Wednesday Y&R Update 1/3/18

The Y&R Update Wednesday 1/3/18


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At the cottage, Nick told Sharon that he saw Scott kissing another woman. Sharon's eyes filled with tears then she asked who the woman was. Nick said that wasn't important; Scott's deception was. Sharon noted that Nick never liked Scott, and now he was making accusations without giving her specifics. He said he was telling Sharon the truth because he wanted to protect her and Faith. Sharon asked if Nick was protecting the other woman. Nick urged her to talk to Scott. The next day, Mariah came home after taking Faith to school, and she noticed that Sharon didn't look well. Sharon admitted to having a sleepless night due to some information she didn't want to believe, but couldn't ignore. Sharon was reluctant to drag Mariah into this, but since Mariah insisted, Sharon relayed Nick's claims about Scott kissing a mystery woman. “It was Abby,” Mariah blurted out. She revealed that Faith saw them kissing and that Scott admitted it to Mariah. Sharon asked why Mariah didn't tell her. Mariah explained that she stayed quiet because Scott swore it was just a one time thing, and Abby said she couldn't stand Scott and was avoiding him. Sharon thought Mariah should've seen the holes in Abby's claim since Scott and Abby worked together and lived on the same property. Mariah admitted she should've told Sharon the truth.

Scott went to Crimson Lights looking for Sharon, but she wasn't there.

Mariah had wanted to believe Scott because Sharon had been through so much and he made her happy. Sharon wondered if Mariah had been afraid the truth would cause Sharon to have another breakdown. Mariah swore the thought never crossed her mind. Sharon noted that a lot of people would think she'd become unstable as soon as something went wrong. Sharon realized that some people would say she had no right to complain about Scott after all the things she'd done. She was adamant that she'd worked hard to become a different person and that she didn't deserve this. Mariah agreed. She apologized and explained that she was trying to protect Sharon. Sharon understood. They hugged, and Sharon assured Mariah that she was strong enough to protect herself now. Scott came home and greeted Sharon with a kiss on the cheek. He suggested going out for breakfast, and Sharon said she had something on the stove.

Sharon signaled Mariah to leave. Once they were alone, Sharon revealed that she knew about him and Abby. Scott tried to apologize, but Sharon told him that it wouldn't erase what he'd done. She felt stupid for ignoring Abby's attraction to him because she didn't want to believe it could be mutual. She asked how long it had been going on, and Scott said it had only happened one time. Sharon countered that he'd been spotted on at least two occasions. Scott realized she was talking about the kisses. He admitted that he and Abby had sex in the storage locker, stating that Abby found a way to calm him down after a PTSD episode. Sharon noted that she'd been panicked while he was missing too, thinking he might be dead, but he'd been sleeping with Abby. She asked how he could do that. Scott admitted he screwed up. “You cheated and you lied and then you covered it up, and then you just kept taking from me and taking and taking,” Sharon tearfully yelled. Scott admitted she was right, and he said he was so ashamed.

Sharon noted that she'd let him into her heart, which was very difficult after Dylan, then she brought him into her family, despite the warning signs. She recalled that Scott once said he was afraid to get into a serious relationship and settle down. Sharon thought she was partially to blame for ignoring the signs and believing in Scott. Scott was adamant that Sharon didn't deserve any of the the blame. Scott said he moved in because he wanted to be the kind of man who was worthy of being with someone like her, but in a moment of terror, he reverted to his old ways. Sharon recalled that Scott had seemed uncertain when she asked if he loved her. She asked if he'd been debating on whether he wanted to be with her or Abby. Scott swore that he only loved Sharon and said if he'd hesitated it was because he felt guilty. He admitted he should've told Sharon the truth, but he said he'd been afraid of losing the best thing in his life. He insisted that the night with Abby didn't mean anything. Sharon countered that if that were true he wouldn't still be kissing her.

The oven timer went off. Sharon went into the kitchen. She stared at a bowl of oatmeal, then she took it to Scott, but he'd lost his appetite. He said she didn't have to serve him food. Sharon said she was on autopilot because she was seeking a sense of normalcy. Scott begged Sharon not to give up on him. He said the kisses were a way of letting go. Sharon didn't buy it. Scott swore he had no feelings for Abby and she didn't have feelings for him. Sharon found it offensive that he was speaking for Abby now. She said it was bad enough that Nick had to see Scott kissing his sister, but Faith saw it too and hid it for days because she was afraid of getting in trouble. Sharon snapped that her daughter should've never been put in that position. Scott said he couldn't feel any worse, and Sharon dumped the bowl of oatmeal onto his head. After Sharon left, Scott got cleaned up, then he called Abby and left her a voice message warning her that Sharon knew. He added that he was going to go find Abby. On his way out, he stopped and stared a a picture of himself with Sharon.

Lily and Abby were at the Club. Abby hadn't heard anything, and she hoped that meant Nick changed his mind about telling Sharon or that he'd kept Abby's name out of it. She also recognized that the bomb might go off after Scott returned from his business trip. Lily asked how Nick found out, and Abby reminded her about the goodbye kiss. Lily noted that Abby and Scott kissed in front of a houseful of people. Abby told Lily to go ahead and say she was reckless, stupid and deserved what she got. Abby hoped Lily didn't think less of her. Given her past, Lily felt like she was in no position to judge.

Mariah walked into Crimson Lights and found Sharon silently weeping in front of the counter. She took her to the patio for privacy and asked what happened. Sharon filled her in, and Mariah was disgusted that Scott moved in with Sharon after cheating on her. Sharon said she'd thought she'd found the man she might spend the rest of her life with, and now she realized he was a stranger. Sharon said that Scott wanted to be with her, but as far as she was concerned they were over the moment he slept with Abby. Mariah comforted Sharon and assured her that she and Faith would be there for her. Sharon said she would be okay; she'd come too far to let Scott, Abby or anyone else tear her down.

At the penthouse, Nick told Chelsea he was worried because he hadn't heard from Sharon since yesterday. He knew Chelsea thought he should've stayed out of it, but he said he wasn't built that way. Chelsea said that was why she loved him, then they kissed. Nick wondered if he should've warned Abby. Chelsea didn't think so since he'd kept his word and didn't tell Sharon about her. Monique called to say she was sick and couldn't watch the kids. Nick and Chelsea were in a bind because he'd promised to fill in for Nikki at a meeting about the park, and she had an appointment with Lauren. Nick thought the meeting would be over by the time Chelsea had to leave Later, Nick called and said the meeting was running late and he wouldn't be able to come home. Chelsea was stressed out because she already wasn't looking forward to chatting with Lauren, knowing what a jackass her son was being. However, she was sure that they could make it work.

Jack apologized profusely to a nurse as she stormed out of the Abbott mansion. He then turned to Dina, who was unapologetic about driving the woman off. Dina was adamant that the lady was a thief who'd been eyeing Dina's jewelry. Frustrated, Jack noted that this was the third nurse that she'd driven away. He reminded Dina that someone had to stay with her while he was at work. Jack wanted to stay with Dina, but he couldn't or he'd forfeit his job. Dina reminded him that he knew who she wanted. Jack firmly told her that Graham was gone, but Dina insisted that she didn't trust anyone but Jack and Graham.

Dina beamed as she and Jack walked into Jabot. She was delighted to be back in a place of business. She assumed she'd be joining Jack in his office, but he asked her to go to her old office. Jack said that he had some reports that he'd like her input on. Dina was pleased that she could help. After she left, Jack sent a security guard to keep an eye on her. In his office, Jack told Lauren that he didn't appreciate her taking Ashley's side at the recent board meeting. Lauren said she didn't take sides. She just happened to agree with Ashley that a CEO should be at the office during business hours. She told Jack not to take it personally, and she added that she'd encouraged Jill to sell Chancellor to him, despite Ashley's position. Jack wasn't impressed since the deal fell through. Dina burst in – she didn't remember why she was at the office, and she wanted to leave. Dina suddenly accused Lauren of throwing herself at Jack the way Lauren's mother had once pursued John. Jack apologized to Lauren and arranged for his driver to take Dina home so Mrs. Martinez could look after her. Jack returned after walking Dina out. Lauren asked Jack why he'd bring Dina here, given her condition. Jack said it was a last minute decision he was forced to make thanks to the board members.

Dina asked the driver to make a pit stop on the way home. Later, Jack called the house to check on Dina. Mrs. Martinez hadn't seen her, but she'd heard her come in and go up to her room. Jack said not to disturb her.

At the Club, Chelsea was apologetic about bringing the boys to the meeting, but Lauren was understanding and supportive, because she was a mom, too. Chelsea pitched her new clothing line, and Lauren liked it. Chelsea got distracted when she saw Abby. Sharon arrived a few minutes later, and Chelsea noticed her staring at Abby. Chelsea noted that Sharon didn't look happy. Lauren hoped it was because Scott broke up with her. Across the room, Sharon joined Abby at her table and asked what was wrong. Abby said her phone was dead. Sharon said that was too bad, since Scott was probably trying to warn her that their secret was out. Abby apologized for “it,” and Sharon noted that Abby was being vague because she wasn't sure how much Sharon knew. Sharon revealed that Scott had told her everything. Abby swore it was all over, but Sharon didn't believe that because Abby and Scott had been lying to her ever since what happened in the storage locker. “You never let on that you chose to comfort him in that trying time by putting out for him,” Sharon yelled, as Chelsea and Lauren gaped at the scene.

Abby argued that Sharon didn't know what it was like in the storage unit, but Sharon wasn't swayed. She noted that Abby made a choice in the storage locker, then she made a choice to kiss Scott all over town. Abby admitted she made some bad decisions, but she didn't think it was her place to tell Sharon what happened. Sharon accused Abby of pursuing Scott, and Abby swore it wasn't like that. Sharon didn't believe her and called her a spoiled, narcissistic bitch. Abby refused to take this especially from Sharon, whom she accused of ruining multiple lives. She tried to leave, but Sharon grabbed her arm. Abby ordered Sharon to let her go, and when she didn't, Abby told Sharon that she was proving how crazy she was. Sharon let Abby go, and she noted that Abby had a habit of going after men in relationships - Scott and Summer's husband. Abby shot back that Sharon stole babies, and Sharon slapped her. Abby slapped Sharon back, and Sharon grabbed Abby by the throat. Lauren ran over. Chelsea told the kids to stay put, and she joined Lauren. Scott walked in, and he also rushed and pried Abby and Sharon apart. Graham observed the scuffle from across the room.

Chelsea pulled Sharon aside. Chelsea was sympathetic, but she she didn't think Sharon needed an assault charge. Sharon countered that it would've been worth it. She went to get her coat, and Chelsea went back to the table. Connor was there, but Christian wasn't. She frantically searched the dining area, to no avail.

Lauren asked Scott and Abby how long they'd been carrying on behind Sharon's back. Scott didn't want to discuss this now. He and Abby walked away, and she demanded to know why he told Sharon about the sex. Scott apologized and said it just came out. He walked away, hoping to catch up with Sharon and make things right. Lauren intercepted him and asked if he was finally finished with Sharon. Scott was annoyed that Lauren would ask him that at a time like this. He rushed over to Sharon, but she didn't want to hear anything he had to say. Chelsea ran up and told them that Christian was missing.

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