Wednesday Y&R Update 12/27/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 12/27/17


Written by Christine
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Jack and Jill met at the Abbott mansion about Chancellor. She turned down Jack's offer, because the price was too low. Jack maintained that Jabot and Chancellor meshed well. He'd just renovated Jabot's lab and Chancellor had recently acquired a small cosmetics company; it was fate. Jack believed that Katherine would want this. Jill gave him a counteroffer and conditions – Jack would have to hire Cane because the company was doing remarkably well with it. Jack agreed and offered to give Cane a seat on the board of Jabot for good measure. However, he had reservations about her hefty asking price. Jill told him to take it or leave it. After Jill left, Jack met with Michael about finalizing the sale. Michael tried to talk Jack out of the deal, because the Chancellor sale was part of the reason the board lost confidence in him. Jack wasn't swayed. Michael wasn't sure it would be legal, as Jabot technically didn't have a CEO right now. Jack instructed Michael to look into it before Ashley launched her legal battle

At the Club, Billy told Ashley that he had her back in the fight for Jabot. Ashley revealed that she was planning to mount a legal challenge. Billy offered to a recommend a lawyer. Later, Billy received a text from Jill letting him know that Chancellor had been sold to Jack. He filled Ashley in. She asked him to talk his mother out of it. He was willing to try, but he wasn't optimistic. Billy and Ashley agreed that Jack was being irrational. Ashley rushed off to try and kill the deal.

Ashley went to Lauren and brought her up to speed about Chancellor and Jack's refusal to step down as CEO. Ashley proposed that they have another board meeting tonight, to work out a plan for Jabot. Lauren was open to it. Later, Ashley ran into Jack at home. He'd heard about the meeting they held without him. Ashley revealed that she, Abby, Billy and Lauren had voted in an amendment that the CEO must work from an office at Jabot. Jack said he thought Lauren was on his side. Ashley clarified that she was, but she wanted him to focus on his work. Ashley added that Kyle also supported the measure. Ashley said that Jack would have to choose between being Dina's primary caregiver or being the CEO.

JT dropped by Victoria's, on the way to the airport, to say goodbye to Reed. She thanked him for helping Nikki out, and he reminded her that they'd agreed not to discuss it. JT said he'd enjoyed spending Christmas with her and Reed; it had been like the good old days. Victoria was curious about JT's plans, and he said he was looking for a job. He hoped to find one in D.C. so he could be close to the kids. He and Mac hadn't worked out a visitation schedule yet, but he'd learned from his mistakes and was determined not to have another custody battle. Reed walked in and was shocked to overhear that JT and Mac broke up. JT explained that they grew apart and it was no one's fault. Reed thought that happened to all marriages, but Victoria reminded him that his grandparents had just reconciled. Reed asked if JT and Mac would reunite, and JT admitted that they probably wouldn't. JT suggested that he and Reed go on a trip during his next school break, and Reed agreed. Reed asked if he could go hang out with his friends. Victoria wanted him to spend more time with JT, but JT gave him permission to go. They hugged goodbye.

JT asked if Victoria ever worried that their divorce messed Reed up, and he wasn't comforted when she admitted that she did; constantly. Victoria noted that she'd had three failed marriages in Reed's lifetime. JT didn't think he and Victoria were capable of making a marriage work. Victoria admitted she was hard on the men in her life, with her high standards and it was hard to be in a relationship with her. JT felt that Victoria deserved to set high standards. JT had thought about their past came to realize that he'd judged Victoria more harshly than she judged him. It bothered them that Reed held a dim view of marriage, and they figured that Johnny, Katie, DJ and Becca would eventually feel the same way. Victoria didn't think JT and Mac's problems sounded insurmountable – maybe they could work it out? JT admitted that things were worse than he'd previously lead Victoria to believe. According to JT, the first few years in JT were great, but small arguments lead to big ones, and they got out of sync. Things only got worse when Becca was born. They'd hoped the move to Warsaw would help, but it didn't.

Devon ran into Lily at the Club and asked why she looked distracted. She explained that Sam was coming home today, and while she was happy about that and pleased that the twins had accepted their brother, she was uncomfortable with the idea of seeing Cane with another woman's baby. Devon urged her to go face her fears.

Esther greeted Cane and Sam at the doorway, then they headed into the living room where the twins were waiting with welcome home signs. Hilary arrived and cooed over the baby. She told Cane she'd run an internet search for age-appropriate gifts this time, then she presented Sam with a silver rattle. Devon and Lily arrived. Later, Lily noticed that Sam had kicked out of his blanket, and she awkwardly readjusted it. Cane joined her to thank her for coming. Lily explained that the twins invited her and she didn't want to disappoint them. Cane admitted he'd been afraid to bring a newborn home, but he'd successfully done it. Lily noted that Cane had a lot of help – Esther and Hilary, and Hilary knew more about Sam than Lily did. Cane stated that Hilary knew more because she asked. He didn't think it was wrong for him to talk to Hilary about Sam, and he thought it was good for Sam to be surrounded by as many people as possible. Lily abruptly walked away. Devon quietly reminded Cane that Lily was trying to be supportive. Cane understood that, but he noted that Lily was the one who asked for the divorce, and he had to make Sam his priority. Charlie got a text – his cross country team was having a party. Mattie wanted to go too, because she'd just gotten a text from Reed and knew he could use some fun. Lily walked over and told the twins how proud she was of them. Noting that Lily helped save Sam's life, Charlie said that she would always be connected to the baby.

Jill dropped by to visit with Sam. Cane sensed that she sold Chancellor, and she admitted he was right. She assured him that Jack had agreed to keep Cane on as part of the deal. Cane wasn't enthused, since Jack had refused to hire him a few months back. Jill was convinced that Cane would eventually win Jack over. Cane was glum because he'd have less responsibility at work now, but Jill noted that it would give him more time with Sam. She insisted that the deal was the best thing for all of them. Later, Billy arrived and questioned Jill about the sale, but she told him that it was a done deal. Jill was shocked when Billy told her about the no confidence vote against Jack and revealed that he was no longer the CEO. Cane joined them, and he and Billy both tried to convince Jill that Jabot wasn't the best place for Chancellor.

Hilary was peeking into Sam's bassinet when Lily approached and demanded to know why she was there. Hilary explained that she didn't want Cane and Sam to come home to an empty house. Lily didn't believe that Hilary's compassion for Sam and Cane was sincere. Hilary snapped that not everyone was as judgmental and insincere as Lily. Across the room, Jill griped about Hilary's presence to Devon, assuming he'd brought her. Devon clarified that Hilary got there first and that she and Cane had become friends. Jill wasn't happy to learn that Hilary had been a regular at Jill's house. She felt that if Cane should be talking to anyone about the baby, it was Lily. Esther came over and pointedly changed the subject, putting a stop to Jill's rant. Jill told Lily how much it meant to her and Cane that she'd come. Lily admitted she wanted to bond with Sam for the sake of the family, but she wasn't sure if that's what she wanted for herself. Jill shifted gears and invited Lily to her New Year's Eve party. Jill added that Cane might stay upstairs with the baby all night, so Lily wouldn't even notice he was there. Lily was hesitant. She spotted Cane chatting with Hilary, then she suddenly agreed to come.

Later, Lauren went to the Chancellor mansion to visit Jill. Jill was torn. She'd been shaken by the poverty she'd seen during her recent travels. She'd planned to sell the company and use the proceeds to help people, but she had reservations about selling Chancellor because it was Katherine's. Jill explained that she'd been bluffing when she made such an outrageous counteroffer, but when Jack agreed to pay, she didn't feel that she could turn the money down. After learning that Jack had been voted out as CEO, Jill wasn't sure about entrusting Katherine's legacy to him. Lauren revealed that she'd voted for Jack to remain CEO. Lauren told her sister that, for the most part, she was satisfied with the way Jack had handled Fenmore after buying a stake in it. Lauren still had faith in Jack's leadership, and she thought it would be okay for Jill to turn Chancellor over to him. After Lauren left, Cane came downstairs, explaining that he'd been watching Sam sleep. Jill told him that he'd have to tear himself away from Sam tomorrow night to go to her New Year's Eve party. Cane wanted to spend time with the baby and was thinking of just popping in during the countdown, but Jill insisted that attendance was mandatory. She told him that everyone who mattered would be there.

Charlie, Mattie and Reed arrived at the Club suite where the party was taking place. Mattie wanted to leave when she noticed the underage drinking. Charlie didn't plan to drink, but he wanted to stay. He went over and blended in with the group of teens. Reed was in a bad mood. He told Mattie that JT had managed to screw up another marriage. Reed didn't want to spend any more time with his dad, so he was glad JT was leaving. Reed stayed long enough to have a couple of beers, but he wasn't enjoying himself, so Mattie found Charlie and asked him to drive them home. Charlie, who had a girl on his lap, wasn't ready to leave, and he refused to give Mattie the keys because it was his week to have the car. Mattie noticed that Reed had left. She found him outside by his car and offered to call them a cab. Reed declined and offered to drive Mattie home, but she refused because he'd been drinking. Reed argued that he wasn't even buzzed and got into the drivers' seat. Mattie threatened to call the police. Reed spat that he didn't care, and he swore he'd never forgive her if she narced on him.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack told Billy that he'd found an agency to look after Dina while he was at work. He wasn't going to leave his job now that he'd purchased Chancellor. Billy admitted that he'd come with a message from Jill – she'd heard about what was going on at Jabot, and the deal was off.

Nick greeted Chelsea, with a kiss, and told her that the insurance money from the Underground came in. He also informed her that they had to go to his parents' vow renewal, but he was adamant that they'd leave as soon as the ceremony was over. The penthouse was having plumbing issues. Nick wanted to make the bathroom larger and install a hot tub, but the plan would mean Chelsea would lose part of her closet space. Chelsea was against it; in fact, she thought her closet should be larger. She went upstairs and later returned to find Nick designing a dream house in toy blocks. Preparation for the real place that he wanted to build for them. Nick had done repairs at the Underground and at the tack house, so he felt qualified to oversee the construction of their new home. Chelsea countered that she was good at making mac and cheese, but it didn't make her a chef. Nick promised to hire the best construction crew, but he wanted to be involved, because it had always been a dream of his. He noticed that Chelsea didn't seem excited, and he promised to build her a dream home to her specifications. Chelsea said that Nick's desire to build her a dream home made her love him even more, but the penthouse was her dream home. She pointed out the place where Connor took his first steps and explained that the house was filled with memories she made with Adam. Nick countered that he and Chelsea could make their own memories in their own home. Chelsea assured Nick that the place was full of memories she and Nick made together too. She kissed him as she pointed out different spots where they made love, and she reminded him about building blanket forts with the boys and the spot where she and Faith designed her costume. Nick agreed to stay and fill the penthouse with more memories.

Back at the Club, Devon regretted taking Lily to see Sam. Lily said it was fine; Sam was cute. Devon noted that she'd helped save his life. Lily gave the credit to Mattie, but Devon was sure Cane didn't differentiate. Lily thought her halo was tarnished after their last interaction. She felt that she needed to get over herself. Lily shifted gears and suggested that Hilary was trying to make a play for Cane. She thought Hilary was going after him because he was successful, available and it would get under Lily's skin. Devon, however, thought that Hilary was reaching out to Cane and Sam because she was trying to be a better person. Later, Devon ran into Hilary in the Club lobby and asked if she was romantically involved with Cane. Hilary pointed out that it was none of his business, then she went upstairs.

Lily ran into Mattie outside the Club. Mattie explained that Reed drove off after drinking at the party and she called 911. Alarmed, Lily said she wouldn't have let the twins go to the party if she'd known there would be drinking. Mattie assured her mom that she and Charlie didn't know there would be alcohol and they didn't touch a drop. Mattie wondered if she'd overreacted by calling the police, but Lily was adamant that Mattie did the right thing. Mattie told Lily what Reed said. She worried that he was going to break up with her.

Reed kept nodding off as he drove. The police pulled him over. Meanwhile, Victoria and JT hugged goodbye. Just as he was about to leave, the phone rang. Victoria answered, then she let JT know that Reed had been arrested.

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