Friday Y&R Update 12/15/17

The Y&R Update Friday 12/15/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At Jabot, Phyllis fends off Billy’s advances. She has work to do and can’t fool around on the job. He has something else important to discuss. He’s galled that Cane is running Chancellor Industries, and he’s not even a family member. Phyllis urges him to let it go.

Scott and Sharon play kissy-face behind the Crimson Lights counter. Mariah catches them and looks askance at Scott. On the patio, Reed deletes his dad’s e-mails. Mattie understands, having had her own troubles in that department, but she thought Reed got along with his dad. As long as they live on different continents, Reed says.

It turns out Cane and J.T. are old chums. They run into each other at the athletic club and catch up. J.T. learns from Cane that their kids are dating, and clearly Cane isn’t thrilled about it. He suggests J.T. take Reed back to Europe.

Victoria calls an emergency meeting with Michael in Victor’s office. She reveals that Nikki stole Victor’s money and sent it offshore. Can Michael keep both of her parents out of prison?

J.T. is sorry to hear about Cane’s marital troubles. Surprisingly, things are going well between J.T. and Victoria so far. Reed is the problem. Still, Cane warns, J.T. should watch his back with Victoria. He learned how vicious she can be when she fired him from Brash & Sassy. He gives no details and they talk some more about their kids. Cane thinks he can help J.T. with Reed. He calls Mattie at Crimson Lights and invites her to meet him at the club, and yes, she can bring Reed. She’s suspicious at first but glad her dad is making an effort. They’re on their way.

Abby walks in on Victoria and Michael and demands to know what’s going on. Victoria won’t discuss it and gives Abby a menial task to be done by the end of the day. Naturally, Abby doesn’t take this well. She tells Victoria to lock the office door if she wants privacy and storms out. Back to business, Michael and Victoria grasp at straws. Her best bet is to try to get J.T. to abandon the audit.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah intercepts Abby before she can get to Scott. They have so much to talk about. Why don’t they have a singles’ night out? Abby’s not seeing anyone, right? Abby suspects Mariah is looking for material for the Hilary Hour and says no comment.

Reed and Mattie arrive at the club and see their dads. They’ve been played. Mattie is OK with it and persuades Reed to go along. J.T. greets Reed with hug. Reed stiffens. Cane and Mattie take a separate table to give Reed and his dad time alone.

Abby finally makes her way to Scott on the coffeehouse patio. He begs her to keep her voice down about their kiss in the park. He doesn’t want Sharon to overhear, so they agree to discuss it elsewhere. Mariah sees them leave together. Poor Sharon doesn’t have a clue.

J.T. asks Reed why the cold shoulder. Reed is still angry about having to move out of the country, away from his home and his school. And then J.T. didn’t seem to have time for Reed because he was all wrapped up in his new family. Now he’s back in town to investigate Reed’s mom and grandfather. Is Reed supposed to be happy about that? J.T. sighs. Can’t they just get along? Things are going much better at the Ashbys’ table. They even have a few laughs. Eventually J.T. breaks the ice by telling Reed they have a lot in common. When he was Reed’s age, he also played the guitar and he sneaked around with girls whose parents didn’t like him. He just hopes Reed can avoid the mistakes J.T. made. Reed cracks a smile. Later, while the kids pair off to say goodbye, J.T. thanks Cane for his help and offers to give Mattie a ride home so that Cane can get to the hospital to visit his newborn son. Then J.T. asks a favor: Go easy on Reed. He’s not such a bad kid.

Victoria comes home and finds Billy on the sofa playing video games. It’s a great stress reliever, something she could obviously use. She tells him the audit is justified and it could be disastrous. Advice? Billy suggests she do whatever necessary to get J.T. to drop the case.

Later, Phyllis meets Billy at the athletic club for drinks. When he sees his two least favorite people in the world, he does an about-face, but Phyllis drags him into the dining room, where she makes small talk and with Cane and J.T. and Billy struggles to remain civil. Cane runs along, but J.T. has some time. He offers to buy a round. Billy can no longer hold his tongue and tells J.T. to quit harassing Victoria and the Newmans.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah asks how Sharon feels about Scott now that they’ve been playing house for a while. Sharon had misgivings, but everything’s A-OK now. Mariah is wary and Sharon thinks she knows why. Mariah just came off a bad romance and she’s cynical about love.

At the cafe, Abby lays it on the line: She will not be the other woman. Who asked her to be? Scott regrets what happened between them, but it was purely physical. He’s sorry he hurt her. Abby lashes out and says if he has so much trouble controlling his urges around her, he should stay away from her.

Reed walks in the front door, followed by J.T. What a surprise. Victoria invites him to stay for a drink. After a sip of wine and some banal chatter, she gets to the point. She wants him to cancel the investigation of Victor. He gets the feeling she’s involved or has pertinent information. Before she divulges anything, she needs him to assure leniency, but he can’t. She takes a chance and tells him her mom transferred the money out of Victor’s account. Victor has no idea, and it has nothing to do with prostitution rings. It was just a marital spat that got out of hand. Can J.T. protect Nikki? In a word, no.

Scott returns to the coffeehouse, but he just missed Sharon. This gives Mariah a chance to speak her mind. She knows all about his PDA with Abby in the park, never mind how she knows. He assures her it will never happen again. It had better not, or he’ll answer to Mariah. And she’ll be watching him.

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