Wednesday Y&R Update 1/10/18

The Y&R Update Wednesday 1/10/18


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Michael met Jack at the Abbott mansion. Jack was on edge because it was time to go to the courthouse, and he hadn't been able to reach Ashley or Traci. Jack wanted everyone to be there when the judge threw out Graham's power of attorney. Michael cautioned that the process might not go as quickly as Jack hoped. Jack and Michael arrived at the courthouse, and there was still no sign of Traci or Ashley. Jack dreaded putting Dina's illness on public display, because she'd lived such a vital life. The sympathetic Michael said it was the only way to protect her. Graham and Dina arrived, and he sent Dina ahead into the courtroom. Jack was furious that Graham brought Dina, but Graham felt that she belonged there since the hearing was about her. Jack and Graham debated who'd win the case. Graham smugly said he always put Dina first and that she needed to be protected from her children. Jack lunged for Graham, but Michael held him back, and took him outside for air.

Meanwhile, at the Club, Traci and Ashley asked Mattie if she'd seen Devon. Mattie had just finished having breakfast with him. Ashley and Traci wanted to go through Mergeron's files in hopes of finding something to derail Graham's plans. Mattie made a phone call. Devon was already in a meeting, but he allowed Mattie to let Ashley and Traci into Hamilton Winters. Mattie had an employee bring up the Mergeron files, then she went to school. Ashley and Traci were overwhelmed. There were dozens of boxes, and most of the paperwork was in French. Ashley finally noticed Jack's messages, and she called him back, but he didn't answer because he was in court. Ashley realized Jack didn't see the note she'd left him at the house. She left him a voice message explaining what she and Traci were doing.

When Jack and Michael came back inside, Michael warned Jack not to let the opportunistic Graham goad him into flipping out in front of the judge. They entered the courtroom, where Dina and Graham were waiting. Dina mistook Jack for John again and was under the impression that this was their divorce hearing. Michael tried to correct Dina, so Jack took him aside and explained that the doctors said to let Alzheimer's patients have their own reality. Michael was sorry Jack had to deal with this. Jack said not to be sorry, but to wipe the floor with Graham. Graham's lawyer, Brenda Brecheen, was someone Michael had gone up against before, and sometimes she'd won. The hearing started, and the judge greeted Dina asked if she was okay with being there. She was. Michael stated that he was going to show that Graham was unfit to care for Dina and that he was only interested in getting revenge and inheriting her money. Brenda countered that there was no grounds to revoke the power of attorney. She noted that Dina entrusted Graham with her well being instead of her own children. Brenda thought that Ashley and Traci's absence today proved that the Abbotts weren't the loving family they portrayed themselves to be.

Jack took the stand. He said that on the surface Graham initially seemed to care about Dina, but in reality, he was controlling and he wanted Dina to rely on him instead of her family. Jack revealed that Graham spent years attempting to insinuate himself into Dina's life, eventually charming her into hiring him and making him her right hand man. Jack explained that Graham wanted to punish Dina for sleeping with his stepfather, Brent Davis. Jack told the court how Dina had a stroke after Graham revealed his revenge plot, and Graham used the power of attorney to prevent the family from visiting and to check Dina out of the hospital. Jack continued that Dina had seemed happy, but forgetful when she returned from Florida. The family learned that she'd been diagnosed with Alzheimer's a year ago, information that Graham withheld. Jack contended that Graham used Dina's diagnosis to manipulate her while he waited for her death.

On cross, Brenda asked Jack how close he was to Dina over the years. Jack said that they hadn't been as close as he would've liked. Brenda continued to question Jack, and he was forced to admit that prior to Dina's return, they'd been estranged, with several years passing between her visits. Jack acknowledged that he and his sisters never visited Dina in Paris, even when they were already in Europe for other reasons. Brenda asked if it was true that Jack and Ashley were engaged in a vicious battle for Jabot, which was driven by Jack's decision to be Dina's caregiver. Jack clarified that he and Ashley were in arbitration and that he, and the rest of his family were all concerned with his balance between running Jabot and caring for Dina.

Brenda pointed out that Dina had burned down the Underground, stabbed Nikki and kidnapped Christian all while under Jack's care. She asked if he thought it was acceptable to let Dina roam the city. The tension got to Jack and he stood up and argued that he and Dina weren't the criminals. He said that if anyone should be taken off the streets it was Brenda's fraud of a client. The judge ordered Jack to compose himself, and Michael tried, but failed to rein Jack in. Jack went on a tirade about Graham exploiting Dina and robbing him, Traci and Ashley of precious time with her. The judge threatened to hold Jack in contempt. Dina became distraught. She begged the judge to leave John alone and to grant him the divorce. She felt that she deserved the law's harshest penalty for failing her family. Dina confessed to having countless affairs and to abandoning her husband and three babies. She sobbed that they'd never forgive her and she didn't blame them. Jack tried to go comfort Dina, but Michael held him back.

The judge called a recess out of concern for Dina. In chambers, she asked counsel whether their clients wanted to postpone. Brenda noted that, thanks to Graham, Dina had calmed down. Graham wanted the hearing to continue. Michael requested and was granted a short recess to confer with Jack. Jack was very disturbed by what this was doing to Dina. Jack knew Dina had cheated, but he didn't think there were countless affairs. Jack suspected that her guilt was making her remember things as being worse than they actually were. It bothered him that she thought her children hated her. Michael suggested that Dina may have already forgotten her outburst. Michael also noted that it proved Dina was in the throes of dementia, and the judge might believe that she wasn't competent to sign over power of attorney. Jack didn't want to keep putting Dina through this. Michael asked if he wanted to drop the lawsuit.

Back at Hamilton Winters, Traci realized they were late and needed to go. Just then, Ashley found something.

Ashley and Traci rushed in, just as Michael was about to address the court. They showed him and Jack the manuscript, and Michael entered it into evidence. Years ago, Dina had begun keeping a journal about her life that she'd hoped to get published. In it, she'd chronicled her relationship with Graham, starting from the moment she met him at a party. She'd been captivated by him. He'd made her laugh, and she loved the way he treated her like a friend instead of an untouchable aristocrat. Six months later, Dina noted that Graham had made himself her constant companion, but she'd grown suspicious of his attentiveness. He seemed too perfect, and she wondered if it was an act. On a later date, she concluded that Graham was only after her money, and she resolved to sever ties with him. In another entry, Dina admitted that she'd forgotten to cut Graham loose, and she blamed her memory lapse on her stressful, busy schedule. Dina recorded another entry, this one about recently being diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She was scared, and she wanted to see her kids again and reconcile with them. Dina admitted that burning that bridge was the biggest mistake she ever made. Dina believed that she deserved to be alone, but she was glad she had Graham. She felt terrible about mistrusting him. Dina thought that she must do as Graham advised and hide her diagnosis. She stated that he was all he had, and no one else cared. The passages brought Ashley, Traci and Jack to tears. Michael contended that Dina's own words proved that Graham should be stripped of his role as her guardian.

In the hallway, the Abbotts were triumphant, convinced that the journal would sway the judge to their side, and they'd get to take Dina home with them. The hearing resumed, and Graham took the stand. He shocked the courtroom by announcing that the verdict didn't matter because he and Dina were husband and wife, making him her legal next of kin.

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