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The Y&R Update Monday 12/25/17


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At the cottage, Sharon teared up as she held Cassie's Christmas stocking. Mariah came home, and Sharon quickly dried her eyes. Mariah and Sharon weren't sure what to get each other for Christmas, so they both headed out to seek advice. Sharon ended up at Crimson Lights with Faith, while Mariah landed at the penthouse with Nick. They both received similar advice to follow their heart. They returned home, and Sharon gave Mariah her present early – a shirt. Mariah cringed as she gave Sharon her gift – the exact same shirt. Sharon discovered an ornament in the bottom of Mariah's bag that said “Mom” on it. Mariah admitted she bought it out of desperation. Sharon wiped away tears and mentioned finding some of Cassie's Christmas things. Mariah asked if she could see them, so she and Sharon went through the box together. Sharon noted that Mariah didn't call her mom very often. Mariah explained that the title carried baggage for her because the woman she'd grown up calling mom didn't act like a mother. Sharon understood. Mariah asked if she could keep Cassie's snow globe, and Sharon said yes. “Thank you, mom,” Mariah said, and the pair shared a tearful hug.

Hilary was filming an episode at the Top of the Tower. She took a break from barking orders when a gift-wrapped present arrived. Devon and Mariah were taken aback when Hilary began to open it, and she explained that she sent it to herself. Mariah thought the gown inside was beautiful, but Hilary tossed it aside because it was a different shade of red than the picture on the website. Hilary went back to doling out instructions. Devon talked to Mariah. He was surprised because he'd thought Hilary was happy earlier, up until now. Mariah thought that must've been before Hilary found out she wasn't getting any gifts this year. Mariah felt that Hilary was a scrooge who brought it on herself, but she thought Devon was sweet to come on Hilary's show. Devon was glad that he and Mariah could relax around each other again. Mariah said that she'd been cut from today's episode because she refused to wear the costume, but Hilary had made her come to the filming anyway. The show started, and Hilary interviewed Devon about his toy drive, then they read letters to Santa and assured the young writers that they'd be getting what they wanted.

Devon read a letter from a little girl named Annie whose mother was struggling with alcoholism. Annie asked for pots and pans and a new dress for her mom. Annie said she didn't want to be rich or famous; she just wanted to grow up and have a happy family of her own. Hilary suddenly called for a break, then she demanded to know where Devon got the letter. He reminded her that she handed it to him. Hilary revealed that she wrote that letter as a child. Mariah expressed surprise because Hilary's goals had changed since childhood. Devon found a note from Hilary's old teacher packaged with the note. She'd saved it all those years and thought Hilary might like to have it. Devon asked for a minute alone with Hilary. Hilary tearfully admitted she could barely remember who this little girl was. Devon felt bad that Annie never got her wish, but Hilary said wishes changed.

As an adult, Hilary understood why her mother drank – her mom had been frustrated because her life didn't turn out the way she'd dreamed. Devon noted that Hilary was driven, and he assured her that it was okay to always reach for more. Hilary felt far removed from her old wishes, but Devon didn't think childhood dreams ever went away. Hilary thanked Devon for always looking out for her. Hilary invited Mariah onstage for the next segment. Hilary urged the audience to write wish lists as life goals. After the show, Devon told Hilary that she'd done a lot of good today and that they'd be able to help more people because of her. Mariah was rendered speechless when Hilary gave her the gown she'd admired. Mariah hugged Hilary, then Hilary sent everyone home.

Phyllis gave Billy skydiving lessons, and he declared it the best present ever. She waited for her gift, and he was forced to admit that it didn't show up yet. Phyllis understood, but Billy felt bad that his plans fell through. Daniel called, then Abby dropped by while Phyllis was on the phone. Billy and Abby went to the park, where he berated himself for falling into his same pattern and disappointing Phyllis, like he'd disappointed others. Abby groaned about how hard adulthood was and wished she could regress and ride naked on a horse again. Billy asked her to warn him in advance, because as her relative, he didn't want to see her naked. Abby said they weren't related since Ashley wasn't his sister. Billy clarified that he and Ashley would always be siblings. He didn't care that Ashley wasn't John's biological daughter – he, Abby and Ashley were family. Abby told him that he'd just given her the best gift ever, and she hugged him.

Phyllis and Victoria ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Phyllis thanked Victoria for the invitation to the holiday gathering. Victoria assured her that there was no ulterior motive. Victoria assumed that Billy had been lavishing Phyllis with gifts, because he'd done that with Victoria. She told Phyllis about the lengths Billy had gone to find her a replica of her childhood bookcase after the original was destroyed in the fire at the ranch. Victoria said that while Billy wasn't perfect, she thanked God that he was the father of her children, because he was devoted to him. Victoria told Phyllis not to be too hard on Billy. Phyllis went home, and Billy was back. He apologized for messing up her holiday, and he promised to change. Phyllis asked him not to, because she liked him the way he was. Billy noted that he was a screw up, but Phyllis appreciated the passion and spontaneity that went hand in hand with being a screw up. Billy made Phyllis a cake with B+P on it. They kissed, and there was a knock on the door. Someone had delivered Phyllis's gift – a pear tree and five golden rings, which Billy gave her because he was her true love. He explained that he'd wanted to get her all the things from the song, but the logistics didn't work out. Phyllis loved the gift.

Nikki was enjoying a hot chocolate at the Park Cafe when she was accosted by a chatty stranger named Kathy. Kathy explained that she was out of the loop on the town's gossip and asked intrusive questions about Nikki and Victor's marriage. Kathy suddenly announced that she had to run. She told Nikki to stick to her guns, then she left. Nikki realized her her purse was gone. Sharon went to Crimson Lights and told Sharon that she'd been robbed and she ordered a bag of calming tea. Nikki noticed the woman on the patio and confronted her. Kathy confessed that she was homeless and didn't think Nikki would miss a few bucks. Nikki understood what it was like to struggle, so she decided not to call the cops. Kathy returned the purse. Nikki reminded Kathy of what she'd said earlier about not giving up. Kathy said things had been hard, but she didn't plan to give up. Kathy brought up on old song “I'm gonna live...” Nikki's eyes widened as she heard the familiar phrase, and she finished it. “Till I die.” Kathy asked if Nikki approached every day determined to be present and open. Nikki noted that Kathy seemed a lot older than she looked. Kathy told Nikki not to forget that she was a kind soul with a lot to give. Nikki asked Kathy to wait while she bought her some food.

Nikki went inside. She described Kathy to Sharon and asked if Sharon recognized her from her time volunteering at the shelter. She didn't sound familiar to Sharon. Nikki turned back to point Kathy out, and she was gone. Sharon said she thought Nikki had been out there alone. Nikki looked into the purse and found an expensive necklace with the initials K.C. She realized what must've happened, and she raced to Chancellor park. Nikki thought that Katherine had reached out from the other side because people weren't heeding the advice she'd given them in the final letters she wrote before her death. Nikki assured Katherine that her town, her park, her family, and friends were all in good hands and that she still inspired them every day.

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