs, leaving Phyllis, Cane, and Reed in awkward silence.

At Victoria’s: Actually, Nikki disapproves of the way both Victoria and J.T. have coddled Reed. She and Victor would never have tolerated such delinquency. Victoria begs to differ, but Nikki isn’t interested in hearing her views. She’ll leave, as Victoria asks, and she’ll handle Reed since his parents obviously aren’t up to the task.

At the lab, Paul questions Ashley while his investigators comb through the wreckage. Are there any new employees who might have done this? Ashley never considered it might have been an inside job but guesses it’s possible in this day and age. He tells her to document all missing inventory and consider motives for stealing whatever chemicals were taken.

Nikki barges into Phyllis’s apartment and demands to speak to her grandson. He appears. She orders him come with her. Now!

After the meeting, Billy feels like celebrating at the club. Lunch is on him. Cane can’t stop fiddling with his phone. When Billy realizes that Cane is texting Lily in an effort to save his dying marriage, he criticizes Cane’s methods. That’s no way to win a woman who’s trolling through Paris, France. Think big! Cane decides Billy is right, for once in his life. Lunch can wait, he says with a big smile. He’s going to get Lily back.

At home, Victoria scolds J.T. for being rude to her mom and fanning the flames. She was right: J.T. did steal Reed from Victoria, and then he ignored him in favor of his other children with Mack. Typical Newman response, J.T. snorts---always pointing fingers. He thought she’d changed, but he was wrong. Things escalate and Victoria gets physical. She shoves J.T. out the door.

Victor is pleased to see Reed when he arrives at the ranch with his grandmother. Reed should make himself at home, which he does, starting in the kitchen.

Billy runs into Ashley at the club door and gets the latest---about the burglary, about her feud with Jack, and about Graham’s marriage to Dina. Billy hopes Ashley doesn’t suspect Victoria broke into Jabot. She doesn’t, but rest assured, whoever did will pay dearly.

After Reed finishes his lunch, he’s ready for dessert. Anything he wants, Victor says---after Reed mucks out the stables. Say what? Yes, and furthermore, Reed will be expected to do chores, to rise each morning at six, to exercise, and then to go to school. Reed is stunned. Victor knows it wasn’t what he expected, but the routine will do him good. It will be just like boot camp, including the haircut. And the discipline, Nikki adds. And should Reed think of escaping, he should remember the Newmans’ security staff and access to the best PIs. Got it? Yes, Reed gets it.

At the bar, Ashley thanks Billy for the chardonnay, but it will take more than that to solve her problems. In addition to everything else, the arbitration is back on. Jabot needs stable leadership now more than ever, and Jack has left her no choice. At least they’re on the same side where Graham is concerned.

Upstairs in his suite, Graham dons a pair of gloves and removes the stolen chemicals from a paper sack. What he intends to do is anyone’s guess.

J.T. shivers on Victoria’s doorstep. He asks for his coat, at least. She opens the door, sheepishly, and allows him back in. They stare at each other without speaking, and then suddenly J.T. grabs her, kisses her, and makes love to her on the stairway.

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