Tuesday Y&R Update 1/2/18

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/2/18


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At the Chancellor house, Cane gave Jill some reading material about Chancellor's upcoming plans, which he hoped would make her confident in her decision not to sell. He then brought up her scheme on New Year's Eve and told her that it would take more than that to get him and Lily back together. Jill revealed that she saw them last night. She felt that Cane had the opportunity to make a move and chickened out. Jill thought it was obvious that Cane wanted Lily back, and she wondered what made him so sure Lily didn't feel the same way. Cane said it was because he knew Lily better than anyone. Jill left. Cane found Lily's wrap. He brought it to his face and inhaled deeply.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon brightly wished Abby and Lily a happy new year. Lily and Abby headed out to the patio. Lily hoped her choice of venue wasn't awkward. Abby said it wasn't, since she had no feelings for Scott. Abby explained that she and Scott had an honest, adult conversation and wished each other well. Abby was sure she and Lily would both find new guys in 2018. Lily was caught off guard when Abby said she and Scott kissed, but Abby said it was just a goodbye kiss. Lily talked about the New Year's Eve party for two that Jill arranged. According to Lily, it was awkward at first, but then it was easy and comfortable. She added that they had a moment at midnight – a hug. Lily thought Cane didn't want her back, and she admitted that it stung that he'd moved on before her.

JT arrived at the Club bar, where Billy was finishing a Bloody Mary. JT noted that Billy was having his famous liquid breakfast. JT revealed that Reed got a DUI, and he suggested that it was thanks to Billy's influence. Billy wasn't sure JT was telling the whole truth, so he called Victoria, hoping to get her side of the story on Reed. She didn't answer. Billy insisted that he'd been a good role model for Reed. Billy admitted he'd made mistakes, but he noted that he'd never left someone to die passed out in a snowbank like JT had. JT countered that he could tell stories about Billy too. They debated over which of them was worse and settled on it being a tie.

Billy still harbored a grudge about JT taking Reed away from Victoria and breaking her heart. JT noted that they could have another debate over who hurt her more. Billy added that next, they could discuss who hurt Mac more. JT said he'd pass on that one while waiting for his scar tissue to build up. Billy asked if he and Mac broke up, and JT didn't give a straight answer. JT almost wished they could go back to the Glow by Jabot days. Billy mused that if they did, he could warn Colleen to stay away from JT. Billy spotted Jill and asked JT not to mention seeing him. Billy ducked into a dark section of the dining area. Jill and JT hugged. She said that she was looking for Billy, and JT pointed her toward him. Billy emerged from his hiding place as JT smirked.

After JT left, Jill said she had to leave town because if she stayed and watched the train-wreck of Billy's life, she'd be risking another heart attack. She asked him to reunite with Victoria, but she dropped it after he gave her a look. Jill asked that he at least sell the racehorse. Billy thought that on some level, Jill was glad he was a screw up because it gave her a reason to complain, but Jill said it was hard to watch her child live half a life. Billy asked compared to who – Jack and Ashley? He stated that he'd tried high powered work, and it wasn't for him. Jill asked what made him happy. Billy was happy with his life as it was – getting to surprise the kids at school, reconciling with Jack, and although they were at odds again, Billy was sure they'd overcome it. Jill was confident that they would; if they'd survived Phyllis, they could survive anything. Billy noted that Jack was more accepting of his relationship with Phyllis than Jill was. Billy didn't mind since he didn't need her approval. He was happy with the woman he loved. Jill was glad Billy was happy, but she urged him to strive for more happiness instead of just settling for what he had. She noted that she had drive, and she thought Billy had inherited the same trait. It struck a chord with Billy, who said he didn't want to be complacent. Jill asked Billy to be co-CEO at Chancellor. She pointed out that Cane had a lot of personal issues to deal with right now, and she couldn't expect him to run Chancellor while he fixed his marriage and took care of a baby with health issues and two teens. Billy wasn't interested, so Jill asked him to take the job so she wouldn't be stressed out over the company. Billy still wasn't swayed. She assured him that it would be temporary. He finally warmed up to the idea when Jill added that it would irritate Cane.

JT ran into Paul on his way out of the Club. When JT brought up Reed, Paul hoped he wasn't going to ask for special favors. JT had no intention of doing that. JT wanted Reed to understand that he messed up, but he vowed to support his son. JT noted that he and Billy had done much worse at Reed's age. Paul said they got lucky, and JT agreed.

At the penthouse, Chelsea read up on hot tubs and relayed details to Nick until she realized he wasn't listening to her. Nick was thinking about Scott and lamenting that he didn't confront him. Chelsea thought that would've been a terrible idea and humiliating for Abby and Sharon. Chelsea wanted to give Abby and Scott the benefit of the doubt – maybe it was just one kiss, which they immediately regretted. Nick didn't think that was likely. Chelsea thought that Nick was jumping to the worst case scenario because he didn't like Scott. She asked what it would say about Abby if she was having a torrid affair. Nick said he loved Abby, but she wasn't always innocent. “And you are?” Chelsea countered. She didn't think he had enough information to make a decision. Nick asked if she'd want to know if she were Sharon and he were Scott. Chelsea didn't respond. Nick left.

Nick talked with Sharon at Crimson Lights. She optimistic about what the year would hold for her, and Nick was glad to see her in such a positive mood. Sharon brought up the vow renewal, and Nick said didn't think he should've gone. Sharon was sorry Nick didn't have fun like she and Scott did. Nick headed out to the patio, just as Lily was leaving. Nick joined Abby and asked if they could talk. He floundered for a minute, unsure what to say, then he told her that he and Chelsea were having a disagreement over remodeling the bathroom. Abby cautioned him not to let it get in the way of the good thing he had with Chelsea. Nick assured her that they'd get through it, because they had the big things, like honesty and trust. Nick shifted toward his point and said he was just talking to Sharon about that. Sharon delivered some muffins to Nick and he asked her to stay and discuss Scott. Sharon was pleased that Nick was pretending to care about Scott. She confided that she was surprising Scott with a trip to a bed and breakfast.

After Sharon left, Nick pointedly talked about how nice their romance was. He contrasted it to Victor and Nikki's. Abby defended Victor and Nikki's relationship and she thought Nick should accept it. Nick asked if Abby was happy for Scott and Sharon. He kept prodding her to say whether she thought they were great together. Abby seemed puzzled by Nick, but she eventually agreed that they were great. Nick asked why she was trying to ruin them. Abby tried to leave, but Nick insisted that she stay. He demanded to know how she could do this to Sharon. Abby countered that Nick had cheated on Sharon, but Nick wouldn't let Abby derail the discussion. Abby swore that she and Scott had been confused by their emotions, but they'd realized that there was nothing between them. She was adamant that it was over and done with. Nick wasn't placated. He noted that while Abby was single, Scott was dating Sharon, and he was living with Faith. Nick didn't trust Scott not to cheat again with someone else, and he felt that Sharon should know the truth. Abby argued that Sharon could be happy with Scott and that if Nick butted in, he would ruin a good thing. Nick promised to keep Abby's name out of it. He left. Abby called Scott and left voicemail.

JT dropped by Lily's. After they hugged, JT said that Mattie was right to call the police on Reed. Lily just wished that Reed had listened to Mattie. Although JT planned to help Reed out, he said that this was Reed's mess to clean up. Lily wondered what was going to happen to Mattie and Reed's relationship. JT told Lily that he and Mac were through, and she was sorry to hear that. JT had accepted that it was really over. He thought that Genoa City would be a good place to regroup, and now he was looking for work and open to something permanent. Lily talked about what she'd been through and said the situation surrounding Sam had been a punch in the gut, but he was a beautiful baby. Lily offered to put in a good word with Cane. JT didn't want her to put herself in an awkward position, but Lily assured him that it wouldn't be.

Jill arrived after JT left. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Jill said, startling Lily. Jill said that it was clear that she and Cane wanted to get back together, but neither one of them had the guts to be honest. Jill said it wasn't too late. “The man has a baby. He needs you,” Jill stated. Jill said that Cane loved Lily so much, and Jill was sure she loved him too.

Cane was surprised when Lily showed up. She pointed out that he'd called. Cane noted that she'd driven all the way over. JT came over, and he mentioned the favor Lily had offered to do. Cane seemed disappointed, thinking that Lily came because of JT. After Lily left, Cane gave JT a job. Cane thought JT needed to get out of the Club, so he suggested that he move into the Chancellor mansion. JT declined because he'd picked up on a vibe between Lily and Cane and didn't want to be the third wheel. Billy arrived and revealed that he was the new co-CEO.

Lily returned to Crimson Lights. She stated that Jill had made her rethink things with Cane, but Abby apologetically interrupted and shifted the conversation to her own problem. Abby said that Nick was about to blow Sharon and Scott up for good. Lily asked if that was a bad thing.

Nick was about to knock on Sharon's door when he recalled Abby insisting that there was nothing going on between her and Scott. He walked away from the door, but didn't leave. Abby called Nick, but he didn't answer. Sharon noticed Nick through the window and opened the door. He told her that he had to tell her something about Scott.

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