Tuesday Y&R Update 12/19/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 12/19/17


Written by Ellen
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At the ranch, Victor instructed the maid to prepare the dining room for a special evening; candles, a bouquet, and a single red rose.

At the penthouse, Nick tried to discuss the fight to save the park with Nikki, but she was too busy imagining herself behind bars wearing an orange jumpsuit to fully participate. Nick asked why she was distracted, and she brought up the embezzlement investigation against Victor. Nick assumed Nikki was worried that the authorities would think she was involved because she was married to Victor. He assured her that she'd be fine, and he offered to hire a her a lawyer for her peace of mind. Nikki blurted out a confession. She thought Nick would be disappointed in her, but on the contrary, he was impressed. He figured she had help and was curious how she pulled it off, but she wouldn't elaborate. Nick asked if she did this because Victor stole from Nick. Nikki explained that she did it for herself; she'd taken pleasure in showing Victor what it felt like to be controlled, but she went too far, and now she'd have to pay the consequences.

Nikki stated that she and Victoria had appealed to JT, but he'd refused to bend the law for her. Nick argued that this was a private family matter that had nothing to do with the sex ring. According to Nikki, Michael suspected that the authorities would think Victor and Nikki were in it together and that he'd had her hide his assets in her account. Nick suggested that she ask the hacker to explain that this wasn't tied to the sex ring, but Nikki didn't think the prosecution would believe the hacker. Nikki noted that she'd committed a felony, punishable with up to ten years in prison. Victor called Nikki and advised her to come to the ranch to to discuss a mutual interest. Nick was suspicious of Victor's motives, and he wanted to join Nikki, but she insisted on going alone.

At the Abbott house, Traci tried to ease the tension between her warring siblings by suggesting that they go out and look at the Christmas lights. It didn't work, and Ashley and Jack began to bicker. He accused her of thinking he was incompetent, and she accused him of being underhanded. Traci didn't agree with Ashley calling a board meeting behind Jack's back. Jack felt that Ashley's decision had undermined the public's trust in him and Jabot. Ashley felt that she'd made the right choice and that she should've done it a long time ago. Jack asked if Traci still had confidence in him, but Traci refused to make a decisoin until she'd heard all the evidence. Both Jack and Traci disagreed with Ashley forcing the family to choose sides at a time when they should be coming together. Ashley contended that Jack had forced her to do this when he refused to be realistic about what he could handle.

Dina entered the living room during the fight. She scolded them, like children, for arguing when her bridge game was about to start. Jack reminded her that it was 2017 and they were all adults. When Dina learned what the fight was about, she became distraught and blamed herself – she felt that Ashley had lost confidence in Jack because he was taking care of Dina. Everyone assured Dina that this wasn't her fault, but she was still agitated, so Traci took her upstairs.

At Jabot, Gloria had made some calls, as Jack instructed, to get a sense of how the vote would go. She told him that in general, people were resistant to change. Jack was pleased; tht was good news for him, but Gloria warned him that his reputation as a leader had been eroded because he wasn't in the office much anymore. Jack asked if she'd heard from – before he could finish, Gloria said that she hadn't yet, but she noted that even with that vote, things could go either way.

Ashley was also at Jabot. Ravi let her know that the other employees were talking about the board meeting. Ashley thought the odds were in Jack's favor, but she was determined not to let him win. Ravi invited Ashley to go on vacation with him to Hawaii. Ashley loved the idea, but she declined out of fairness to Ravi. She apologetically confessed that she'd been using him as a distraction from her issues at work and at home. She cringed as she realized she'd done something that Dina would have. Ashley knew Ravi wanted more, but she didn't. Ravi was disappointed, but he understood. Ashley asked if he'd be taking the job at Newman, and he admitted he wasn't sure.

At Crimson Lights, Michael and Lauren discussed the upcoming board meeting. Michael noted that as one of the few non-Abbotts in the room, she her vote held a lot of influence. Lauren seemed open to the idea of being able to use her voting power to negotiate on behalf of Fenmore's.

At the Club, Billy told Phyllis that he didn't want to take sides and make one of his siblings angry. He thought about skipping the board meeting, but Phyllis noted that a move like that was sure to make people angry. She understood that he didn't want to get caught in the family drama, but she told him that he was smart and that his vote could determine the future of his family and of Jabot.

After Phyllis left, Jack met with Billy. Jack stated that the customers and the business partners wanted stability. He thought Billy should appreciate that after all that he'd done to stabilize Brash and Sassy. Billy didn't think it was wise for Jack to go there after all Jack did to try and destroy the company. Jack insisted that it was just business. Billy felt that Jack was spinning things. Jack said he had to see it that way, otherwise he'd still be angry with Billy for stealing Dina's password. Jack said he accepted that he and Billy had to make certain decisions. Billy noted that Jack was now going after Billy's mother's company. Jack asked if Billy would rather see Cane running it. Jack felt that he'd always been there for Billy; he'd even risked his life for Billy in the Underground fire. Billy acknowledged that he owed it to Jack to be a good brother. Jack added that this was also about their father's legacy. Jack felt that his record at Jabot proved that he was the best one for the job.

After Jack left, Ashley arrived and tried to get Billy to vote with her. She noted that Jack had a habit of acting on his emotions, and she reminded Billy of how Jack trashed him with the hockey league. Billy was reluctant to vote against Jack, because he didn't want his brother to hate him again. Ashley asked what if she hated Billy. Billy thought Ashley was more forgiving than Jack was. Ashley stated that she wouldn't call for this vote unless it was what was best for the family and company.

Jack found Abby at Crimson Lights and worked to sway her to his side. He swore that if he thought he wasn't right to lead Jabot, he'd step down. Abby figured Ashley must have her reasons for this. When Jack said he wouldn't question Ashley's motives, Abby admitted she (Abby) would if she were in his place. She'd felt hurt when Victor hired Victoria, because she thought it showed how little confidence he had in Abby. Jack said didn't question it because he'd been there before. He'd always been the outlier who thought up new ideas. Abby recalled that he that he helped her with her incubator project. But she noted that he'd been furious when she asked him to pull out so she could take the project to Victor. Jack contended that the important thing was that he'd believed in her, probably more than anyone else. He promised that she'd always have a job at Jabot where she'd be valued.

Next, Ashley made her way to Abby and explained that she was doing this for Jack's own good because he'd overextended himself. Abby thought it was admirable that Jack had chosen to be Dina's primary caregiver, and she didn't think Ashley should punish him by taking his job away. Ashley insisted that she wasn't punishing him. Ashley felt that Jack had been making some poor decisions, and she hoped that he'd eventually be grateful that he was forced to step away from running Jabot.

Jack met with Lauren at the Club and reminded her that he saved Fenmore. Lauren reminded him that he'd drove off all the other potential investors. However, Lauren was happy with the partnership, and she hinted that she'd vote with Jack if he increased Fenmore's marketing budget. Jack made it clear that they had a deal.

After Jack left, Ashley approached Lauren. Ashley mentioned that there would be a lot less money for Fenmore's if Jack went through with his plans to purchase Chancellor. Lauren was shocked because she didn't realize Jack was considering buying Chancellor. Lauren figured things would be fine if she could make a deal with Jack beforehand. Ashley noted that was untrustworthy. He'd made a rental agreement with Brash and Sassy, then he suddenly jacked up the price. Ashley promised to make Fenmore's a priority.

Ashley went back to Jabot, and Ravi told her that he'd decided to stay at the company because he liked working for her. However, he said he knew his worth and he'd renegotiate with Jabot when the time was right. Ashley promised to fight to maintain the work environment that Ravi liked so much. Ravi was sure she'd succeed.

The board meeting started, and Ashley noted that Jack was late. When he arrived, he called Gloria and told her to bring in an extra chair. Gloria showed the newest board member, Phyllis, into the room. Ashley protested, but Jack informed her that the bylaws allowed the CEO to appoint new members. Traci didn't understand why Jack would choose Phyllis. Jack said that the board could use someone with her expertise. Billy discreetly texted Phyllis and asked what she was doing. Jack explained his position. He didn't need the job, but he was there because of a promise he made to his father. He thought that he and Ashley shared the same goal – to make Jabot innovative. He wanted Ashley in the lab coming up with new ideas. Jack said he was proud of Ashley and that he couldn't pursue John's dream without her. Ashley spoke next, explaining that she brokered a deal and Jack went behind her back and shut it down because it wasn't his idea.

Ashley noted that Jack got into a feud with Brash and Sassy, and she said he'd made a knee-jerk decision to buy Chancellor. She asked if he even had a plan for Chancellor. Jack thought it would be best to work on instinct. Ashley didn't think it was realistic for him to try and run the company from home. Ashley revealed that she'd spoken to a distributor, Sandra, who told her that Dina mistook her for Traci during a video conference. Jack said he'd hired more staff to make sure Dina never interrupted one of his meetings again. Ashley didn't think that Jack could guarantee that, given the unpredictable nature of Dina's illness. Jack asked Ashley to stop. Ashley raised her voice as she wondered whether Jack wanted to run things from home so that he could do whatever he wanted without oversight.

The votes were in – Lauren and Phyllis voted for Jack. Traci was concerned that Jack was overextending himself, but she still sided with him. Abby voted with Ashley. Jack accused Abby of siding against him so she could score points with Victor, but she insisted that she voted with her conscience. Billy sided with Ashley too, and Jack accused Billy of doing it out of spite, but Billy said he made his choice because Jack wasn't in a good place. Morgan, the other board member, voted with Ashley. It was a tie. Abby suggested that Jack step down to focus on Dina, but he was adamant that he could do both. Gloria returned – Kyle had sent his vote in by courier. Jack looked triumphant. He was sure his son had voted with him. Gloria opened the envelope, and Jack was stunned when he learned that Kyle had voted for Ashley.

An apprehensive Nikki arrived at the ranch. She observed the candlelight and rose and Victor told her that he set this up as an appreciation for all they'd been through. Nikki was moved when she saw a scarf that Victor purchased for her just before a trip they'd gone on. She tensed again as she recalled that he'd whisked her away on that trip right after a fight. Victor thought that the fight made the trip more memorable. He noted that they'd chosen not to be ordinary, unless Nikki had taken up needlepoint while they were separated. Nikki suggested that maybe she had, and Victor said it would be a nice hobby for prison. Victor didn't mention that he'd been told Nikki was guilty. He let her think he figured it out on his own. He asked why she did it, and she said she wanted him to know how it felt to be violated. Victor promised to make it all go away if she came back to him. He said he'd call the police if she turned him down.

Back at the penthouse, Nick asked what Michael was doing to keep Nikki out of prison. Michael was building a defense, but it was a challenge. Nick maintained that Nikki didn't do anything wrong – she was still married to Victor, so legally, his money was also hers. Michael thought the authorities were trying to make an example out of Nikki.

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