Monday Y&R Update 1/8/18

The Y&R Update Monday 1/8/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Victoria finds Scott waiting outside her office for their meeting. She is brusque.

At the Chancellor mansion: J.T. returns from his jog and chats with Cane in the living room about the cute nanny Cane hired. He also thanks Cane for giving him a job and a place to crash. The doorbell rings and it’s for J.T. Just “paperwork” he says.

Abby and Lily breakfast at the athletic club and talk about Paris---at least Abby does. Lily seems lost in thought, and judging from that faraway smile, Abby guesses it has to do with a man. It does. Lily and Cane kissed yesterday. Abby couldn’t be happier for Lily, and Lily admits it curled her toes, but the divorce is still on the table. She can’t dwell on it now because there’s work to do. She notices that Abby looks happier too, and she is, thanks to this trip.

Michael tries to get a handle on the situation at the Abbotts’. Jack assaulted Graham, Dina’s beneficiary and holder of her power of attorney. Not a smart move. Ashley, Traci, and Jack argue about how to proceed but agree they must wrest control from Graham. Michael advises they get Dina to change her will. Even though she’s already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it might hold up in court. There’s not a moment to waste. Graham is at the door with a police escort and a court order for Dina to be released to him. It would be traumatic to remove Dina from her familiar surroundings at this point, but Graham won’t listen to reason, even from Traci. That does it! She goes upstairs to take matters into her own hands.

At the Chancellor place: After his shower, J.T.’s behavior seems a bit off. It’s because of Reed’s court date. Cane sympathizes. Parenting a teen isn’t for the fainthearted, especially when one is divorced or separated. Cane hopes he won’t be in that situation much longer.

At Newman Enterprises: Victoria commands Scott to write a piece about the dangers of teen drinking and present it to her for approval. And no, he may not work from home, even though there’s no reason he must work in the office. Further flexing her muscles, Victoria asks whether he received her e-mail about working with Abby. He didn’t respond. Of course he received it and isn’t excited about it. Victoria swears it isn’t punishment. He and Abby have proven a successful team. She issues an ultimatum---her way or the highway---when Abby and Lily arrive for their meeting. Abby promises to meet with Scott later, and he slinks off.

At the Abbotts’: It’s Paul to the rescue---or not. Traci summoned him, but he can do little except enforce Graham’s legal rights. Traci holds out hope that Dina will refuse to go with Graham, but no such luck. Dina descends the stairs and is glad to see her old friend. She scolds her kids for being rude to him and prattles on about the cruise she and Graham are going to take. Graham casts a self-righteous glance at Jack.

In Victoria’s office: The timing of the trip is perfect. It’s Fashion Week in Paris. Think of all those male models . . . Victoria is envious. Lily is obviously less than enthusiastic. Has she changed her mind about going? No, no, she says, assuming it won’t be more than a week or so. Well, actually . . . it could go on for weeks, maybe months, with multiple trips between continents. Even though the separation might kill her momentum with Cane, as Victoria put it, Lily is committed to her job. As Abby and Lily leave the office, they run into J.T. in the hall. He’s not leaving town as planned, to Abby’s dismay.

At the Abbotts’: Dina bids her children a fond farewell. She’ll send lots of postcards and visit Genoa City often. Jack takes it especially hard. He tells her he loves her and wants what’s best for her. Well, in her opinion, she has the best: Graham. The Abbotts’ stand at the door and watch Dina and Graham leave. Jack promises Graham a fight.

Charlie shows up at his dad’s with a gift for Sam. It’s a stuffed duck (called Bear), which had been Charlie’s favorite toy. Charlie doesn’t hold back, telling Cane what a great mood Lily was in this morning, and he’s sure it was because of Cane. Even as Cane tells his son to keep his expectations low, Cane’s hopes soar.

In Victoria’s office, she and J.T. consider an appropriate punishment for Reed, beyond what the judge issues. J.T. insists they continue the discussion over lunch.

Abby joins the others at the Abbotts’, where Michael strategizes. They need to prove Graham a threat to Dina. Ashley cites his tirade at her honorary dinner. He admitted to a roomful of people that his goal was to make Dina pay for ruining his childhood. Michael shakes his head. It’s not enough.

In the athletic club dining room, Dina is disappointed to learn that instead of going on a trip, Graham is taking her to “a new home, a beautiful facility.” Dina is lucid enough to know what he’s talking about and becomes combative. From their table, J.T. and Victoria notice; in fact, everyone does. When things get physical, J.T. intervenes.

Again at the Chancellor mansion: After feeding Sam, Charlie revisits the idea of Cane moving back into the family home. Cane is sure Lily isn’t ready for that and asks Charlie not to pressure her. Charlie promises and then offers his dad an apology. He disrespected Cane when he first heard about the baby. All is forgiven, and Cane couldn’t be prouder of Charlie.

Scott thanks his mom for meeting him at Crimson Lights. Before they even take a sip of coffee, he asks for a $3 million loan. He needs it to buy Hashtag and get out from under Victoria’s thumb. From a business perspective, it’s a bad idea, and Lauren supposes his desire to sever ties with Newman has more to do with Abby than with Victoria.

At the Abbotts’, Michael prepares to approach the judge about Graham’s being a flight risk. The room clears out and only Ashley and Abby are left. Abby offers to help, but judging from the word on the street, Abby has a full plate. Of course, Ashley refers to the brawl with Sharon at the club, and she’s surprised to hear the reason for it.

Lily pays Cane a visit at home. Initially he’s glad to see her, thinking she might be ready to take him back, but no. She’s leaving town for a while. He’ll gladly look after the kids while she’s out of town and he doesn’t want to hold her back professionally, but still . . . He wishes she wouldn’t go.

At Crimson Lights, Scott tries to convince Lauren (and himself) that Abby means nothing to him. She doubts that very much. Meanwhile, Ashley and Abby have the same conversation at the Abbott home. Eventually, Lauren tells Scott she can’t provide the loan, and he takes her advice to remain at Newman.

At the club: After J.T. looks over Graham’s court order and declares it legit, and Victoria calms Dina, they go their separate ways. Back at their table, Victoria and J.T. agree Graham can’t be trusted. Victoria admires him for jumping into the fray. He really is one of the good guys. Yeah, well, tell that to Mack. She had him served with divorce papers today. Across the room, Graham persuades Dina to take a suite at the club for the time being.

At the Abbotts’: Michael has secured a hearing for the day after tomorrow. Jack and Ashley agree to a truce while they fight for their mother’s safety.

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