Thursday Y&R Update 12/28/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 12/28/17


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At the penthouse, Chelsea called Nick the birthday boy and reminded him to get ready to go to the vow renewal. She squealed when he walked in wearing nothing but a tool belt, and she teased that he was going to have to wear clothes. Nick noted that his tools couldn't fix that farce of a marriage. He stalled and kept joking around until Chelsea told him that they didn't have to go if he didn't want to. Nick decided to go, to be there for Nikki and to make it clear that Victor couldn't separate him from the rest of the family. Chelsea pulled Nick into a kiss, then she took off his tool belt.

Things were tense at Victoria's place. She, JT and Reed arrived after Reed's arraignment for drunk driving. Reed was on edge because he'd received a lecture in the car, and he just wanted to go upstairs to bed. Victoria sternly informed Reed that he would be going to the vow renewal and he would present an image befitting of a Newman.

At the ranch, Nikki and Victor discussed the ceremony in a clinical fashion. They had no part in the planning; the PR company handled everything, including providing them with professionally written vows. Nikki chuckled and noted that she and Victor weren't being trusted to speak from the hearts. Victor said that was why he'd hired Hamilton-Winters to provide the romance. Victoria called Nikki to warn her that the big night might be in trouble. Nikki was sure that they could get through this. Victoria asked her to tell Victor, but Nikki didn't think that was necessary. After the call, Victor asked what was going on, and Nikki gave him a cover story about Victoria's dress getting ruined. Victor was sure she'd find something else to wear. He declared that this would be a perfect night without surprises. Nikki agreed. As soon as he left the room, she left the house.

Victoria yelled at Reed about causing bad press. He talked back to her, and JT scolded him. Victoria was frustrated that Reed didn't seem fazed that he could've been hurt or that he was facing legal consequences that could affect his chances of getting into college. Reed argued that they should cut him a break since they'd both been arrested before, and their lives weren't ruined. Nikki arrived, to Victoria's surprise, and asked to have a word alone with Reed. JT and Victoria left the room. Reed thought it was ironic that Nikki had come to lecture him. Nikki assumed he was alluding to her alcoholism, and she explained that this was the reason she was there. She asked if it had ever occurred to him that in addition to the Newman privileges, he'd inherited a predisposition to addiction. Reed stated that he barely drank, and Nikki told him that she wasn't an alcoholic in high school. She noted that Reed had been pushed his luck last night and at Halloween. Reed was confused, and Nikki asked if he was going to keep pretending he broke into the Underground just to listen to music. Reed didn't protest. Nikki explained that drinking could get out of control and you could do things that you regretted. She admitted that she once woke up in bed next to a stranger. Reed noted that young people did things like that, and Nikki clarified that it happened two years ago.

Later, Nikki told Victoria and JT that Reed seemed to listen, but she wasn't sure if she got through to him. Victoria wondered why Reed would drink and drive, and Nikki suggested that he was acting out because Victoria was so busy at Newman. Victoria didn't think her job had anything to do with it. JT thought that his return and his marital problems with Mac were at the root of Reed's issues. JT admitted that he'd underestimated Victoria as a mother, years ago, and he swore he'd never do it again. Nikki left, and JT told Victoria that he meant what he said, and that he was going to make it up to her.

At the Club bar, Abby asked Lily to go to the vow renewal with her to be a buffer for Scott. Lily noted that Sharon would be glad to stand between them. Lily had to turn Abby down, because she had plans of her own. Lily had hoped Abby would go with her to Jill's party, so she didn't have to go alone. Abby and Lily vowed to make the best of the last year of 2017. they toasted to having fun without a buffer or a man to kiss at midnight. Meanwhile, in the Club lobby, Jill confided to Devon that the only guests at her party were going to be Cane and Lily. Devon thought it was a horrible idea that might backfire. He reminded Jill that they'd already tried giving Lily and Cane a nudge on Christmas Eve without results. Jill felt that Cane and Lily were being silly and stubborn, and she had faith that her plan would snap them out of it. Lily and Abby walked over, and Lily asked if Devon wanted to carpool to the party with her. Devon said he wasn't going to be able to make it. After Lily and Abby left, Jill thanked Devon for covering for her. Devon warned her that Hilary could be a problem. Jill was disgusted that Hilary might have sank her claws into Cane. Devon clarified that Cane was an adult who knew Hilary well, so he wasn't a victim.

Scott joined Sharon at Crimson Lights. She wondered why he'd been so late, and he grinned and revealed he'd been doing a mystery errand.

Hilary gave Cane a onesie for Sam. She was on her way to the door when Cane asked about her plans. She didn't have any, so he invited her to Jill's party. Jill came home and hinted that Hilary should leave. Hilary revealed that Cane invited her to the party. Jill kept trying new tactics to get Hilary out of there, to no avail. Finally, Jill pretended she heard Sam crying. Cane noted that the monitor was quiet, but Jill was adamant, so he went upstairs. Jill hissed at Hilary to keep her hands off Cane, and Hilary was exasperated that people kept accusing her of being interested in him, when she wasn't. Jill told Hilary to find an excuse to leave, and she explained that this was a party for two. Hilary laughed at Jill for trying to get Cane and Lily together after her plan to reunite Billy and Victoria failed. Jill maintained that this was going to work. Cane returned and reported that Sam was fast asleep. Hilary announced that she had plans after all and had to leave. Jill walked her out and whispered thanks. Hilary whispered back that Jill owed her.

At the ranch, Abby asked Nick how he was feeling. Nick said he was only there for Nikki. Abby was sure that Nick's attendance meant a lot to Victor. Chelsea warned her that this wasn't a selling point. Nick said that some people respected commitment and others didn't. It struck a chord with Abby. She watched Scott and Sharon, who looked to be the happy couple. Sharon insisted that she and Scott go say hello to Abby. Sharon felt bad because she'd had “unfair suspicions” about Abby and Scott awhile ago, and she wanted to clear the air. They went over and said hello, and Scott quickly put an end to it by taking Sharon across the room to meet a colleague. Chelsea considered going to help Nikki with her dress, and Abby revealed that Nikki wasn't there. Nick smiled and said she was a runaway bride.

JT and Victoria kept a close rein on Reed at the party, which annoyed him. Reed argued that JT didn't really care since he was leaving soon. Victoria revealed that JT had canceled his flight, and JT vowed to do whatever it took to be there for Reed. Sounding unimpressed, Reed asked if JT was staying because he was a delinquent. JT said he was doing this because Reed was his son. Nikki and Victor walked in, and the guests applauded. Victor made a short speech, which included the the words, love, honor and obey. Nikki replied that she'd do two out of three, and everyone laughed. The ceremony started, and Nikki and Victor recited their professionally written vows, although the guests were lead to believe they'd penned them. Victor went off script promised Nikki that their love would be stronger by year's end, and she seemed touched. Nikki and Victor shared a New Year's kiss, as did Scott and Sharon. The sight made Abby rush out of the living room. JT kissed Victoria on the cheek. And an embarrassed Reed smiled as his parents pulled him into a group hug. Chelsea kissed Nick and wished him a happy birthday and new year. Victor and Nikki walked over. Victor wished Faith was there, and Nikki wished Tessa and Noah had been there too. Nick didn't think the ceremony would've been a good example for the kids. Victor thought it took guts for Nick to come. Nick said he'd suffer through anything for his mom.

Sharon went to call her kids, and Scott seized the opportunity to go to the dining room where Abby was. He told her that he wished the best for her in the new year. Abby wanted the same for Scott. She hoped that things worked out with Sharon, and he said he hoped so too. Abby said that in order for his relationship with Sharon to work thing between him and Abby had to end; no more sniping or banter, just peaceful coexistence. Scott suddenly pulled Abby into a passionate kiss. They were oblivious to Nick walking in on them, and he left without saying anything.

Hilary ran into Devon at the Club bar. She asked if this was how handsome billionaires rang in the new year. He turned the tables and asked if it was how beautiful television hosts did it. He assumed her presence was an answer to his question he asked her yesterday about her and Cane. Hilary noted that Devon seemed to think about her a lot. She thought Cane was a catch and that he wouldn't be single for long. She asked if Devon knew her well enough to know when she was telling the truth. He thought so. She said that she didn't want Cane, but there was someone else she couldn't stop thinking about. Hilary mentioned that the audience loved the positive direction the show was taking. Devon changed the subject back to the new guy in her life. Hilary hoped Devon knew she didn't mean him. Devon said he was happy for Hilary, but he seemed uncomfortable as she raved about handsome the new guy was. He smiled when she eventually revealed that she meant Sam. Hilary gushed about Sam's eating and sleeping habits, and Devon said that either Sam was the greatest baby that ever lived, or there was something deeper at play. Hilary ordered him not to imply that her biological clock was ticking. She insisted that she had a lot of time left, and anyway, she wasn't the type of woman to have baby fever. The countdown started, but instead of ringing in the new year with Hilary, Devon wished her a happy new year and left.

At the Chancellor house, Lily and Cane sipped champagne while waiting for the others to arrive until it dawned on them that no one else was coming. Soft music started to play, and Esther and Jill brought in food and more wine, then quickly exited. Cane apologized to Lily and offered to get her coat. Lily said she'd stay since Jill and Esther had gone through so much trouble, unless Cane wanted her to go. In response, Cane poured her more wine. They talked about the twins. Lily was impressed that Mattie was strong enough to call the cops on Reed at her age. Cane thought Mattie got it from Lily. Lily admitted that Cane was right about Reed, and she couldn't help thinking about what would've happened if Mattie had gotten into the car. Cane was sure the twins would never do that, because they'd raised them right. Lily noted that they'd be adults soon, but Cane had a lot more time with Sam. Cane sensed that Sam would be a handful because he had a lot of heart. Lily thought Sam got it from Cane. Cane asked if it was okay to talk about Sam, and Lily said yes. Cane noted that Sam even won over Hilary. Lily went cold and assumed Cane would rather be ringing in the new year with Hilary. Cane clarified that Hilary was a friend who liked Sam more than him. Lily apologized. The music changed, and Cane suggested that they dance. They slow danced for a bit, staring into each others eyes, but Lily got uncomfortable and decided to leave. Cane asked her to stay and ring in the new year with him. Jill and Esther peeked in, and watched with anticipation for a New Year's kiss. Cane leaned in, but Lily gave him a hug instead.

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