Wednesday Y&R Update 12/13/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 12/13/17


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At the Club, Nick showed Victoria an article about Chancellor's – they'd been named the company to watch in 2018 Victoria remembered that Newman used to get that sort of press. Nick talked about Newman's recent bad press – the sex ring and the destruction of the park. He was impressed that Cane was doing so well for someone who wasn't able to get hired anywhere a few months ago. Victoria noted that Cane benefited from nepotism; Jill only hired him because she considered him a son. Victoria didn't consider Cane a threat because he had so many character flaws. Nick revealed that he got Devon to try and outbid Newman for the park. He felt that Devon had more integrity than Victor. As Nick began to leave, he told Victoria not to work too hard. She replied that she'd say the same, but he didn't have a job.

JT arrived at the Club, and he and Victoria and JT discussed the his new job in online fraud investigation. He revealed that Paul called and asked for help with the Newman audit. JT thought that Paul and Christine chose him because they wanted someone who knew where the bodies were buried at Newman. Victoria thought that sounded like guilty until proven innocent, and she was offended that they thought Victor had crimes on the books just waiting to be discovered. JT asked if she was going to claim it was impossible that Victor had done something underhanded or that the DesignDate issue didn't warrant scrutiny. Victoria argued that regardless, it was a conflict of interest for her ex husband, to investigate Victor. JT countered that his bosses didn't think so since they approved his appointment to the case. JT assured Victoria that Paul and Christine were only after the truth, and that they weren't pursuing a vendetta against Victor. Victoria questioned JT's objectivity, given that there was bad blood between him and Victor over the way the marriage ended. JT insisted that it was in the past. He said that he didn't see this as anything other than a standard assignment, which happened to come with a free trip to the U.S. and a chance to spend time with Reed. Victoria asked about Mac, and JT said that she and the kids were fine, and he planned to go back home to Warsaw by Christmas Eve.

JT sensed that Victor might still have an issue with him, but Victoria thought that Victor would've had a problem with any investigator, especially one who happened to be his ex son in law. She also didn't think Victor ever really got over JT taking Reed away. JT didn't care about Victor's grudge. JT thought ti would be nice if he, Victoria and Reed spent some time together, but Victoria was hesitant, due to the circumstances. Victoria asked what evidence they had against Victor. JT explained that there had been multiple large cash transfers from Victor's account to an offshore account. He thought someone was trying to hide something, and he advised Victoria to prepare herself for bad news.

Jill and Colin sent Cane a fruit basket to congratulate him on his business success. Hilary dropped by his place and invited him to come on her show to talk about his plans for Chancellor. He accepted. They went to the Crimson Lights after filming the show. Hilary complimented him on how well he did. Cane gave her all the credit for being a great interviewer, and he bought Hilary coffee to thank her for letting him be a guest on her show.

Lily and Abby got together at Crimson Lights. Lily said she still cared about Cane, but she couldn't get over his lies, and she still planned to divorce him. Abby questioned whether Lily was absolutely sure that's what she wanted. Lily admitted she changed her mind multiple times a day. They shifted gears, and Abby confessed that she was attracted to Scott. Lily asked for details, and Abby revealed that they had sex. Abby said that part of her still couldn't stand Scott, but she couldn't stop thinking about it. She was confused because Scott wasn't her type, but on the other hand, Zack was her type, and he turned out to be a deranged criminal. She wasn't sure what to do. Lily understood why Abby felt connected to Scott after their intense ordeal, but she asked if Scott reciprocated her feelings. Abby said they had an epic kiss, and she hadn't heard from him since. Lily wanted to be supportive of Abby, but she noted that this wasn't fair to Sharon. Abby agreed. Abby said that Scott was living with Sharon and trying to ignore what was going on between him and Abby. Lily urged Abby not to become the other woman. Abby decided to give Scott an ultimatum – it was her or Sharon. Abby left for a meeting.

Lily went to get a refill and ran into Hilary, who made it a point to bring up Cane's interview. Lily assumed it had been more of an ambush, but Hilary explained that the Hilary Hour focused on positive news now that they were sponsored by Jabot. Hilary noted that Chancellor had been named the one to watch in 2018, thanks to Cane's leadership, not that Lily cared. Lily insisted that she did care, and Hilary suggested that she go tell Cane that.

At Crimson Lights, Billy asked Phyllis not to go to work. She told him that she had to, and she suggested that he occupy himself by going for a run, now that his leg had finally healed. Billy suggestively said he knew a way she could help him get his heart rate up. Phyllis said she'd love nothing more, but she said she had meetings all day. Billy sensed that she didn't enjoy her job anymore, so he suggested that she quit and let him provide for her. Phyllis said she didn't want to be a kept woman. She liked her job, and she was grateful that Lauren came through and hired her when she wanted to leave Jabot. Phyllis wondered if Billy was bored, but he said he was glad he was out of the rat race. Phyllis told him to use his free time to plan something creative for them to do.

Billy ran into Nick in the park and noted that they were both men of leisure, since neither of them had jobs. Nick coolly countered that he was doing something good with his life, while Billy was just coasting by. Billy clarified that he was enjoying life. He shifted gears and said he approved of Nick's crusade to save the park. Billy said that the park was dedicated to one of the town's greatest women, and he didn't want to see one square inch of it go to another one of Victor's vanity projects. Nick agreed.

Phyllis met with a buyer at the Club. As she explained that sales were at Fenmore's were up, she received a barrage of flirtatious texts from Billy, who was across the room at the bar. Phyllis struggled to maintain her composure as she read the messages, in which Billy laid out his desires in graphic detail. After the meeting, an amused Phyllis confronted Billy about interrupting her meeting. Billy suggested they go upstairs, but Phyllis said she was still on the clock. She whispered something suggestive in his ear to keep his mind occupied until they met up later, then she left to meet Lauren. Billy ordered a pitcher of ice water to cool off.

Victoria ran into Cane at the park and asked about Sam. According to Cane, the boy was getting better every day. Victoria congratulated him on that and his success at Chancellor. Cane didn't think she sincerely wished him well in business, but Victoria insisted that she did. She extended an olive branch, suggesting that there was room for both of their companies to thrive. Cane wondered if she was only saying that due to Newman's latest scandal. Victoria was adamant that Newman would come out of that even stronger. She explained that she just wanted to move forward. Cane wasn't interested in burying the hatchet. He told her he'd never forget the way she kicked him when he was down. “There are some other people I cant forgive either,” Cane noted. “Maybe they should better watch out, he added ominously.

Lily went to the Chancellor house to congratulate Cane and was thrown to find him chatting with an attractive woman. Cane saw the woman out and explained that he was interviewing for a live-in nanny, since Sam was expected to come home soon. Lily was happy to hear that. She was about to say something when the phone rang – someone wanting to have lunch with Cane. Afterward, Cane told Lily that the phone had been ringing off the hook ever since the changes he made at Chancellor started paying off. Lily was pleased and proud that things were turning around for him. The phone rang again, and Lily decided to leave. Cane thanked her for coming. Lily lingered outside on the doorstep for a moment before walking away.

Lily called Cane from the Club and invited him to dinner, but he couldn't come because he had to work and visit Sam. They agreed to do it another time.

After work, Phyllis met Billy in their bedroom. He suggested a change of plans – he'd made reservations at a new restaurant, then they could go out on the town. Phyllis said there was nothing she'd rather do than have a night out with him after the long day she had. Billy went to take a shower, and when he returned, he found Phyllis asleep in bed. He climbed in next to her and stroked her hair.

Nick came into the coffeehouse, and Hilary told him she admired his attempt to save Chancellor park. Nick replied that someone had to stand up to the developers. Hilary noted that Victor was the developer, and Nick ended the conversation. Hilary checked her tablet and learned that an anonymous bidder swooped in at the last moment and outbid both Devon and Victor. She brought Nick up to speed, and he suspected it was bad news for the park.

Victoria had invited JT over to her place. She'd decided that he was right; she should put business aside for Reed's sake. Victoria explained that she told Reed that JT was in town for work. Victoria had opted not to give their son any details until she'd talked it over with JT. JT thought she handled it perfectly. She suggested that they order in at JT's old favorite restaurant. He agreed and thanked her. While they waited for Reed to arrive, they chatted. JT talked about his other kids; DJ was in elementary school, and the baby, Becca was walking. While his family in Warsaw was doing well, JT said that they all missed Reed.

JT felt bad about asking Reed to uproot his life for JT's career, and he'd been shocked that Reed ran away to Genoa City. Victoria didn't think JT should take it personally. She felt that Reed had settled in and that things were fine now. JT wasn't so sure about that since Reed still hadn't come home even though he knew they were waiting for him. JT and Victoria both called Reed again, but he didn't answer either call. JT got the feeling that Reed was intentionally avoiding him, but Victoria was figured he was at the movies and had turned his phone off. While JT was in the kitchen getting more wine, Billy showed up with gifts for the kids, explaining that he'd unexpectedly come into some free time. “JT, what the hell?” Billy said, when JT returned. JT dryly said it was nice to see Billy too.

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