Friday Y&R Update 1/5/18

The Y&R Update Friday 1/5/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At home, Cane starts to text Lily but can’t find the right words to say he’s sorry. He screwed up. Is all irretrievably lost? Lily does the same thing at the club.

At the apartment, Phyllis yells to Billy to get a move on. He doesn’t want to be late for his first day at Chancellor Industries. Billy appears wearing a very professional-looking suit.

Abby sits in her car, applying her lipstick and listening to the weather report. Scott slips into the passenger seat and nearly gets a face full of mace.

Traci comes home to help with Dina. Ashley greets her at the door while someone lurks nearby. Inside, Jack and Ashley tell her that things are going downhill fast---faster than anyone expected. Dina kidnapped a child. Fortunately it didn’t end tragically, but who knows what might happen next time. Jack is the first to admit it’s not a matter of if there’s a next time but when.

Billy bursts into the Chancellor mansion, ready to dig in, much to Cane’s annoyance. He tries to get rid of Billy, but no luck. Not even the attractive nanny Cane hired for Sam can divert Billy’s attention from business. Cane leaves for an important meeting at the club. Unfortunately Billy, as co-CEO, insists on coming along.

Jack isn’t ready to put Dina in a home, but Ashley insists they at least begin looking for a suitable one. In fact, she’s already done some research and shows him and Traci a website for the best memory care center in the Midwest. Traci backs Ashley and offers to keep a very close eye on Dina while Jack and Ashley check out the place. Jack agrees to go but wonders how they’d get Dina to cooperate with such a move. Ashley already thought of that too. They’ll tell her she’s going on vacation to a swanky resort. Ashley underscores the most important point: Dina will be safe.

Scott begs Abby to hear him out, but she’s not in the mood. Her reputation suffered a major blow after the confrontation at the athletic club in which Sharon called her a whore in front of a roomful of people. Scott understands and is filled with regret. Abby asks him to be more specific. Does he regret losing Sharon? Or losing Abby? Never mind. She found a diamond engagement ring among Scott’s belongings, which Sharon deposited on Abby’s doorstep. She assumes it wasn’t meant for her. Scott says he wasn’t playing games. He had feelings for both Sharon and Abby. Abby couldn’t care less at this point. She aims to preserve what’s left of her dignity, and that revolves around her job. She orders him out of her car and out of her life.

As soon as Dina hears the door close, she emerges and is pleased to see a friendly face. She and Traci chat about their old family friend Kay Chancellor and everything seems relatively normal until Dina asks Traci what her name is.

Lily and Devon dine at the athletic club. They discuss work mostly, but when Devon asks about her personal life, she changes the subject. He understands and she thanks him. Across the room, Cane and Billy hand their coats to the valet and prepare to meet some suppliers. Cane fears Billy will make a mess of things and instructs him to keep quiet. Shortly after they are seated, Phyllis arrives and pulls up a chair. Billy orders cocktails and Cane rolls his eyes.

Abby and Scott have another encounter, this time in the Newman Enterprises break room. Scott gets the text that Abby has already received: Victoria wants them to work together on a project. Abby’s not thrilled about it, but there’s no way out. Scott is ready to throw caution to the wind and ask Victoria to reconsider, but Abby doesn’t advise it. She needs her job. Can’t they just grin and bear it?

On the Crimson Lights patio, Ashley gushes about the amenities at the facility. Jack wonders who she’s trying to convince, and she admits it’s a dreadful decision to make, no matter how nice the place.

Traci and Dina have a bite to eat in the Abbott dining room. Dina carries on about her children and how they played in the snow with their father, all without realizing that Traci was one of those children. They discuss the trials of parenthood. Traci says it’s too much for some people and they leave their families. Traci could never have done that. She loved her daughter too much. Dina considers this and says she doesn’t think the two are mutually exclusive; just because someone leaves doesn’t mean there’s no love. Before Traci can fully process this, the doorbell rings. Graham is back, like a bad penny.

Eventually, Devon and Lily both have to get back to work. He leaves her at the table. Not long after, Abby calls Lily with a proposition. How would she like to leave all her troubles behind?

Dina is thrilled to see her old friend Graham and can’t understand why Traci is being so rude to him. Finally she declares it’s her home and shoves Traci aside so that Graham can enter. Traci is beside herself. Graham takes her aside to talk privately and ends up locking her out of the house. Traci calls Jack and Ashley at Crimson Lights and they rush home.

At the club: Cane’s big-time clients haven’t shown up and Phyllis has drained her drink. Cane can’t resist stealing a glance at Lily across the room and Billy and Phyllis notice. While Billy fetches a refill for Phyllis, she tells Cane to acknowledge his feelings for Lily and go make up with her. At the same time, Billy gives Lily a similar speech.

Graham sits on the sofa with Dina and they talk about how much she enjoyed her time with Jacky yesterday. She thanks Graham for making it possible. (He found Dina at the club and nudged her out the door with Christian.) Now he’s ready to help Dina get away. Delightful!

Phyllis and Billy rendezvous at the bar and watch Cane approach Lily. Their work done, they head for the door. At first Cane and Lily talk about mundane stuff regarding the kids’ activities. It’s nice to be able to do that again. Then Cane makes his move. Is there any hope for them? She assumed he’d moved on. He hasn’t, nor has she, but they reach an impasse. They say goodbye, politely, and she moves toward the door. He watches her go, she turns around, and they end up kissing in the foyer.

Jack and Ashley and Traci confront Graham at the house. Graham observes that they’re not doing such a great job taking care of Dina; she’s burned down a business and abducted a child since they took over. Face it: They need him. Dina enters with a small suitcase, ready to leave “this prison” with Graham. Jack assaults Graham and hustles him out the door. This is far from over, Graham yells from the stoop. He reminds them that he has power of attorney in Wisconsin. He’ll get Dina away from her family for good.

Scott can’t let Abby be. He pursues her to the elevator, where he demands to know her feelings. Surely she felt something for him. Honestly, yes, she did, but it no longer matters. And by the way, she found a way out of working with him. She and Lily are going to Paris to work on a Brash & Sassy expansion.

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