Thursday Y&R Update 12/21/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 12/21/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Victor enters the living room after his workout. Nikki barely looks up until he gets an incoming text: Devon’s press release about their reunion to save Chancellor Park.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby and Victoria get the word about Nikki and Victor. It’s the first both have heard. Abby hopes for the best but has reservations.

Nick and Chelsea also discuss Nikki and Victor. Nick is beside himself. What is Mom thinking? Chelsea has given up trying to figure out his parents and tells him to look on the bright side. The park has been spared, and his parents might have another chance to be happy.

At the ranch: Nikki said she’d repay the money she stole and play along with this charade for the good of the family, but she doesn’t have to like it. And in exchange, Victor reminds her, he maintains her innocence. Nikki is off to a meeting regarding the park, and she insists on going alone and making all the decisions. On second thought, to be completely convincing, Victor had better tag along. They have to sell this act to the family---today.

At an athletic club table, Paul and J.T. talk about the case they just wrapped up. Paul still thinks Victor is up to something. J.T. shrugs. He searched but found nothing incriminating.

At Sharon’s, she and Scott talk about the topic du jour. Scott can’t figure out why Victor ordered Scott and Abby to find the thief when he was working with Nikki all along. Whatever the case, Sharon is impressed with Scott and shows him how much. Mariah comes down the stairs and tells them to save it for the mistletoe. It’s impossible for them to ignore that she delivers this sarcastic remark while dressed as Frosty the Snowman. It’s Hilary’s idea, and Mariah hates it. In fact, this is the last straw. She dials Hilary to give notice.

At the office, Victoria asks her dad how Nikki happened to move back to the ranch. Victor laughs. She came to her senses. That was sudden but not unwelcome. What about the park purchase? Victoria asks. Victor helped her buy it.

At the penthouse, Nick isn’t buying Nikki’s story, no matter what she says. He won’t allow her to leave until she tells the truth about why she made up with Victor.

Sharon won’t allow Mariah to quit impulsively. What would she do for another job? Mariah insists she’d find something. Sharon doubts it would be so easy and asks Scott to back her up. He does and uses himself as an example. When he was fresh out of j-school, he was writing obituaries and typing classified ads. This gets a giggle out of Sharon. Mariah consents to have a rational conversation with Hilary about her “other duties as assigned” and dials her. Sharon turns to Scott and says there’s a lot she doesn’t know about him. More than she thinks, Mariah says under her breath.

At the penthouse: Nikki finally tells Nick that Victor is keeping her out of prison, but it’s not a one-way street. She knows that Victor brought Chloe back to town to wreak havoc. Honestly, she’s glad to be back at the ranch and playing the matriarch. No, she’s not pining for Jack. She acted in her own best interest and intends to maintain her independence from Victor.

Mariah, in her street clothes, descends the stairs and ignores Scott. He approaches her and tries to clear the air. The kiss with Abby was a one-time thing. Before Mariah can respond, she gets a text from Hilary. Thank goodness she agreed to reconsider Mariah’s onscreen image. Mariah is still employed. Scott is glad. He caught a piece she did recently and he was impressed. In fact, if she does decide to leave the Hilary Hour, he’d be interested in hiring her. Mariah stops him. He can’t buy her silence. He protests; that wasn’t his intention. Sharon enters the room and they clam up. That’s not suspicious! They were . . . talking about Christmas gifts, Scott says. Mariah agrees: lots of shiny, expensive ones.

Later, Mariah takes a stool next to Abby at the athletic club bar and asks pointed questions about her relationship with Scott. Abby is caught off guard and denies any interest in Scott. Good to know, but she can’t blame Mariah for wondering. Abby has a reputation as “the other woman.” Abby won’t stand for that kind of treatment and says so.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki assures Victoria that she knows what she’s doing, and she won’t tell a soul that Victoria was her accomplice. In the course of the conversation, it becomes apparent that Victor withheld news of Nikki’s innocence in order to manipulate her. The bastard! Nikki says.

Nick continues to pace at home. He’s sure his dad blackmailed his mom. Chelsea has nothing to offer.

J.T. finds Abby at the club bar and greets his old friend. He does a double take when he sees Mariah, who explains that she’s Cassie’s twin and nothing like her. After Mariah leaves, J.T. buys Abby a drink and they catch up. Sharon and Scott walk in and make it a party. While J.T. regales Sharon with pictures of his children, Scott and Abby glare at each other. J.T. is a regular family man, unlike his buddy Scott, who is a top-notch journalist. Sharon can’t help bragging about Scott’s expose on the prostitution ring and his role in the bust. Abby was involved too. Scott interrupts. It looks as though their table is ready. J.T. shakes his head at such an unlikely couple, and Abby agrees.

Nikki comes home and tells Victor what she learned. Boy, is she mad. Victor is amused. So, is she going to move out, or what?

Abby and J.T. have a few laughs at the bar, and across the room it gets on Scott’s nerves. He knows J.T.’s type and is concerned about Abby. Sharon laughs it off. J.T. is married and Abby is probably not eager to start dating so soon after Zack. At the bar, J.T. talks about returning to his hometown. He’d like to hit some of his old haunts on his last night in town. Is Abby up for it? She’s not laughing anymore. She does NOT date married men. J.T. is stunned. He was asking her to “hang out,” not “go out.” Abby storms off and runs into Victoria at the door. She needs to rein in her ex---and not Billy this time.

At the penthouse, Chelsea cheers Nick with an early Christmas present: her, wearing little more than a red ribbon.

At the club bar: J.T. explains the misunderstanding to Victoria. She wonders why he’d choose to spend his last night in town carousing rather than with his son. He intends to see Reed tomorrow, then it’s back to the wife and kids, naturally. Victoria senses trouble and gets him to confess that he and Mack are separated. Victoria is the only other person who knows. And is that all? No. He also lost his job in Poland.

At home, Sharon and Scott have different views of Abby’s heated exchange with J.T., which they saw from their table. At the crisis hotline, Sharon learned that overreacting, such as Abby did, is a sign of a problem she won’t face.

At the ranch: Nikki isn’t going anywhere. How can she? Victor has her over a barrel. One call can land her in prison, but, lest Victor forget, she has Adam’s jailbreak and Chloe’s return to Genoa City to use against him. Touché. He proposes a toast to the two of them. They make a formidable team.

At the club: Victoria asks for details, specifically the reason for J.T.’s failed marriage. Nothing major, he says. They just grew apart. He really misses his kids, though. He stands, thanks her for listening, and moves toward the door. Wait. She can’t stand the thought of his spending Christmas alone and invites him to spend it with her and Reed.

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