Tuesday Y&R Update 1/9/18

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/9/18


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At the Club, Devon and Victoria discussed Brash and Sassy's European promotional tour. Devon thought it was a good time to send Abby out of the country. Victoria was relieved that the media hadn't picked up on Abby and Sharon's fight. Noting that Hilary hadn't covered it on her show, Devon said that she was sticking to the goal of taking the high road. They shifted gears and Victoria mentioned that she and JT saw Graham manhandling Dina, and JT intervened. Devon was surprised, since Dina had shown herself to be so tough during their negotiations. Victoria mentioned JT's divorce, and she said she felt bad for him.

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane informed JT that the twins would be staying there while Lily was in Paris. Mattie cautiously brought up Reed, and JT assured her that she'd done the right thing. He thanked her for calling the police and applauded her bravery, admitting he wouldn't have been able to do that at her age. Mattie noted that Reed wasn't answering her texts, and JT suggested that Victoria might have taken the phone away. Charlie didn't think Mattie should even be texting Reed, but she argued that Reed was human and made a mistake. Cane said that if Reed couldn't accept that Mattie made the right decision, it was his problem, not hers.

After the twins left, Cane thanked JT for what he'd said to Mattie. Cane hoped it would make her see Reed more clearly. JT clarified that Reed wasn't a raging alcoholic; he was just a kid who found out his family was in trouble. Cane countered that Charlie had gone through something similar without turning to booze, but JT stated that Cane couldn't know that for sure. JT told Cane not to pretend Cane didn't act out at that age and to stop acting like Reed was a serial killer. Cane noted that Reed had been acting out before he found out about JT and Mac's separation. JT thought Reed had every right to be upset because JT tried to make him leave the country, then JT stopped being present in his life. JT admitted he'd gone through something similar because his own parents weren't around enough. He felt that Reed would eventually grow up and become a law-abiding adult. JT admitted he wasn't always on top of parenting-stuff, and he figured Mac would agree. He explained that he'd been planning to go back to D.C. in hopes of repairing things with Mac, when Reed got the DUI. Now Mac had sent him divorce papers, and he'd missed his chance. Cane could relate since Lily was about to leave town just as it seemed like they were making progress. He was uncomfortable with her going back to Paris, a city where she used to live and had a whole other life. JT called Cane out for wanting Lily to screw up things at her job just because he was insecure. Cane realized he'd made a mistake, and he rushed out.

JT texted Reed and invited him over. Reed was in a bad mood because he was sure he'd lose his license and therefore, his freedom. JT pointed out that Reed was the one who decided to drive drunk. JT asked if Reed had talked to Mattie. He hadn't. JT called Mattie downstairs, then he walked out. Mattie asked why he wasn't answering her texts. When Reed didn't respond, Mattie said she didn't know what else to do, and she didn't know how much trouble he'd get in. Reed snapped that Mattie seemed to know everything else. He said he'd been in jail with a bunch of lowlifes and colleges wouldn't touch people with DUIs. Mattie argued that she tried to call him a cab, but he'd refused. Reed accused Mattie of ruining his life. Charlie heard the raised voices, so he came barreling downstairs and stood up for his sister. Mattie said she'd been scared and didn't want to lose him. “Well how'd that work out for you?,” Reed shot back. Charlie tried to comfort Mattie, but she raced upstairs, and Reed stormed out.

At the Club, Phyllis asked Hilary if she missed annihilating people on air. Phyllis thought that Sharon and Abby's fight would make a good episode. Hilary glanced over at Scott, who was across the room, and admitted she wasn't sure why women would fight over him. Phyllis noted that he was a good kisser. Hilary was shocked, and Phyllis said that happened a long time ago and involved a lot of scotch. Phyllis went back to pitching the episode, but Hilary wouldn't let herself be tempted. She firmly stated that her show was about empowerment now, and her next show would be about forgiveness. Phyllis pretended to nod off. Hilary said that she was still the same person, and she was sure she could make forgiveness sound sexy.

Mariah and Chelsea both made up excuses to drop by Crimson Lights. Sharon saw through the thinly veiled reasons to drop by and check on her. She told them that they were sweet to worry, and she assured them that she was fine. Sharon decided to throw a little party to show everyone that she was okay. Mariah and Chelsea seemed a bit taken aback, but they accepted Sharon's invitation. Meanwhile, Hilary and Phyllis were still dining at the Club. Sharon called Hilary and invited her to the party. Hilary warily asked why. Sharon felt that Hilary was good at spreading gossip and she'd be able to get the word out that Sharon was doing well. Hilary accepted, and she invited Phyllis along.

In the Newman break room, Lily told Abby that Cane was worried about the Paris trip. Abby thought Cane deserved to worry after all he'd put Lily through, but Lily didn't want Cane to sweat. Lily just wanted to live her life, but for some reason, she felt like going on the trip was throwing away the last chance to save her marriage.

In Devon's office, Scott tried to convince Devon that Hashtag would be a perfect fit for Hamilton-Winters group. Devon didn't think the Newmans would agree. Scott noted that Victoria had planned to sell it in the past. Devon suspected that Scott was just trying to get away from Abby. Scott stated that he didn't run away from uncomfortable situations; he'd be a bad reporter if he did. Scott noted that Abby was Victor's daughter and Hashtag was never Newman's priority. Scott worried that Victor would try to punish him for what happened with Abby by cutting Hashtag's funding. According to Scott, Hashtag was in a good place and couldn't afford to lose momentum. Devon thought Scott's proposal had pros and cons, and he agreed to seriously consider it.

Devon went to Victoria's office to discuss Scott's proposal. Victoria was adamant that Hashtag would remain a Newman company. After Reed's DUI, she saw a benefit to owning a media company. Victoria knew that the family would have other crises, and owning Hashtag would give the Newmans a way to spin the public narrative. Devon asked if she thought she'd always be able to tell Scott what to do. Victoria said that was her problem, not Devon's. Then she changed her mind and said it was Devon's problem, since Newman paid him to handle PR. Victoria thought Scott was just trying to distance himself from Abby. She apologized for Scott wasting Devon's time, but Devon said it was never a waste of time to come see Victoria in action.

Devon ran into Lily in the Newman hallway, and she told him that things had improved for her and Cane, but she wasn't sure what came next. Devon thought she could clear her head during the trip. Lily admitted Cane didn't want her to go, and Devon contended that it wasn't Cane's call, but Lily said she cared about Cane's feelings on the matter. Devon wondered if Cane was testing her, and he said if so, it wasn't fair and that was all the more reason she should go.

Scott told Abby about his meeting, and she pointed out that he didn't own Hashtag. She vowed to forget about him in Paris. Scott hoped she'd meet a man who didn't speak English, who wouldn't know how vapid she often sounded. Abby returned the verbal fire, and Scott left. Victoria exited her office and asked if things were okay. Abby said that working with Scott made her feel like Victoria would if she had to continually watch a loop of herself fainting on the Hilary Hour. Victoria seemed concerned, but Abby said to stop, because she was going to forget all about Scott.

Back in the break room, Lily decided to go say goodbye to the kids. She also wanted to see Cane and let him know that her decision to go on the trip wasn't a comment on their relationship. She admitted that honesty was always a problem for them, and because she wanted Cane to be upfront with her, she felt he deserved to be treated the same way. Lily suggested that Abby also have an honest conversation with Scott, but Abby wasn't interested.

After Abby left, Cane showed up looking for Lily. Scott said she'd already left and asked if Cane would like to leave a message. Cane said he'd come to ask her something, but he just got his answer. Meanwhile Lily was at the Chancellor house with the twins, and she learned that Cane wasn't home. She told Charlie and Mattie she loved them and asked them to tell Cane she said bye.

Sharon, Mariah and Chelsea did party preparations at the cottage, and to Mariah's dismay, Tessa arrived. Mariah pulled Sharon aside to complain about it. Sharon felt that it was right to invite Tessa since she was living with Noah. Mariah didn't want the reminder. Sharon understood that Mariah was hurt, but Sharon thought that Mariah should try to recapture her friendship with Tessa. Tessa recalled that Mariah loved a certain wine, so she brought her a glass. Mariah declined, saying that she didn't like it anymore. Hilary and Phyllis arrived, and Sharon pasted on a fake smile as she noted that Hilary had brought Phyllis to her home. Hilary tried to talk to Chelsea about Christian going missing, but Chelsea was snippy because she thought Hilary was fishing for material for her show. Mariah walked over and reminded them that this was about Sharon. Sharon announced that she'd fallen in love, been cheated on and dumped the guy. “This is my I'm fine party,” she cheerfully said.

Phyllis privately told Hilary that when she invited her to a party at the ranch, Phyllis thought it was at the main house. Hilary encouraged Phyllis to work on forgiveness with Sharon. Hilary made a speech to the other guests about empowerment and implored them all to see this as an opportunity to mend fences. Phyllis and Sharon weren't interested. Hilary rehashed their pasts – Phyllis had conceived Summer while Nick was with Sharon, then Sharon had conceived Faith while Nick was with Phyllis. Hilary felt that of all the relationships Sharon and Phyllis had, the most important was the one they shared. Phyllis yelled that Sharon put her in a coma, and Sharon noted that it was an accident. Phyllis accused Sharon of being jealous of her. Sharon wasn't interested in Phyllis's drama-seeking life. Chelsea tried to calm things down. Phyllis said that Sharon had sank her claws into Nick decades ago, and Phyllis was surprised Chelsea hadn't been scratched yet. Chelsea smiled and said Nick was all hers, but thanks for the concern. Sharon insisted that she and Nick were connected as co-parents. Phyllis wondered why Sharon couldn't be there for Nick at his lowest point. Sharon tensed and asked if Phyllis was bringing her deceased daughter into this. Mariah made it clear to Phyllis that the topic was off limits. Tessa thought it was a good idea for Sharon and Phyllis to talk, and Mariah pointedly said that sometimes people didn't want to talk. Hilary thought it was interesting that Phyllis and Sharon were fine with Nick, but they attacked each other. Hilary felt that women should support each other. Chelsea wondered what Lily would say about that. Hilary said that she was finding her way and trying to empower other women as she empowered herself. Abby showed up, hoping to speak to Sharon in private. Hilary ushered her into the house, assuring her that this was a safe place to talk. Sharon decided to hear Abby out.

Abby admitted she'd been selfish. She acknowledged that she was wrong to sleep with Scott and that she shouldn't have kissed him, or let Faith and Mariah get dragged into it. Abby was sorry that she was the reason Sharon and Scott broke up. Phyllis countered that Scott shared some of the blame. Hilary asked Phyllis if she could see how what she just said reflected on her personal history with Sharon. Sharon thought she could forgive Abby. Hilary encouraged them to hug, but Sharon refused.

JT, Victoria and Michael met at Crimson Lights. Victoria told JT that she didn't know why he'd arrange a meeting between Reed and Mattie. JT said that the teens probably weren't dating anymore if that was what was bothering her. Michael shifted the discussion to the reason for the meeting – Reed's legal issues. Because Wisconsin was a zero tolerance state, any underage person who was under the influence could be charged with DUI. First offense was a $400 file and having have their license revoked for a minimum of 90 days. Michael added that Reed would've been facing prison time if someone got hurt. Victoria stated that she and JT should continually remind Reed that he could've gone to prison, prompting JT to say that Victoria had no idea who Reed was or how to treat him. Michael left. Victoria noted that neither of them had ever parented a teenage boy. JT stated that he used to be one. Victoria brought up prison again, and JT thought she almost sounded disappointed that Reed wasn't going to have to do time. Victoria told JT that he needed to parent Reed, not be his friend. JT said he was trying to, but he didn't think he and Victoria had always been there for Reed.

Victoria pointed out that Reed came to live with her because he was angry with JT, and she'd been forced to be the tough parent to keep him out of trouble. JT countered that he'd been there for Reed too, and so had Billy. JT thought that he and Billy had made sure Reed really felt heard and that Victoria was playing warden, which could eventually drive Reed away. Victoria clarified that she'd been Reed's stability, not his warden. She noted that when she and Reed were in a good place, she'd bought him a guitar as an outlet for his teen angst. JT accused her of making Reed's feelings sound like a joke, and he began to talk about how it used to feel to have music as your only outlet. Victoria countered that this wasn't about JT, it was about Reed. She thought that JT's laid back attitude was sending Reed the message that it was okay to drink and drive. JT reminded Victoria that she'd acted out when she ran off to Jamaica with Billy. Victoria thought that something had shifted in Reed – his anger was different, and she didn't think they should ignore it. JT said that if she kept telling Reed he was bad, he'd stop trying to prove her wrong.

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