Tuesday Y&R Update 12/26/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 12/26/17


Written by Christine
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Billy and Jack both happened to be going for a run in Chancellor park. Billy chided Jack for what he'd done to Ashley, but Jack felt justified and refused to change his mind. Jack was angry at Billy for voting against him. Billy insisted that this was about doing what was right for the company, not choosing sides. Jack scoffed at the idea that Billy knew what was right for Jabot. Billy didn't think that choosing a CEO should be like succession to the throne. Billy asked if he was right for the job just because he and Jack the same father? Jack noted that Billy had no interest in the job, but Billy reminded Jack that he'd run the company before. Jack countered that Billy hadn't held that position for a long time, and that he'd run Brash and Sassy into the ground and was currently screwing up his life, squandering John's hard-earned money. Jack felt that Billy hadn't done his homework and researched the company before deciding to oust Jack. Billy said he didn't have to read the paperwork to know Jack was spread too thin. Jack accused Billy of being jealous of him and said that instead of rising above his accidental conception, he'd made excuses for his weaknesses, his gambling, and the death of his daughter. Jack's words stung, and Billy got choked up. He admitted that he'd always been envious of Jack for being the favored son, but he felt that John would be heartbroken over the way Jack was treating Ashley. Billy thought that John would tell Jack that he was better than this. Billy left.

Ashley angrily removed Christmas decorations at the Abbott mansion. Abby asked why, noting that they usually waited until January to take the tree down. Ashley spat that the tree was everything the family wasn't. Traci suggested that Ashley talk to Jack. Ashley didn't want to, because she didn't trust herself. They shifted gears and talked about the board meeting. Ashley reminded Traci that she'd agreed that Jack had taken on too much. Traci believed that Ashley had gone too far by calling to have Jack removed from his job. Ashley argued that it was Jack who'd gone too far; he was making decisions based on emotions and it was affecting the company and the family. Traci thought Ashley should've made a different choice, but she had no answers when Ashley challenged her to be more specific. Abby was heading back into the room, but she held back when she heard Ashley yelling. Ashley didn't think it was right for Traci to drop in from NY and expect everyone to get along. Ashley said that sometimes you had to take a side and you couldn't always be the peacemaker. Traci yelled that she did take a stand by casting her vote. Ashley assumed this meant Traci supported Jack saying that Ashley wasn't really an Abbott. Weeping, Traci said she wasn't okay with it. She noted that Ashley had practically raised her after Dina left and had helped her through some hard times, and she'd always be grateful to her and love her. Ashley said she needed more than gratitude and love; she needed Traci to support her as CEO. Traci apologetically said she couldn't support something that was tearing the family apart. Ashley said it was too late. Traci decided to leave for awhile, and Ashley thought it was for the best. Abby walked in and said she'd support Ashley.

Ashley noted that Abby was affected by what Jack had done, and she assured her daughter that she had every right to be hurt or angry. Abby felt rattled, because she always used to believe she had the Abbotts to fall back on no matter what was going on with the Newmans, but now... Ashley said that she'd always be there for Abby. Jack returned, and Abby left, pointedly ignoring Jack as she exited. Jack asked if Ashley was already putting away the decorations. Ashley said it was over, and there was no reason to pretend. Jack tried to say something, but Ashley didn't want to hear it, since according to him, she wasn't really an Abbott. Jack explained that he added that section to the bylaws right after he found out about Phyllis' affair. Phyllis had the Abbott name, and he wanted to protect the company from exes and predators. Ashley noted that he'd gone and appointed Phyllis to the board. Jack snapped that his cheating ex was more loyal than his own sister. He accused her of turning the board members and Kyle against him. Ashley insisted she hadn't talked to Kyle. Jack felt like he was fighting for his life and that he had no other choice but to use Ashley's paternity against her. He was adamant that he never wanted to hurt her like this. Ashley said that from the moment she found out that John wasn't her biological father, she'd felt sort of like an outsider. “Daddy would have been so disappointed in you,” she whispered. Ashley felt that she was being forced to fight for her place in the family, and she swore that she would fight. Jack stormed out.

Michael said that when he amended the bylaws for Jack, he never suspected Jack would use it against Ashley. Not even after Michael learned about Ashley's paternity. Ashley asked if it was legal. Michael couldn't give her legal advice because it would be a conflict of interest. Jack returned. When he saw Michael he told Ashley that dragging him through court would only cause the family more pain and it wouldn't change anything. Ashley wasn't deterred. She thanked Michael for coming and vowed to find another attorney. After Michael left, Ashley continued to remove the decorations. Jack told her that he'd have Mrs. Martinez do it. Ashley said she'd like to do it herself unless there was an amendment stating that only blood Abbotts could do it.

Dina came downstairs and announced that she was ready for Thanksgiving. Jack clarified that it was a few days before New Year's Eve, and Dina noted that they hadn't passed Christmas yet. Jack tried to jog Dina's memory by listing last night's Christmas menu – they'd had goose because Dina had always preferred it to turkey. When Dina insisted that she'd always detested goose, a teary-eyed Jack abruptly announced that he was going to the Club. After he was gone, Dina asked Ashley why John was upset. Ashley gently stated that it was Jack, not John. Dina asked what was going on, and Ashley realized Dina no longer remembered the fight for Jabot. Ashley decided not to upset Dina again, so she changed the subject and offered Dina eggnog. Dina replied that she preferred sherry on Thanksgiving. Later, as Dina sipped her sherry, she opined that Thanksgiving brought out the best in people and brought families together. Dina told Ashley that she couldn't wait to take the kids to see Santa Claus. Ashley blinked back tears and hugged her mother.

At the penthouse, Victoria and Nick talked about Christmas. Nick had a low key celebration with Chelsea and the boys. Victoria was happy that Nick and Chelsea had created a family. She mentioned that she invited JT to spend the holiday with her and Reed, because JT and Mac were separated. They shifted gears and talked about Victor and Nikki. Victoria revealed that Victor had tricked Nikki into agreeing to move in with him. Nick didn't think the relationship would last, but Victoria hoped they would because Nikki seemed happy with Victor. Nick didn't understand how that could be since Nikki been furious with Victor for causing Adam's death. Victoria defended Victor, but Nick argued that Victor exploited Chloe. Nick accused Victoria of always making excuses for Victor, and Victoria accused Nick of always making Victor out to be a villain. Nick didn't see why Victoria craved Victor's approval. Nick was glad to be free of Victor's orbit, and he told Victoria not to judge Nikki if she'd had enough. Victoria ordered Nick not to judge Nikki if she chose to stand by Victor.

At the ranch, Victor asked Nikki why she spent Christmas Eve with Paul and Christine. Nikki had known Paul and Christine had an ulterior motive, and she'd gone to the dinner to find out what they were up to. She explained that Paul and Chris didn't buy their sudden reconciliation and they were still looking for something to charge him with. Nikki and Victor knew that they needed to work harder to sell their reunion. Victor suggested that the get married again on New Year's Eve. Nikki liked the idea and called it mutually beneficial. They decided to invite Paul and Chris and give them a front row seat. Nikki thought it was important that Nick attend so that he could come to accept their new arrangement, but Victor didn't think Nick would agree to it. Nikki noted that Nick's feelings about Victor were widely known. She thought that Nick's presence at the vow renewal would give the ceremony more credibility.

At Crimson Lights, Victor invited himself to a seat at Paul's table. Victor mentioned that he and Nikki had reunited. Paul thought it was suspicious that they just happened to reconcile right after his audit came up clean. Victor said that the investigation pushed them closer together. Victor invited Paul and Chris to the vow renewal. Paul said it would be inappropriate since there would be more investigations into Victor. Paul refused to allow himself and Chris to be used to give an air of legitimacy to the ceremony.

Nick disapproved when Nikki told him about the vow renewal. He told her that he knew Victor had tricked her. Nikki said that Victor had withheld the truth about JT's favor because he wanted Victor and Nikki to have time to think about what they really wanted. Nick realized that Victor could still turn Nikki in, and Nick promised to do anything to get her out of this. Nikki assured Nick that Victor wouldn't turn her in because she had just as much on him as he had on her. Nick scoffed at the notion of renewing vows because of mutual blackmail. Nikki thought that Victor realized that things had to change and that they had to be equals from now on. Nick agreed to support it if it made her happy, but he refused to go to the party, because he was sure Victor would make a scene. Nikki insisted that Victor wanted Nick to be there. Nick said he'd need to hear that from Victor.

Traci ran into Billy at the Club, and they commiserated about the arguments with Jack and Ashley. Traci had hoped that they'd have a wonderful Christmas since it could be Dina's last, or the last one she remembered. Later, after Billy left, Jack arrived and joined Traci. Jack assumed Traci was looking forward to going back to NY. Traci invited him to go with her. Traci was shocked and saddened when Jack said he had to prepare for the court case. Jack had ordered food, but he'd lost his appetite because he couldn't stop thinking about the look on Ashley's face when he showed her the provision. He swore he really did have it added due to Phyllis, but he knew that was no comfort to Ashley. Jack said he knew that bringing it up would hurt Ashley, but he did it anyway. Traci assured him that this could be fixed.

Victoria was annoyed when Abby arrived at the office and announced that she was taking some time off to go on a yoga retreat. Victor arrived, and he asked Abby to stay so that she could be at his vow renewal. Abby recalled that two years ago, she and Stitch were getting married. She decided to cancel the trip so she could be there for Nikki and Victor. Abby left. Victoria wanted to know how this happened since the last she heard, Nikki was angry with Victor for tricking her. Victor said that Nikki stole from him to make a point, and he asked her to move in to make another point, and as they talked, they realized they belonged together.

After Victor left, Abby returned. Victoria appreciated Abby's enthusiasm for Nikki and Victor's reunion. Abby was pleased that two people who'd been through a lot could make it work, and she was glad to be a part of a family that could come together during the holidays. Abby scoffed when Victoria imagined that the Abbotts had a perfect Christmas. Victoria asked what was going on, but Abby refused to elaborate because she thought Victoria was fishing for information to use against her later. Victoria apologized for trying to blame Abby for what happened with DesignDate and for not acknowledging what Zack put her through. Abby said she was doing better now. Abby didn't approve of the way Victoria treated her, but she knew that Victoria's actions helped the company. Victoria asked if Abby was bringing a date to the ceremony. Abby wasn't sure, and she asked if Victoria was.

Nikki ran into Paul at Crimson Lights and asked if he was the coming to the vow renewal. Paul said he wasn't, then he implored her not to get involved with Victor again after everything he'd done. Nikki firmly said that Victor was her husband, and they'd worked through their differences. She'd hoped Paul would be happy for her, but he informed her that that he was not the least bit happy. Paul assumed that when Nikki was waiting for JT's investigation to finish, she must have been thinking about prison time. Paul was adamant that Victor would eventually go down, and he warned Nikki that she could be charged as an accessory and serve time. Paul left.

Victor dropped by Nick's and said he didn't want Nick to be at the party. Victor stated that the party was for Newman Enterprises, and although Nick didn't care about that, his mother and siblings did. Nick was not interested in going, given that Victor had pressured Nikki into coming back to him. Victor insisted that Nikki wouldn't be with him if she didn't want to be. Nick predicted that Victor's actions would spur Nikki to commit another felony. Victor argued that Nick started all of this by trying to sabotage Nikki's concert. Nick was adamant that he was trying to protect Nikki, but Victor said she didn't need his protection then nor now. Victor declared that the reunion was good for PR, the family and the company. Nick agreed to go to the party for Nikki's sake.

Victoria met with Nikki at the ranch. She wasn't surprised her parents were back together, since she'd had a feeling that Nikki was interested in reuniting with Victor as long as it was on her own terms. Victoria knew Nikki and Victor loved each other, but she was concerned about the fallout from the games they were playing. Victoria noted that putting out a press statement was different than standing in front of a room full of people and vowing to spend the rest of her life with Victor, and she asked if Nikki could do that with a straight face. Nikki guessed they'd soon find out.

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