Thursday Y&R Update 12/14/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 12/14/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

In the athletic club dining room, Nikki and Victoria discuss the ownership of Chancellor Park. Someone outbid both Victor and Devon. At Crimson Lights, Nick and Devon have a similar conversation.

Sharon cooks a big breakfast and has it on the table when Scott comes downstairs, but he’s in a hurry to get to work. Again? Is he avoiding her? Scott doesn’t understand the fuss. He said “I love you” back. Before Sharon can elaborate on her concerns, Mariah and Faith come to the table. Faith is uncharacteristically subdued in Scott’s presence, and Mariah notices.

Again at the club: Obviously Victoria is preoccupied. Nikki gets her to talk. Although Newman Enterprises has been cleared in the Design Date case, Victor has not been. Suspicious transactions have been made from his personal account, and guess who’s in town to investigate: J.T. Ridiculous! Nikki says. Chris and Paul and J.T. are on a wild-goose chase. Victoria isn’t so sure, but if there’s anything to find, J.T. will find it.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea comforts Nick over his loss, but he’s still got plenty of fight left in him. The fate of the park is still up for grabs, and you can bet whoever bought it intends to make a buck, be that with condos or in some other way. That’s why he’s scheduled a rally for this afternoon. He’d like Chelsea to help make a banner and come yell her heart out, but she can’t. She’s crazy busy.

Hilary presents her story ideas to Jack at the Abbott home. He approves of her new approach---upbeat rather than exploitative. Make no mistake, she still loves a juicy piece of gossip; she’s just showing a different side of herself. Jack is proud of her.

Scott does such a good job clearing the table that Mariah says it’s his from now on. He asks Faith about her plans for the day, but she brushes him off and runs up to her room. As for Mariah, she intends to spend the day watching TV, inside where it’s warm, but then Nick arrives. He recruits Mariah and Faith to create a banner and attend the rally. When they leave, Scott tries to duck out with them, but Sharon won’t allow it.

At the club: Victoria tells her mother that she has her hands full with Reed. He’s avoiding his dad. Billy approaches and tells Nikki about his encounter with J.T. last night at Victoria’s. The animosity remains, so Billy intends to take a page out of Reed’s book.

At the Abbotts’: Yes, Hilary showed tremendous restraint in Cane’s interview, but Jack wasn’t completely happy with it. From now on, she’s not to feature Jabot competitors on her show. As producer, he has veto power. Hilary understands but admires Cane’s resilience. He lost his job and his marriage, but now he’s a corporate big shot and the proud father of a newborn. Jack agrees he’s a good guy.

Back at Sharon’s, Mariah makes a call and arranges for a cameraman at the park. While Faith is out of the room, Nick asks how things are going with Scott living there. Specifically, how is Faith accepting it? Mariah tells the truth. Faith seemed OK at first, but she hasn’t been too chatty with Scott the last few days. Considering how much Faith loves to talk, that’s a major red flag for Nick. Mariah thinks he’s quick to judge because he doesn’t like Scott. True, but Faith is his kid, and it’s his job to protect her. Mariah asks him to let her handle it.

At Crimson Lights, Scott continues to evade Sharon, taking one business call after another. She demands he make time for her and they sit at a table. Did she scare him when she said she loved him? Did he feel compelled to say it back?

Again at Sharon’s, Nick corners Faith and asks how she feels about Scott. She says only that he makes Mom happy, and that’s good enough for her. Nick persists. Faith wasn’t thrilled at first about his being with Chelsea. Is it kind of like that? She nods. He encourages her to give Scott a chance.

At the Abbotts': Hilary and Jack chat about Dina and again about Cane. Did Hilary mention she visited him at the hospital? She shows Jack a picture of her holding the baby. Jack thinks she looks like a natural, but Hilary is quick to object. No kids for her.

As Billy and Victoria prepare to leave the club, he suggests she try to relax a little and enjoy the holiday---decorate, bake cookies, and so on. OK, she says. He’s invited to the house to do those things and he can bring Phyllis. Seriously? Of course. She’s a part of his life now and so a part of the children’s. Talk turns to work, or the lack of it. Billy is enjoying his free time, and Victoria likes being back at Newman, at least for now. Look at the two of them, Billy remarks. Friends again. She agrees, and it feels good.

Mariah, Faith, and Nick join the throng already at Chancellor Park. While Nick runs along to tend to preparations, Mariah tries to get Faith to confide in her using every trick she can think of. Faith resents being treated like a kid and walks away.

Hilary, still at Jack’s, gets a call about the rally. Jack is ready to dive in and help, but Hilary reminds him he has a full plate right now, with his mom and Jabot. She offers to help him. Jack jokes that she must be going soft: first cuddling babies and now this. The subject of Christmas comes up. She had planned to work through it, but Jack invites her to spend it with the Abbotts. Well, they *are* business partners . . . , she rationalizes. She’s touched and accepts.

At Crimson Lights, Scott apologizes. Sharon deserves his honesty, but he’d rather talk somewhere more private. On the patio, Jack runs into Nikki. He’s there on a pastry run for Dina, who has her ups and downs. Nikki admires him for taking on such a challenge. Turning attention away from himself, he can tell she’s wrestling with something and asks what it is. They’re no longer romantically involved, but they’re still friends. Nikki did something impulsive that could destroy her. She struck back at Victor but gives no further details. Jack urges her to mitigate the damage before whatever it is spirals out of control. He learned that lesson the hard way.

Chelsea finds Nick alone at the park, rolling up his banners. She assumes the protest was a bust, but no. The turnout was great. She feels guilty for missing it and promises to be at the next one. She admits she had her misgivings about Nick’s taking on his dad, but she’s proud of him and pledges her full support.

At a club table, Mariah tries again to get Faith to open up. If Faith doesn’t want to be treated like a kid, then she should stop acting like one. Faith finally reveals that she went to the park alone to go ice-skating, against her mother’s orders, and she saw Scott there. He wasn’t alone. He was with Abby, and he kissed her.

At home, Scott says Sharon’s declaration of love didn’t scare him. It moved him, but he’s inexperienced with long-term relationships and was overwhelmed. Sharon doesn’t understand. He accepted her invitation to move into her home. What did he expect to happen? Didn’t he realize his casual approach to their relationship would hurt her?

At the athletic club bar, Devon runs into Hilary and inquires about her holiday plans. With a big smile, she tells him she’ll be with the Abbotts. Good for her. If her plans change, though, she should let him know.

At Sharon’s: Scott is ready to man up. He took stock of his feelings and knows for certain he wants to be with Sharon. She’s unlike anyone he’s ever known, and he loves her now and forever. That’s just what she wanted to hear.

Nikki finds Victoria at Newman Enterprises and asks to speak in private. Inside Victor’s office, Nikki confesses that she stole money from Victor and sent it to an offshore account. Now J.T. is on the case, and if he finds out . . . Victoria finishes her thought: Nikki could go to prison.

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