Friday Y&R Update 12/22/17

The Y&R Update Friday 12/22/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At the Abbotts’, Ashley, Traci, and Abby set the table for Christmas Eve dinner. Dina isn’t happy that Hilary is on the guest list. Jack invited her. Jack enters and finds his place card at the head of the table. Is Ashley sure she doesn’t want to take over that seat too?

Jill sputters after one sip of Esther’s healthy eggnog. Wait till she tries the heart-healthy appetizers. Charlie is a gracious guest and says they’re not too bad. Despite what Cane thinks, Charlie would rather be with his dad at the Chancellor place than at the athletic club.

Devon has arranged a small feast for Lily and Mattie at the club. Mattie hopes it’s vegan. She intends to make this a cruelty-free Christmas. Uncle Devon is happy to accommodate her. After the year they’ve had, he wants them to relax and enjoy.

At the apartment, Billy and Phyllis get ready. They have two engagements, one at the Abbotts’ and the other at Jill’s, and they look forward to neither. Billy has an idea: They’ll split up for dinner and meet at the Abbotts’ for dessert.

At Top of the Tower, Chris and Paul set their sights on Nikki and approach her. She’s happy to spend the evening with two old and dear friends. She makes small talk about travel and work, oblivious to Chris and Paul’s motive for asking her to dinner.

Mattie is thrilled with the Bruno Mars tickets from Devon, and he is equally happy with the photo album she assembled for him. Mattie distributes Charlie’s gifts, in his absence. Lily gets misty-eyed over hers. It’s a coffee table book about Paris. Oh, how she loves it there. So does Dad, Mattie reminds her.

Jill wishes Colin a Merry Christmas and hands the phone to Cane. Charlie is left with Jill and offers a gift suggestion for his dad: Don’t sell Chancellor Industries. Cane overhears and says no shoptalk tonight, please.

At the Abbotts’: Ashley proposes they shelve the company drama for the holidays. She did what she thought was best for Jabot. End of story. They should enjoy each other’s company and be happy, damn it.

Billy arrives at the Chancellor mansion solo and makes an excuse for Phyllis. Jill doesn’t seem too disappointed. They join Cane, Charlie, and Esther in the living room to open gifts. From Charlie, Cane receives one of Charlie’s prized possessions: his first-place medal from cross country. It's his first, but it won’t be his last. The next one is to Cane from Lily. It’s a monogrammed blue blanket for Sam. He’s touched and admits he doesn’t have a gift for her. The night is young, Charlie says.

At the athletic club: Devon proposes a toast to family, including those not present. While he checks on something in the kitchen, Mattie and Lily talk about Christmas without Cane. Even though Mattie is still kind of angry with him, she misses him. Lily doesn’t say so, but she obviously does too.

Hilary is on her best behavior at the Abbotts’, but that makes no difference to Dina. Things get worse when Phyllis arrives---without Billy---and attempts to make nice with Dina. Phyllis sidles up to Jack and asks how he’s doing. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, he says, tongue firmly in cheek. He calls everyone to the table but then apologizes to Ashley for overstepping.

Dinner is served at Jill's, but Cane lingers in the living room, blanket in hand. Jill spells it out for him. The blanket was a gift for Cane as much as for Sam. Lily is reaching out; reach back.

At the club, Lily answers Cane’s call and they realize they’ve been set up. She didn’t send a blanket, and the book from Paris wasn’t too subtle. They have a laugh, wish each other Merry Christmas, and say goodnight. They’ll talk tomorrow.

At the table, Ashley delays dinner, preferring to linger over a glass of wine and family stories. Jack hasn’t lost his edge and clearly doesn’t intend to cooperate. Traci tries to keep the peace and ends up defending Jack. Abby takes her mother’s side and Dina demands to be told what the hell everyone is so upset about.

Chris and Paul can’t believe Victor allowed Nikki to come out on Christmas Eve. She just moved back to the ranch. Things have changed, Nikki says. They encourage her elaborate. Nikki tries to throw them off her case, but no such luck. Paul asks point-blank whether Victor is blackmailing her. Of course not! Chris persists. Because if he is, they can protect her.

At the Abbotts’: Dina will not share a table with a bunch of backstabbers and can’t believe Jack is willing to do so. He agrees and leaves first. Dina follows. Things continue to deteriorate until Hilary and Phyllis remain. They wonder whether they’ll get anything to eat.

At the athletic club, dessert is delayed. Hilary approaches Devon et al. and says the party at the Abbotts’ ended before it began. Devon invites her to stay for dessert and escorts her to the bar to get a glass of champagne. They talk about how tough this Christmas is for the Ashby family. Hilary knows just how to goose it up. Jill takes Hilary’s call and says count her in.

In the living room, Ashley explains herself to Dina. She’s trying to help Jack, who is being pulled in so many different directions. Dina hasn’t lost all her marbles yet and has some advice if Ashley is interested. Ashley should tell Jack she loves him and not waste a minute to make amends.

At the Tower, Phyllis spots Jack, alone at the bar with what appears to be a whiskey in his hand [let’s hope not!]. They talk about his predicament. He regrets lashing out, but he’s not quitting. Sounds as though he has a plan, Phyllis says, trying to draw him out. He thanks her for listening and wishes her goodnight, essentially dismissing her. Across the room, Nikki goes on the defensive. Paul wants her to provide inside information on Victor in exchange for immunity? Just what does Paul think Nikki has done? This meeting is over. She leaves.

Devon unleashes his surprise at the club. Jill arrives first, then Esther, then Charlie and Cane. Mattie rushes to her dad and gives him a big hug. Lily wishes Cane a Merry Christmas---again. It is now, he says. And to top it off, Tessa emerges, strumming her guitar and singing “Joy to the World.” Everyone joins in.

Phyllis comes home to Billy, a roaring fire, candlelight, and a bottle of wine.

At the Tower: Paul pursues Nikki to the elevator. He just wants to help a friend. He’s offering her a chance to escape Victor for good.

Jack comes home and finds Ashley ready to make peace. Can’t they compromise? Nope. He hands her an envelope containing the Jabot bylaws. She’ll note the clause that says only a blood Abbott can hold the position of CEO. She winds up and slaps him across the face.

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