Wednesday Y&R Update 12/20/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 12/20/17


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Phyllis found Billy hanging Christmas decorations at their place and joked that he was trying to slip coal into her stocking because she voted for Jack at the board meeting. Billy suspected that Phyllis made her choice out of guilt for the affair. Phyllis admitted she did have some lingering guilt, and she thought that Billy was dealing with some lingering jealousy toward Jack. Billy clarified that he voted against Jack because he agreed with Ashley's points. He decided to end the disagreement because he didn't want it to come between him and Phyllis. Phyllis leaned against him and they cuddled on the couch.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack kept trying to reach Kyle. He left voicemail assuring his son that he wasn't mad, and he just wanted to talk. Ashley walked in and noticed that Jack had Jabot files pulled up on his computer. They debated about whether Jack should step aside and focus on Dina, or carry on as if he were still CEO. Jack felt that it was his company, and he took credit for its success, but Ashley countered that it was a family business that had been successful without him at the helm. Jack refused to shove Dina aside or to forget about John's legacy. Ashley reminded Jack that the board made a decision, and he accused Ashley of forcing the vote out of jealousy and resentment. He had no intention of giving up control of Jabot. Tensions mounted and Jack left to get away from Ashley.

Devon thanked Sharon for letting him put a toy donation box at Crimson Lights. Sharon was happy to help. Hilary arrived with an armload of gifts for the children, and she announced that she was going to promote Devon's charity on her show. Devon was impressed, but Sharon thought Hilary was just trying to drum up positive publicity for herself. Hilary asked why it was so hard to believe she could be selfless. Hilary took Devon aside and said that she'd instructed her crew to donate to the toy drive, and she was sure her audience would come through. Devon wasn't sure if Hilary's change was because of Jack's mandate to clean up the show, but he thought that generosity fit her well. Hilary was grateful that he didn't think she had an ulterior motive. She knew that this cause was important to him because of the way he grew up. Devon noted that he didn't have many Christmases growing up because the people he was with were too broke or too apathetic to get gifts. The toy drive was Devon's way of showing kids that someone cared. Hilary grabbed her drink, and Devon paid for it. Hilary mentioned that she bought gifts for Sam. She was clearly charmed by the baby, gushing to Devon and Sharon about how precious he was with his tiny fingernails. Devon walked Hilary out, and Sharon observed the pair pause as they noticed the mistletoe over their heads. Hilary nervously smiled and left.

Later, Sharon and Devon talked about the now overflowing toy donation box. Hilary's fans and employees had come through. Sharon apologized for questioning Hilary's motives in front of Devon. Devon asked why she was apologizing to him. Sharon noted that Devon looked like he wanted to find Hilary under the tree on Christmas morning. Devon sputtered a denial and added that it wasn't going to happen.

Cane put a business call on hold to answer a call from Sam's doctor. Hilary came by and was thrilled when Cane told her that Sam would be home before the new year. Cane was a bit taken aback that Hilary was there to cheer him up, but he said it was bizarre in a good way. Hilary gave Cane the gifts, and they admired the tiny outfit and book. Hilary also bought a ring stacking toy and asked Cane to send her some pictures of Sam playing with it. She seemed a bit embarrassed when Cane explained that the toy was meant for much older babies, but Cane assured her that it was okay. He said that when Sam was old enough, he'd take pictures of him playing with it and tell Sam that their good friend Hilary gave it to him.

Cane told Hilary that Jill was thinking of selling Chancellor. Hilary thought that was a bad idea. Cane cringed when Hilary said it would've made sense to sell six months ago, because back then Cane would've tanked Chancellor just like he took down Brash and Sassy. Hilary continued that it made no sense to sell now that Cane had turned the company and his life around. She called it a classic redemption story and told him his interview was a hit with her audience. There was a knock on the door and a phone call came in. Hilary got the door while Cane stepped out to take the call. Hilary brought Lily up to speed on Jill's plans, and Lily wasn't happy to hear it. Hilary also revealed that Sam would be home before the new year. Lily didn't sound enthusiastic about Sam's impending release, and Hilary told her to fake it when Cane returned. Lily clarified that she was happy about Sam, but she didn't appreciate getting updates from Hilary. Hilary mentioned that she and Cane were friends, and Lily accused her of having an ulterior motive. Hilary thought Lily was jealous. Hilary didn't want Cane, but she thought Lily did. Lily said that Cane had moved on, and things were moving so fast. Hilary thought that was what Lily said she wanted. Hilary urged Lily to admit she was having second thoughts and that she couldn't forget the special bond she and Cane shared. Lily agreed that she couldn't forget, but she didn't think she and Cane could go back. Hilary decided to leave to give them privacy, but Lily left instead, saying she had errands to run. Cane returned. He regretted taking the call, but Hilary assured him that he'd get other chances to talk to Lily. Cane thanked Hilary for thinking of Sam, and she apologized for her part in ending his marriage. Cane took full responsibility and admitted it was his fault that he wouldn't be spending Christmas with his family. Cane thought that Lily was moving on, and he figured he should do the same. Hilary kissed Cane's cheek and left.

Nikki looked nervous as she arrived at the ranch. Victor invited her in and welcomed her back. Nikki said she hadn't been able to reach Victoria with the news. Victor mentioned that Victoria was away on business. He thought she'd be glad to hear that her parents were back together. Nikki wasn't sure she'd phrase it that way since her choices were either this or prison. Victor noted that she'd dropped by for the tree lighting and Thanksgiving, and now she wouldn't have to find a reason to show up on Christmas. He said he could've turned her in, but he preferred to have her at the house with him. He felt that they were redefining their relationship. Nikki told the staff to put her things in one of the spare rooms. Victor revealed that he'd already set up a guest suite for her. He didn't want to share a bed with her after what she did to him. Nikki was glad they were on the same page. Victor wanted to repair the damage to the Newman name. Nikki was fine with publicly presenting as husband and wife again in order to help the family's reputation. She also assumed they'd have to make some public appearances. Victor asked if she objected to that. Nikki admitted that she wasn't sure she couldn't afford to object even if she wanted to, because she took money from him. Victor laughed and clarified that she stole it. Nikki agreed. She also acknowledged that she put him in a dangerous position with the authorities. She apologized.

Nikki had requirements for the arrangement; she wanted him to make sizable donations to her favorite charities, and she wanted to be able to take solo vacations when she needed a break from things. Victor agreed and revealed that he also planned to vacation alone as needed. Victor figured Nikki missed the perks of being Mrs. Newman. Nikki said she was ready to use his resources again. They agreed to present as a power couple, but said they wouldn't engage in a traditional marriage behind closed doors.

Ashley invited Billy to the house to ask his opinion of her. Did he think she was selfish? He didn't, and he asked where this was coming from. Ashley didn't want Billy to think that she wanted to have Jack removed as some sort of power play because she coveted his job. She swore she was looking out for Jabot and Jack because he'd spread himself too thin. Billy said he believed her, which is why he voted for her. Ashley admitted she felt guilty. Billy could relate since he voted against Jack a short time after Jack saved his life. Billy said that his vote wasn't about Jack as a person, it was about a CEO who unilaterally tried to buy Chancellor without a plan. Billy respected Jack for taking care of Dina, but he didn't think Jack could do both. Ashley noted that Dina was her mother too, and she was worried that it looked like she was punishing Jack. Billy didn't think Ashley looked bad. Ashley felt that Jack had started looking at her like the enemy – like she was taking something that belonged to him. She wondered if it was because she wasn't really an Abbott. Billy was adamant that Ashley was an Abbott. Billy didn't think that Ashley's lack of Abbott genes had anything to do with the way Jack was acting. He noted that Jack sometimes treated him like an outsider too, even exiling him to Hong Kong. Billy thought Jack was acting like this because the the truth hurt and some things were hard to hear when they were coming from someone you loved.

Ashley thanked Billy for talking her down, but she wasn't sure what to do now that Jabot didn't have a CEO. Billy felt that Ashley should take the job, and she thought so too, but she wasn't sure the board would agree. Billy told her to convince the board that she should be in charge.

Phyllis ran into Jack at the bar and urged him to confide in her. Jack thought Phyllis was just humoring him and that she didn't really think he should run Jabot. Phyllis clarified that she did think he should run the company, and not his self-righteous sister. Jack asked if she voted for him to stick it to Ashley. Phyllis said not entirely. Phyllis thought Ashley was petty and that she loved to wield her power over the Newmans. Phyllis promised to fight for Jack now that she was on the board. Jack admitted he only appointed her so that she'd vote with him yesterday. Phyllis wondered if he didn't want her to be a board member anymore. She suspected he didn't trust her because of the affair. She understood if he didn't forgive her because what she'd done was unforgivable, but she assured him that he could trust her. Jack said he was glad she was on the board and in his corner.

Jack kept thinking about Ashley standing before the board listing his failures, which meant that he'd failed his father. Worst of all, his own son voted against him. Phyllis thought Ashley had somehow manipulated Kyle. According to Jack, Ashley had denied talking to Kyle, and Jack believed her since Kyle wasn't returning his calls. Jack had thought he and Kyle were okay, up until now. Jack assumed that he must not have reached out to Kyle often enough after he moved to NY and that it had caused a rift. Jack felt like he didn't measure up as as a father, or as a son to Dina, and now the board didn't think he was doing well as CEO. Jack questioned whether he had taken on too much. He told Phyllis that Dina said John considered him a disappointment. Phyllis thought Jack knew in his heart that Dina was lying. Jack thought that maybe deep down, he knew Dina was telling the truth. Phyllis knew Jack was tired, but she told him that he was also strong and wily. She urged him to come up with a plan to keep his job, because no one was more devoted to Jabot than him.

Devon was called to the ranch, and he learned that Nikki and Victor were back together. Devon made plans to spread the news with a press release and scheduling some public appearances for them. Victor stepped out, and Devon asked Nikki if this was what she wanted. Nikki said she was content with it. After Devon left, Victor asked Nikki for his money back. Nikki said she spent it – she bought a park.

Now back home, Phyllis and Billy toasted to not letting the Abbott feud come between them. Phyllis admitted that Jack was tired, ragged and emotional, but she told Billy not to say that was a reason he shouldn't be CEO. Billy said he wouldn't since that description, minus the tired part, fit Ashley too. Billy found it surreal that Phyllis was on the board. Phyllis said she and Jack came to an understanding and it wouldn't be a problem. Billy thought that Jack was on edge and that things would get worse before they improved, if they ever did.

Jack came home and told Ashley to tell the board to reinstate him. Ashley refused and revealed that she planned to go after the CEO spot.

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