Monday Y&R Update 12/18/17

The Y&R Update Monday 12/18/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Victoria works side by side with Abby in Victor’s office. Abby can barely stand the sight of her and notices she’s distracted. It has to do with the investigation, of course. Victor barges in and demands an update. He wonders aloud who would do such a thing to him. Abby and Victoria remain silent. Scott arrives, at Victor’s request. Victoria suggests Abby and Scott team up to work on Victor’s special assignment, and Victor approves it.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nikki tells Kevin their fates are one and the same. He warned her that stealing from Victor was a bad idea. She gave him little choice, though, and paid him well to help her. She mentioned having an ally? Yes, but it’s not a sure thing.

At the police station, Chris and Paul tell J.T. the investigation has been fast-tracked. They’re counting on him, even though they know they’ve put him in an awkward position, investigating his ex-father-in-law. No problem, he says, it’s his job.

Jill arrives home in a helicopter, with tons of luggage. Billy helps her unpack, and Esther complains about the noise.

Traci, just in from New York, yuks it up with Ashley in the living room, but Jack is glued to his tablet. The news about Chancellor Industries being “the one to watch” in the new year galls him. He’s got to step up Jabot’s PR. Traci and Ashley remind him that Jabot had a very good year, but according to Jack it wasn’t good enough. He’s sorry, but he’s too busy to go to lunch with them.

At the Chancellor place: Jill catches up with Billy. He bought his girlfriend a racehorse and he has no job. What on earth has he been doing with himself and where is his drive? He’s an Abbott, for crying out loud. Billy has reflected on his life and on Dina’s situation and decided life is short. Enjoy it while you can.

Jack entertains Cane at home and toasts his success with eggnog. Then he gets to the point: He knows Chancellor bought a skin care company poised for enormous growth, and Jabot would like a piece of the action. Cane seems to take perverse pleasure in telling Jack it's too late. Chancellor is finalizing a deal with one of Jabot's competitors. Sorry. He reminds Jack that he turned his back on Cane in his hour of need and then sees himself out.

Cane returns to the Chancellor mansion, where he finds Billy with Jill. He welcomes her home and trades barbs with Billy. Some things never change. . . . She’s sorry about his breakup with Lily, but she can’t wait to meet Sam. Cane thanks her for her support, both personally and professionally. He loves being CEO. About that . . . she’s decided now is the ideal time to sell the company. Her global travels have opened her eyes to the suffering in the world, so she needs the cash to do good. She’ll explain on the way to the hospital to see the baby.

At Newman: Abby tries to get Victor to change his mind, but he tells her and Scott to get to work now, work fast, and report back ASAP. After Abby and Scott leave, Victor speculates some more about who might have had the motivation and means to attack him financially. Victoria tries to redirect his attention, but he’s determined to find the guilty party.

Kevin and Nikki continue their conversation at Chancellor Park. He covered his electronic tracks as best he could. Nikki gets a text and tells him he’d better pack his bags and prepare to leave town with Bella.

Over lunch at Top of the Tower, Traci and Ashley agree Jack has taken on too much. Ashley has already tried and failed to talk him out of caring for Dina and running Jabot from home, and she’s sure he’s headed for disaster.

At the Abbotts’, Billy tells Jack about Jill’s plans to sell Chancellor Industries. Recalling Cane’s smug attitude earlier, Jack smiles. Billy correctly guesses that Jack intends to make a bid. You bet. Jack leaves Billy in charge of Dina.

Abby criticizes Scott’s choice of venue to begin their joint project. The park where they kissed---really? Scott tells her to get over herself. Abby denies being attracted to him or being jealous, but she suspects Victoria is onto them and deliberately threw them together. In any case, Abby’s dad expects results from them and she won’t disappoint him. She’s eager to get this over with so they can go back to ignoring each other.

Victoria and Nikki meet in the club foyer. Is Nikki ready? She is. They approach J.T. at his table. It’s a risky move, meeting in public like this, but Nikki is desperate for a peaceful resolution. She gives a lengthy speech in which she regrets aiding and abetting Victor in his vendettas and then turning around and behaving just like him. She even sheds a few tears. She’ll never do it again. J.T. believes her, which makes it all the more difficult to turn her in. Victoria and Nikki use Reed to try to dissuade him. Think how disgusted he’ll be that his dad ratted out his grandmother. J.T. understands but has no choice.

At home, Jill praises Cane for standing up for his son. And Mattie's donating blood for her half brother is a testament to her good upbringing. He’s glad she brought up family loyalty. Why is she pulling the rug out from under Cane now? He’s doing a good job, and he needs the work in order to provide for his family. She insists it’s just business. He counters. If she sells now, she’ll get a finite amount of money, but if she lets Cane run the company, he’ll increase her reward many times over. Think of all the good she can do with that. She’ll consider it.

Nikki calls Kevin in the park and says to leave town immediately. She’s sorry she dragged him into her mess.

At the police station: Chris and Paul are ready to get J.T. before a judge with his findings, but he wants to tell them privately first. There are a few surprises.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Victor hustles Victoria into his office to discuss the audit. Again he asks who could be the culprit. Who else could it be besides Nick? he reasons. Then it dawns on him. Jack Abbott has been spoiling for a fight since Victor acquired Brash & Sassy. Victoria can take it no more and blurts out the truth. Mom did it. Victor sighs. He promises not to retaliate but wants details. Before Victoria can say a word, Chris calls Victor with good news. The case is closed. It turns out there was no money transfer. J.T. says it was all a misunderstanding. Victor hangs up and praises Victoria for persuading J.T. to look the other way. She’s as astounded as anyone else. Then her thoughts turn to her mother. She’s in agony over this and must be told. Victor will do the honors.

At the athletic club bar, Scott and Abby can do nothing but argue. Abby protests a bit too much about having to spend time with him. For his information, she has a full life, which includes dating. Oh, yeah? he says. What app is she using for that? (Ouch!) She’s not using one. From her experience, she’s learned to be a better judge of character. She storms off.

At the Abbotts’: Billy tells Traci and Ashley about Jack’s intentions. Impulsive! Reckless! Ashley says. Later, alone with Traci, Ashley is ready to act. They’ll call a board meeting for tomorrow to circumvent Jack.

Over tea at the Chancellor mansion, Jack makes a hell of a pitch. Think of merging two great companies founded by two great people, Katherine Chancellor and John Abbott. She agrees Katherine would approve. Jack’s concern is Jill’s approval. He jots a figure on the back of a holiday napkin and hands it to her. She doesn’t have to decide now.

J.T. meets Victoria at Newman Enterprises. She thanks him for coming through. What was his reason? Before J.T. can answer, Victor comes out of his office, pumps J.T.’s arm, and takes him inside for a celebratory drink. There’s been a lot of acrimony between them over J.T.’s treatment of Victoria and Reed, but today all is forgiven. Victor has one request (read: demand). He wants to be the one to tell Nikki she’s free and clear.

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