Thursday Y&R Update 1/11/18

The Y&R Update Thursday 1/11/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At the athletic club: Ashley, with Michael standing behind her, pounds on Graham’s suite door. He cracks the door and shushes her. His wife is resting and can’t come to the door. Michael restrains Ashley and serves Graham an injunction preventing him from leaving town with Dina.

At home, Jack calls Graham’s marriage to Dina a farce, but Traci says no, it’s legit. The date on the license is October, right after Graham spirited Dina out of town.

J.T. arrives at Victoria’s, ready for Reed’s court appearance. Reed enters in his sweats and, chewing with his mouth open, announces he’s not going. He read online that his attorney can enter a guilty plea for him.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon assures Mariah that she really is fine after her breakup with Scott and sends her to the shelter with a box of day-old baked goods. Nick passes Mariah on her way out and takes note of her cargo. He’s glad Sharon isn’t angry with him for being the bearer of bad news. On the contrary, she’s glad he told her about Scott and Abby and rewards him with a peck on the cheek.

At the Chancellor place, Cane asks Charlie to help him keep Reed’s court date a secret from Mattie. Charlie agrees, but it’s too late. Mattie is nowhere to be found.

At Victoria’s: J.T. talks to Reed alone. He was once a self-righteous, know-it-all-teen too, but eventually he learned to take responsibility for his actions. Would Reed make an effort for his mom, if for no one else?

At the Abbotts’, Michael outlines his strategy to show that Graham exploited Dina and thus get their marriage annulled. The Abbott siblings fear that won’t be the end and wonder what Graham’s next move will be.

At Crimson Lights: Nick is astounded that Abby attended Sharon’s party and that Sharon accepted Abby’s apology. Changing the subject, Sharon asks how Nick is after the incident with Christian. Nick was traumatized, but clearly the Abbotts have it much worse, dealing with Dina’s Alzheimer’s. Nick regrets blaming Chelsea for not keeping a closer eye on Christian and losing his cool. Sharon thinks he was completely justified.

At home, Traci and Ashley have a moment alone. Traci admires Ashley’s tenacity, but she’s worried about Ashley’s mental state. Ashley says there’s no cause for concern, but then Jack enters, gushing about the new lab supplies that were just delivered to Jabot. Wouldn’t she like to go check it out? It would be a good distraction. Ashley resents his attempt to boss her around. He isn’t CEO. Traci jumps up and reminds them of their truce while they work through Dina’s issues with Graham, but clearly the feud is still on.

Outside the courtroom, Michael instructs Reed to say “Guilty, Your Honor,” and nothing more. He does, but so softly that the judge asks him to repeat it. Just before she issues punishment for his underage drinking and DUI, Mattie enters, identifies herself as the one who called in Reed’s offense, and asks to make a statement. The judge rolls her eyes but allows it. Mattie repeats the facts---that Reed had a beer or two and got behind the wheel---but asks that the judge consider the circumstances. Reed was having family issues.

Sharon calls Nick’s attention to a woman with her two children at a nearby table. They’ve been there for hours and ordered next to nothing. A moment later, the woman, Kathy, approaches the counter. She’s too proud to admit she can’t afford anything on the menu. Instead she says she’s a little short on cash and asks whether Sharon has any day-old goods. Sharon lies, says she does, and ends up boxing up some fresh pastries and taking them to Kathy’s table.

In the courtroom, Reed throws a fit and yells at Mattie for making things worse---he does this not once, but twice. It makes an impression on the judge, who had intended to show leniency but now comes down hard: a $400 fine, a one-year suspension of his license, and community service. After she adjourns, Reed runs after Mattie. He understands why she did what she did. Can they try to repair their relationship? She doesn’t think it’s possible and didn’t expect his forgiveness. She advises him to do a bit of soul-searching.

Jack accompanies Ashley to the lab, at her insistence. She’s outraged that a particular compound was shelved next to another. They are toxic if mixed, and any lab assistant worth his salt would have known that. Jack beams. It’s great to see her back in her domain. Ashley isn’t taken in by his flattery and she won’t allow him to force her out as CEO. She tells him again how much he hurt her by using her paternity against her, especially after he had been so supportive after Graham’s outing her publicly.

At Crimson Lights: In a private conversation with Sharon, Kathy confesses she’s down on her luck. She’s between checks---she’s a cashier at a discount store---and her landlord raised her rent beyond what she can pay, so she’s also between homes. Sharon has connections at social services. Perhaps they could help . . . Kathy objects to her pity and doesn’t need charity.

Back at Victoria’s house, Reed is angry at the world for a situation of his own making. Victoria is as harsh as the judge was. She expects him to come up with the money to pay his fine, and Grandpa isn’t an option. If he won’t get a job, maybe he could sell that slick new guitar she bought him. J.T. objects. She can’t take away everything he loves. Reed sighs and says he might as well. He has no future in music. He hadn’t told anyone until now about the music program he applied to and was rejected for. He runs to his room in despair.

Back at the Crimson Lights counter: After watching Sharon with Kathy, Nick thinks Sharon is looking for a project. She denies it but seems overly concerned about where Kathy and the kids are going as they pack up to leave.

Mattie returns to the Chancellor mansion and runs into her dad. She tells him what happened. He’s sympathetic and agrees to whip up a batch of Aussie waffles to comfort her.

J.T. and Victoria discuss what to do about their son. Victoria is desperate to stop what she perceives to be a downward spiral and has a drastic solution: boarding school. J.T. objects again. The last thing Reed needs is isolation from his parents. After a brief argument, they agree to solve the problem together and say goodnight at the door. Reed overheard everything, and now that the coast is clear, he slips out with only a duffel bag and his guitar case.

Mariah, in her pj’s, is settled on the couch in front of the TV when Sharon arrives with three overnight guests.

Ashley comes home and tells Jack and Traci she called her attorney and told him to proceed with the arbitration. Meanwhile, a masked intruder trashes the lab and steals what are supposedly valuable chemical samples, including the super-volatile one Ashley had worried about earlier.

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