Thursday Y&R Update 1/4/18

The Y&R Update Thursday 1/4/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Chelsea gives Christian’s description to the athletic club management and the search is on. Abby, Scott, and Sharon pitch in. Abby blames herself for fighting with Sharon and distracting Chelsea. Nick arrives in a panic. He and Chelsea question Connor about what might have happened to Christian, but he doesn’t know.

Jack and Ashley run into each other at home. Both have meetings scheduled there. Ashley scolds him for conducting business at home, after the board decided that the CEO must operate from the office. The arguing is temporarily suspended when Ashley’s appointment arrives. Michael enters shortly afterward, for his meeting with Jack, and is disheartened to see that Ashley has hired Tony “the piranha” to represent her.

Everyone tells Nick how sorry they are for losing track of his son, but right now finding Christian is all that matters. In fact, he is ready to launch his own search and orders Chelsea to remain at the club with Connor. Lauren tries to console Chelsea. She remembers when she lost Fenmore at the mall. It was the longest 10 minutes of her life. He was only 4 years old and had been playing hide-and-seek. Chelsea manages a smile. Christian and Connor love that game too.

At the Abbotts’: Michael and Tony have competed in everything from court cases to charity golf tournaments. Michael openly questions Tony’s sense of fair play and cautions Ashley about proceeding with present counsel. When it becomes obvious that Ashley and Jack cannot be civil, Ashley and Tony ensconce themselves in the dining room to talk strategy. Before they close the door, Michael asks how Ashley met Tony. He co-owns a racehorse with Billy.

Abby searches the upper floor of the athletic club, where Lauren confronts her. No one seems to be good enough for her son Scott. How could Abby throw herself at him when he was already involved with Sharon? Abby first defends herself and then tries to flee, but Lauren won’t let up. Abby blames Scott for not making a choice. Scott finds the two of them and tells his mom that this is neither the time nor the place to discuss his ethics. He admits he’s attracted to both Sharon and Abby, but Sharon is the one he loves. Then why did he take such a stupid risk? Back in the dining room the club staff have found no sign of Christian, so Nick calls the police.

Ashley is unsettled by Tony’s methods—checking out the family photos and heirlooms and asking lots of personal questions. It’s by design. Family cases intrigue him. He needs to get into Jack’s head and learn about his motives for adding the clause to the bylaws that excludes a non-Abbott from serving as CEO and the reason for his timing. Yes, indeed, families are complicated. He knows from growing up with three sisters. Perhaps that’s why he’s avoided marriage. Ashley seems to be warming up to him a little, or least she is less suspicious of him. In the living room, Michael wrings his hands. Jack doesn’t see the problem. So Tony fights dirty; Michael’s record isn’t squeaky clean either. They are interrupted by Dina, looking for “John.” She is delighted to see “Philip,” (Chancellor) has come for a visit but demands service for two in her room and goes back upstairs to wait. Disturbing, indeed, that Dina mistook her son for her late husband. She’s getting worse and more unpredictable every day. She might come back a few minutes later, living in the present. Seeing the stress Jack is under, Michael suggests postponing the lawsuit, but Jack says time is of the essence.

Paul arrives at the club and promises Nick he’ll expedite the search. Chelsea sees Sharon at the bar struggling to open a bottle of Perrier and helps. Sharon is particularly upset about her role in Christian’s disappearance. She kept Christian from Nick for months, passing him off as her child. If the boy isn’t found, the repercussions will be devastating.

Ashley isn’t thrilled about a long, drawn-out court battle, so Tony comes up with an alternative. It just might be the same one Michael proposes to Jack in the living room, which is arbitration. Before they can talk specifics, Dina reenters, chiding “John” for not bringing her hot cocoa.

At the club, Paul tells Nick and Chelsea that his people are canvassing the neighborhood. He advises everyone else to go home. Abby, feeling guilty, refuses and insists on helping. Scott approaches Sharon at the bar and offers to take her home. When she leaves is her decision, and when she does, it won’t be with him.

When Jack delivers two cups of hot chocolate to Dina’s room, she bubbles over, telling him about the game of hide-and-seek she’s been playing with “Jacky.” Jack assumes it’s just her imagination, but once he’s gone, Dina calls "her son," and Christian crawls out from his hiding place.

Paul prevents Nick from striking out on his own and promises to contact Nick with news as soon as possible, be it good or bad. In the meantime, Nick should notify his family to prevent their finding out via other means. Chelsea offers to make a few calls, particularly the one to Victor, but Nick won’t permit her. He holds out hope that Christian will be found soon. Nick’s desperation and feelings of guilt spill over and onto Chelsea. She took her eye off Christian to get involved in a fight that was none of her business. Chelsea feels terrible but she won’t tolerate his verbal abuse. Their attempts to accommodate their busy work schedules led to this.

At the Abbotts’: In front of Ashley and Tony, Michael stages a conversation with Jack in which he persuades his client to accept Ashley’s offer of arbitration. Jack, of course, agrees. Enter Dina: “Jacky” broke his cup. She’s inconsolable. The attorneys leave and Jack attempts to calm his mother. She insists “John” have a talk with his son, and she summons him. Jack and Ashley are stunned to see Christian at the top of the stairs.

At the club, Nick and Chelsea make an uneasy peace, but she can tell he’s keeping her at a distance. Then Nick gets Jack’s call.

Sharon dumps Scott’s clothes on Abby’s snow-covered doorstep. He wants to talk, but she’s in no mood to listen—not even when the engagement ring he’d meant to give her on New Year’s Eve surfaces. He’d still like to marry her. In response, she takes the ring, throws it on the ground, and grinds it under super tall, super high-heeled boot. Just then Abby opens her door. Sharon says he’s all hers, but Abby doesn’t want him either and slams the door in his face.

Nick and Chelsea hurry to the Abbotts’. Nick lunges toward his son, in Dina’s arms, and is rebuffed. It’s a gut-wrenching scene: Ashley and Jack dismayed at their mother’s mental deterioration and a parent desperate to hold his child. Eventually, Jack persuades Dina, now in tears, to hand over “her baby.” Ashley escorts her mother to her room. Later, Jack and Ashley reconsider Dina’s care.

At the penthouse, with the kids tucked into bed, Chelsea suggests a glass of wine. Nick readily accepts. While she pours, she is overcome with emotion and bursts into tears. He comforts her and says it wasn’t her fault. He overacted because he was reminded of losing Cassie. He couldn’t bear to lose his son too. Chelsea wanders away, lost in thought.

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